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Here is the Epilogue from my third book to aid you in your decision to purchase…

It is my hope that every one of my readers will not just automatically accept or reject what I have chosen to share with you in volumes one and two of this publication; without first questioning and then testing the information for yourself. Remember that flat out rejection of anything, without even considering it, is only one’s own fear and intolerance at work. Now, by saying that, I do not mean to imply that you must necessarily do anything with my work.

After all, what you choose to do, or choose not to do with the material, is of course not only up to you; it is a “lesson” as well. These comments not only apply here to my book, but to all aspects and experiences in your life. You must find your own way in life. However, if you do not choose to, that is of course your right also. If not in this lifetime then perhaps in another, you will eventually choose to find your own way.

Why wait? Skepticism is the attitude, which will help you the most finding your way in life. Please note that I did not say cynicism. By skepticism, I am referring to a sort of critical thought process, which is indeed doubtful [questioning], but in a positive way, not negative.

Cynicism on the other hand, is a thought process, which is negative in nature, because the cynic views all actions and experiences as coming from an ulterior or underhanded motive, which is selfishly directed.

Skepticism is the attitude that has produced the most startling and innovative thought in all of humankind, and as I’ve been taught, in “alien-kind” as well. There is nothing wrong in seeking answers that grow out of a positive doubt. While flat out rejection is only fear and intolerance at work, so is blind faith in anything, not good work spiritually.

Blind faith eliminates understanding. Without understanding, there can be no growth of the soul, which is the great goal. Blind faith only lends itself to the sort of blindness, which ultimately leads to destruction, which is not the goal. You could think here of the Lemmings [small tailed rodents] going over the cliff into the sea, for a visual image to help make my point.

Belief or faith in spiritual evolution is not required or even necessary, for you will evolve anyway, with or without your conscious participation. I have chosen to share all of this with you only to try to be of help to you. It is given with love, in the hope that it helps you to better understand the nature of reality; what it is, how it works, and why.

You could view all of this simply as a tool, to help you better understand the differences in others. To accept them for whom they are and where they are at now, instead of “spinning wheels” wasting energy trying to change them. In this way, you have the freedom to concentrate upon your own personal life plans.

Evolution is the “desire” of your essence, and the product of this evolution is joy. Your essence, being in search of joy, attains this through growth, and this is an outcome and expression of love. Since you not only form your reality now, but will also continue to do so after your death, it is of the utmost importance that you understand the connection between your own thoughts and reality.

By finding a way to express the true personality within you, you will live a life in concert with this part of you which perceives the oneness, and so you will not feel the apartness, which I’m quite sure you have felt before. Your true personality is expansive in its expression. Your true personality does not need the pain, for it has access to joy, and it can express this in the world. Your true personality is appropriate in its response to each and every situation it comes up against.

Of course, this is manifested in the world as joyousness, as warmth, as a very special radiance and “higher vibrational energy course of a positive nature.” When you are balanced, you will have the confidence that only knowledge of truth can possibly bring. You will bring this confidence to bear in all of your endeavors, then, you will then be free to move in real space, where there are no limitations.

Some answers to your life cannot be found in the outer world, for they require subjective calculations rather than objective ones. Many, many people are so absolutely convinced in their approach to life that they become psychologically blind to any other kind of orientation during their lifetime. They “settle” upon one official version of reality and stay there for the remainder of their lifetime. If they will but just open their eyes, or take away their comfort blanket, they would find that the rules of their rational world are filled with “inconsistencies.”

The rational mind must have an acceptable reason for everything. Yes, the human intellect is a very great organizer. However, when it is not allowed to work in concert with the intuitive mind, problems occur. In the short run, this is unfortunate, however, in the “long run,” the lessons learned are from a space of love, and they belong to that soul for all of eternity.

Sometimes in life, people make decisions that may seem quite wrong to their intellect because of their belief system at the time, and because they have allowed themselves to be cut-off from other sources of information. Still yet, a fair number of those “mistaken decisions” or “poor moves” often represent self-corrective actions taken on knowledge not consciously perceived, but this escapes their attention.

Those who trust in who and what they are, take it for granted that every human being has a future that is fulfilling, and this is even though their death may come tomorrow. They further know that the means for development are within each individual, and that this will all happen naturally, if they will only allow it. You see, your desire is action on another level of your being. In your inner world, your desires will bring about your fulfillment effortlessly.

