Physical and Mental Health [Chapter 12 Book 3 Excerpt] [I.R. Vol 2]

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Hello everyone.

Here is a partial excerpt form chapter 12 from my third book: “Integral Resolutions Vol II: The Evolution of the Human Soul.”

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Charles Stewart
(An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

Chapter 12: Physical and Mental Health

In life, there are some people who definitely want to live, while at the same time, they try to hide from life. This only leads them into conflict and difficulty within their lives. They may become overly concerned about their own safety, some even hiding this from themselves. These types of individuals will concentrate upon all the problems and/or dangers present in society, the country, and/or other parts of the world.

In fact, they will continue with this until their frightened overall concern for safety seems to be a completely natural and rational response to conditions over which they have no control. What is actually going on here is a manifestation of fear, which can become such a powerful response, that it takes over a person’s life and colors all its experiences.

Still, there are others, which are always aware of their own joy, regardless of circumstances. These individuals will feel safe and protected, even when the events of their lives do not seem favorable. Regardless of their own doubts and worries, they will feel supported somehow, and that in the end, everything will work out to their advantage. These individuals know that exuberance and joy have nothing to do with time or age.

They may be just as present and expressed as vividly and beautifully as a very elderly person, or as a very young child. Yet, for many it seems as if joy and health are just fleeting attributes, which are expressed briefly during childhood, and then lost forever.

There are innumerable ways of reclaiming one’s joy in living; and in so doing, those who have found it lacking in their experience will reclaim their health of mind and body. During the lifetime, the quality of life is intensely important, and it is to a large extent dependent upon a sense of well-being and self-confidence.

As each person begins to understand the relationship between poor beliefs and poor health, they can begin to realize that they can learn to make choices that promote positive concepts, so that they too become as natural as the negative beliefs once did.

One of the greatest detriments to mental and physical well-being is the unfortunate belief that any unfortunate situation is bound to get worse before it gets better. This basically holds that the end result will work against physical and mental health, erode the individual’s sense of joy and natural safety, and cause the individual to feel like an unfortunate victim of exterior experiences that seem to happen despite their own will or intent.

Our society would be much better off if the various levels and types of physical health were identified, named, and labeled, instead of the present situation where this is done with negative concepts of health about the mind and body. Poverty of the spirit stunts all kinds of personal growth and development [physical and mental] which ultimately results in an early death.

The nature of creativity is so remarkable, that its true reaches are literally beyond the understanding of the human brain. The implications alone are so staggering, that the whole affair is almost impossible to explain. It is extremely important to concentrate upon the pleasures of life that you already do have in your life, and that you enjoy.

Rediscover the reasons why you fell in love with your spouse or significant other, eat good food in the company of loved ones, spend quality time with your family, indulge the joy of reading, the joy of creative thought, the joy of activity, the social pleasure of friends, and so on. All of these benefits will be increased by concentrating upon them and enjoying them.

If anyone reading this material does find them self in poor health, or generally unhappy, do not pretend these conditions do not exist. Instead, admit them, acknowledge them, and allow their expression, but remind yourself that you unknowingly played a part in creating these very real conditions out of a misdirected good intent.

Concentrate upon the joys you do possess, keep your goals in mind, and trust the infinite intelligence that is within you, to show you the way to bring about your desired results. Be patient with yourself; as it took time to get where you are at in your life now, so will it take time to get where you want to be.

The magic that all human beings are born with is meant to remain with them throughout their lifetime. These inborn tendencies and attitudes should actually lead you to express your abilities, and find fulfillment, as your knowledge expands through experience.

The same magic should also help you die one day with a sense of dignity, safety, support, and assurance. Now while these inborn qualities never leave you entirely, they often do become diminished by the beliefs accepted and created later in the life as an adult. Faulty, limiting, and negative beliefs undermine an individual’s sense of safety and well-being.

I am quite aware that some of this will be difficult to accept; that disease is a process, which serves a purpose. For example, one does not actually fall victim to a disease or illness; rather, for one reason or another, their thoughts and emotions are the triggers that then lead them to the conditions of poor health.

I know that some of this must sound crazy, but once you truly realize the connection between your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and your health, then you can begin to take steps to promote exuberance and vitality, instead of fear, doubt, insecurity, and “dis-ease.”

