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In actuality, it is perhaps the information in your material,which has the greatest validity primarily, and then your identity secondarily. Therefore, you choosing to remain anonymous in no way diminishes the validity of the energetic exchanges, which will take place here. In fact, it is your energy and mine coming together here, which may find “resonance” in the lives of those reading and considering the material, and for the value, which may be contained within it…

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205 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. Charles! Hi and how are you? I wanted to drop by and say hi to you and Penny and give you an update on me. You were really my first spiritual teacher at a time that, in retrospect, was really the beginning of my spiritual awakening (although I didn’t know it at the time). I’d like to give you a run down of what has happened to me since then. I have been through a spiritual awakening or gone through what is known as Ascension. After the bizarre events that happened to me over the last 2-3 years, I can equate what I’ve been through to this experience known as Ascension, based on what I have researched.
    I’m not sure exactly where I was on this journey when last I was here, but at that time I was experiencing synchronicities and then I began to see the repeating numbers. At the time I was also researching various things which later would prove to me to be all somehow connected or related, although I didn’t realize it at the time.
    Anyway, at the beginning of this last summer, I began what I now equate to Ascension, although I may have experienced a kundalini rise as well. I’m not sure how much you know about kundalini and such. I’m still not really sure if Ascension and kundalini are the same thing or related, I may have experienced both? I definitely have felt the energy rising up the back of my spine, although I’m not sure if it has fully gone through my crown chakra or not.
    Anyway I believe I went through Ascension because what I experienced was ultimately a vibration increase. It was surrounded by many strange events, I will try to recall as much as I can.
    After the number patterns had been going on for a while and syncs, I saw 2 suns in the sky, twice. The first time was kind of the beginning of this Ascension which basically lasted the span of the summer. The second time was close to the end of this period of time, during this time, I felt as though I was in another dimension. I say that because I was in some type of elevated state, I really have no way to describe it. My personal vibration or frequency went up, I experienced an elevation in happiness. I learned many lessons and had many revelations during this time as well. I experienced many of the Ascension symptoms that can be found online. My 5 main senses became more sensitive, my extra sensory senses increased in ability, I was nauseous all summer for no reason (the only other time I remember being nauseous everyday like that was when I was pregnant), I saw sparkles when I looked up at the sky, ringing in my ears, my sense of time got all messed up, and probably more that I can’t even remember now.
    I also had prophetic dreams, some of them included the person that I now believe to be my twin flame, although I didn’t know what a twin flame was at the time. I believe I asked you some questions about this person, that I probably referred to as a soulmate at the time. This person was an integrate part of my awakening as well, I believe he blew my chakras open, which were closed or blocked when I met him.

    You were an integral part of my experience as well… I have always been a non- fiction kind of person, preferring to watch documentaries instead of sit-comes or fiction. This is how my interest in aliens began. At first, I just viewed it as entertainment, having no personal experience with aliens and not believing in them. But my whole life I have spent watching documentaries and such, after years of what really was research, although I didn’t know it was what I was doing at the time, I began to see that there really was a lot of evidence to prove something was going on. I began to believe there was something to the whole alien thing.
    I remember reading on your site about the Pleiadians and you writing that if someone wished to have personal contact with them to simply ask them to reveal themselves and they would. I asked them to at the time, then I didn’t think much more about it being that I didn’t have any personal experience with this stuff.
    Well, during my Ascension, at one point, I literally saw a flash of light and felt my third eye open, I felt a space at the top of my head open and I could feel the flow of information flowing into my head.
    Some time after this I began to receive channeled messages from them, I believe it was/is them because that is who I asked for, and the messages are in sync and of the same type as other channeled messages that people have received from them. The first one was extremely powerful in the way it came into my head. Although it was in my voice, clearly it was not me dictating the thoughts. Even what they said was not stuff that I would have come up with. The messages was personal to me, about my life and not long at all. They told me about 3 different topics that I was dealing with in my life. They gave me a prediction of something I am going to do in my life, not something I would have thought of myself.
    This prediction was at a later time confirmed to me by another, totally different source, actually by God himself/herself, through a very religious person.
    Since then, I have received 3 or 4 more downloads from them. One was also confirmed through a random source. I received a download from them while in the car on my way to work. I got to work and was minding my business when a random person that I never met before came up to me and started to tell me the exact same things that I had just downloaded in the car. This was spiritual stuff and generally people do not walk up to strangers and start talking about anything spiritual. I have never had anyone do that to me before, I took it as confirmation.

    You have to understand, I never even believed in channeled messages before it happened to me. As I told you long ago, I was raised a strick Christian, so I had very little knowledge or experience with this stuff before, anything I have gained has been from research and personal experience.
    I would appreciate any insights about any of this stuff that I have mentioned. I am particularly interested in these channeled messages and how to receive even more. It seems to be a stream of consciousness that was always in my head, although I didn’t know how to distinguish it before. I have become good at distinguishing the various voices in my head, or consciousnesses and knowing where they come from. In other words, distinguishing the voices in my head and knowing what consciousness they stem from.
    I wanted to touch base and let you know that you helped me along my spiritual path. Anything you feel is relevant I am interested to hear. Peace to you and your family, love and light,

    • Hi Jenna.
      That was beautiful to hear.
      Thank you for sharing it.
      I will back soon with a more detailed response.
      I commend you on reaching this point in your personal discovery and development of your most authentic self.
      All the best,
      Charles 🙂

  2. Dear Charles,
    I quit my job my job in August and have been unemployed now for 4 months to pursue my dreams. I’m living off my savings. Everything is provided for – I have free rent. When budget is tight, people out of nowhere offer to buy me food. People drive me places or pay for my plane ticket. But no income. I had numerous people come up to me and offer me paid work or be my first client! But all of these fell through with cancellations, disappearances, or put off (there is one part time job set to start mid January).
    What is the spiritual reasoning behind this? I have enough money to last me another year, but there’s no way I can go this long without money coming in. Is it possible there is a higher power creating something greater for me, worth putting off making even just a little side money for?

    • Hello Annie.
      Thank you for posting your inquiry, I appreciate it very much.
      I will be back soon with a full response.
      For now, I merely wanted to acknowledge your inquiry and get it up on the website for others to potentially respond to while waiting for me.
      Enjoy the changes coming into your life,

    • Before I begin Annie, I want to thank you once again for taking the time and energy to share of yourself here, through the nature of your inquiry. I trust you may find something of value in my response to you.

      It is indeed good spiritual work to keep your “life’s calling” as an integral part of your daily life’s focus. However, it is also good spiritual work to be responsible and accountable for the “other parts” of your life, which may not currently be integrated into your “life’s calling ideology” (pursuing your dreams.)

      Let’s try that another way…

      What might be considered good spiritual work, and the ideology, which comes with it, is often that which will “evolve” in scope, application, and understanding, as the personality living the life becomes chronologically older within the context of that lifetime. Some call this becoming more “wise.” Some call it becoming more “sensible.” Some speak of it in a way, which is not conducive (helpful) to the real nature of your inquiry, and so we will not address that here.

      The point is that it actually behooves (is necessary or proper for) you to “factor in” the “undesirable” into the energetic equation of your inquiry. In this instance, the “undesirable” means those things , which do not currently fit the ideology of pursuing your dreams, as they would fall under the descriptive explanation of things such as “ a distraction,” a “delay,” “not my dream work/job,” “a necessary evil,” “I grudgingly have to get a job to supplement me until,” etc, you “get the picture.”

      In other words, it is amazingly wonderful that you have accomplished the very significant amount of savings to enable you to focus upon pursuing your dreams, with no addition income coming in. Furthermore, it is amazingly wonderful how “the universe” aids you in times of “need,” by some of the ways in which you have described. In fact, I would say that this is a sort of “feedback” to you from the “universe” that your life-actions are in a sort of alignment with your true life’s purpose, which is why you find the assistance your “need” requires.

      Still, I would be amiss to try and cause you to believe that you can just “blindly” focus on “what you want” and the universe will provide all. 🙂 In actuality, the challenges inherent in you finding a way in which to incorporate those “undesirables” into the ideology necessary for pursuing your life’s dreams most successfully and effectively, are the very “developmental things” you need to grow.

      The beauty of it is that the universe has already shown you it will support your efforts in pursuing your dreams. In fact, if you could find some part-time work, to supplement your savings, that work would likely cause your savings to last 3 to 4 times longer than the current plan, and if that part-time work was something you not only enjoyed, you find it was also directly and indirectly related to developmentally growing your personality at levels necessary to what you will need when you reach “critical mass.” By “critical mass,” I am of course referring to when you “breakthrough your life’s work into full manifestation.”

      More than this though, you will not needlessly run the very real risk of “crashing and burning,” by ONLY believing in the one ideological way to manifest your goal (living your dreams.) By “crashing and burning,” I do not mean the non-manifestation of your life’s work through living your dreams, but rather, I speak of “doing things the hard way,” and I trust you get my meaning contained within those loaded quotation marks. 🙂

      From where I perceive and interpret you energetically Annie, you will not fail in what you are attempting to bring into the world, however, there is “working smarter” and then there is “working harder.” Here I am speaking of working in harmony with the energy of your being, and the energy of the universe around you, in a manner, which is becoming to both sides of the spectrum. It is good to realize that the universe, which surrounds you, includes the other known human beings with whom you will interact, and for mutual benefit of all; this is important to understand.

      You asked about a “higher power,” and it true that one’s “higher power” is there to be of service to them, but never without the individual taking an active part in their own “becoming.” This too is important to realize and understand, less you choose to dis-empower yourself, which from where I perceive and interpret you energetically, is simply “not your way.”

      To conduct your life as if you are “supported by the creative forces, which surround you,” is to live your life as believing in the worthiness of what you are to become, and this is the guidance you are seeking, while recognizing that guidance is sometimes “beyond verbalization.”

      Your personal contact with your “source,” is in the direct usage of your creative abilities.

      May you always be at one with your knowing, while trusting in your creativity, and trusting in the creative process of your life’s expression,
      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

  3. This is posted by me on behalf of “Johanna,” a member of Charlotte Fonteyn’s spiritual website called

    In the words of Johanna…

    How Do I Find Peace After Abuse?
    He Forced Me to Have an Abortion, Strangled and Verbally Abused Me.

    Hi I’m super nervous because I’ve never written in any kind of forum before and honestly, my self-esteem is shattered.

    The moment me and my boyfriend met each other we fell instantly in love. I thought he was my soul mate. He was my best friend. He lived 1000k away from me so I quit my career to be with him and we were happy until he started resenting me for not having money even though I was looking for a new job.

    He was my best friend and I told him everything. I always thought I could trust him but then we had some bad luck and he started taking his anger out on me. I got pregnant for the first time ever at 34 and he talked me into having an abortion that I didn’t really want and he didn’t even come with me for the procedure.

    I got depressed afterwards and was diagnosed as such by my doctor but he told me I was just being a baby and offered me no emotional support. Then our house burned down in a wildfire (so did 40 other houses and farms) and he was so angry at me. He blamed me for it and for losing money and was even meaner to me. He started drinking, doing drugs and flying into rages at me.

    I only weigh 89 pounds and he would knock me to the ground and strangle me until I saw stars with his knee on my throat. He left bruises on my face doing this more than once. More than that, he left scars on my soul.

    After breaking up he started with even more verbal abuse. I can’t even describe the words he calls me. The thing that hurts most is that he uses the secrets I shared with him to hurt me. For example “no wonder your dad kicked the crap out of you, you’re so stupid”.

    He left me and my dying dog with nothing. No financial or emotional food, no rent money, nothing. My phone was cut off for over 2 weeks until a few days ago when one of my friends felt sorry for me and paid for it. When I called him crying and freaking out, he changed his phone number.

    Now this week he’s leaving me messages saying he’s sorry and he misses me and I’m so messed up. I don’t have any family. My mom died when I was young and my dad was extremely abusive so I can’t help it. I do miss him. I always told him that he and my dog were my little family.

    I don’t know if he’s saying he misses me because he wants me back or just enjoys hurting me but I can’t take it anymore. No one has ever hurt me the way he has. At one point I was suicidal from the things he was calling me and the way he was treating me. I just don’t know if it’s him or the drugs talking or where to go from here.

    As much as I’m trying to live my life I’m having major anxiety and I’m heartbroken. Even though I shouldn’t, I still love him and worry about him. Do I let him stay in my life? Do I help him sober up? I just don’t know what to do and my heart hurts. I just feel so mentally exhausted and I just need some peace.

    • Hello Johanna, my name is Charles Stewart and my heart goes out to you. I would love to share something with you, which I trust may help you to find not only some solace (relief,) but to aid you in “framing” this experience in such a way as to promote healing for you, so that you might “love again.”

      Before I continue, please understand that the following information is from the perceptions and interpretations of an “old soul teacher” (me.) I say this so as to prepare you (or any reading this) for your own subjective reactions to the material. For they are key, to your own better psychological and emotional understanding, as opposed to being about me, from the vantage point of your own projections upon me and the material I will be sharing.

      With this caveat (qualification)…

      The first thing which comes to my mind is to let you know that soul does not enter the human form until the moment of actual birth, and the first breath is successfully taken. Therefore, abortion is not murder, in karmic terms, even though all forms of life are sacred to “All That Is.” This should be of service to you in regards to your abortion, which was coerced.

      The second thing which comes to my mind is how you are giving away your power on this issue, and until you come to terms with this, the healing and growth will necessarily be delayed. You must find a way to remove your perceptive and interpretive focus away from his behaviors. As long as you continue to focus on his behaviors, you give away your personal power in this “energetic exchange.” The solution is to instead, use YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY to focus upon your own becoming, not his “behaviors,” or trying to understand them. Some things are not necessary to know for positive and constructive personal growth and development, and how this can powerfully change one’s life.

      His behaviors are driven by HIS CHOICES, and not yours, and for which only he is responsible and accountable. You have no responsibility and accountability for his behaviors within your “frame of life reference”; as misleading as that might sound.

      For example, you seem to think that the experiences you had were because of him, but this is NOT entirely true in energetic terms. For the truth of the matter is that your version of the experiences are yours, not his, although of course he has a “contributory responsibility and accountability,” by association if nothing else, which does not include you being responsible for accountable for the choices he made, which drove his behaviors.

      Let’s break that down…

      For whatever reasons “developmental,” you chose to be drawn to him in the beginning. You chose to stay when things became bad, and when they got worse, you once again chose to stay with this man. Why? Well, that is the crux of the issue is it not?

      Right here I must in good conscience explain how important personal self-esteem and personal self-image is in relation to the life’s quality. In other words, what can you do to improve your own? What can you do to improve your own level of self-confidence? What can you do to focus upon your own self-worthiness, as opposed to focusing upon his unhealthy behaviors? This is not idle chat, it is integral to the solution for your life, which you seek.

      Why did this man come into your life? Perhaps it is simply a matter of misplaced trust in another? Perhaps it is a lack of personal understanding regarding your own awareness? The experiences you had were yours, in that they belonged to you. He did not have, and does not have now, the power over you to direct the nature of your choices. You hold that power; you always have.

