Young Software Engineer’s Algorithm, Which “Brought Down” The Pedophiles!

Some humans will NEVER turn against another human being, no matter what is thrown at them; money, power, prestige, glamour, fame, blackmail, coercion, you-name-it. I am one of these types of human beings (and there are more of “us” than “them” in the world.) Two more of “us” include the young man software engineer in this video (“Fawkes”,) as well as the one presenting it; Glenn Canady.

Our world globally is at a time of great change, which is evidenced by the work contained in this video. A special thanks to both of these gentlemen for coming forward and doing the right thing for humanity.

Here is an exclusive interview with a genius hacker, who was in large part, responsible for much of the evidence on the pedophiles all over the world! His team was responsible for exposing the pedophiles using a unique type of “honey trap” he explains in the interview.

This man has been harassed ever since he first contacted Glenn Canady with about a month ago, which included several break ins to his home and a trumped up charge being filed on him that actually interrupts this recorded interview when law enforcement shows up at his door; he had to spend the night in a “facility” against his will. Glenn hopes to finish this interview soon, but “Fawkes” wanted Glenn to put out what has been recorded so far.

I trust you will do the right thing…

Charles Stewart
(A Social Engineer for our changing world.)
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