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Here is a lengthy excerpt from Chapter 6 (More on Religion,) from my third publication “Integral Resolutions Vol 2: The Evolution of the Human Soul.” Use it to help you in making decision to purchase this book. If you are ready to purchase click here -> Products Page
In this chapter, we will be considering how some of the world’s major religions got their start. Please understand that the new religious drama which will be started by the infinite soul’s return “soon,” is no different from how most of the following religions got their start.

Before I begin, let me say that a teaching or a religion is only truth while the teacher is alive to be questioned; after their death, the teaching, or religion passes into literature, and should be regarded as such.

The essential teaching of *Christianity* had its roots in a manifestation of the infinite soul. However, like most bureaucracies, it was perpetuated by young priests at their most zealous and passionate mode. They were quite willing to interject their own biases into the material, for the “good” of the people.

Today’s Christianity bears very little resemblance to the teachings of the man Jesus, or to what was actually brought to bear by the infinite soul. The man Jesus relinquished his body to displacement by the infinite soul, only during the last 30 days or so of his life. Prior to this, the teaching was that of a final level old king, transcendent, an enlightened being.

These people present at the time, believed in a very literal, very personal God who monitored every move they made and was for the most part, very stern and disapproving. Greek thought had much influence on the man Jesus, particularly Epicurus. However, it would have been next to impossible for him to verbalize and support the words of this pagan philosopher from within the environment of the temple.

For those who may be interested, the essence of his teachings was as follows. Truth is the greatest good and love is the highest truth. Good is its own reward, as is truth. Honesty without guile, simplicity without poverty of the soul, love without material expectations, emptying the life of all non-essential consideration, the endless cycles of evolution [with the physical plane being the cruelest and roughest,] these are all things emphasized in the true teachings of Christ before the manifestation of the infinite soul.

Prior to the manifestation, this emotionally centered individual was passionate and sensual. When others rejected his opinions [and they did sometimes], he was astonished.

As far as what actually occurred concerning his crucifixion, he was a threat to Joseph Caiphas, who was getting rich on the temple’s funds. There was indeed a suitable pawn available in the person of the Judean Governor, who was already in trouble with Tiberius over other things. Yet, when the infinite soul realized “how the deck was stacked,” it was seen as a convenient and speedy way to fulfill the prophesy. This was especially true since the infinite soul cares nothing about the body, as its awareness of its identity transcends its form.

I would like to say a little about the Shroud of Turin. This is the piece of fabric that is claimed to be the actual winding cloth of the dead man Jesus. In fact, it is the actual winding cloth of the man known as
the historical Jesus. What is not understood here is that the body, which was wrapped in this cloth, was not dead when put into the tomb, and therefore sweated, urinated, and bled. This left the imprint that has been so clearly revealed by laser techniques.

Body salts are very persistent, as those who have tried to clean blood or urine off garments very well know. The man on the cross who was crucified as Jesus, did not die on the cross, but died later. The body was taken from the cross in a deep state of trance, caused by massive physical shock.

Realize also that catalepsy [a bodily condition that is unresponsive to external stimuli with very rigid muscles and an extremely shallow, slow breath and heartbeat] was very difficult to diagnose, even though it was known of at the time. In addition, it is important to remember also that those seeking to bury the body, had to do it very quickly as they were scared shitless of what might come next after “what had been done.”

The linen has survived so long because so many people have taken excellent care of it. Most of the time it has been kept in sealed containers from moisture and light. The dryness in the containers has helped to preserve the impression on the linen.

Jesus taught that prayer was often nothing more than the personality’s petition for the essence to come to the rescue. Some prayer does indeed come from the emotional center, but most comes from the intellectual center, and is rather boring at that.

He also taught that organized religion actually has no place in the cosmic scheme of things, or the higher planes of existence, as its validity did not transcend the physical plane. He told those who would listen that only the practice of the manifold path [diverse or varied paths] would bring a soul to the end of the line on the physical plane. He often told others that there would be no one “out there” when you exit your lifetime who will ask you if you are of a particular religious faith.

Let us now move on to how *Judaism* got its “start.” Judaism is an interesting case, in that it was not brought about by a manifestation of either the transcendental or the infinite souls. Judaism had its roots in practicality, and had [as history teaches] men [old souls] who were evolutionary leaps and bounds ahead of their neighbors in terms of knowledge, particularly in terms of hygiene, nutrition, and mental health.

These men were originally a group of physician healers. These physician healers realized that a superstitious society could be forced to change only by the introduction of the “fear of god.” This fear was so deeply instilled, that the populace was afraid to mention the name of this angry god. This god was associated with cleansing rains, the washing away of a river’s flood, as well as any other completely normal scientific phenomena [hurricanes, dust storms, thunder storms, lightning strikes, wild fires, eclipses, earthquakes, you name it ].