      There could be something as powerful as a “karmic influence operating” in the initial coming together of you two. But then again, it could have been something as simple as a strong body type attraction, which was clouded by your own projections onto how you CHOSE to perceive and interpret him, as you sought your “ideal love.” You know… being in love with the IDEA of love, instead of the “creating the real thing.”

      At any rate, there was in a sense, a “purpose” for you two coming together in space and time, at this point in your own spiritual evolutionary process. Still, from the words of your own mouth, it is clear to me that the very clear and heart breaking sufferings you endured, were once again, because of your CHOICE to remain. At any time, when it became clear to you that this individual is not “healthy” in terms of his energy field focus, and that furthermore, he had no problem in actually causing another human being physical harm, because of HIMSELF, and HIS PERSONAL ISSUES, it was within the realistic realm of your discernment to determine it was time to leave.

      I very well understand some of this message will be very difficult to not only hear, but to “process” as well. It is here I offer you empathy and utter understanding of what going through these experiences might be like for a human being to endure, in the difficult work ahead of you, and even now as of this moment. There is not one single soul reading this who would be a stranger to learning very difficult personal lessons from their own life, by the personal choices they might have made, which drove the behaviors of same. In other words Johanna, you are in good company here.

      Right here it is important to clarify that the greatest tool used by the soul to evolve while here physically, is the interpersonal relationships we have with others. It is the primary means through which the lessons are learned; that of personal CHOICE. As we experience the ramifications and/or repercussions of the choices we make, we run directly into the possibility of personal growth and development (evolution.) Some CHOOSE to shelve this level of learning until the “astral interval,” which is in some ways unfortunate, because the personality living that life and doing the “work,” will not mostly “benefit from that work” during the life. Such is the nature of choice on the Physical Plane of Existence.

      Johanna, in my mind, the most pressing concern is why would you think or feel you would need to endure this type of relationship experience, when things went bad? It is important to realize that there IS someone out there who is “healthy” in terms of their energetic focus, and who will serve the intimacy (love) between you two well. There was no such thing as this between you two before. I say this because it is simply NOT POSSIBLE for someone to harm or be cruel to one with whom true intimacy has been experienced.

      In many ways, he NEVER really got to know the real you, because if he did, the experiences would have been very different. Instead, each one (you included,) never presented the “true picture” to one another, but rather, only a symbolic representation of that. Each one of you simply tried to “outguess the other” for the purpose of the “reward,” which by the way, was only an “idea of love,” and not the real thing. To “qualify for the prize” or to “fit into the mold,” the “reward” would be granted. What was that reward? Sex? Companionship? Status or “moving upward” in the life? Money? The list goes on, and the answer(s) are to be discerned from your own memory experiences.

      Johanna, in all honesty, it should be quite clear to you he was not capable of experiencing intimacy with you. He may have never been taught, or learned himself, what trust is in an interpersonal relationship with another, and why it is absolutely crucial to the relationship’s ability to not only continue, but to grow and thrive. His “lack” on this level may have come from the very early beginnings in his life. I wrote an article on this conceptual range of human expereince on my website, perhaps it may shed some additional light upon this particular subject matter. Here is the link ->

      The key to finding that “loving healthy relationship,” which is actually seeking you, is to personally grow your own development to the point of being able receive and reciprocate that same “level” of love back onto another. You must grow yourself psychologically and emotionally for this to occur, as well as to become “free of the bondage” that ties you to the previous experiences, through your own “developmental issues.”

      Of course the past is over with him, however, it is realistically possible to not only CHANGE that past, but to become FREE of it. How? Let us continue…

      The past exists as a series of electromagnetic connections within both the physical and non-physical minds. These can be changed. Whatever was “fact,” will still be. The time and spatial location, as well as who it was with you, and what actually occurred, will stay the same however, and here is the important part, YOUR PERCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION OF THOSE EVENTS CHANGES THAT PAST IN VERY REAL ENERGETIC TERMS, because you have CHANGED their meaning to you. Quite literally, you can “re-program” your past to better accommodate your own personal betterment.

      Realize that those experiences were your own, because they belonged to you, as you were ready to have them. They did not belong to him. You continue to give away your personal power when you regard those experience as being because of him, when in actuality, they were because of you. You always had the power to stay or leave, If you left, he would have went his way, and found another to play that energetic role he needed them to, and for purposes of his own.

      To be truly free of his “influence,” you must find out what he taught you about yourself, others, and the world around you, in terms of “becoming” more true to your own fully realized nature. When you do this, it will “alter” the energetic influence you now feel regarding him, and in such a way as to find you being “grateful” for the experiences he brought you, which enabled you to more fully become who you truly are; even as the “caterpillar” struggles and endures the very difficult process of becoming the “butterfly.”

      I use that metaphor not lightly, for the difficulty of the process, with its unknown future, is transcended by the beauty of its becoming nature.

      May you find some measure of peace, love, and healing in this message to you Johanna.

      From the heart of an old soul teacher,
      Charles Stewart

      P.S. A special “thank you” to Charlotte Fonteyn at for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

    • Joanna, absolutely do not let him back in your life, he will just continue to do drugs and abuse you as he will have you to enable him, even if you don’t want to he will force you to. He needs to hit rock bottom before he will change. Getting him out of your life will possibly help him more. And definitely help you more. I was in an abusive relationship too for 4 years, I got out you can too… The best thing you can do for yourself is be alone and support yourself…you need time to get yourself back…when I left I was like a shell, not a real person at all.. It took me 4 years to feel like myself again and to regain interests I had that I had let go of before that. You are in a cycle of abuse, you must figure out how to break it, that’s a difference between us because I didn’t grow up with abuse, it may take professional help to break it I don’t know but do not get into another relationship until you feel like yourself again..if that was a good feeling, if it never was you have to get to that point. When I left my ex he had no job and nowhere to go but his parents house which was like a sober house for kicking him out probably saved his life. Now he is drug free, working and going to school.
      I was lucky I was given a house I didn’t have to pay for, that definitely helped me leave… If you get your life on a track its supposed to be on things fall into place more when it is necessary. My life is better too… I went back to school hoping to improve my life and my kids and something even better happened.. I met the love of my life, my soulmate. I never thought I’d have feelings for a man again after that and when I’d try to date guys I’d push them away from me, literally. But when I’m completely not expecting it happened. Even the horrible stuff I went through seems like it all ties into what I may end up doing, it all had a purpose. At the time it seemed like just really bad stuff happening for no reason, like it was random…. Years later I can see how it all ties in together. Stay strong and don’t let him back in.

  4. I am posting this on behalf of Charlotte at

    She asked me to share my perspective on a few members “issues,” and this is one them. Her name is “Vandy,” and her concern is on the matter of a “life-altering” missed opportunity, which still troubles her over 25 years later…

    In Vandy’s words…

    It was March. I was working on a cruise ship out of Miami. I received a letter in the mail from my best friend. She said that the boy I had been in love with for years had written a letter to her.

    He asked her for my address on the ship because he wanted to write to me because, “he finally realized after all these years that he wanted us to be together.” He was in the army, stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia.

    My FIRST instinct was to get off the ship, rent a car, and drive to Georgia to see him. But I didn’t follow that instinct.

    Two months later he was killed in an accident on base. I have never been able to deal with the decision that I made to ignore my instinct. I never got to hear him say the words to me that I had longed to hear.

    I will always wonder if it somehow could have made a difference to him. Maybe he would have been more careful if he had known there was someone to come home to.

    Don’t ever ignore your instincts. You never know what you might miss out on….and life doesn’t always gives you second chances. It’s been over 25 years and the pain of missing him has never left me…

    • Now while “Vandy” herself did not reach out to me concerning this, Charlotte Fonteyn from the website did. Charlotte is doing some beautiful spiritual work over there for those of you who are not aware of it. Please visit and sign up to share and learn from others who are basically, involved with the similar issues you may find a personal resonance with.

      Since Charlotte reached out to me to share those gifts, which are mine to share, I will of course be honored to do so for the “cause” of spiritual evolution. 🙂

      Before I begin, as always, it is important to me to be clear that the following information is based upon my own personal perception and interpretation of the matter, therefore, if anything causes a strong reaction from within you, which is contrary to my “teachings,” please be aware that this is due to your own perception and interpretation of the matter, and NOT how I intended for you to receive it. In other words, if any psychological and emotional “triggers” are “set off,” these would have much more to do with you, than they do with me. 🙂

      With this understanding…

      Vandy, the first thing that jumps out at me is the fact of very real psychological and emotional pain still being present within you after all these years. It is perhaps wise to restate what I have taught many times before that the purpose of suffering is to teach us how to stop suffering; as crazy as that might sound.

      Of course, when any human being goes through a very traumatic or incredibly difficult experience, it is directly counter to good spiritual work to deny what is being physically experienced. However, there is always a way in which to “frame” the experience(s) in such a way (such as a philosophy or teaching) as to promote human understanding, while being fully engaged with the “process.” Sure, the process may very well include enduring some of the most painful experiences humanly possible, but as far as the evolutionary process is concerned for the soul, those very painful and all-consuming emotional experiences are meant to be “learned from,” which is to mean “assimilated and transcended through love,” whether during the course of the lifetime, or beyond.

      It is often very true why having access to a “spiritual teacher” is so very important, if not essential at times. This is only one reason why I write of this through my teachings so much. For often, it can take a “spiritual teacher” to not only explain, but help the “student” to gain clarity of the true situation at work energetically in the experience(s) being gone through by the personality having them. Of course, it goes without saying that the “spiritual teacher” must be “developmentally appropriate” for the “student,” otherwise there is no energetic resonance to be found.

      In this specific case example Vandy, the one who you stated you were in love with for years, may have been “reaching out” due to an unconscious awareness of a “major life event close at hand,” which in this case, it appears as if he realized you meant more to him than he had ever admitted before. This would cause anyone to be powerfully impacted by this sudden awareness, and he was no exception.

      Still it is important to realize that just because you did not cause your own life a “major energetic alteration” when you learned of his true feelings, it was actually his life choices, which produced the “conditions,” which led to his death, NOT YOURS. I am well-aware that is little consolation, however, it is also important to realize his life-choices as having no responsibility or accountability to you, no matter what the outcome. Please take note I said HIS life-choices, and NOT yours.

      Vandy, just because you did not exercise the “appropriate response” when learning of his communication’s purpose, you are not responsible and accountable for his life; he is. Please note that those quotation marks are “loaded,” for ANY response you might have chosen, including the one you actually did. The determined choice of action you did not take, did not in and of itself, have the power to alter the creative play of his life. This is important to understand.

      It is also important to understand that endings and beginnings are both equally important in the “human energetic equation” of life, although, depending upon the chosen perceptive focus, one is always seemingly “more important” than the other, once again, depending upon the perceiver and interpreter of the experience(s.)

      For example, following “death” (an ending,) there is always “continued existence” (a new beginning.) The “communicational connection” between individual souls (incarnate and discarnate) is ALWAYS through the “non-physical heart of being,” and its “language” is love. A love that is simultaneously present and transcendent at the same time, which is the manner in which eternity works.

      Your dearly departed friend has access to an eternity and an understanding of what it means to human, that you do not have access to at present. He does not wish for you to suffer. If he could speak to you, he would tell you that you will meet again, if this is your wish, and that if you wanted to honor the memory of not only his life, but the hoped promise of what might have been between the two of you, you could accomplish this by improving the quality of your own life. This alone will please him.

      It is perhaps important to make it known that the soul will not only have “one option” for a good relationship match within the context of the life, but rather, “several” are “built into” the framework for the particular lifetime to be had; always with choice being operative. This was also true for him. I tell you this not to make you feel unimportant, but rather, just the opposite, for “near” the end if his physical lifetime, he felt strongly of the connection between the two of you. Once again, I tell you this not to make you feel bad, but rather, to feel honored at the possibility of that personal connection between you two.

      Also, I speak of these “alternate” possible relationships being “built into” the physical lifetime for you to recognize and validate the interpersonal connection of intimacy with another soul during the remainder of your own physical lifetime. He understands this better than you and is absolutely ok with it. I do not mean to suggest that he was “all-wise” and “deeply understanding” automatically after his death, however, I do mean to say that the access he has to “teachers” and “guides” is much more rich and comprehensive than anything you physically have access to, and this is why I speak of him in the way in which I do.

      Finally Vandy, as a responsible and accountable spiritual teacher, I would be amiss if I did not recognize and validate it is indeed very good work spiritually to express your spontaneous impulses (what I believe you are attempting to describe as instincts.) Furthermore, that there are innumerable ways in which to express those “impulses,” without responsibility and accountability to another (barring a direct interference with their right to choose for themselves,) which did not occur with him by the way.

      You did nothing wrong spiritually, and you could not have altered the outcome of his life by your own power only. He was “internally connected” to the event recognized as his death (even though officially regarded as an accident) and for reasons of his own, which have no energetic connection to you, except by the association of you to him through his thoughts, feelings, and emotions, for which you are not responsible or accountable; and so it will be recorded as such in all of eternity.

      May you find solace Vandy in the energetic message, hidden within these words,

      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

      • This touched me. I truly believe it was his time with him or not. I don’t believe anything you did or didn’t do would have changed his fate. I hope you find peace with this somehow soon. You have life ahead of you move forward.

  5. Posted on behalf of “Addy.”

    Dear Charles,

    Thank you for a very interesting and informative conversation today.

    As you are aware per our conversation, I have read two thirds of your book…..Resolutions Vol II: The Evolution of the Human Soul…..which I found to be every bit as enlightening as the Seth books but in addition a practical guide to learning about the nature of reality of ourselves, of others and the universe as a whole, all being connected.

    In your book you have taken the time to bring the reader step by step closer to understanding the evolutionary process of the human soul….which to me makes it that much more tangible. I’m sure this was not an easy task to do.

    Thank you for addressing the questions I had. I look forward to reading the rest of your book.


  6. This question posted by me, on behalf of “Gary.”

    Its been exactly 3 1/2 months since we began to see a shift to our finances, in May we watched as our business collapsed before our eyes actually two of our businesses they both crumbled at the same time.

    Soon after we lost our homestead ended up at the State park homeless and living in a tent with our four teens, it does not stop there we had all we ever own in storage but eventually we lost it all from appliances all the way down to our winter coats and winter clothes we only had up to three sets of clothing for each family member.

    We believed God was there with us all the way knowing for some reason this was going to work toward our benefit but yes we have had our tough moments when you almost feel like giving in.

    Not sure where we should be at the moment or where we must be going we are actually living day by day I usually don’t share allot concerning our families personal issues but i feel comfortable sharing it with folks on this website but no other thanks for letting me vent my thoughts its been sometime since I had been on this site good to return to read the up lifting stories.


    • Dearest Gary,

      My deepest condolences go out to you and your family. There are simply no words adequate to express the difficulty and pain you must all be going through.

      Charlotte from the tree of awakening site sent me your posted story of hardship as explained above. She asked if I had anything to share with you, which might be of help to you. It is on this note that I choose to respond to you.