You will discover that so-called diseases actually perform certain services. They fulfill purposes for you that you may believe you can achieve in no other way. The reasons are not buried in your subconscious; they usually consist of a series of seemingly innocuous decisions, which have been made by you throughout the years.

Other illnesses may be caused by sudden decisions that are a response to a particular event in your life. You are born naturally optimistic. Take for example young children; they take it for granted that their acts will result in the most favorable of circumstances, and that any given situation will have a favorable outcome.

These directions provide life with its purpose, direction, and impetus. Even when the ugliness of life shows itself, it does not take away from the magnificent optimism that is at the heart of life. Oftentimes, well-meaning individuals confuse their bodily mechanisms, which undermine their body’s activity in the present moments. For example, worrying about future events, dwelling upon past unfavorable situations, etc, confuses the body.

Since it can only react in the present moment, then this leads to problems. The way out of this, is to try to live each day to its fullest, as joyfully as possible. Imagine the best possible results of any plans or projects, and above all, do not concentrate upon past unfavorable events, or imagined future ones.

Please understand that the ideas I am sharing with you are not new; they are ancient. They have been passed down through the ages, in the language of each time. Their strength, vitality, and worth, has been greatly undermined by distortions, negative ideas, and sometimes, sheer nonsense.

Some individuals, who are very gifted, often shut themselves down from developing their inborn gifts, all because of faulty and limiting ideas they have accepted. For example, they try as much as possible to hide their eccentricities, failings, talents, and abilities, which might “make them stand out from others.”

To continue, if they are highly talented in any way, they believe they must play down the talent, or be extremely humble in its performance or expression, because others will envy them, be afraid of them, or try to drag them down to their own level.

They think that the more unusual and original their gift, the more they must protect themselves from the distrust of others. In the most exaggerated cases, it may be safer to deny it entirely, or to adopt some disability or handicap that will satisfy the jealousy or envy of others who might otherwise cause them “difficulty.” All of this is so unnecessary and unfortunate. You are meant to express your gifts as fully as possible.

Sure, there will be those who are negative, but there will also be those who are positive. Do not let the few negative hold you back from benefiting the many positive. Do not pass this on to your children, disguised in such forms as “don’t be a showoff” or “don’t be an exhibitionist,” and other similar positions. A feeling of self-approval is absolutely essential for any true sense of well-being.

It is not honorable in any way to put yourself down, or to punish yourself, because you do not feel you have lived up to your best behavior at any given time. If you catch this type of reaction, nip it in the bud, but do not deny it.

Parents sometimes inadvertently undermine a child’s sense of self-approval. For example, when an adult catches a child in a lie, and in the angriest of terms, they label the child a liar; this is most unfortunate. Ideally, a distinction should be made; yes, the child made an error [the lie], but they themselves are not the error or the lie. In this way, they can then determine to change their behavior, while still saving their self-respect, which is so very important to their positive psychological and emotional development.

Every human being is of good intent, even when it shows itself through the ugliness of a misdirected good intent. It is important to understand the importance of self-approval, in connection with cheerfulness, health, and well-being.

The official worldview is a certain manifestation of a mental attitude. For instance, it is like when you were a young child and you thought more freely, but little by little, you were educated to use your thoughts and words in a certain way. You discovered that your needs were met more quickly, and you received approval more often, when you thought and spoke in the “particular manner.“ Finally, it seemed to be the only natural mode of operation. Our entire civilization is built around this kind of inner framework. This way of thinking becomes so automatic, as to become mentally invisible.

However, there are always those creative thinkers who use their questions to construct an art. I am only one of these; and there are many others. When you can distinguish one style of thought from another, then you are freer to make your own choices. Every human being, simply by being, fits into the universe in a way in which no one else can.

Some people identify themselves with the mistakes of their life, and then they consider himself or herself misfits of one sort or another. They forget their abilities in other directions. One of the attitudes detrimental to good health is that of self-condemnation, or simply a dislike of the self. Parents, schools, and religions, sometimes unfortunately foster attitudes such as these. Feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and pleasure with one’s abilities, promote feelings of well-being, health, and cheerfulness.

