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Renshi Charles Stewart

For those of you who do not know me personally, you may not be aware I am a part-time Martial Arts Instructor. Whether we are talking about children as young as 4 years old, or grown adults (young, middle-aged, or old,) I am always on the lookout for new students.

I teach in the Mesa, Az area. If you would ever wish to come view/visit a class to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me here through the website, or call me [480-343-0285 cell.]

I work for an organization called ActivStars. ActivStars We have the lowest cost in the industry, but don’t let that fool you for the quality of instruction you will receive. If you were to sign up as an adult, I would prefer to put you into my 1.5 hour class each Wednesday, which costs just 11.00. There are no contracts to sign. Testing is 12.00 at the end of each semester (3 per year,) and for which each missed class that semester must be made up in order to test for rank promotion. You do not even need a uniform, as comfortable clothes with no shoes is all that is necessary to participate in class each week.

For now, here is a link to my bio and current curriculum if you may be interested…
Renshi Charles Stewart

All the best,
Charles Stewart
(Renshi Charles)

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4 thoughts on “My Martial Arts Bio and Curriculum

  1. My Pleasure…I have always been here for you…I look forward to seeing more potential students interact on your website and in your classes…I love you too forever and always. Penny

  2. To anyone who is reading this information you have just reached an amazing martial arts instructor and spiritual growth and development teacher.

    I am proud to say I have been with Charles my entire adult life. He has been a tremendous help to me as a martial arts instructor and spiritual growth and development teacher. I am an adult martial arts student in his martial arts classes working toward my brown belt.

    We have four children, three of whom have black belts and one is also an instructor with ActivStars. Our youngest is working toward his brown belt alongside me in class.

    I hope if you are interested in martial arts you will take the time to visit our class with the possibility of joining the group of students who enjoy learning martial arts.

    On another note if you have not taken the time to browse through his website here, there are many wonderful articles that you might find interest in. You may want to comment on the articles and/or purchase his books on his spiritual growth and development teachings.

    Enjoy the many helpful articles that may change your life. If you find value in them, comment on them or contact Charles through the “contact me tab” with any questions.

    Look for online webinars and in the East Mesa, AZ area look for in-person spiritual growth and development classes.

    What would you like to discuss at, in person, or in the online spiritual growth and development classes?

    I look forward to hearing from new potential students who have comments or questions on his website. Wishing everyone all the best…
    Penny Stewart

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