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What is spiritual life coaching?

What do you think it is?

While you think about that, think about this;

No matter what human life we may be considering, it is important to the person living that life to get all they possibly can get out of that life, and there is agreement here.

For some, it is a life of new material gain. For some it is just a life of finding happiness, whether alone or with another. For some, it is finding a way out of a toxic relationship, with the least amount of drama or pain. For another, it is finding a way to end an addiction, once again, with the least amount of drama and pain. I mean there is no ending to the better life that we all seek, only in its specific focus do we differ, but beneath this we all seek that better life. This is only one example of the “commonality” of which I often speak regarding all of us.

It is known by many that one’s “spirituality,” by whatever name or description, is an integral component in the energetic equation of their lives; whether that life is lived through the positive or the negative.

With that said, it is not uncommon that those human beings choosing the positive, will either seek out or avail themselves of “specialized training” to aid them in the excellence of their becoming. (Mostly.)

Whether we are talking about mandatory work meetings, legally imposed meetings, someone on their own seeking “betterment,” or any given professional seeking an “edge,” this is true.

For those human beings who believe or “know” that there is more to “life beyond” of which they are a part, and that there is “good reason” to incorporate this “larger part” into the excellence sought to be realized in the life, I am looking for you.

In a “non-denominational way,” this is what I do. I “coach” or “teach” others how to get the most out of their lives that they possibly can.

Imagine what you could do if you could learn of the things you might learn after your life was over, and you could use that “specialized knowledge” now; during the course of your life?

Of course, everyone’s path is different, and there is agreement here. However, there is also “commonality” (remember?) in the “developmental differences” between the different paths.

As a spiritual life coach, I helps others to gain clarity of their own spiritual path, through the life of excellence they seek. I use the real-life of each student to teach the intrinsic (essential) nature of the connection between their spiritual and material lives; and how it is only through the realized nature of their fullest expressions that the reason comes to be known of not only who they truly are, but why they are truly “here.”

In order for me to fully get an “energetic read” on you, so that I may be most developmentally appropriate to your needs, materially and spiritually, I have a free 30 minute “consultation.” From there, you can choose which path suits you best for the spiritual life coaching part; hourly, half-day, or full-day.

The spiritual life coaching may take place over the phone, through Skype (audio & visual,) or in person at the place of your choosing.

The half-day will include a significant break time at mid-point, with shorter breaks before and after the mid-point break.

The full-day will include a 2 hour mid-point lunch break, with the same pattern additionally as the half-day session.

Prices are as follows:
Hourly 50.00 (New Student Discounted Price 40.00)
Half-Day 200.00 (New Student Discounted Price 150.00)
Full-Day 400.00 (New Student Discounted Price 300.00)
Group Rates are Negotiable (Contact Me to Inquire.)

So that you might know what to expect, my free “consultation” with you will find me asking you some probing questions so as to determine where your life is as of this moment. What is dissatifactory, and why. I will question to determine your life’s path(s) up to this point, in terms of the choices made, which drove the behavior of those actions.

I will also try to determine as best as possible what your spiritual/religious/philosophical beliefs are, which are most often, not known fully, but are quite often, driven by the “hidden ideologies” within them, which I will endeavor to uncover. I will also inquire of your own early childhood, birth date, birth time, place of birth, and your full name, as well as the name you now use most commonly. All of these, as well as much more, will be discovered by me in our free 30 minute “consultation.”

In short, I will attempt to determine where you might be “at” currently in your own evolutionary process here on the physical plane, so that I may most “appropriately” attend to your “needs.” Do not be concerned if this does not make sense to you, or if it makes you uncomfortable, for this will be “privileged information” I keep private to myself; unless you desire otherwise. Your agreement or acknowledgement here on this level is not necessary for our work together to be effective and successful.

As far as the actual spiritual life coaching sessions, these will be greatly affected by the particular path chosen (1 hour, half-day or full-day) for the work/healing to occur. For example, I will attempt to find the right balance between “work” and “play” to get you to a place of greater psychological and emotional balance with your own life, and its interaction with others in the “outside world.” I will endeavor to cause internal barriers within you to first become recognized, then secondarily, “come down,” which you most likely did not even know were there in the first place.

