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The Old Sage at Work
Here is some excerpted material from chapter 1 (The Creation of Reality) from my third book (Integral Resolutions Vol 2: The Evolution of the Human Soul) to be of help to you in making decision to purchase.
Your beliefs are the strong ideas that you have [most often unconscious on your part], which are reinforced by your imagination, feelings, and emotions. This is all so that what you are experiencing or perceiving confirms what you know to be true. In a very real manner, your beliefs act as strong filters, blinders, and even magnets.

Anything that will support your beliefs is allowed through or past the filters or blinders. Anything that would compromise the integrity of these beliefs is filtered out, and/or not let beyond those blinders. Only that which is in keeping with your beliefs is drawn towards the magnets.

These strong magnets repel that which is not in keeping with your beliefs; so in this way, the magnets attract like charges and not opposite ones. Please understand that while I am not speaking literally here, what these analogies or metaphors represent is extremely real. This is all an automatic and unconscious process.

All over the world, the governing forces that run our world have actually served a very good purpose for us as a species. By governing forces, I am referring to the ideas that are at the core of what our world is thought to be about.

For example, organized religions tell us that by the nature of our very birth, that we are all sinful creatures [Christianity.] To a greater or lesser degree, if we will just perform good works, and have the proper and appropriate life-experiences, we will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Other spiritual disciplines [orthodox versions] tell us that we are a lesser version of ourselves while we are here physically, and that when we die, we will be absorbed into an undifferentiated bliss in which our individuality is no longer important or meaningful [Buddhism.]

Our most advanced and dogmatic scientific minds on the planet tell us that we are all nothing more than an accidental blob of chemicals from which then consciousness accidentally came about. Furthermore, that our universe itself not only came about accidentally also, but that its energy is winding down or will indeed one day come to an end. Still further yet, those same scientists tell us that when we die [since there is nothing beyond the physical] we will all go into the ground to become worm food and nothingness.

Our most advanced orthodox psychologists tell us that we are all only just a product of our environments, powerless to change the subconscious patterns of behavior set in childhood, and that deep down inside, we are essentially nothing more than uncivilized animals.

Our most advanced orthodox health and medical professionals tell us that we are all [more or less] at the mercy of external environmental conditions over which we have no control, except by protecting ourselves with their help, otherwise we would become a victim.

They teach us that the disease elements are always present and waiting to attack. Like for example, when they teach us that the dynamics of good health do not lie within the value judgments of the individual, but rather, within the inoculations, medications, and/or treatments that they provide for us.

Our most advanced orthodox intellectual giants on the planet tell us of humankind’s basically competitive, greedy, and ruthless nature, which will one day ruin the planet, render it uninhabitable, or run it into the ground. They teach us that basically, humankind operates on the principle of survival of the fittest.

Now it is these ideas and, many more like them, which are the type of things I am referring to when I talk of the governing forces that run our world. I am indeed aware that these are not all entirely accurate or complete, and that they are all overly simplified. However, I am also aware that they are not entirely inaccurate either.

For now, they serve my purpose to make my point to you about the world’s present condition. Know, that the time is at hand for us as a species to take our development to the next level, even if it is at a snail’s pace in the beginning; or so it would seem.

Most souls are simply not aware of the actual nature of the way in which reality works. In fact, many souls go through the entire life cycle in what could be called a waking sleep. While other souls will come to the end of the line here on the physical plane, and have no more awareness of the experience than learning to reserve judgment of others, and the sense or feeling that “things are not necessarily the way that they appear.” Know that there is nothing wrong with this degree of perception; and it is important to understand this.

It makes no difference whether or not you believe in spiritual evolution or reincarnation, for they will happen of their own accord, with or without the “attention” of the personality living the life. You create the reality that you perceive and experience. If you only experience the positive things that you create, you would never fully comprehend [by the end of the cycle of your many lives] the power of your ability to create the life that you know.Until you learn this lesson well, you cannot leave the cycle which was began here, and this will be by your own choice.

Oh yes, for those of you who may be interested, there is indeed an endpoint to all physical worlds – no matter where they may be in the universe; this will be when the star exhausts itself. In all cases, the evolution of an ensouled-species within a given solar system is always geared not to exceed the life of the star.

In other words, all ensouled-life will have long ago finished its evolutionary journey on the planet before the solar star expands into a red giant, and then shrinks into a remnant dwarf. To continue, for those who may be interested; the universe is indeed finite. However, the “flip” from or between positive and negative matter [the big bang theory] has occurred more times than there are stars visible in the sky, which can be observed with our most powerful telescopes.

It is also true that this certainly will occur that many more times again before any substantial change in its nature occurs. The contemplation of a single galaxy [from its birth to its death] may provide some sense of scope and scale at stake in this “equation.” In addition, remember, that galaxies exist in the multiple billions, and at distances I do not even know how to begin to think of how to describe with analogies or math equations.

There are only two ensouled species on our planet, and each one must incarnate only within their own species. Human beings are one, yet there is another. There is a surprising similarity between us and this other ensouled species beyond the “packaging.” No, they do not look like us, but they also make choices on a daily basis, which brings about their own spiritual evolution; whether known or not. They also have their own highly complex language that contains abstract meaning.

Just as humans do, this other species chooses their parents, geographical location, time in history, social and economic status, and other considerations, all as a part of programming the bio-computer for the new incarnation. Would you care to take a guess at what the other ensouled species is that we share our planet with?

Here is a hint; they live in the oceans, and they have evolved hearing as their most dominant sense, as we have evolved sight as ours. They communicate with each other by way of highly intricate and complex sounds, which they are aware of as containing abstract meaning; just as our language works for us…

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Charles Stewart
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