      If you (or anyone reading this) has not seen the article I just recently created from my experiences regarding the “hardships” that life can bring into our realities, and for potential reason of some measure of solace (relief,) here it is ->

      Before I begin Gary, let me preface my response to you with the caveat that the following is my own perception and interpretation of the matter from the perspective of a very old soul spiritual teacher; I am not an empath, psychic, or clairvoyant.

      What I am is a very old soul who happens to possess very specialized, advanced knowledge and understanding of what being human involves here upon the physical plane. I know why we are here, and I try to reach those who are reachable by me, through finding value in what I have to offer. Beyond this, there is nothing special about me; for I am a man like any other. 54 years old as of 2015, married some 25+ years, with 4 children; 22, 20, 16, 11.

      I can say this in all honesty to you Gary; You did not come here to have your life end in this way. The very difficult experiences you are currently involved with, do not contain the essence of meaning to your existence. In other words, it will not most likely be until years from “today,” that you will be able to look back on this “growth period” in your life, for the significance of what it actually contained.

      It is true that difficult experiences are quite often intrinsic (essential) to personal growth and development. However, it is also true that suffering is not good for the soul; lest you use it “purposefully.” In other words, the purpose of suffering is to teach the human personality how to stop or end the suffering. There is no other good reason for it.

      It is not uncommon that within the context of a given life, that in order for a soul to “manifest it’s life-work,” that the personality must first be “developed sufficiently” to handle the manifestation of the life-goal. Otherwise, the soul has learned “before,” that the “gifts” may be “mis-used,” “mis-directed,” or “unappreciated fully.”

      Only by the personality involved being “sufficiently prepared,” can the manifestation of its true nature come through “fully realized.”

      I must apologize for all the “quotation marks,” but you must understand that within each set, there are “loads of additional information,” which would be too lengthy to bring through in this response to you. Why? For as I bring detailed clarity upon the “quotation marks,” I could actually end up bring a sort of “distraction” to the message of this communication to you, which is very important to me.

      Why is communication to you important to me? Well, quite simply, because your story not only resonates very deeply with me personally, but there will be countless other souls for whom this will be true as well. I am trying to find connection to all those who may find “personal resonance” within my “teachings”

      I am quite sure you will agree with me that if anything has resulted from these experiences you heart-breakingly shared with us, is that it would be that of causing you to ask very deep personal questions of “why?” It is this “internal questioning” that is the intended part of this “energetic equation” you are going through currently.

      Why? Because your greatest source of assistance is deep within you. It always has been. Sometimes, it takes experiences of this magnitude to “remind” us of what we may have “forgotten.” It is the “inward focus” of the questioning, which drives the “catalytic process,” which ultimately leads you beyond the limitations of what you are “now” experiencing.

      It is incumbent (your responsibility) upon you to find that which gives you a way in which to “frame the experiences” into a “workable version of understanding,” which supports the “developmental growth” of you at this time in your life.

      The universe abhors (despises) an “energetic vacuum,” while at the same time, recognizing the “need” for such a thing as a “precursor” to filling that energetic vacuum with something more “appropriate” to the “developmental needs” of the soul, as expressed through the experiences of the personality living the existence of its life this time around.

      Most all souls present at this time in our history are not consciously aware of these things of which I speak, which is almost entirely due to the average soul age being young, collectively on our planet at this time.

      Only when the soul gets older, is there any realistic chance at having the “experience” necessary to “surrender to the desire.” What desire? The desire for “evolution” over that of feeding the “inadequate parts” of the human experience; in other words, the evolutionary process of love overcoming fear.

      Most souls will see the human experience as directly related to some sort of “punishment and/or rewards system.” Furthermore, due to the “belief systems” of the particular personalities involved, it is often couched in living the life in the “appropriate manner,” which finds them then “rewarded” or “punished” for living in a certain way. This is not true.

      What is true, is that it is your own “choices,” which direct the behaviors in your life that are in accordance with your own best developmental work as the soul you are here having existence through personality; this is the key. In other words, it will not be because of any “higher power” (by whatever name you prefer,) that the better times seeking you will find you. No.

      It will be because of the “choices” you make at finding the “reasons” to stay true to that which expresses the deepest parts of your being, and in a way most developmentally appropriate to you (by following your passion,) that the energetic being you are will draw towards you the experiences, which are seeking you. Your then “personal story” may be used with discretion, to great ends at “teaching others” the merit of staying true to their own natures while dealing with the changes that life may bring.

      Many souls, having existence through personality, will persist in life suffering believing that “god” will save them, if they just will find a way to “endure the test,” which “god” has placed upon them. In fact many spiritual disciplines teach value in “suffering.” Once again, suffering is NOT good for the soul; its purpose is to teach you how to stop the suffering.

      In the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness,” Will Smith’s real-life son Jaden, tells his real-life father (but both are character actors in the movie,) a joke about how a man swimming in the ocean, and almost drowning, turns away two different ships because “god will save him.” After the man drowns and goes before god, he asks “why did you not save me?” God says, “Are you nuts? I sent you two ships and you refused them.” Moral of the joke; “God” helps those who help themselves.

      Your “now” does not contain the “now moment” of your future, no matter how near or far that future moment may be at present. It never did, and it never can. It is true that the present moment is your point of power. It is true that the present moment can be expanded to encompass all that has gone before. It is also true that your present moment contains all of the past. However, it is your “choices” that you actually direct the “plastic nature” of your future present moment’s “now.”

      In other words, your choices made now, and in the “now moments” of the days to come, will form the basis of your “now reactions in the now moment of your future.” There is absolutely nothing wrong in feeding this “adequate part” of your ego, or in the “adequate attachments” associated with the necessary processes involved to evolve your situation forward.

      I say all that because there are many spiritual teachings in the world today, which would actually disempower you through the disservice of telling you to “rise above” the reality of what you are going through. Hogwash!

      It is easy to discount someone’s hardships in life, UNTIL THEY ARE YOUR OWN.

      I stated earlier there are no words adequate to do justice to what you are going through and I meant it.

      Only you can know that to continue using your energy “in the same way,” is the way in which to reinforce the difficulties you are indeed going through. In the same way, only you can know that CHANGING the way in which you use your energy, will take TIME to see any real significant changes for the better in those same difficulties.

      In other words, your situation did NOT come about over night, and so neither will its being “altered.”

      There are people, and there are organizations of people who dedicate themselves to helping those who wish to help themselves, through working to change their lives for the better. In fact, even considering this requires often changing the way in which the conditions are being presently perceived and interpreted.

      If you find this to be true for you, congratulations! This is only one way in which the use of one’s energy can be “changed.”

      I am not well-versed in these people and/or the organizations they are part of, however, perhaps those who are reading this can step up and share if they possess this knowledge. For example Gary, there are places to get food, clothing, and shelter for FREE. In these places, for those who are able-bodied, they can “give back” through the volunteering of their own efforts at helping the process be most successful and effective, for themselves, and for others.

      I even know there are homes that women and children can live in, as their own, while they are helped to “get back on their own feet.” In these cases, the man could find somewhere else to “sleep” while contributing effort at “giving back” in appreciation of this service. My point Gary is that there is always help available, no matter how dire the circumstances or conditions in the life. However, this cannot even begin until one “allows it,” through the conscious choice at using one’s energy in a different way than before.

      I cannot sit here forming this response to you, and in good conscience, pretend I know what you are going through, or to be so arrogant as to think I know the answers for you. I can only imagine how down and depressed I would be if I had only gone through half of what you shared in your hardship story. Furthermore, being so “down,” I can once again, only imagine being like a “black hole,” from which the “internal gravity” is so “dense” that NOTHING can escape; light, hope, NOTHING.

      If this is anyway true for you, I can only say this… If you “choose” to “give up” and die, when your life is over, I can “guarantee” you that you will find that this was not what your soul intended before your life began.

      These life experiences and conditions at present, do not define the essence of meaning to your life. Furthermore, I can ”guarantee” you that once removed from the actual submersion in the life’s experiences, you will be able to “see” the very deliberately formed path, through choices made, which led to the event where you chose to end your life. (Like a version of connect-the-dots.)

      Please forgive me if that seems cold or cruel for I do not mean it to be so; that would be your perception and interpretation of the matter, not the way I intended it.

      If you could, let me borrow your imagination for a few moments, for I hope to plant something deeply within your psyche, which may remind you of something you may have forgotten through all of these terrible experiences you have gone through.

      There is a part of you, which cannot be seen in a mirror. This part of you has always “felt like this” deep down inside, for in many ways, it is your essence, or the eternal part of you. On the other hand, the part of you, which you can see in a mirror, is a part of you, which has changed very dramatically in your life; from the child you once were, to now.

      The part of you known as Gary is the part of you grown new this time around. The part of you, which has “deep down,” not really changed, is the part of you experiencing itself as Gary this time around. Now, here is the interesting part…

      The “eternal part of you” (the one experiencing itself as Gary,) has been born and died so many times, that an almost divine sense of “creative play” starts to set in; not within the context of the lifetime, but beyond. Let me explain.

      At the end of each and every single life you have had, the personality you were expected an ending known of as death. At the end of each and every single life you have had, after it was over, “you” learned there was instead, only continued existence, not death; as death only exists from a certain point of view.

      At some point, after this happens so many times over and over again, the soul’s “age” begins to “bleed through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality in the particular life, so that “suicide,” whether deliberate or not, is “not an option.”

      In other words, beneath the level of conscious awareness, the personality, living as that old soul, will come to “know,” that not only is “quitting” not an option, but that existence itself is “transitory.”

      When this happens, it is not uncommon that an almost sense of “divine acting” or “responsible creative play acting” begins to set in. No matter what the experiences or conditions of the lifetime, the older soul “knows” that the “drama of real-life” is “necessary,” but that it is not all there is to experience, or know.

      Knowing that existence is indeed transcendent, while at-the-same-time, being fully immersed within it, it almost becomes possible to “see” beyond the seeming permanence of the life’s expressions and/or conditions as a sort of “learning experience;” and one which will not kill you, but only evolve you.

      The way or manner in which you contact your “source” (by whatever name you may call it,) is through the direct use of your own creative abilities; for this is exactly what I have done here with you. Referencing my own direct example, what are you doing to bring your own creative abilities to bear on the interactions with the others you will cross paths with, and on the experienced conditions you will meet?

      I do not know if this is intuitively resonating with you or not Gary (or anyone else reading this,) but if it is, then know that there will be more insights coming to you from within in the days to come, because of the nature of your energy’s “evolutionary process.” If you would like to speak with me about this (or anything else,) please reach out to me.

      My name is Charles Stewart, and my cell phone number is 480-343-0285. I do not know how to be more plain and direct speaking than that.

      May you trust in your own creative abilities, and in the process of your own life Gary,
      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

      P.S. A special thank you to Charlotte @ for reaching out to me on this one. 🙂

  7. Posted on behalf of Addy, with permission…

    Hello Charles,

    The pass 60 days have been quite a world wind. Like an accelerated growth period. Do to a triggered event I have discovered the who and the why of myself…behaviorally biologically and spiritually. (In about two weeks I discovered myself) It’s been a painful depressing journey and an enlightened one that I had consciously sought. (Literally)

    Through this journey I discovered the language to describe the external (biological) and biological (dna) events that took place. And just a couple of days ago I have internal….the spiritual sense of myself, the language of an old soul I’ve felt throughout my life. Just never knew I was that or had the words to express it until now.

    I have experienced so much and would love to get to know another of liked mind to communicate.

    I look forward to getting to know you and learn from each other by sharing what we know and/or our experiences.

    Life Whispers Listen Carefully


    • Hello Addy.

      It is wonderful to make your acquaintance, and thank you for reaching out to connect; I appreciate this very much.

      Your “message” resonated very strongly with me, and I would love to communicate more directly with you.
      If it does not make you uncomfortable, you may call me any time on my cell (480-343-0285.) Please leave message if we miss each other.
      You may also leave me your cell by emailed response if that makes you more comfortable (that I approach instead of you?)
      Otherwise, we can communicate in whatever fashion may suit you best.

      If you wish, my Facebook timeline is here ->
      My Facebook page is here ->

      just in case, my website is here ->

      Looking forward to your response Addy,


        • Once again, posted with permission,

          …after speaking the next day…

          Hi Charles,

          I will be forever grateful to have found your website and you.

          Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time and energy with me this morning. You’ve given me insight, clarity and validation of the essence of being I had only known through the Seth teachings, which I had put on hold for many years. It was important to talk to someone who is aware of such matters.

          I have always been open to sharing what knowledge I have to anyone without caring what they may think about me. I felt an inner need to share, though always with respect to their individual beliefs. Until now I didn’t know why I felt the freedom to do so. I know now it was a choice I made and had to do.

          I hope we can stay in touch with each other.
          Good luck with your house.

          Life Whispers Listen Carefully

  8. Posted on behalf of Susan K.

    It was once said, to appreciate light you have to know darkness.
    To appreciate peace you have to know chaos.
    Few words but powerful.

      • Dear Charles, how do we know how to use our energy? For me, it is so easy to give all of my positive energy to help others, coming home, and giving my last source to my family, the ones who I want to give energy to. I do rejuvenate myself and then go to sleep. Thoughts please?

        • Hello again Susan.

          I appreciate your continued involvement here on the website, for it aids me in creating material, which may be used by others for benefit. In fact, quite often I find myself mulling over the position of what I would choose to write about next. Of course, this Q & A page finds me responding to the questions of others, which I find great satisfaction in responding to by the way, and for the purpose of expressing the gifts, which are mine to share.

          I have always desired to create this work into a life-long business, for the purpose of helping to change the world in my own “proximity,” in the ways of something positive and constructive, and for which I get paid. The income would support me just like any other human being’s income source(s) do; paying bills, having “fun,” and “saving for the future.”

          However, this has most definitely not happened and sometimes I grow very tired and weary of the effort involved to bring about its manifestation. On this note, this is often what drives the nature of the material I choose to create. Let me clarify…

          I ask myself, if I was to die “tomorrow,” without manifesting my “true life work,” what is the greatest thing I can create “today” to leave my spouse, children, friends, loved ones, and the world at large? This “creation” is that which may be used by those who may find value in it, to serve their best developmental needs, both for the soul, and the personality they are “this time around.”

          Deep stuff for sure, but I am always “on” in terms of why I am here physically to use my gifts to the fullest expression of their realized nature. I am telling you this to help demonstrate a very personalized response to the nature of your inquiry. That being, that it is indeed good spiritual work to use your energies to serve the best developmental needs of others, while at the same time, recognizing that attendance to your own best developmental needs must come FIRST, not second, even though there will of course be occasional exceptions to this.

          Look at it in this way, if a mom (or grandma) was to always put the needs of others before her own, then that individual could find themselves denying a very basic and essential “world truth,” and a “universal truth,” for which the consequences could be disastrous. Very simply put, if that mom (or grandma) did not attend to the needs of taking care of their body and mind, they will eventually find themselves unable to be of service to anyone, because they will be dead. (Try not eating, sleeping, and “resting your mind,” for an extended period of time, and for purpose of your own “energetic requirements,” because everyone else, and everything else is more important, and you will understand my position very clearly indeed.)