In the physical world, work will have to be done, time will have to elapse, and conditions will have to change, before your desires “come about.” Remember that your desire and the feeling of effortlessness are what are most important here. You were born because “you” desired to be born.

You are using your intellect properly when it is allowed to perceive the physical conditions in your life as clearly as possible. Then, it can make the most beneficial decisions as to what goals you want to achieve. These goals will usually be conceptualized desires [mental ideas, thoughts, or pictures], and once they are formed, they act like a magnet in drawing towards you the kinds of conditions best suited to their fulfillment.

I want to remind you here to not identify what and who you are only to your intellect, but rather to enlarge the scope of your identity. You are not responsible for the lives of others; you are responsible and accountable for your own, and this is to your “essence” or the eternal you.

Some answers will come when you are ready for them, as a matter of understanding and comprehension. The question of life’s tragedies still cannot be answered satisfactorily at the level of the official world view. I have tried to enlarge this concept in such a way as to perhaps help you to find your own answers regarding such matters.

I have tried my best to explain the very practical aspects of your intellectual belief system, and their strength in drawing life experiences to you. Your beliefs bring you into a sort of correspondence or communication with the elements in life, which are likely to lead to their affirmation. They also elicit from others, behavior that is in keeping with those beliefs.

You get what you concentrate upon, and your beliefs are largely responsible for the areas in which you choose to concentrate. Your experiences will follow your concentration, beliefs, and expectations. Your mind is a great discriminator; it can select what it chooses to focus upon. You can use its reasoning to bring about almost any possible experience within your life. Every individual soul is born into an environmental “niche” that is suited to them and no one else; it is “tailored to their requirements.”

If all of these ideas were already widely accepted in the world, there would be no need for my work, yet there is a great need for my work. Objections by others should merely show you why this work and/or material are so necessary. Belief systems must be allowed to mellow and change in the light of new knowledge, rather than be “booted aside with an angry foot.”

Now as to the children in life, they will often concentrate for hours at a time on subject matters and questions that are of interest to them. Adults will often take them away from such pursuits, and because of this, their natural habits or patterns of concentration suffer. The adults would not knowingly wish to harm the child’s natural habits or patterns of concentration, however, they too are learning.

I am trying to be of help to anyone who will listen, by sharing the wisdom contained in this publication. I am also trying to insert new ideas into the world by combining the powers of the intellect and the intuitions.

For instance, an excellent example of what not to do when faced with a problem or difficulty in your life is to stare at the problem head-on, examine and concentrate upon it thoroughly, project it into your future, and imagine its dire consequences, so that you will be prepared to deal with it. Often, you will think you are being realistic about the situation in this way. These instances are where the intellect zooms in on the most pessimistic of any possible scenarios, and then this is treated as if it is fact.

When you realize that you are protected, and that whatever life work you choose to do is protected, then you will act out of confidence. When the intellect is overworked, it is not uncommon for paranoid-like tendencies to occur. In your life, trust your imaginative and dramatic abilities. In life, do not be like the many individual human souls who believe they are so very different from others that they can treat them with impunity for any action whatsoever, as this is most unfortunate.

These lives often lead to actions that result in “karmic ribbons,” and to lives lived completely in the grip of fear. Remember that fear in its more distilled forms, rarely presents itself as any recognizable fear. Fear creates distortions in the perceptions, and then it reinforces those distortions. If this were not enough, that very same fear will at times completely mask the actuality of the life experience. If all an individual human soul ever does during their life is to learn to reserve judgment of others, then enormous spiritual progress has been made.

Remember also that no matter how great your perceptions may be distorted while incarnate; the “astral interval” is not burdened with these distorted perceptions. Therefore, there is inculcation, validation, recognition, and evolution, no matter how “asleep” or “blind” the individual may have been during the lifetime.

Organized religion often has less to do with spirituality, and more to do with cultural and social conditioning. At times, there is actually very little which is concerned with valid spiritual insight. Most organized religions exist simply for creating a group intellectual high, and to enforce social values. In one manner of speaking, the purpose of your life is to choose; organized religion does not often encourage this; except only within certain well-established parameters of their belief system.

