2016 and Beyond; When the World Changed for Me

Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart

Since the age of 16 (I am 55 as of 2016,) I have been actively involved in the studies of the evolutionary process of being a very old soul, which is having existence through a physical personality here on planet earth. In one way or another, I have shared with all those who would listen, the results of my discoveries. All this changed in the year 2016.

My focus now became dialed in on what has happened, and is happening, to our planet earth. In other words, I finally became aware of those who have taken it upon themselves to control us en-masse upon our planet. Quite literally, I learned we were not “free,” and yes, those quotation marks are indeed loaded.

Once again, I have chosen to share with all those who would listen, the results of my discoveries. I understand that to consider some of the material of which I share, is to “stretch” one’s own ideologies, concerning what is known to be true. This is intended. Why? Because this is how WE (collectively) and YOU (specifically) help our new world to come into being; by “developmentally stretching our known ideologies.” WE will be Co-Creating a new world in which we are all, quite literally, “free,” and yes, those quotation marks are indeed loaded.

I had been sharing the developmental discoveries on the social media platform of Facebook only. Now I will return to my website to link the information. (I will include past work here as links to the previous material in time.) If you wish to see that past work now, before I get it linked here, go to my Facebook page and scroll down through the material dated backwards over time; it reads like a true story crime thriller novel in reverse. Here is the link ->Charles Stewart Enterprises at Facebook.com

Moving forward (from 10-18-16,) I will place the material here on this page of my site, which will be linked to from my facebook page.

May you find some solace in the knowledge of what you are about to become; truly “free.”

To our new world,

Charles Stewart
(A Social Engineer for our changing world)
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