Why Our World Is The Way It Is (and how it got that way)

The Federal Reserve

If you are not afraid to discover what you might learn, please find the time to watch this very professionally done video on why our world is the way it is, AND how this happened.

In case you have not taken notice, our world is changing very rapidly these days, and it is of the utmost importance that you educate yourself to what is really going on around you, unless, you wish for things to continue as they always have, except now things will get worse, much worse, if we collectively as a human race choose to “look the other way.”

Yes, the video is “long” at 1.5 hours. However, how do you put a time limit on the future of our human species here upon our planet? If for no other reason, you owe this time to learn for the future quality of life for all your loved ones, because if you don’t care about this for them, who will? 1.5 hours is nothing in the scheme of your entire lifetime.

I trust you will do the right thing.

To your family’s future,
Charles Stewart
(A Social Engineer for a Changing World)

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