          In all fairness, you did state clearly that you do rejuvenate yourself and go to sleep. However, you also asked how to determine, how do we know best how to use our energy? This is an excellent question and I welcome the opportunity to respond…

          I wrote an excellent article (if I do say so myself,) which in many ways, has application to your inquiry. In the event you have not had the opportunity to “assimilate it,” here is the link ->

          In the article I did my best efforts at helping others to be able to “see” those who would be unwise for you to “spend your energy upon,” and we’ll let that go at that for now. Once you’ve satisfied yourself that others are “worthy” (please don’t misunderstand that,) then it is very good spiritual work to allow your own “internal insights, promptings, nudges, and the like” to be your “energetic directional compass,” so to speak.

          To clarify, there is absolutely nothing wrong with identifying someone as only “taking” from you energetically and not “giving back.” When this discernment is clarified in ways in which you are convinced of its validity, then once again, it is good spiritual work to gently, but firmly, turn your back to them and move away from them energetically, and permanently.

          Please accept my apology if I am “setting off” any “psychological and/or emotional triggers” with the verbiage and/or conceptual range of the preceding statements. In the event this is occurring (for you or any others,) then realize there is work to be done on your own “belief system,” “ideology,” “programming,” or what-have-you.

          Here is another article for those of you who may find some respite (relief/breathing space) if your own perceptions and interpretations of my material are causing you to “feel uncomfortable” or to “strongly disagree in any way,” concerning your spiritual and physical developmental needs as coming before the “help” of others. Here is the article ->

          Susan, the nature of your inquiry is not one I feel I can fully address in this one response, for there is simply too much involved to do the matter proper justice. For example, some souls are actually here to focus on burning karma with others, and in these cases, if the personality “cooperates,” there will be a dedication to the life in terms of “helping others.” If there are specific “personal development issues,” irrespective of karmic connection to another, this will only more strongly influence what I just said.

          In other words, if a personality by nature is a “service –to-others” type of person, then it is of course in their nature to be of service to others, while respecting their own “needs” first (remember?) If they are “driven by karma” they will “feel” as if their life’s course is “not their own,” but realize those quotation marks are “loaded.”

          If a personality, such as yourself, finds themselves a “giver,” and they seek guidance on how to determine which energetic direction is “best,” so that they do not do themselves (or others) “wrong,” the answer is actually quite simple; follow your passion.

          Quite literally, your contact with your own eternal source (however you may choose to perceive and interpret that,) is through your creative abilities. Your creative abilities cannot be forced, not really. It is more that they are “opened up to and ‘directed,’” if that makes intuitive sense.

          It is important to clarify that if one “gives too much,” without staying attentive to their own “needs” in terms of their personality and soul, then there will indeed be “consequences.” Quite often, these “consequences” will initially show themselves as an “energetic tired and drained feeling.” Left “unchecked,” this situation can actually evolve to the point of one’s “genetic pre-dispositions” to certain types of family “dis-eases” becoming “activated.”

          In summary, if one “follows their joy” in terms of serving the needs of others, while at the same time, being true to addressing their own “needs” FIRST, then they can rest assured they are on the mark, in terms of “knowing how to use their energy.”

          I trust you may find something of value in this response Susan.

          Enjoy the changes coming into your life,
          Charles 🙂

          • Thank you Charles. You helped to clarify what my inner being has told me. You have inspiring insight and provide excellent clarification.

          • Hi I would like to Thank Susan for her question and other posts I have read between you, Charles and Susan. I end up remembering and thinking about things i forgot. I would also like to touch on the closing i see you use so many times Charles. “Enjoy the changes coming into your life”. It makes me think because I know many people who do not enjoy changes. Change is so hard and scares them and gets them very disoriented. Why do you think some fear change and fight it? Why do they want to keep doing the same old thing or routine over and over even when they, themselves, know, or should know, it is leading them no where besides in the same circle doing the same things over and over and over again? Somethings I still have fear about changing but for most things i have come to appreciate change. Some were forced some wanted some were a challenge some I am still working on but have recognized that through changes I have grown and learned and they have left me better off from where I was. So really as hard as it can be I hope others can learn to Enjoy the changes in thier life and realize that change is not always a bad thing but really is quite wonderful most of the time. Thank you. Sami Jo

            • Hello Sami.

              Thank you for continuing to participate here on the website.

              The primary reason most resist and do not like change is FEAR. However, the fear will distill itself down to such a fine form, it will not at all seem as if fear is at work on the individual from within, but I assure you it is.

              The fear will be “hidden” within common sensical, and logically reasoned out positions. However, what is not generally known by most, is the manner in which fear will distort perceptions from within the psychological and emotional being of the person, then, it will reinforce the originally created distortions, and finally, (if allowed) it will completely mask the actuality of the life’s experiences.

              This seductive power of fear is only one of the reasons I teach about it throughout all 3 of my books for sale here on this website. In fact, since I brought that up, please allow me to elaborate…

              If anyone was to purchase and apply the teachings in the series of my books (all 3,) they will have found 1 way to human understanding, and with crystal clear clarity, if I may say so. However, my teachings are not the only way. There is always more than one path to the goal.

              It is the very basis of all my teachings (that we are all here to learn with crystal clear clarity, just what it “fully means” to be human, and yes, those quotations are indeed “loaded”.) The three publications represent almost 40 years of investigative research, discovery, organization, application, and deep contemplation, which has produced the “fruition” of the material.

              What most humans do not realize is that they are made up of energy, and by the very process of using that energy, whether through thought, feeling, and or emotion, they are constantly “creating.” It is not possible for them to do otherwise. They only thing they are in control of is whether or not they choose to become more awake and aware of just what is actually going on.It is here where most “fail.”

              I put fail in quotation marks because the soul does not care how many lives in which it takes for the person to come to the goal of human understanding. It should be further stated that this goal of achieving human understanding is that which is beyond the burden of personality’s perception and interpretation of the matter.

              In other words, any personality could tell them self they have achieved this, when in actuality, this would simply not be true. The actual achievement of this state is one of gratitude, grace, and transcendence, for which there are no longer any arbitrary concerns, as the soul is fully present and awake within the context of the life.

              Even as I say the words, they are inadequate to capture the essence of what I am attempting to describe with the words, which contain no verbal equivalent in which to express the actuality of the experience.

              The primary reason I say to others to “enjoy the changes coming into your life,” is to “plant a seed into their psyches,” for the purpose of reminding them of that which they may have forgotten.

              When one is “awake,” they are aware they have sent energy out into the world, knowing it will come back to them, in one way or another. When it does, they do not fight or resist that which they have “created,” since they know the processing of the changes will benefit them in terms of personal growth and development.

              For those who are “asleep,” living an existence on “auto-pilot,” the experience is very much different. Since they are actually out of touch with their own energetic process, they not only do not recognize the dynamics of it, they actively resist it, for fear of “change.” This is most unfortunate within the context of the life, because they are fighting the very real reason for their own being here; to “become.”

              In all of the universe (us included,) there is only one thing which never, ever, changes. What is that? It is of course “change itself.” Change is the only “constant” in our known and unknown universes.

              So very long ago, when I first built this website, one of the very first things I did was to create a video for others to learn from. It is on the very first page of this website’s homepage. What is it about? In many ways, it is about the nature of your inquiry.

              I recorded it to remind others of what they may have forgotten about themselves when they came here to have an existence as a soul that they are, through the experiences of the personality they know themselves to be.

              It very specifically talks about the differences between those who trust direct experience with greater aspects of their own identity, and those who do not. If you have not watched it in quite a while, perhaps it is time to review it again.

              It is unfortunate that the very thing clinged to (one’s present ideas of something,) is the very thing which needs to change. Not because the change will be felt as painful or difficult (that is the clinging part,) but rather, the change will be felt as liberating. This is unfortunate that it is not something one can tell another, or that one can even fully appreciate it intellectually when considering it.

              It is only that which can be fully appreciated from the emotional comprehension of going through it in actuality, and personally. There is no other way.

              The real question then becomes… do you try to enjoy the changes coming into your life? Even if and when they are “difficult and/or unpleasant?” For beyond the range of the developmental work necessitated by the “difficulty and/or unpleasantness,” lies the transformative joy of the personal growth and development, which brings a sense of greater awareness of self, and the ability of the mind to directly affect its energetic direction.

              With all of this comes the realization that there are truly no problems, except those created as a “defense,” and by the “false personality.” The “true personality” recognizes the problems as “challenges,” due to the nature of “polarities” here on the physical plane of existence, which are to be used for the benefit of the personality’s growth and development, within the context of the lifetime being lived. This is why you are here. What are you doing to honor this process?

              All the best to you Sami.

              Enjoy the changes coming into your life,
              Charles 🙂

  9. I’m all about energy….
    Strong and positive energy….
    My question is: is the a higher power or something that maneuvers or organizes
    Seems a silly question….

    • Hello Terri, it is good to meet you.

      I am taking the liberty of posting your question on this Q & A page for the benefit of others as well. I trust you are ok with this energetically. 🙂

      First off, as an old soul spiritual teacher, I consider no questions silly, as they come from within the mind of one who questions the issue, whatever that might be.

      Sometimes, personalities might think or feel their questions are unimportant, however, I do not agree with this from a certain point of view. For example, one might question as to how to deal with a “headache,” which to another, could be an unimportant use of energy. In other words, it is easy in this specific example to discount the “headache,” until it is your own, then that changes everything does it not? 🙂

      My answer to your question about a higher power or something, which maneuvers or organizes energy is yes and no.

      For example, you make reference to energy that is strong and positive, but there is also energy, which is weak and negative. Why? Because it is the nature of energy to have “polarities,” which are the expression of the dualities in life. On a very simple scale, the energetic polarities (dualities) are how we learn our lessons in life, in terms of how to make better choices, which drive our behaviors, which are responsible for our spiritual evolutionary process.

      In other words, how does one learn to make better choices? Is it through the mistakes one makes? The “creator,” by whatever name you may choose to call it or express it, actually “allows” for the full reign of energetic polarities, and their expressions, while upon the physical plane. The good, the bad, and the ugly. This is the only true way in which we can as human beings learn with crystal clear clarity, why we are here physically.

      Therefore, my answer of “yes” applies to there being a “higher power” or “something,” which is indeed responsible for the maneuvering and organizing of the energy, which we could possibly perceive and interpret. However, at the same time, my answer is “no” in terms of this “higher power” or “something” as being that, which controls and/or directs the specific life energy of the personality living the life, for that is indeed determined by the personality living the life, even though it is the soul, which set things up “beforehand.”.

      Let’s try the “no” answer another way. If the “higher power” or “something” is controlling the use of energy of the individual’s life through the use of the “higher power” or “something” maneuvering and/or organizing, then it would not be possible for a true evolutionary process to occur in which love overcomes fear, which is another energetic polarity.

      As the soul “leaves source,” “fragments,” and then “reintegrates,” it is all through this process known of as the process of spiritual evolution. Ultimately, it is a process of love overcoming fear, which in many ways, is the greatest polarity we face as souls having existence through personalities while here on the physical plane.

      This ”higher power” of which you speak would never remove the opportunity for us to learn from our own selves, through the responsibility and accountability of the choices we make, which are what drive our behaviors. This is the “no” part of my answer to your question.

      At the same time, this “higher power” of which you speak has created a universe of many different dimensions, each of which are “governed by laws,” which have to be dealt with in a respectful energetic way, in order to evolve beyond them, each in turn. The is the “yes” part of my answer to your question.

      For example, the physical plane is governed by these laws by our “creator” with which we must deal with in a respectful energetic way, in order to move to the next “classroom,” with new energetic lessons to learn. Things such as gravity, space, time, energy, electromagnetism, and more, along with the physical laws which govern them, must be “respected“ if there are not to be “undesired consequences.”

      Furthermore, it is important to clarify that the previous items are not even taking into account the “spiritual side of things,” which also have “laws governed by the creator.” For example, Karma is a law, but it is not predetermined, for that implies fate, which is a lie.

      As you can see Terri, your inquiry has opened up quite a bit of energetic range in terms of my response to you. I could have simply said “yes and no,” and let things go at that, but as you can see, there is much left to be addressed.

      In all honesty Terri, I must say that I do appreciate one who is following a very high energy course of a positive and constructive nature. In fact, I write about this very thing in my third publication for sale here on my website. This type of human personality, living in this way, will manifest as a joyousness, living in a state of gratitude, giving freely of its inner joy to others. This type of personality is one, which is integrated, balanced, grounded, and real. Having access to the joy within themselves, this is what they have access to for sharing with the outside world around them.

      The “other types” of human personalities are involved “developmentally” with the evolutionary process to that end. By this, I am meaning they are learning through the energetic errors of their ways, how to choose more from a space of love, than from a space of fear.

      Now while on the surface of things this may seem to easy to do, bear in mind that fear is the most seductive force in the universe, and it “hides” in the psychological and emotional beings of the personalities so effected and affected, through their “common sense,” “realism,” and “justifications,” which are all driven through the distortive processes of fear.

      If that is not enough, that same fear then reinforces that which it distorted in the first place, and finally, it completely masks the actuality of what is truly at work in the lives of these most unfortunate personalities. Still, realize that this is part of the evolutionary process, which ALL of us go through as we learn to trust love more than fear, through the realization of its manifested energetic polarity.

      In closing Terri, I am reminded of something , which has direct bearing to the nature of your inquiry…
      (Even though originally, it was couched in orthodox religious terms.)

      There was once a very strong and positive energetic swimmer in the ocean, who eventually found themselves pulled out into the deeper waters by the ocean currents. As the swimmer began to grow very tired, a ship came by and offered help to this obviously tired swimmer. The swimmer yelled angrily “leave me alone because my higher power will save me.”

      The ship reluctantly left, since they were already very late to an important destination, which would cost them dearly (millions of dollars) to stay and watch over our ocean swimmer. Besides, they had audio and video proof recording their refused attempt at aid, so they felt safe in the knowledge of this not coming back to haunt them in court later.

      More time goes by and our ocean swimmer is starting to fail occasionally, gulping some ocean water unintentionally. Another ship comes by to offer aid. They will not take no for an answer and men jump over board to help the almost drowning ocean swimmer. As they approach, the swimmer yells violently at them to leave her alone as her “higher power” will save her. She quite literally almost drowns the helpers as she strikes them in the faces with elbows hands and fists to get away. Reluctantly (and all bleeding profusely,) they leave.

      This ship calls in for help to the local authorities. (The ones responsible for this geographical place in the ocean,) while continuing to watch and wait. They throw life vests, and other floatation devices towards the ocean swimmer who continuously swims away. At this point, everyone is in agreement that the ocean swimmer is as “crazy as a shit house rat,” as she keeps yelling that her higher power will save her.

      The swimmer drowns…

      On the “other side,” as she approaches her “higher power,” she asks in desperation “Why did you let me drown?” “Why did you do nothing to save me?”

      Her “higher power” responds, “Are you crazy?” “I sent you two ships full of help and you CHOSE to refuse it.” “Where in the world did you get the idea that I never wanted you to take your own personal responsibility and accountability for your own life?” “Your life was your own, not mine.” “Perhaps the next time around, you will choose more wisely?”