Your ideas about your own body, your mind, the universe and your part in it, and your relationship to family, friends, and environment are all connected to your state of health and to your sense of well-being, or to your feelings of disease. Your body’s health is an expression of inner well-being. Poor health is an expression also, and it may serve many different purposes. Sometimes, people become ill to force themselves to make such changes…(Excerpted.)

Enjoy the changes coming into your lives,
Charles Stewart

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2 thoughts on “Physical and Mental Health [Chapter 12 Book 3 Excerpt] [I.R. Vol 2]

  1. Hi Charles.

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this chapter of your 3rd book with us. I must have needed a reminder to pay attention to my thoughts because this really hit me deep.

    I have been depressed, tired, heavy and just not feeling very good mentally or physically but after reading this and being reminded I see my thoughts about myself and the world around me have not been very good.

    Some where along the line I started focusing on the negative parts of my life and myself instead of the good I do have in myself and life, even though I have things to work on. I know for a fact that your mental health is very much connected to your physical health.

    If anyone would stop and pay attention they too would know this. The hard part for me is keeping aware of my own thoughts and feelings and not absorbing the energies of others and taking on their emotions.

    Why do you think some people do easily take on others emotions?

    Thanks again for sharing and giving the reminder that I am in charge of how I am feeling both mentally and physically.

    Sami Jo

    • Hello Sami Jo, it is good to hear from you.

      I truly appreciate you taking the time to share of yourself here on the website. (It helps to “promote the cause.”)

      I am very proud of the material in this chapter. I worked very hard on it at the time, and held the picture in my mind of my own mother primarily, myself secondarily, and thirdly, others I have known personally in my life, while I formed it.

      It is my dearest hope that those who take the time to read it, will find the value it contains within, and to the point where the wisdom in purchasing my entire publications of teachings becomes apparent.

      Since you asked me a specific question, I wish to respond to that. [question: “Why do you think some people do easily take on the emotions of others?]

      My response:

      Since your question came about in response to this chapter of mine on physical and mental health, and the way in which they are both tied in to one’s use of their own creative energy, I will respond energetically on this same level…[even though there could be other responses to your inquiry.]

      With the caveat that this is my own personal perception and interpretation of the matter, I will proceed…

      There is no one simple answer here, which fits everyone, and I hardly need to tell you that. However, as a very old soul who possesses advanced knowledge and understanding of what it means to be human, I will tell you the primary answer here is FEAR.

      Why? Simply because it takes one’s attention off of their own responsibility and accountability for their own life, in terms of facing “issues” within themselves, which would “require” them to make “behavioral changes” in order to “advance their particular life-situation.”

      Let us break down some of those “quotation marks.” 🙂

      Many personalities, who are here, as souls having physical existence through that personality, do not realize that they are actually the ones who are in control of their lives. In fact, from the “cradle on,” we are taught by the “official world view,” the direct opposite of this, and it starts with our early childhood environments, which is then built upon in the “outside world.”

      I say this not to remove the responsibility and accountability for one’s own life away from them, but rather, for the clarity of purpose in understanding what is actually going on within the “totality” of the lifetime being lived. The personal responsibility and accountability of CHOICE, with all that implies, is a terrifying thing to most personalities upon the planet at this time. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but generally, this is operating at such a profound level as to be practically “invisible” to the personality’s ability to perceive and interpret it.

      What does that mean exactly? It means that it is easier to become involved with another’s “position,” “concern,” “issue,” “emotions,” or “what-have-you,” than it is to directly focus upon the fact that one is “afraid” to “take actions,” which will bring about “real changes” in their own life. It must also be stated that these changes are often desired by the personality, but needed by the soul.

      If the “needs of the soul” are not given opportunity for the life to progress developmentally, then there will be “consequences.” NO person alive today upon the planet came here to developmentally grow to a certain point and then stop, or to proceed in a “personality perceived safe manner” only.

      Please do not misunderstand me here. I do not mean to imply living a life selfishly, and at the detriment of others, no. I do mean that sometimes others do not have “what it takes” to “advance their life-situation forward developmentally,” and when they do not, they will begin a “slow disengagement from life.” They will not be aware of this in almost all cases. Therefore, sometimes, it takes another who is close to them emotionally to “have what it takes” to “advance a life-situation forward developmentally,” specifically for how this will “affect” them.

