Meet the Adult “Bullies” Who Run Our World

Global Elites

These are some of the “adult bullies” who are currently running our world, and it is time for us as the human beings who inhabit our planet to start waking up and educating ourselves to what is actually going on.

The above picture is absolutely not showing all of those who are actively involved in this very serious issue, but it is definitely some of the major players at work with their world domination plans at the present time.

I am sorry to those of you who know me personally who do not wish to consider this matter because it makes you “feel uncomfortable” or is perceived and interpreted by you as being a “negative focus,” and so you would rather “look the other way.”

However, we are all “being called upon” from someplace deep within ourselves to act upon what is slowly becoming more known about in our world of today.

If you value your life here on the planet, and you value the connection you have with your loved ones, and you value the future world your children, grandchildren, and generations to come will live in, then it is incumbent upon you (your duty/responsibility) to begin (or continue) the process of becoming more aware of what is actually going on at the top levels in our world today.

Do not take my word or let me influence your ideas concerning this matter. Find your own answers. Do your own research. Listen to those sources you trust. This “trust” must come from deep within you, something you were actually born with, which is well beyond your own conditioning, belief system, or ideology. To clarify, this process must be guided by the part of you that is your connection to your own source of being, beyond the parameters of physical life only. (If you want me to say it; the “God part of you.”)

As you find your own answers, you will not only be increasing your awareness of the situation, you will be furthering your education of this issue, which is exactly what is needed for us all to do, individually and en-masse at the present time on our planet.

However, we must not stop there, for the next step is just as important; that of taking action, and again, this action must be guided by each one of us being true to that deep internal “God part of us.” Please understand that this “action” would never be anything you simply cannot do. No. It will concern what is immediately present in the life-work you already are doing, but perhaps now, with an additional “focus” or “concern,” which must be shared with others as much as possible. Go slow until your confidence increases. This is absolutely A-OK.

For simplicity’s sake let us call this part of us “deep spiritual knowledge,” but be careful that concept is not limited in any way by any religious and/or spiritual orthodoxy, for this concept “deep spiritual knowledge” is a very personal, very deep, “inner connection to your own non-physical source.” I trust you clearly understand what I am meaning here.

This is very important, because otherwise, the “other part of you” can easily be “manipulated and/or controlled.” To clarify, by “other part of you,” I am of course referring to one’s own conditioning, belief system, or ideology, which is picked up and/or learned by you, during the course of your life.

In the interest of brevity, I will stop verbalizing for now, and ask you to watch (and re-watch?) the full-length film (over 2 hours) below, which is of a very high caliber informational source, which will take you on a journey, which will most likely change the way you look at life forever, or at the least, will confirm what you have already been suspecting all along, but with a clearer understanding now, which will be the impetus (drive) for your own continued investigative work on this level.

Be advised that I will be in touch soon through my website and social media for an opportunity for us to gather together for purpose of a group meeting discussion to further share our ideas/resources/etc, to aid us in our quest of taking back control of our world from the elites who currently possess it; and simply because we have “allowed” them to attain this position, through our own ignorance and acquiescence (reluctant/passive acceptance).

Please feel free to contact me directly if you wish.

To our future,
Charles Stewart
(A “social engineer” for a new world)

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Adult “Bullies” Who Run Our World

  1. Thank you for sharing this movie. It was a very informative film. Anyone else’s else’s who would care to watch it will find value for themselves. I appreciated the fact that the man in the film was saying if I am right, which allowed everyone to come to their own conclusions. It is like how my husband and I raised our kids to make the right choice instead of imposing our will on them. The majority of the time they made the choice we would have made for them. This taught them how to become the productive “World Changer’s” they are or will become on this planet…I know not everyone likes or appreciates a “Warrior” personality type and would rather interact with the more passive “Server” types in the world, but to be honest those who challenge you the most are not always those who just tell you what you Want to Hear, but what you Need to Hear ….those are the type of Young people I helped to bring into the world. They are well liked by most people who are positive people in the world. However, when they speak through Words or through Silence they can be more misunderstood, by people and the world around them. Some people will turn their words around or quote them out of context and they have to know in their heart that is not what they said, meant, or shared with the world and move on to share with those who find value in them. These young people are not “The Negative Elite’s” of the world, but are who will help change their portion of of the world with their thoughts, actions, and interactions with all they come in contact with , just like I do. I am doing my part to change the problems through the lives I touch everyday. Are you?

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