      In all fairness, this is a “version” of the joke told by Will Smith’s (the adult actor) son (Jaden) in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. It instantly resonated with me as an old soul spiritual teacher, to aid in making connection to students for purpose of allowing the “log jam” of “backed up insights” to be released from within. (Hopefully.)

      I trust you find something of value in my responses to you Terri.

      If I have “missed the boat,” (pun intended) 🙂 please re-approach with additional clarity in the nature of your inquiry. Otherwise, this is the “strong and energetic response,” which comes most naturally to me from within, regarding this particular inquiry.

      All the best to you,

      • Hi Charles, I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for all the time and energy you give to those who ask questions. I may not always interact or ask questions but I am always reading questions from others and your responses. There is alot of valuable information that you give so again I just wanted to say Thank you for what you share with others. Sami

        • You are quite welcome Sami.
          I very much appreciate when someone “gives back,” even when it is a simple acknowledgement or thank you, since I do use a great deal of my own energy when forming my responses.

          I grew up in a time and place where common courtesy was exercised in most all interactions with others. To be clear, by common courtesy, I am speaking of such things as please, thank you, you’re welcome, hello, goodbye, and such.

          Common courtesy costs nothing, while being its own reward. Sometimes, I forget that it is not a given that everyone was taught to “mind their manners” when growing up. Therefore, I sometimes must work at reminding myself to not be so bothered by those who do not exercise it.
          All the best Mrs. T.

  10. Originally posted by Jenna ( 7-31-15)

    [I am moving it here for an easier read, due to the communicational thread’s “nesting,” as it grows in additional commentary on one particular original inquiry and the follow up comments, the view gets too narrow for my “esthetics.”]

    With this said…

    Charles, but how can you tell the difference between a strong physical attraction and something bigger (soulmate)? Just by getting to know the person and seeing how you feel? I may have met (within the last 2 years) 2 of my soulmates!!?? One I have gotten to know very well over the last 2 years, when I met him it was instant attraction for sure, more? I don’t know… I may have loved him from the first time I saw him… I didn’t consider it for a long time because he was/is with someone else… I have learned that it is possible to meet a soulmate while one or both is with someone else… we have a intense, strong connection… still to this day, I have not seen him in 4 months and it is still the same (we have talked through messages)… we have spent a lot of time together. Incidentally, he has trust issues, he told me he doesn’t trust the person he is with… but i don’t know if he could ever trust me either…. my point being that I have gotten to know him, I was immediately attracted to him and after getting to know him, we have mutual feelings and I have learned a great deal from him. He is clearly in my life at this point for specific reasons, I also feel there are things he needs to learn, things he could learn from me….

    As for the other one, I don’t know him nearly as well, but there was some sort of instant love at first sight thing that happened when I looked at him in person, the same as I have been reading about in researching such things… soulmate, twin flame…. how do you tell if someone is a soulmate or a twin flame? with both of them I can see similarities with the twin flame but it seems you can only have one of those? for instance, with twin flame you can have difficulties/ struggles, they can be with someone else or live really far away from you and you can have instant recognition…. with guy #1 we have been through a lot of struggles due to our having feelings for each other and he is with someone else… with guy #2, it was instant but he lives far away from me… also with twin flames, I have read, it can take them a long time to get together, with both of them it has/ is taking a long time…. due to circumstances.
    I seem to be meeting my soulmates at rapid speed lately, I was not looking for anything when I met either one of them. Oh and side note, one of my professor’s, who is a male, told me that women often sense these connections much quicker than men do. I think he is right but as we both agreed, it makes it more difficult for the women who has to deal with knowing there is a connect when the man may not have realized it yet, men tend to be more dense… just something that was interesting that stuck with me. 🙂

    • (Originally posted by Penny on 8-1-15 in response to Jenna dated 7-31-15.)

      [I am reposting this here for the same reason listed previously.]

      With that said…

      The communicational thread on the questions and your answers page about soul mates was an interesting one. I would like to share my view on this subject if you don’t mind. The soul mate is not the one who compliments you the most, but the one who challenges you to look inside yourself…he/she is also not the one that always makes you feel good if the truth needs to be expressed. They always have best intentions at heart though. Some people believe that a soul mate is just like you, that you think alike and have no conflicts. They are not the ones who “just listen” when you talk. They like to have a conversation and sometimes that is difficult because others will just bask in the glow of listening to you and you often can feel frustrated with your soul mate not giving you that same undivided attention. At the end of the day who is really there for you the one you choose to spend your life with or the one you go to who makes you feel like you are always right. In other words your soul mate is not all sunshine and flowers…even though it is sometimes nice to have a friend that tells you exactly what you want to hear not what you need to hear. 🙂
      Of course some people feel instant attraction to a motivational speaker or someone that they listen to who is presenting seminars, but they are there to do a job and present their material. They have to be kind to the people they are interacting with or the people won’t come back to another seminar. Keep that in mind when you interact with people who are doing a job that helps others…
      It is also possible that if you are looking, searching, hoping for love that you will see it in many people that you cross paths with. However, it is when you stop searching that you find the person you are meant to spend your life with…some say that you can’t spend your entire life with one person and you will move on at some point.
      At Jenna, it seems like you are on a path of discovery that you need to be able to find the happiness you are looking for away from the negativity of some who are currently in your life.
      I have been in your shoes and sometimes it is hard to see the forest because they trees are in the way. I wish you the best.
      Penny –

    • Hello again Jenna.

      How can you tell the difference between your soul mate and just someone for whom you feel a very strong body type attraction? Initially, before the two of you have actual energetic interaction, the answer is you can’t; not realistically anyway.

      Therefore, you already answered your question by the getting to know the person in terms of a personal relationship, which, by the way, need not become sexually consummated (through sexual intercourse) for this determination to become known as being true for you. In fact, it arguably will serve you best to perhaps stop focusing on the “correctness” or the “higher purposeness” of the person before you allow yourself to have an interpersonal relationship with them.

      Why? Because you may actually end up “discounting” someone for whom you may had a very rewarding interpersonal relationship in terms of the spiritual growth and development between you through the experiences, which would drive the machinery of your personal growth and development as a human being. In fact, arguably again, it may be “necessary” for you to grow and develop yourself with these “lesser” types of relationships, to prepare you for the “more powerful and important ones.”

      I put all those qualifiers in quotations because they are so completely arbitrary as to almost be completely unnecessary from a certain point of view; that being, the evolutionary process of your own life. As an analogy here, think of anytime in your life you were searching for something, which was misplaced or lost… As you searched so very diligently for the object of your obsession, you probably could have seen or found it earlier, but since you “knew” where it was not, you did not have an “open mind,” which would have shown you all the sooner of that which you were seeking.

      Not the best anology, but neither the worst, for it shows how the human mind can literally focus its intention to such a specific field of observation as to cut out completely, other valid fields of existence. As I have written in my third publication for sale here on this website, one of the greatest mistakes made in the early formation attempt at a relationship with another, is to dwell upon the purpose of said relationship.

      This position actually ends up “poisoning” the relationship before it ever gets a chance to establish itself through the prior expectations, which drive its premature death. Prior expectations poison the budding relationship, because it is not allowed to take its own form. Some of the most rewarding relationships you could possibly imagine, do not come “prepackaged” so as to be know up front of the rightness of their becoming, for this is the part, which must be developmentally discovered through the process of love.

      Sometimes the manner in which a potential relationship is perceived and interpreted is for the purpose of what they might represent to you in terms of your own personal growth and development. In other words, it could have been someone “like them,” without actually being the specific person you determine them to be.

      As I have stated previously, until you take a risk and reach out to them, which does indeed put you in a position of vulnerability, there is arguably no other way to determine the “actual reality of their being,” and how this relates to you specifically. Otherwise, you are perceiving and interpreting the “ideal” of love, and not its actual experience with another know human being. The “theory” must be put to the test for it to become “knowledge.” There is no other way.

      It shouldn’t be needed to be restated, but I will. The terminology and the conceptual ranges of what that terminology is attempting to explain (what it represents) is almost unimportant. Why? Because it is whether or not it has actual resonance to you, which is the important part, not whether or not there is agreement on the teachings, or the terms and concepts involved. Therefore, arguably, terms like “soulmate” and “twin flame,” as well as others, are simply designations to try and describe “soul connections,” which go beyond the normally perceivable and understandable expressions of human relationships.

      It is perhaps advisable to take into account that ALMOST ALL relationships that are perceived and interpreted as “something quite wonderful,” especially when consummated sexually, all have an element of the “initial adrenaline flow in the body chemistry,” which can quite literally alter the manner in which the relationship is perceived and interpreted.

      As this passes in time (which it always does) it is perhaps important to realize that the intial circumstances of the relationship’s beginning cannot be duplicated, ever. However, the energy output can absolutely be duplicated and built upon, as the relationship begins to “deepen.” Many relationships suffer from the fact of not realizing the inability to duplicate the circumstances of the relationship’s beginning.

      Furthermore, if neither individual presented the true picture to the other, they instead each try to “outguess the other” to fit in the mold to qualify for the “prize,” whatever that might have meant. (Sex, prestige, money, glamour, you-name-it.) When this occurs, the interpersonal relationships on both sides become so strained as to warrant “seeking the escape route,” in whatever means is most efficient.

      I do not with to attempt painting a very bleak picture here. Quite the contrary. I am trying to be as clear as possible as to how fear (unknown to all) can operate to distort perceptions and interpretations for the ultimate victory to itself, for once again, the “danger” of intimacy was successfully avoided.

      If you ask anyone who has been very intimately involved with each other for a very long period of time (a decade minimum,) they will without fail tell you that the relationship took “work” to make it so very successful. Furthermore, they will also tell you that they are more in love than when they were first “head over heels” with each other, so very long ago.

      There are simply no words adequate to attempt description of the power of love to transform a relationship between two people over a very long period of the earth’s years.

      All of this is only one reason why the soul uses the nature of relationships with other human beings as the primary means through which the process of evolution occurs. Interpersonal relationships are one of the greatest “tools” used by the soul while here physically. Yes, they are “risky.” Yes, they can be “scary.” Yes, they can be “difficult.”

      However, when they work well, they are one of the most powerful expressions of the use of energy in all of creation.

      It is true that neither the male or female has an obvious advantage of one over the other in “larger terms,” as male and female are only factors of the physical plane. However, due to the imprinting through one’s own programming of being raised in a family, as well as the societal and cultural “mores” (customs,) it is not uncommon for one at times to be the necessary one to “initiate the contact,” and for the other one to “suggest something arcane” (supernatural) to the connection in the relationship. Besides that, it has been suggested that most females use both sides of their brain in interactions with others, whereby mostly males use only one side at a time, but of course there are indeed exceptions.

      There is much more here Jenna, but this is enough for now.
      However, I trust you find something of value in my response to you?

      All the best,

  11. Hi again, Charles, I am interested in your take on reality and if it is an illusion and how much of our reality do we really control? I have been reading recently how scientists are beginning to believe that reality is an illusion. From what I understand it is as if particles are there, but don’t really decide on a direction until someone observes them, what have you learned about this? How much of what we perceive to be reality is our own perceptions? Do we always really control what’s going on and if so, how can we consciously move our reality in a better direction? How can someone control their reality to make it better?

    • Hi Jenna.
      Once again, I appreciate your questions very much.
      I will be back soon with a detailed response.
      P.S. Thanks also for your response/question on my blog post “What is Your Life’s Calling?”
      [Good info for those of you who missed it.]

    • I’m Back Jenna.

      Here we go…

      I love this question because it strikes at the heart of what I believe is the essence of a human being’s life; their perceived and interpreted reality. That very concept “perceived and interpreted reality” implies seeing something into existence, which implies further that one’s ideas come first, and then secondarily, comes the experiences.

      However, due to conceptual semantics (the concept’s meaning), as well as verbiage ambiguity (words themselves being open to different interpretation,) I believe some clarification is in order here…

      Your words are correct Jenna, but perhaps without full understanding behind them. As you stated, the particles are indeed already there, but it is the energetic interaction, which brings them into the perceptive range of the perceiver. This energetic interaction occurs because, just as the particles themselves, we too (the perceiver) are made up of energy (everything is,) and it is in the “energetic interaction” (the perception of another,) which drives their behavior; from a certain point of view.

      Physics has mathematically proven the actuality of past, present, and future (time) as being simultaneous, as well as that these particles (energy) of which you speak, exist in more than one “place” at a time. There is even academic argument among the most advanced physicists as the primary reason for the “presence” of the particle in more than one place at a time, as having to do with being “observed,” as you put it Jenna, to give them their “actuality,” from a certain point of view.

      To continue, the “particles” are only particles from a certain point of view. If one was to view the “entirety” of a particle’s “true nature,” then it becomes a “wave.” It is here that one might draw connection to the single life construct of personality, while at the same time, recognizing the soul or whole-self’s participation, at the same time in the matter. In other words, the single human life is verifiably real (“particle”,) yet there is another frame of reference, which does not allow for the same verification of the simultaneous nature of the soul’s true nature (“wave”,) yet the validity of its nature is arguably beyond denial.

      It is the ultimate conundrum (mystery,) the nature of what is determined to be true is always that, which can only be verified within the system constructs of that, which would verify its authenticity. Outside of the perceptual parameters of the “particle,” the very real nature of the “wave” is unperceivable. Therefore, does that negate the existence of something, just because it cannot be perceived? This is the real question to be asked, and for the purpose of developmental growth within the system of the “particle” (individual belief system,) which in turn, aids or benefits the nature of the “wave” ( “soul” or “whole-self”,) as everything is “internally connected” through the simultaneous nature of the “larger whole” or which the “particle” is part.

      In other words, as the “particle” developmentally grows, its own ability to perceive, interpret, and understand, AUTOMATICALLY helps the nature of the “wave,” and all of its individual pieces (“particles”) at the same time. All that is necessary is for the individual “particle” to benefit from this, is for that same individual “particle” to “developmentally grow” within the context of the particular manifestation of its nature.

      I will stop right here for now concerning the nature of my response to your “physics questions” on the nature of reality, in terms of my using this particular language and conceptual range, for it is not my “forte’” (specialty.) I would prefer to use the conceptual range and vocabulary for which I am most adept (proficient.) Since you asked, I could not resist the opportunity to draw attention to the similarities between “science” and “spirituality.” Both are right when considering the position from a space of “somewhere in between” and both are wrong when dogmatic to the extreme ends of their individual nature.

      Either way, the soul does not care. Why? It is because the soul has access to eternity. It “knows” that it is impossible to not learn, grow, and develop from each and every single lifetime it lives, even if there is no benefit from that learning, growth, and development within the context of the particular life, which taught the lessons; such is the nature of a personality’s choice while upon the physical plane.

      In other words, if a particular personality “chooses” to refuse growing their ideas of them self, others, and the world around it (for whatever reason,) during the context of the lifetime lived, of course they can, as the whole matter of living the life is turned over to the personality living that life. This is no longer true when the lifetime is over, as the “in-between lives interval” is retroactive and unchangeable. Even with this said, it is important to understand that there is no “external force” or “agency” which is determining what is going on, as this is always by “choice” of the soul or whole-self, which is also what “keeps the record” of everything going on. This is the “wave” of which I spoke earlier, and from which there is no escape.

