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Here is a synopsis of this publication to be of assistance to you in helping to make decision to purchase…
When a human being is born into a family, it is necessary that the “bio-computer be programmed,” so as to be able to function in the world. This does not mean that the early ideas given to us are the only ones there are to run our program throughout our lives. No, we are indeed meant to grow our ideas of ourselves and the world around us. Well, that is if we are to achieve self-actualization.

You create your own personal experience of reality by way of translating your energy into the stuff of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions; this can be broken down further into your dreams, desires, aspirations, fears, hopes, and all the rest of what is humanly possible; your value fulfillment if you will. For most people this is unconscious, but it does not have to be this way.

You were born into a specific “environmental niche,” which suited [and still does] you like no other. Nowhere in the official world-view are you taught the extent of the greatness you carry within you. Your life-task was, and still is, to “grow your own value fulfillment” during the course of your lifetime. There are literally countless ways in which for you to accomplish this goal.

As you affirm your own rightness in the universe, you will find that you cooperate more easily with others, just by being true to your own nature. By simply being your true self, you help others to be themselves. When you recognize your own uniqueness, you will not be jealous anymore of others, or their accomplishments, and so you can open-heartedly encourage others in the pursuits of their life. This is only one way in which you can become a better you.

As your conscious mind becomes more and more aware of its directing influence upon the experiences of your life, you will find yourself self-actualizing more and more each day. Certainly, there will be time-off from this, but even here, we find purpose and accomplishment; if in no other way than to give you a well-deserved “break.” All of this will only add to the wonderful possibilities in your life that you can now imagine.

You must consciously seize the initiative for the direction your life is taking; otherwise, you will see and feel yourself to be its victim. You will blindly react to that which is external to you, and that happens to you despite anything you choose to do; no inner connection at all.
Fear will at times distort your perceptions from within, then it will reinforce those distortions created, and will finally completely mask the actuality of life itself… if you “allow” it.

The “terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001,” “Hitler’s Germany,” “Jim Jones’s Guyana tragedy,” “Charles Manson’s Helter Skelter,” “Darfur’s ethnic cleansing”; all these are examples of the work of fear at its worst, while working in concert with programming issues and the misdirection of creative ability through very bad choices made, with no personal responsibility and accountability taken. In fact, the responsibility and accountability were placed outside of those responsible, to a “higher authority, or agency” they perceived from within themselves.

Illness can serve many different purposes in an individual’s life. Quite often, it is one’s own creativity operating at its best, as it brings back balance into the psychological and emotional well-being of the person. For example, when one is overworked, rundown, or “burning the candle at both ends,” this will often catch up with them in the form of illness.

The illness then gives them an excuse to save face while they take a break from the normal rigors of their daily life. It causes them to slow down and get much needed rest. By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong in this, in many ways, it is the nature of being human. Illness does not come from a different source than what is called good health.

One way to help your self is to find a way to not brood over interpersonal relationships [or the lack thereof] and instead, concentrate upon your own personal life plans. This in itself is very good work spiritually. I hope that in some small way I am of service to you in aiding you to reach some insight into the behavior of others to assist you in understanding them to the point where you might find yourself able to accept them “where they are at,” instead of “spinning wheels and wasting energy” on trying to change them.

If I was to say to you that a “traumatic negative experience,” from the past in your life can actually be changed to something, which is positive and constructive, would you think I am crazy? Think about this for a moment; yes, the facts will indeed remain the same for you, however, the way in which you choose to perceive the experience and interpret it, can actually alter the “electromagnetic connections within the physical and non-physical mind.” This can indeed have powerful life-altering consequences for you; however, I’ll leave that explanation for another time.

The meaningfulness of any human life is not dependent upon any particular belief system; religious, spiritual, philosophical, scientific, or what-have-you. I do not know how to say it more plain and simple than that.

The word god to me causes one to think in term of a “physical-like” god in a “physical-like” place in the afterlife; [the actual term for this is anthropomorphic.] The Supreme and Ultimate Creative Force in the Universe is ethereal and not physical. Another reason I prefer not to use the word god is that it is exclusionary to others who believe differently; even though they of course are not “less” or “wrong” for this. There is more here on this level, but this is enough for now.

Regarding my idea or perception of God, I believe The Tao or “All That Is” is always in a state of becoming. Another way to understand this is to consider that All That Is is always evolving through love. This ultimate creative force is not truly perfect; for perfection suggests something, which is beyond any improvement; and as I’ve already stated, this is hardly the case.

If you do not become more aware of how you are spending your energy in your life, and whether or not this is working for or against you, then by “default” that will direct your life for you; is this what you truly want? Please understand that I do not mean for you to fear your thoughts, feelings, emotions, or what-have-you; I do mean for you to understand the relationship between them and your life. Use them to your advantage.

I would argue that a great teacher helps you to learn from yourself by providing a framework for you to make your own considerations, explorations, and connections, which one day will in fact lead you beyond them… (End)
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