As these “internal barriers” start to become recognized for what they truly are, they will begin to be “assimilated” by you in such a way as to use their energy for the forward movement in your life you are seeking. It is expected for you to feel “inspired” during this process of which I speak. This is my goal for you.

Some students of my spiritual life coaching will only use me one time. Some students will use me in a much more over-time-involved fashion. Some students will even come back for “tune-up sessions.” All chosen paths are welcome.

My most important caveat (specialized notice) will be that the student is always empowered to know where the true power for our energetic exchanges comes from; it is within they themselves, within their own soul, which is eternal. As such, at most, I am simply a “tool” the student uses for their own personal gain, and for which I am compensated financially for my specialized efforts…

Please contact me here to set up a free consultation appointment
->Contact Charles Stewart [On the subject line put “Spiritual Life Coaching”]

You may also email me here ->
[On the subject line, put “Spiritual Life Coaching”

You may also call me directly here -> 480-343-0285 cell

Payment for services may be made through Cash, Check, or Money Order. For paying by credit/debit card, let me know when contacting me and I will set you up through my PayPal account.

I am very much looking forward to working with you,
Charles Stewart
(A Spiritual Life Coach)

For any of you who may be in a position to help me with the costs incurred in continuing my work, please click the PayPal button below. No amount is too small, thank you. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “[NEW!] Spiritual Life Coaching [NEW!]

  1. Posted on behalf of “Addy.”

    Dear Charles,

    Thank you for a very interesting and informative conversation today.

    As you are aware per our conversation, I have read two thirds of your book…..Resolutions Vol II: The Evolution of the Human Soul…..which I found to be every bit as enlightening as the Seth books but in addition a practical guide to learning about the nature of reality of ourselves, of others and the universe as a whole, all being connected.

    In your book you have taken the time to bring the reader step by step closer to understanding the evolutionary process of the human soul….which to me makes it that much more tangible. I’m sure this was not an easy task to do.

    Thank you for addressing the questions I had. I look forward to reading the rest of your book.


  2. Hi, I want to share with others how wonderful of a coach / teacher you have been in my life. Before meeting you I felt lost in life with what was going on inside me and you helped me give it a name ( 4th. major internal developmental milestone) , explained in your 2nd book. I have read all 3 of your books and have had many conversations that brought clarity to many questions. You helped me be able to look inside my self and helped me see who is in charge of my life through my own choices. You have challenged me to ask myself some hard questions of Why I have done certain things. You have called me on my shit. You have guided me to change and look at my past in a more positive way and to look forward to my future in a more positive way. Through your teachings I have come to understand people more, along with myself, which in return has helped me not be as judgemental. You have brought so much clarity to my life and I am forever grateful to you for it. I wanted to share the goodness you have brought to me and strongly encourage others that might need some guidance or clarity in their life to reach out to you and they wont be sorry. Not one time have i felt judged or made to feel less of a person from you even when i felt bad about myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the things you have shared with me and taught me and helped me remember. As some would say You are a true blessing in this world. Sami Jo

  3. This life coaching website is going to be a great resource for many who are looking for someone to help gain spiritual clarity in their lives. I am glad to see it up and running. Do you offer a group rate for people or businesses who would seek it?

    • Hello Penny.
      Thank you for the positive and constructive energy. I appreciate the question about group rates, I will make an addition to the page reflecting that. Thank you.

      I would also like to add that for those who do not have an integral understanding of the very real connection between their material and spiritual lives, I may choose to leave off primary focus on the spiritual in order to more appropriately address the student’s needs through the material.

      On the services page, I refer to the student not being made to feel uncomfortable by the “priviledged information” I will come to know of them. (In other words, they may not care to really know about things “too spiritual in nature.”)

      It really does not matter if the students are aware of this or not, for it changes nothing. Some humans can actually conduct their lives quite harmonious in terms of the integral connections between the material and the spiritual, without having any real thought or understanding of the matter. Of course, if they are aware of this “connection,” then the communicational process becomes much easier and more fun for me. 🙂

      With love,
      your husband Chuck

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