      No matter how any given personality might choose to give excuses or reasons for justification of the choices made in the life, it is the soul or whole-self which will perceive and interpret the whole matter without the burden of the personality’s interference. I clarify this not to disempower you as a personality living your life, but actually, just the opposite, for you are your soul experiencing itself as a new personality. It would be like trying to say that any part of your physical anatomy is not important to the whole of your physical body. Every single part of your anatomy is necessary for the “whole” to function effectively and successfully. Perhaps not the best analogy, but neither is it the worst. At any rate, it should help with bringing insights from within, which will aid in the process of developmental growth.

      Returning to your inquiry…

      It is due to the nature of our physiological and neurological structures that we cannot perceive and interpret what is beyond the ability of our “apparatus” to “see.” Therefore, in many ways, what we can perceive and interpret is indeed only an illusion. However, just because there is reality beyond what we can perceive, this does not mean to not take our perceived reality seriously, because there are truly things present, which could harm us. As an example only, tell yourself that gravity does not apply to you, and that your very real fear of hitting the ground if you step off of a very tall structure, is only an illusion, because physical life is an illusion, and see what might happen.

      Again, perhaps not the best example, however, it should serve me well in making my point about the importance of “respecting the illusion” to a point. By the expression of “to a point,” I am meaning that we DO NOT allow our own internal fear to stop us from further growth, development, and understanding, in terms of our own spiritual evolutionary process, while here physically.

      As far as to what do we actually have control over? It is ONLY our own perception and interpretation of reality. We do not, and cannot control the perceptions and interpretations of others. However, while we can exert great influence upon them at times, it is they themselves who must ALLOW us to control them from within, in terms of how they perceive and interpret things. Our perceived and interpreted reality is always our own reality, even if we are out of touch with it physically, mentally, psychologically, or emotionally.

      In other words, if you are in a geographical place at time of year where it is extreme cold outside (minus 70 below) and you are out of touch with that reality (which gives mention to “illusion”,) and you go outside for an extended period of time in shorts and a t-shirt (summer wear,) it is very likely you will perish for not respecting the reality of the illusion. I have spoken a very great deal about the nature of this inquiry’s question in my third publication by the way.

      Finally, the ONLY way in which to directly move your reality in a “better direction” is through personal choice. Quite literally, it is your intention through choice, which drives the mechanism of change. However, FEAR will almost always work on the personality from within, psychologically and emotionally, to cloud the issue to the point of the desired changes being a “bad idea.” Of course this is an oversimplification, but there are so many “factors to consider,” and not the least of which is how it will affect and effect others, which of course, is almost always fear at work again.

      The solution is to face the “inner polarities” no matter what, when beneficial change is desired. It is something akin (likend) to taking a chance on one’s joy, rather than one’s difficulty (fear.) In fact, the lessons are learned quicker and easier through joy than they are through difficulty. Once again, one’s own fear will use their own psychology and emotional being against them from within to “disrupt the process.” This is why I write so much of fear in all three of my publications, for the purpose of learning to recognize when it becomes operational within us, because it is so seductive, it can distill itself down to such a fine form as us being almost unable to perceive when it happens. Almost.

      Honestly, it is not about controlling ones bettering reality as much as it is about “allowing” it to occur; but those quotation marks are loaded. Why? Because the “allowing” means to TRUST that the power of love is more powerful than fear, and we have NEVER been taught this from the cradle on. Even in the “outside world” beyond our parental early environments, this lesson of the power of fear is supported and encouraged.

      Consciously choosing to change one’s reality means to TRUST in the very real power of love, even when there is no “proof” of this for us to rely upon. This is the dilemma. When the dilemma is solved, never again will fear have the upper hand; ever. Even to consider making a very real change in-line with one’s desired “betterment” will AUTOMATICALLY begin the process of fear’s involvement, as it “shows us” what this will mean to others, in terms of “hurting them or us.” If this is not true Jenna, then we would not be having this conversation most likely, at least, not for the same reasons.

      There is no other way than taking a risk to one’s own “internal reasons” for “resisting” the changes desired and arguably needed for one’s own “betterment” developmentally. Eventually, one day, somehow, someway, the personality “has had enough,” and the DECISION is made to take a gamble on one’s own “betterment,” and the life is never the same again.

      The only thing I can think to say at this moment is to try something small first, to prove the merit of the gamble to you. If fear is not allowed to be any part of the “experiment,” you will find the answer you are seeking, and you won’t have to ask some “old codger” like me. 🙂

      The answer is simple, but not necessarily easy (due to fear’s involvement.) AS I have stated many times throughout my publications and teachings here on the website, the needs of the soul are more important than the feelings of the personalities involved. However, I also explain how it is the personality, which runs the show, so to speak. This is the primary reason for the lack of spiritual recognition, growth, and development by so many.

      Eventually the soul gets so old (through its many different lifetimes) that the “age” will “bleed-through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality living the life. It is here, during the context of the life, that there is real possibility of the personality to “wake up” and “do the right thing.” This “right thing” is NOT that, which would take precedence over living the life as fully as possible, but rather, the complete opposite.

      When this occurs, the personality does not “long to leave,” but rather, it is “grateful for being here,” as there are experiences here, which can be had no other place in the universe. It is quite simply an honor to be here working on the life, which you perceive and interpret as your own. The responsibility this brings to you from within, humbles you, and for which you take very seriously in terms of “being all that you can become.” It is this, which inspires motivation in others, and for which there is no long-term substitute; for it is the “reality of the illusion.”

      There are spiritual teachers in all walks of life. I am only one who has been “called” to this work. Seek them out and learn from them, as they are here for a very specific purpose, which will aid you in your own. Quite often, when one meets them, one’s “internal barriers” start coming down (that they didn’t realize were there,) and they can then begin or continue processing and assimilating what they have/had already “learned.” It is not uncommon to “feel inspired” in their presence, whoever they may be.

      As always Jenna, I appreciate you very much for helping me to create material, which may be used by others for personal benefit. Just by being yourself, asking questions, and following up with your response, you help me do this. Thank you.

      All the best,

      • I would like to gain some clarity from your answers regarding science and spirituality similarities. What I have read and researched states that science minded people is atheist and spiritual minded people believe in a creator not God or Jesus (the bigger picture). How are you meaning they are similar when they seem so diversely different? How do they coincide?
        I liked the comment that “no matter how any given personality might choose to give excuses or reasons for justification of the choices made in the life, it is the soul or whole-self which will perceive and interpret the whole matter without the burden of the personality’s interference.” (C. Stewart, 2015) I understand that some people make bad choices and they believe they are doing nothing wrong. It is good to gain understanding that those choices will be dealt with at a later time without the personality interfering with the bigger picture.
        I have been thinking a lot about a family member who was murdered in 1980. I have been trying to figure out how this was never a solved case. I know that DNA technology was not available back then; however there were great scientific minds that could have helped to gain closure for this family. I am glad to know that even though there was no justice here on earth for her, that the person/people who ended her life will have to deal with it after they die regardless if they did not believe they did anything wrong. (The mindset of a sociopath)
        I am struggling with the fact that your post seems to state that reality “IS” an illusion; from your website, books, and teachings I did not see that as your point of view. Are you stating what could be what people perceive and interpret from others teachings? For example: Another teaching says everything is a dream and we walk through life if a dream when we are awake and a different type of dream when we are asleep? I know you have given examples of respecting the reality of the illusion, but I was wondering if that is how you believe it to be true for your personality or is there clarity you can bring to the post.
        One final thought from your post that keeps me thinking thought the entire response to Jenna. If it is true that “In fact, the lessons are learned quicker and easier through joy then they are through difficulty” Why is there so much depression and suicide in the world currently in life, on social media, and seemingly everywhere at this time on the planet?
        Thank you for your continued teachings based off of what you have put together to share with the world…

        • I’m back Penny.

          Let’s see where this response takes us energetically.

          Before I begin, I want to sincerely thank you for stepping up to ask for clarity to my previous response(s.) Why? It is for the simple reason that if there are “unanswered questions” in your mind, then there will indeed be “unanswered questions” in the minds of others who choose to come here for the purpose of learning.

          Regarding the similarities between science and spirituality, they are both positions, which are determined by the personalities who believe them to be proof of themselves to the perceiver and interpreter of those realities by either. Quite literally, each uses the position to make sense of who they are, and how the world operates around them. It is the purpose, which gives their lives meaning, beyond the context of themselves. In this primary manner, they are very similar to one another.

          Yes, one primarily approaches the matter through the intellect (science,) and one primarily approaches the matter through the emotional being (spirituality,) however, in order to more fully appreciate their merits (values,) this position is more easily discerned (using the mind to “see”) when their similarities are taken into account along with their differences. This is the primary reason for my earlier statement(s.)

          Just as how you state that spirituality (and/or religion) recognizes a “higher power,” in many ways, science too recognizes a “higher power” (physics.) The scientist, who absolutely is convinced of their atheism, is just as “right” and just as “wrong” as the religious person who is absolutely convinced of their “belief in god.” To reconcile this apparent paradox (contradiction in terms,) consider the following…

          Both are using an “idea system,” which is usually self-created and/or self-accepted for the purpose of making sense of the life itself, in a manner most developmentally appropriate to them. Even very young children do things, which are easily perceived and interpreted by an adult as a “mistake,” yet this is in many ways how the very young child learns. Now do not misunderstand my analogy here, for I do not mean to infantilize (make like a infant/child) these individuals. No. I merely wish to use the analogy as a means to help bring insights to bear from within, which may aid in understanding the material with more clarity, on a deeper level.

          Considering the “creator” (however you may perceive and interpret that,) as humans, we are allowed the use of free will and free choice to create the lives that we come to know as our own, and how they might be connected to one another. In the “grander scheme of things” the “creator” knows that the only true way in which we can fully learn what it means to be human, with a crystal clear understanding of what that might mean, as well as who it is that is responsible and accountable for the created expereinces, is only through the use of free will and free choice.

          In other words, in order for us to learn to create responsibly from a space of love, we must learn what the “alternative” is. If we are to consider human life here on the planet (the physical plane) as a sort of “classroom” for us to “learn our lessons,” then it becomes possible to perceive and interpret a purpose beyond physical life only (spiritual evolution.) If this is true, then perhaps it is true that the “creator” “knows” the importance of learning our lesson very well indeed, before we can move on to another “classroom,” where the differences there could be disastrous, without having learned to create responsibly, from a space of love.

          For some insight into the previous statements, consider how an responsible adult would never give a loaded hand gun to a group of very young children to “learn from,” and perhaps you may experience some intuitive insights into the previous material.

          By the way, the two worlds of science and spirituality (religion,) are only two different manifestations of this “learning process.” I trust this may help you to understand more fully Penny, whenever I speak of their “similarities.”

          Now, moving on to your comments about the personality’s version of the life lived as being potentially different form how the soul, or whole-self will perceive and interpret the matter…

          You tied this matter into a more complex inquiry, when you wrapped it to include my statements from the earlier response concerning “Is reality an Illusion?” However, I will go about the delightful task of hopefully “untangling it for you.” Please bear with me…

          Regarding the murder (of anyone,) and the unsolved status of this remaining, it can seem to be unfair, and indeed it is. However, what is not generally known by most personalities present upon the planet at this time in history, is that “energy personality essence,” which was known as the person who was murdered, is that the “energy personality essence” is not “dead” or “gone” except from a particular view of perception and interpretation, hence the “illusion” of death.

          Of course it is true that the person killed will no longer physically interact with loved ones in the historical context of the times left behind, however, in way too complex to answer briefly here in this response, they very much continue to exist. It would be nice if the “societal insult” could be brought to justice, for the “closure” and “healing” of not only the loved ones, but the society around which the incident occurred. Still, whether or not the “societal insult” is addressed or not, this does nothing to mitigate the karma incurred by the responsible party, when the life of the loved one murdered, was deliberately interfered with, and in the most extreme way. Murdering karma is a very heavy ribbon to burn. There is no escaping it.

          Penny, when I responded to Jenna’s comments about is reality an illusion, I merely desired to draw attention to the fact that whatever one perceives and interprets reality to be, it will be. Furthermore, from that position, it is perhaps possible to see that how one might not be viewing reality “accurately.” Therefore, from this position, the perceived and interpreted reality could be considered as “illusion,” since the creator of that perceived and interpreted reality is not fully capable of “seeing all there is to see.”

          Let’s try it this way… Consider how any human being can live their life in such a way as to be so devastatingly cruel to another human being as to physically harm them to the point of killing them, and in this particular instance, for reason of “ideology” (beliefs.) Thinking of that, let me ask you, is the one who does the cruelty seeing “reality” or the “illusion of reality?”

          Here’s another way… Consider how any human being can live their life in a healthy, productive manner, when during their childhood, they experienced so much trauma as to bring you to tears over how could anyone do THAT to a child, and over and over again? Is the early life experience “reality” or an “illusion of reality?”

          My point is that whatever is perceived and interpreted by another to be reality, is in many ways, an “illusion of reality,” in the sense that it is not all that there is to know, or all that there is to become from it. Further, my point is that if something is iron-clad rock-hard reality, then this suggests there is no other way in which to perceive and interpret it, for the purpose of learning from, and/or transcending it.

          For example, when a human being who has had something very tragic, terrible, and harmful happen to them in their life, to the point of interfering with their ability to have a “normal healthy life,” then sometimes, the only way to change the past, quite literally, is to alter the neurological structures in the physical brain. This is done by changing the electromagnetic connections within the non-physical mind.

          How? It is by coming to fully accept, realize, and understand, that the manner in which it is continuously perceived and interpreted is not necessarily “reality,” but rather, it is an “illusion of reality.” Quite literally, the “event” will be altered in the mind by changing the manner in which it is perceived and interpreted by the one who is deeply and profoundly affected by it. The facts will remain the same (e.g. the date, place, time, person, and act(s) committed,) however, the manner in which it is perceived and interpreted by the affected individual CHANGES. The CHANGE alters the physical brain’s neurological connections where the memory is stored, and by this, AUTOMATICALLY the non-physical mind’s electromagnetic structures are ALTERED.

          Penny, please understand that I do not mean to create an indifference (unimportance) to “reality,” by suggesting it is all an “illusion.” NO. I merely wish to be clear that what is often thought of as “reality” is oftentimes (not always) a construct, which is created by the personality, and as such, it will often mirror the “developmental needs” of the personality involved. By all this, I mean to suggest the possibility of overcoming or transcending (going beyond) the limits of one’s “reality,” for purpose of becoming all that one can become.

          Those spiritual disciplines, which teach that “life is a dream,” often do not clarify that for those who “allow” themselves to go through their life in a “waking sleep” on a sort of “auto-pilot,” that they are not choosing to grow themselves developmentally or to become the best version of themselves that they can become. In other words, the lifetime is allowed to become an exercise in “coming to terms with reality,” which simply means to not face one’s own internal fears at truly trying to change or alter the nature of their life. (E.g. living “constrained” is much “easier” for these types, by teaching them to “accept things the way they are.”)

