Mother Earth Speaks

Life in Syntropy

If Mother Earth could speak, she would say watch this video and learn…

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2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Speaks

  1. Charles, Thank you for sharing this Amazing video. I would like to challenge everyone to watch it and share their thoughts. This was a very Incredible thought provoking video for me. It reminds me of the simple thoughts of: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. If you tend and water what you have, you can regrow life, substance, and positively impact the world out of what, NO LONGER APPEARS to be there. The real question in my mind is do people really care enough to take care of and regrow life for the betterment of the universe? Or do they simply want to “Enable” the negative behaviors to continue, while hurting others and the world around them, because they are getting what they need and that’s enough for them. It is time to choose to make a positive or negative impact in your world…What type of Character and Integrity do you choose?

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