The very stern and disapproving God raged about their atrocious personal habits. There was a devastating plague just before the arrival of these “enlightened healers.” The very common-sensical advice they gave, was accepted as revelation when it became obvious that lives were being saved by the “teachings.”

Job is a story about spiritual growth, and a manifestation of the essence, brought about by stress, which ultimately results in acceleration, advancement, or growth. The repentance at the end is not valid. It is not God who speaks to Job out of the whirlwind, but rather his own essence, which is aware of everything. His recognition of himself as being part of something much greater [which includes everything], is the recognition that is made in one way or another, by every old-soul.

Ecclesiastes is largely about false personality vs. essence, and expressed in terms that could be accepted by a rigidly religious people.

*Mohammedanism* has its roots in a manifestation of the transcendental soul, which has a very specific purpose of effecting a “massive social upheaval.” The infinite soul has a very different purpose of creating a “new religious drama.” The man Mohammed did accomplish a great deal towards the development of a code of ethics. However, because of the social structure, what was intended as a societal code instead became a religious dogma, which it was never intended to be.

If you will examine the teachings of the Koran in this light, you will see that there is indeed much of merit in terms of a code of ethics, no matter how much it is distorted and/or embellished at present. The distortion of the teaching to accommodate the religious demands of the populace has resulted not in misunderstanding so much as it has in misuse of the teaching.

Most young-soul religious movements are repressive and women have long been a target of this repression. Mohammed tried to make provisions in the code of ethics for widows, so that they would not be left to prostitution or starvation.

Unfortunately, this was seized upon as permission to abuse and isolate women for male convenience. You can see the same evolutionary pattern in early Greece. The reason for a preoccupation with large families was a staggeringly high infant mortality rate.

Keeping all these examples in mind, if the earliest accounts if each case were studied, the similarity here between the words may be easily discerned. Jesus, Siddhartha Gautama, Lao-Tzu, Sri Krishna, and so on, all taught the “same lessons,” but in each case, it was in the “language of the times.”

Now, I would like to move on and talk a little bit about how organized religion uses fear to great advantage. Once again, there are only two forces at work in the universe, love and fear. Love is, always has been, and always will be, stronger than fear. However, fear is infinitely more seductive than love, as it can “distill” itself down to such a fine form, as to not be recognizable as fear any longer.

In fact, it quite often will present itself [from within the psychology of the individual] as a completely reasonable or realistic assessment of a given situation. Rarely does it present itself as an all-out terror. It can be very challenging [to say the least] to tell the difference when the much-distilled version of fear is at work. However, I will say this; if what you are receiving from within yourself sells you short, or anyone else, then know that you are not “on the line” with love.

In many ways, organized religion has more to do with social conditioning, than it does with spirituality. Most organized religions are more concerned with maintaining their own influence, than they are with questioning their own motivations, or the results of the demands they ask of themselves. In many cases of what I will call “distracted lifetimes,” you will find organized religion at the core.

In these “distracted lifetimes,” the individuals live their lives with a blind devotion to an orthodox religious belief system in which the general perceptions of the lifetime are superseded by this allegiance to the blind faith. Realize that blind faith eliminates understanding, and without understanding, there can be no growth of the soul, which is the great goal.

Often these lifetimes will be marked by the appearance of growth and spiritual understanding, while inwardly they are lacking. For it is not uncommon that others will be viewed as somehow less and just because they do not believe as they do. Understand that as long as an individual human soul believes in the forces of good and evil, and furthermore that they are only an “instrument of god’s love,” then this will shadow all understanding of the life’s experiences they have for the remainder of the lifetime.

Furthermore, as they continue to know that there is a significant part of god and themselves that is outside of them, then know that this necessarily cuts them off from a very significant portion of their own “greater identity.”

There is much more here I could get into, however, the last thing I want to do is to give you the impression that I am looking down on those who follow the tenets of an organized religion. Quite the contrary, if I did, then I would simply be doing that which is similar to some of them, but from the “other side of the coin.” I am merely trying to clarify the difference between a soul who trusts direct experience with their own inner nature, and one who does not, that is all. There is no judgment involved here, for in the “larger picture” neither view is right or wrong.

One position is more conducive to personal growth and development during the lifetime, and one is not; that is all. Be wary of passing judgment on others, lest you cause yourself to mark areas of your life with your own spiritual ignorance.

I am trying to clarify various stages of the soul’s development by using the symbols of the world to indicate where they might be coming from or where they are at in their own spiritual evolution, so to speak. Understand that there will indeed come a time where the soul outgrows the comforts that an orthodox religious belief system provides. I trust you get my meaning with all of this…
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Enjoy the changes coming into your lives,
Charles Stewart
(An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

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