          When these spiritual types of teachings teach without clarity, then everyone suffers for that, as the lack of clarity quite literally affects everyone involved. Still, it is good to remember that no matter how “blind” or “asleep” the personality may choose to live the life, when it is over, there is still an evolutionary process which occurs. It is perhaps arguably unfortunate that the personality COULD HAVE benefited from that growth and development within the context of the lifetime lived, had they chose another “path.” I trust you intuitively get my meaning here.

          Souls having an existence through personality, will “resonate” with that, which is most developmentally appropriate for them; even if this is to mean they are the most cruel and hateful persons imaginable. Eventually, the soul becomes “older,” and the way in which this “influences” the personality, through its perceptions and interpretations, causes “real changes” to occur. Eventually, all “old souls” will come around to some form of “philosophy” or “art” in which to express the realization of their nature, in a way most harmonious to themselves, and the world around them. This is not true for those who are “much younger.”

          Finally, concerning your inquiry about learning through joy as being quicker and easier, as compared to fear and difficulty…

          As I stated previously, fear and difficulty are the “preferred” method for change because it is the one most human beings are familiar with. This familiarity breeds comfortableness. It breeds a false sense of trust. If you doubt the validity of this, try an experiment for yourself sometime, to prove how other human beings can identify and empathize more with pain and difficulty, than they do with joy and love…

          When out in public sometime (or any gathering of people, who do not know you personally,) speak out about some painful human experience to which they might relate. If this is too difficult, just say aloud “owe, I got a bad paper cut,” or something to that end, and listen to the mutual commiseration shared with you. On another day, purposely speak aloud about something truly joyous you have experienced and “listen.” If that is too difficult or awkward, then yell out something to the effect of “I feel so happy and loved,” or something to that effect anyway, and “listen” to the awkward silence, and odd expressions. Go ahead, prove me wrong.

          I must clarify that learning through joy and love must become an “acquired way of life” to become “second nature” so-to-speak. However, this approach works most directly in harmony with the creative forces, which surround you at all times, which is why things occur much more quickly. This way of learning is generally not taught to us in life, which is why we must learn it most often on our own (or from the “old soul teachers”.) This way of life stretches us developmentally in the beginning, but once it becomes trusted more than difficulty and fear as the medium through which learning occurs, the life’s trajectory is forever altered.

          One of the primary reasons there is so much “difficulty,” whether we are talking suicide, depression, or general negativity all over the world, social media, and the like, is that a time of great change is upon us as a species. Quite literally, the ways of old are no longer working in the same way in which they once did. With the digital age upon us, the world has become, and is becoming, a much smaller place so-to-speak, and with this comes more information than ever before in the history of our species becoming available and accessible to the general public.

          All of this only demonstrates to us individually and collectively the “errors of our ways,” which makes it increasingly more difficult to ignore what we know to be true about what is going on around us. We are meant to act concerning this. Not act by doing or becoming something which is not developmentally appropriate to us, but rather, to act more directly in terms of our own betterment, which AUTOMATICALLY helps the world around us become a better place in which to live. It is what we are being called to do at this time in history. It is why we are present upon the planet at this time.

          Because of all this “energetic change” going on in the world around us Penny, it is what is driving the behaviors of so many, who are “resisting” or who are “afraid” of what this might mean for them, this is showing itself as the suicides, depressions, and general negativity of which you asked. The unfortunate part of these “positions” is that they are afraid to make personal choices, which would lead them out of the negative worlds they seemed trapped in.

          This is why it is so important to live your life as well as you possibly can, without excuses, for the purposes, which are your own, and for which you are called to “help the whole.” The effective and successful living of your life is the true answer you are seeking, for from it comes everything you could ever possibly need to fulfill the lifetime experience you came here to have, and for which you will never be forgotten when you “leave.”

          All the best to you sweetheart,
          Your husband Chuck
          (An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

          • Charles, do you feel that “old souls” are rare? I ask because you said I may be an old soul and I rarely, if ever, meet people who seem to be on the same spiritual level or quest that I am on. In fact, everyone that I can think of that I am currently dealing with in my life seems to be on a lower conscience awareness than I am. I am not saying this to brag because it actually leads to a lot of frustration for me for various reasons ( depending on what the situation is). For example, I told you about my mother and for another example, dealing with someone who is very intelligent and in many worldly ways, seems to have it all together, but may be wrapped up in fear or chasing material possessions and acceptance from others, thinking these things lead to happiness. Also, dealing with another person who is just an overall mess and causing chaos for everyone.
            So is karma something souls only deal with after death, or does it provide consequences during the lifetime as well?

              • Thank you Charles for your continued responses, and I am sorry to post another question before you have had a chance to respond to the last one, but something has recently happened to me and I feel I must find an answer, it’s about soul mates, I may have asked you about soul mates before, but I have recently had an experience, well it is really ongoing, but I can’t seem to put it out of my mind so easily…
                My question is: how do you know if you have encountered a soul mate? How do you tell the difference between a soul mate and someone that is not a soul mate, but that you have an attraction towards? Is there a way to be sure you are drawn to someone because they are a soul mate and not just attraction? Can you tell these things without/ before getting to really know the person? Can you tell by intuition? What if circumstances dictate that you are not able to get to know someone but you feel a pull towards them and you feel a connection with them when you do talk to them?
                Let me explain what happened, back in january I met someone briefly. I was familiar with this person because of their work which I had been watching online, so I had seen what this person looked like. I really liked their work but didn’t think much about this person as far as being attracted to them based on pictures or youtube videos. Then in january I saw this person in person and the moment I saw him in person I fell “in love”… not sure what love really is but I was attracted instantly to him the moment I saw him… (I was also in love with someone else at the time but this new person totally distracted me from the first person).
                So back to the person I am posting about, the instant attraction guy… I was able to speak with him briefly, although his status makes it impossible for me to talk to him for more than brief intervals… however, when I do speak with him I feel there is a connection. Since january I have seen him 3 times, 2 of which were this past weekend. Everytime I see him, afterwards I feel a sense of urgency to see him again, even though when I talk to him it is always brief. this weekend, speaking with him I also felt their was a connection and afterwards I felt sad that I cannot be around him for another couple of months. Whenever I see him, afterwards for a period of time I cannot stop thinking about him and just wish I could go be around him and his work immediately. This is impossible due to the fact that he is travelling the country and currently on the other side of the country. I enjoy his work but I am confused as to why I feel this connection with someone that I don’t know and why I feel a need afterwards to continue to be around him. It is somewhat frustrating to have these feelings for someone that you can’t possible be with yet you can’t stop thinking about. After I see him, for a period of time, it is always very strong, a sense of urgency like it is pulling at me, then it fades somewhat but not entirely. I am a huge fan of his work, so it’s hard to tell how much I just want to see him do what he does again and how much it is him, but when I talk to him briefly I always feel there is some sort of connection. I have been a fan of others but never felt this intense need to see them again immediately. This is not crush, it is much more intense. And it is not just some guy that I find attractive, there is something about him that draws me to him but I don’t know what it is because I don’t even know him. He is not even the typical movie star good looks, I can’t even explain why I fell in love and have never fell in love at first sight before. I have been attracted at first sight but never like this. I wish I could just enjoy being around him and his work without all these weird intense emotions afterwards.

                • Hello again Jenna.
                  Don’t be overly concerned about asking another question before I have answered the previous one, for as always, I very much appreciate your continued questioning.
                  Your questions, and the ensuing responses, actually help create a body of work, which may be used by others for benefit. Therefore, it is a “win-win.” 🙂
                  I will be back soon with follow up.
                  All the best,

                • Hello Jenna.
                  I’m back again.
                  Let’s see where this one takes us…

                  There has indeed been much written and taught concerning “soul-mates.” From my perspective as an old soul spiritual teacher, I will tell you that depending upon conceptual range and the verbiage to express that range, there are indeed such things as “soul-mates.” However, there are other types of “attractions,” which are something else at work. Let us see where this process of unraveling and clarification takes us energetically…

                  For most, when they think of a soul mate, they think of something purely amazing and wonderful beyond words to even attempt expression. The actual reality is that one’s soul-mate is someone who will indeed challenge you in perhaps ways no other can. However, always, the challenging will be aimed or directed at your own betterment, without exception. To clarify, not one who challenges because of their own “agendas.”

                  Body-type attraction can also be a very powerful thing indeed. In fact, mature souls, when first in touch with this center within them, can “torch-burn” for the entire life over “that special someone”; reciprocation not needed. In other words, sometimes, a personality can be more in love with the ideal of love, than with the real thing. (An actual relationship with another.)

                  Until a relationship between two humans is “consummated” (carried out) in whatever fashion is most appropriate for both parties, up to and including sexual intercourse (but not necessary,) it is not often possible to reach an understanding of that relationship, for it only exists in “theory” and not “knowledge.”

                  In other words, in the mind of someone, the way and/or manner in which the “relationship” exists, is more from the space of “projection” instead of “actuality.” It is often of value to the personality (and soul) to ask the questions from within if the person is being considered in a “authentic manner.” By “authentic manner,” I am of course referring to seeing one for who they truly are, as compared to as who we may wish them to be. There is no way for this to occur except by direct involvement with them through what I will call a “reality check.”

                  This direct involvement does need to occur in person, especially if this is simply not possible. For example, a phone call, or better yet, a process of discovery through the written form. Why? Because emotions being what they are, can sometimes get in the way being directly in front of them, whereas this is most often not the case indirectly. It aids in your communicational clarity of the situation.

                  Now while thinking about that, think about this, if they wish to be “deceitful” or “dishonest” with you, the indirect approach works very much in their favor. (Food for thought.) Why would anyone do such a thing? Lots of reasons… It is not as uncommon as you might suspect for humans to arbitrarily decide they have a great deal in common and then proceed, each to outguess the other in order to qualify for the “prize,” whatever that might be. Sex, money, glamour, favoritism, prestige, any sort of advantaged position, etc.

                  There is even a soul connection with one that is so much like someone (essence twin) which is so rare that it hardly crosses paths during physical life because it is so intense. Why? It is like looking in a mirror psychologically and emotionally, there are no more individual perceptions, as they are simultaneously shared, one’s identity comes into question. Almost without fail, this causes fear to the point of not allowing the relationship to develop physically. “Later” in the soul’s evolutionary development, beyond the physical plane, this “relationship” will become more important developmentally.

                  Relationships are one of the greatest tools the soul uses to evolve while here physically, and it is the process of intimacy, which drives this evolutionary process. Without trust, there is no intimacy. Without intimacy, there is no evolution, even though there may indeed be “lessons learned” from the experience. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is in vain. All choices lead to the great goal of human understanding, even though this process is one in which many, many, different lifetimes are required to achieve.

                  It can almost be overwhelming to struggle with the feelings and emotions which can accompany a very powerful relationship; whether body-type attraction, soul mate, karmic, or just simply a developmental step in the soul’s progress at learning the true depths of unconditional love, and someone, or something, has to be the focus of this process.

                  Loving someone is to suggest being vulnerable to that love, which by implication, means that you can be hurt very deeply if your love is “rejected,” no matter what the expression of that form. Once again, it is only by “direct involvement,” even if through an indirect means, that a “reality check” can be obtained and processed, otherwise the love is internalized as “theoretical,” instead of through the practical application of “knowledge.” There is no other way.

                  If the object of your affections is indeed a soul mate, there is nothing that you can do to make this untrue. Of course, depending upon their own chronological age and maturity development, it may take them (or you?) some time before it can be realized within the context of the lifetime.

                  I should tell you that there are always a number of different possibilities built into each lifetime’s parameters to meet others who may fill the role of a “relationship partner” for you. It is important to know that this mutually chosen benefit, by the way, exists for the other party as well. In other words, they are not simply here for you, as they too have “options” available to them as well. (Choices.)

                  If you can give pause here to think of how very young adolescents can be overwhelmed by the emotional, hormonal, and chemical explosions going on within them relating to “being in love,” you can perhaps reach some intuitive insight into the soul’s most difficult cycle of growth while upon the physical plane of existence; that of being a mature soul. It is just as necessary a part of developmentally maturing as for the young adolescents mentioned previously. There is no other way.

                  Jenna, somewhere within this verbalized response to you, you should find something, which resonates with you. When you do, find some way to reach out to this person for a “reality check,” so that you may know how to proceed. The emotional and psychological component of this of which you are experiencing, is what comes with the territory. It is the guidance, which will come from within that will aid you in your direction. However, you must find a way to communicate your feelings and emotions to him in a process of developmental discovery so as to not scare him away. Accomplishing that, the path will unfold much more clearly than it is at present. Your emotions and feelings are meant to accentuate your life, not make it more difficult, but of course, this must be learned; just like everything else. 🙂

                  I wish you all the best in your own process of discovery,

            • I’m back Jenna.

              As always, let’s see where this response takes us energetically.

              Old souls account for perhaps 10 percent of the current planet’s population so yes in a way they are a minority, if not rare. Furthermore, they will sometimes congregate in preferred geographical locations, to make them even more rare. Considering that there are arguably 7.5 billion souls presently on our planet, that adds up to about 700 million old souls.

              As stated in my third publication for sale here on the website, The Czech Republic, Iceland, parts of Holland, most of Switzerland, some parts of Russia have concentrations of old souls present. Even our own USA has scattered old souls about (in minority.)

              My teachings are arguably most developmentally appropriate for old souls in the later developmental stages of the old soul cycle, of course with exceptions as well. Still, if only 1 percent of the present old souls on the planet are developmentally attracted to my teachings, that still puts the number arguably at 7 million, five thousand souls, which is a very large number indeed. I just need to find the means in this digital age to connect with them.

              As your inquiry speaks of your “soul age displacement,” know that is not as uncommon as you might suspect. By “soul age displacement”, I am referring to the average soul age of those around you. Whenever there is a significant difference in the average soul age around you, there is always reason for it, even if your personality is not aware of it. Your place of birth and the place you now find yourself in is no accident. There is purpose here. What is it? That is for your personality to discover.

              I do not mean to make it sound so mysterious or difficult to know, for sometimes it is simply what you will vary naturally come to in your position on things, and the choices you make, which will drive your behavior. These are the reason for why you are where you find yourself to be. If it is “challenging” at times, then welcome to the manifestation of your life. You did not come here to not grow, not teach others, or not learn from others.

              A large part of the old soul cycle has to do with the understanding of others. Quite literally, you came here to clearly learn the lessons of being human, and learning to understand the differences in others is part of this very necessary process. As you learn, you are also to teach. How? It is simply by the successful living of your life, as you share with others, what drives you from within, as you share with those who would listen, what you have learned. This does not mean there will not be those who will make valid effort at discounting you.

              You must not allow this to throw you from the path. You have a life task to complete, and allowing others to dictate that path to you is to disregard the very real reason for your being here. Your life task must come from within, even though to a large degree, it will manifest in your external world. There are many possible paths to the great goal of human understanding, as you are undoubtedly becoming more aware with each passing day.