Be careful of interfering with the life choices of others, lest you mark the experience psychologically and emotionally, which will then create an accountability or responsibility with the soul so affected. If you do choose to become more self-aware, remember that the process is sometimes difficult, because of the shift in perspective for the life. Watch for the fear within you that will attempt to cloud your perceptions and scatter your insights from within.

Still, if you are willing to undergo the discomforts of the process, there are many benefits for all concerned; but be aware that not everyone will greet you with a “universal delight,” as this will be very threatening to some. Remember that fear can also serve to enforce the illusions it creates. For many, this means their choices available will often be seen in terms of socially conditioned parameters or boundaries.

It is not a bad idea to consider the level of social approval or disapproval of a choice when weighing its outcome. Remember that we are all connected to one another in one way or another and any choices, which increase the presence of fear in the world, will also tend to increase the impact of fear in individual lives. For those who choose to act out of love [I am not speaking of sentimentality or lust] the result is an increase in the presence of love in the life. Which do you choose?

Know that intelligence is not necessarily a determining factor in changing your life, at least not in terms of scholastic prowess or if you will, educational ability. It is more a subtle discernment stemming from memory experience, and the sheer and absolute power of age.

A deep sense of spiritual satisfaction is the only reward that I know of. You may call it ecstasy, or whatever you wish; stop for a moment and ask yourself why it is that you search, and for what? My view of reality is different from your own, and this is not only OK, it is also so that I can teach. A true teacher always allows you to learn from yourself. The material I have chosen to share with you, should add to your mental and emotional balance, and result in a stronger relationship with the outside world.

This is important to know, because whatever you choose to believe in should not turn your focus away from the life being lived. Quite the contrary, it should give you what you need to fully embrace it. This is so important. Spiritual disciplines, which lead you to an in group, or to withdraw from the focus of the life, are not good work spiritually. Everyone within our physical system is learning to handle the creative energy within him or her.

Therefore, it will be misdirected at times; the problems this brings about will cause them to ask their own inner questions. Until the individual realizes they create their own personal reality, then there is still much learning ahead for them. Before an individual is “allowed” into other dimensions of existence, more creatively free, they must learn the very direct connection between their subjective experiences and their objective ones.

Therefore, the sorrows and pains must be felt as real for this lesson to “fully come home.” You cannot consciously begin to alter the framework of your life, unless first you realize that you form it. When humankind realizes that they create their personal and universal environments in concrete terms, then they can begin to create a private and universal environment much superior to the present one, which is often a result of haphazard and unenlightened constructions.

For what ties all of life together [including your own] is individuality and self-expression. This is an essential and integral part of what life is all about. Your life will not be happy or fulfilling for you if you find yourself always, or often, dwelling upon the struggle, the pain, and/or the difficulty in your life.

Simply be the best you that you can be, and the rest will take care of itself “automatically.” You must find a way to have an equal amount of time and attention for all of your being, whether physical, emotional, intellectual, or what-have-you. You have within you right now, all the ingredients for a fulfilling and successful life. The challenge for you is to bring them out.

What it is that holds most people back in their lives, is a lack of inspiration, so that they then may feel motivated to strive to make positive and constructive changes in their lives. Finding out whatever it is that inspires you forward and upward in your life is very good work spiritually. Try to find a way to bring this all together through the enjoyment of your life’s work, whatever that may be.

When you learn to enjoy your life, you are experiencing love, which is the goal. You will then find yourself becoming more tolerant, understanding, and loving towards others. Then, even more love will find its way into your heart, and because of all this, you will find more abundance, peace, and security than you ever imagined possible. Your life will even “work better.”

If your life ever becomes too serious or difficult, step back and let your hair down, take a break and have some fun. You deserve it. You can always come back later and pick up whatever it is that you laid down before, with a freshened perspective.

It is so very important to broaden your focus in a day-to-day sort of way, and now and then to back off to gain a larger perspective, and a fresh perspective of yourself and your life. The greatest thing that you can do with your life is to share it with others.

Finally, let me ask you a question in closing. Since your conscious mind is the “director” of your life’s experiences,
how do you use yours???

The preceding information is the Epilogue from my third book “Integral resolutions Vol 2: The Evolution of the Human Soul.” If you found anything of value within it, please click here ->
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Enjoy the changes coming into your lives,
Charles Stewart
(An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

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