The Healing Power of Music’s Excellence

Music is a representation, and an excellent one, of “interior sound.”
By “interior sound,” I am referring to that, which resonates deep within us as it moves us emotionally as human beings.

Some spiritual disciplines teach the therapeutic benefit of “chanting,” something like “O-o-o-m-m-m” being the perfect sound resonance for cellular-level therapeutic benefit. Especially when a large group of individuals perform this together simultaneously. The energetic power this generates is beyond measure.

Staring hypnotically into a campfire can produce the same level of cellular-level health benefit. In fact, there are many things which may produce this benefit, and music is one of the most excellent. Of course, depending upon the human being in question, we may find the widest range possible representing this “interior sound.”

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in need of “cellular-level therapeutic benefit,” I trust you may find something here on this page, linking to an example of the incredible healing power of music’s excellence.

Charles Stewart
(An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

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Bad Company

Bob Marley

Creedence Clearwater Revival

David Gilmour

Eric Clapton

Eric Johnson

Frank Zappa

Gary Moore

James Marshall Hendrix

Jeff Beck

Joe Bonnamassa

Joe Satriani

John Petrucci

Johnny Winter

Kenny Wayne Sheppard

Led Zeppelin

Neil Young

Robin Trower

Steve Vai

Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Beatles

ZZ Top

2 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Music’s Excellence

  1. I see we both like alot of the same music…Bonamassa, Satriani, Petrucci. Not sure if you like Yngwie Malmsteen but he is another great guitar talent. Glad to see another person in the same age range that still has good musical tastes.
    BTW, I like the music you play during your karate classes.

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