      In these cases, what the “official world view” has taught us all is the “nice thing” or the “appropriate thing” to do, from the cradle on, is in DIRECT CONFLICT with what the soul’s developmental needs are, at certain points within the context of one’s life.

      What do most do? They “settle.” There is physical evidence everywhere upon the planet at this time, of what occurs when a personality living the lifetime for the soul “settles.” What is that? Well, forgive me for being blunt here…a life cut short by “dis-ease,” which plays out in one of a million different ways. Each of these ways, give the personality living the life a “face-saving device” to be perceived and interpreted by others as being a victim of “genetics,” “fatal diseases,” “succumbing to health failure,” or “what-have-you.”

      There is evidence everywhere around in the world today for anyone who chooses to find it, that our world, and everyone’s individual lives are “energetically changing.” In other words, the “old ways” are simply no longer working in the same successful way as they once did. Therefore, what is one to do? That is a very good question.

      Every personality upon the planet has access to the help they need and require to developmentally progress within their own life in such a way as to “guarantee” the health of their own mind and body for a full life, rich in experience, and for days longer than presently supposed possible. This help comes both from within one’s self and also from without. However, unless one is willing to part with their precious ideas, especially those concerning how others might be affected by their choices, which bring behavioral change, then they will most likely be “constrained” by their own programming in such a way as to energetically work against themselves, and the very real nature of their own soul’s “developmental needs.”

      Please allow me to clarify that statement…When one is operating truly at one with their own soul’s “developmental needs,” THEY AUTOMATICALLY AFFECT THE WORLD FOR OTHERS IN A MANNER, WHICH IS POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE FOR ALL PARTIES CONCERNED.

      This does not mean that others will automatically perceive and interpret this in a “beneficial manner,” and this is where it is precisely where it is most important to give others the “space” to deal with the matter in their own way, EVEN IF THEIR WAY IS HEARTBREAKING IN THE WAY IN WHICH THEY CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE AND INTERPRET THE MATTER OF HOW THEIR LIFE IS CHANGED BY THIS.

      In other words, personalities will often play a game of “cat and mouse” with themselves where they “pretend” they do not know what choices are in the direction of their best developmental progress, because they choose to “cloud the matter within themselves,” due to taking on the “emotions,”
      “feelings,” “thoughts,” “issues,” or “realities” of another. In this way, they can then choose to see themselves as victims in their own life, unable to bring about needed change, AND FOR THE GOOD(?) OF ALL.

      It is right here I am reminded of the lesson I learned so very long ago about the difference between “hurtful” and “harmful.” Simply consider the example of a child with tonsils prone to infection repeatedly through the childhood. Eventually, it is not unlikely this could produce a deadly situation of a staff infection so severe, as to threaten the very existence of the life. However, since surgery is a very “hurtful” option, it is avoided in this case. But wait, what about if that staff infection comes about one day, which is decidedly much more “harmful” than the “hurtful” surgery to remove the tonsils? If you will reflect upon this example, there is a very powerful lesson here, which resonates with the focus of my response to you

      To live your life in such a way as to never “hurt” anyone close to you can seem like the right thing to do for sure, but what if that choice of action eventually brought your loved ones more “harm” than “good,” later in their lives? Harm in terms of robbing them of the influences, which only you could give, and which would cause them to make “developmentally appropriate” changes they could not otherwise on their own?

      Finally, it must be stated also, that as the human soul ages upon the physical plane, through the many, many different personalities it chooses to experience, there are very definite “developmental steps,” which are necessary to bring the physical reincarnational cycle to an end .

      At any particular point in the soul’s physical evolution, there will indeed be points where the soul will not be able to exceed the limits of its growth. In other words, as difficult as this be to consider, SOMETIMES the personality WILL NOT have the experience through soul-age to have the means to deal with life in the terms, which I have discussed in this response to your inquiry.

      For these souls, the “learning” will come after the life is over, not during it. I trust you might understand what I mean here Sami.

      All the best to you Old Artisan,
      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Sage)

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