              The frustration you feel because of the ways of others is not because of them, it is because of you. This is the lesson you must learn. Even if they are deliberately driving their behavior with choices, which are sometimes of the most blind, cruel, and hateful kind, they are not doing it to cause you frustration and heartache (although there are exceptions here,) instead, they are doing what they do because of them, and not because of you. Quite literally, the manner in which you choose to perceive and interpret them is something which only has application to your “frame of reference,” and for which you are responsible and accountable.

              Until the old soul is able to discern this level of the lesson involved in learning human understanding, they (the personality living the life) will continue to operate from the vantage point of their own projections. In time (soul age progression,) the soul (through the personality living the life,) will come to learn of the lack of human understanding operating in this type of life orientation.

              Think here of the role parents have in guiding the process of raising their children to learn to take responsibility and accountability for their own lives, through the power of love and competency in making better personal choices, which drive the child/adult personality’s behavior. Even though the parent (older soul) sees the errors of the youngster’s ways (younger souls,) they do not try to rob the “youngster” of the opportunity to learn from their own errors (choices.) In many ways, physical life “mirrors” the developmental stages of the soul’s development, but in a much smaller time frame of reference, if you get my intuitive meaning here.

              The frustrating difficulties you perceive and interpret in the lives of those around you are meant for you to learn from, by observation, and the processing of insights, which will come to you from within. You must then act upon this increased level of comprehension and understanding by living it in your daily life, even if there are those who will disagree with you, for how else will you teach your knowledge by example, and find those who are seeking you? In short, the frustrations you speak of are your “growing pains,” not theirs.

              Your question concerning karma and its application during life or only beyond is a very good one. From one point of view, the answer is both, but let me clarify that. The burning of karma is mostly done on the physical plane of existence. I say mostly because there are rare exceptions where those souls who are almost entirely finished with the physical cycle will try to burn final karma without having to be reborn again, and from the highest levels of the astral plane they will work from. However, I should also clarify that this final karma is more of a “personal karma” than “karma with another.”

              For the karma most commonly referred to as karma, we are speaking of karma with another soul, not with one’s own soul. In the cases of personal karma, we are generally speaking of older souls who are working on more personal development issues relating to their own lack of willingness to grow themselves developmentally beyond the known limits of their ideas, which result in a lack of their developmental growth from occurring, due to “ideology stagnation and even ideology retardation.”

              With all this stated, all other karma is dealt with only while incarnate in the physical life. It is true the karma is “acknowledged and validated” during the “after life interval,” however the “burning or working out of that karma” is only done within the context of the physical lifetime. I should also clarify that it is the personality who is in charge of making the choices, which drive the behavior in the life. This should further imply that the burning of the karma is not “guaranteed” if the new personality grown “chooses to do otherwise.”

              If this was to occur (an avoidance of burning the karma,) then the next incarnation will produce “more restrictive conditions specifically related to extracting the debt.” In other words, one way or another, the karma will be burned, no matter how many lives it may take to accomplish.

              For further edification (teaching) here, I am recalling of learning where two very stubborn souls who repeatedly (incarnation after incarnation) kept refusing to burn the necessary karma between them, finally they hit upon a solution between lives… Since they kept avoiding physical contact with each other during the course of each newly grown personality’s life, they chose to be born as Siamese twins, for in this way, it was physically impossible for them to physically avoid each other, since they were born attached at the hip. (Note; it was further noted by others who knew them,that each one hated the other during the incarnation together, however, when the life was over, they both benefitted tremendously from the burning of the karma, as they both grew in developmentally appropriate terms.)

              In summary, karma can be very demonstrably harsh in appearance from the outside looking in during the course of the physical life. Consider how it was formed in the first place. One soul removed the right of another to choose for itself. Later, when it is to be burned, the one owed feels strongly negative towards the one who is trying to repay the debt. Likewise, the one who owes the debt feels negative towards the one to whom the debt is owed because of being energetically reminded at very deep levels beyond conscious awareness of the “reason” for owing the debt in the first place.

              I must also tell you that there is another type of karma (a good one,) however; this one definitely does not begin to occur until the soul is much older. Why? Because before this time in the soul’s spiritual evolutionary process “true disinterest” is simply not possible. Let me explain…

              Philanthropic karma is when a soul causes a possibility to be born in the life of another through love, which would not be possible without the interaction of the one responsible for the philanthropic karma being formed. For example, if one was to observe that an artist had an amazing gift, but did not possess the means with which to bring those gifts into manifestation, then our philanthropic karma donor would provide a shelter, food, and clothing for the artist to be free to create anything they might choose (including nothing.)

              Quite literally, the donor would have to provide the “anonymous gift” without any strings attached. There could be no notions entertained of how the artist should say thank you or any other manipulative considerations by the donor. It must truly be an anonymous gift, for which nothing at all is expected in return. Nothing. It is this “true disinterest” which plays an integral part in creating the philanthropic karma. The “feeling good part” is its own reward you see, and with the “knowing” that you are creating a possibility of love in the life of another, without watching for the results of your generosity. This is the true nature of philanthropic karma. Before the soul gets older, this level of true disinterest is simply not possible.

              I trust this sheds some light on your inquiry(s) Jenna?

              All the best,

              • Yes, Charles, you shed some light on my questions regarding karma… thank you. It is interesting to hear that most karma is burned during lifetime, however, we as people, often feel that when we look around and observe others, they are not getting back what they seem to be putting out. We must always keep in mind we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors and that we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or down the line with them, so we can’t judge what karma someone else is receiving… many people seem to portray their lives to the outside world as “perfect”, cutting out the bad parts…. or they just haven’t burned their karma yet but it is coming? Is there a certain level of understanding a soul must come to in order to receive their karma so as for them to understand why something is happening?…

                I’m really not too concerned with people in general if they have issues, only when a person causes chaos in the lives of others that are in positions where you must deal with the person and their problems they cause, which you know you did not create or ask for… I have been reading a lot about positive thinking and creating reality, I have been reading that what you think you attract, however, what if you have a person causing chaos and you must deal with them, they are family or you have kids with them, but you know that you do not wish to bring this type of problems to your life or anyone else’s?

                It is interesting that you brought up all that stuff about where you live and why… I am currently living in the same house that I grew up in, my grandma’s house (now mine). I moved away (far away) from my hometown for about 15 years, tried to live other places and ended up back in the same house I grew up in… I wonder what reasons there are behind all this? I know, it’s for my soul to figure out…

                • Hello again Jenna.

                  Perhaps a clarification concerning the true nature of what incurs karma is in order here…

                  Karma is not incurred for “bad manners.” Karma is incurred for deliberately interfering with the life choices of another “beyond their ability to alter this.”

                  I put “bad manners” in quotation marks because the actual range of what is meant by this expression is way too lengthy to elaborate (explain) fully here; simply because of the myriad (countless) number of ways humans can be mean, cruel, and thoughtless to each other.

                  Another angle to consider is that what is often thought of as something being done bad to another has more to do with the perception and interpretation of the one considering themselves the “victim” of another’s obviously cruel ways.

                  In other words, no one has the power to make you think or feel the way in which you might. Just because someone may be an “asshole,” does not mean they have incurred karma with you or anyone else for that matter.

                  If any human being finds themselves in hurtful and/or harmful relationship of any kind(according to the “victim”,) what is actually being observed is the energetic connection(s) between them from only a very narrow perspective.

                  In other words, each “victim” will have “reasons of their own” for being involved with someone of the mean/cruel/insensitive type, and these reasons are almost never consciously realized during the context of the lifetime, or at least, the context of the “damaging relationship.”

                  The “victim” has as much to learn from the “bad relationship” (in whatever human form or context,) as the perpetrator of the “crime.” Furthermore, it is actually quite common that many times the “lesson” is not learned during the context of the lifetime being lived, but is rather, only learned in the “astral interval.”

                  However, as the soul ages (as well as other exceptions,) the personality will CHOOSE to learn from the very bad relationship (in whatever capacity or form,) within the context of the life, which thereby “breaks the cycle” so that they may CHOOSE to never again allow themselves to be the “victim of a crime” (or bad relationship.)

                  You see Jenna, the choice always belongs to the personality living the life. It was CHOICE which got them to become a “victim” regarding the perceived and interpreted difficulty with the “bad person,” and it is CHOICE that will remove them from further learning involving this “lesson.”

                  A lot to consider for sure, however, it must be stated. Why? Because it is the “normal” human position to think and feel that if one is treated badly by someone, then we must be able to see “karma” enter the picture to “make things right.”

                  The problem with this position is that this is not the manner in which karma works (although there can be exceptions for sure.) It is very important to clarify that the “creator” (however that may be defined by anyone) allows for free choice and free will always.

                  This should imply that until a personality (and the attendant soul) has learned how to create responsibly through the process of love, that some very “bad choices,” which will drive some very “bad behaviors” will be part of the mix while here experiencing human life.

                  There is no other way to come to the end of the line here on the physical plane with a clear understanding of what it means to be human. This understanding will include an active awareness of who it is who is responsible and accountable for the behaviors, driven by the personal choices being made.

                  It is only in this manner, that the soul can come to learn to create responsibly, through the all encompassing power of love.

                  Jenna, I say all of this to you because of the energetic focus in your inquiry(s.) For those who know my teachings, in my third publication in particular, I speak in detail on the ages of the soul’s developmental growth while here upon the physical plane (infant, baby, young, mature, and old.)

                  Please understand those designations are meaningless and arbitrary from a certain point of view. However, they enable me to break down the developmental stages of the soul’s development while here physically, and for effective communicational purposes.

                  The names are unimportant, as you may call them whatever you wish. I do not use these names to infer a relationship to the chronological age of the human within the context of the life being lived. No.

                  They are used by me to speak of the age of the soul’s experience upon the physical plane.In other words, an infant soul could be 80 years old, while an old soul may have just been born today. I trust you intuitively get my meaning with all this.

                  With this understanding, it is the mature soul, which is in many ways, focused upon the complexities of human interpersonal relationships. In fact, their “obsession” with them is often the very real reason for their “inability” to deal with them effectively. The mature soul cycle is the most difficult cycle of the soul’s growth while here upon the physical plane.

                  When they (mature souls) learn to master the complexities of human interpersonal relationships, they will move on to the soul’s next level of development, that of being “old.”

                  The old soul is casual about everything, including human interpersonal relationships; however, there can indeed be exceptions for very specific time periods within the context of a single life, but NOT a lifetime focus.

                  The mature soul will often have a life-long focus on the complexities of human interpersonal relationships. Because of this, it is often of benefit for “outside help” to become of benefit, through whatever means. “Outside help” can mean seeking a teacher to aid in the processing of the experiences to aid in the assimilation of them, so as to move beyond them.

                  This “teacher” could even be a psychologist, therapist, or what-have-you. Sometimes, even pharmacological help is necessary.A full explanation of all this is quite beyond the limits of this inquiry’s response.

                  Before I forget, understanding how karma works has absolutely nothing to do with its operation. As proof of this statement, ask around in your social circle to find out how many do not even believe in karma.

                  A belief in karma and even reincarnation is absolutely not necessary for it to operate in the lives of the personalities (and souls) so affected, for it operates quite beyond the parameters of such concerns.

                  Bottom line Jenna, YOU are the one (soul or whole-self) who is in charge of your life. YOU (soul or whole-self) is the one you answer to when you die. YOU (soul or whole-self) is the one who keeps the record on your life, and for which no excuses are needed or even possible, for this part of you perceives and interprets you without distortion.

                  In other words, it does not matter what your newly grown personality will try to say or do. For the truth of your actuality is known by your essence (soul or whole-self.)

                  There is no such thing as a “wrong choice” or a “bad choice” in the “larger picture,” for all choices drive the evolutionary process while here physically. Choice is the means through which we evolve while here physically.

                  I am aware that from the perspective of the personality, while here physically, there is indeed such a thing as a “bad choice” or a “wrong choice,” however, this changes nothing about the previous statements.

                  Human relationships are one of the greatest tools the soul uses to evolve while here physically. Experience them as fully as you can.

                  Jenna, honestly, in actuality, it does not matter whether or not ANY teacher’s words are true or not. What does matter is do the teacher’s words ring true for you?

                  For if they do, you should indeed explore them further for the possibility that they may help you to grow developmentally, which is the primary reason that we are here. This absolutely applies to my teachings as well.

                  Whatever it is that you find in your life, which you may perceive and interpret to be applicable to you in its truth, then explore that further. It does not matter if it has application to others; it only matters if it has application to you personally.

                  There are so many different spiritual teachers with their different spiritual teachings that it can be very difficult to separate what is the actual truth?

                  Well, from a certain perspective, they are all wrong, and from another certain perspective, they are all right. How can that be?

                  Each one is wrong for those who are NOT developmentally in sync with the material being taught. Each one is right for those who ARE developmentally in sync with what is being taught.

                  The personality (and soul) cannot exceed the limits of its growth. Therefore, there are teachers and teachings available to every single human being upon this planet for that, which is developmentally appropriate for them to grow.

                  Find them and live the teachings they teach, for one day (if not already,) you will yourself be in this same position to another, for this itself is another developmental step in the soul’s evolutionary process while here upon the physical plane.

                  If you are drawn to another soul (personality,) do not fear to realize the connection between you, for you may find the “connection” existed only in your own mind, and for reasons, which are your own to developmentally grow from.

                  Eventually, some of these “connections” will be realized for mutual benefit to one another, and what a shame it would have been to “let them go.”

                  I encourage you to act upon your inclinations, so that you might learn from what they have to teach you (and others,) for in many ways Jenna, this IS why you are here this time around.

                  To the eternal validity of your soul,

  12. This question has come to mind as we prepare to lose our beloved dog Cosmo. I believe even animals have souls. I believe the soul leaves the body at death. Where do you think it goes? How long is it in limbo and at what point does it enter another body?

    • Hello Teresa.
      It is good to have you here.
      I appreciate your question very much, and I will be back soon with a detailed response.
      Until then,
      Charles (Renshi)
      P.S. For those who may be curious, Teresa is a Mid-Cycle Mature Server. Not as to what that might mean? You’ll have to consult my third publication, or ask me a direct question here on the site. 🙂

    • I’m Back Teresa!

      Let’s see where this takes us…

      I must straight away tell that I have spent very little time focusing upon the nature of “Hive Souls” (such as your dog Cosmo,) during the course of my teenage and adult lifetime. However, I will share what I have learned, in the event it is of some value to you.

      In my third publication I explain the primary differences between a “Sentient Soul” and a “Hive Soul,” for the specific purpose of clarifying how we (sentient souls) cannot reincarnate as a (hive soul,) even if we wanted to, because of how very different we are in terms of the nature of the soul’s evolutionary requirements while here upon the physical plane.

      By the way, we share our planet with another sentient species (the Whales and Dolphins.) In many ways, our souls are very similar in terms of the evolutionary requirements of these souls.

      Regarding Cosmo (your dog,) I will tell you that his soul does leave his physical form at death, but unlike us, he returns to the “Hive Soul.” In terms too difficult to explain briefly, the experiences of his lifetime add to the whole experience of the hive soul species to which he belongs.

      In simple terms, he himself does not return, but his “energy” does, and in a way in which Cosmo played a part for the members of his hive soul species to benefit from.

      Perhaps an analogy here might help with the semantics…

      If we are to consider the experience in its totality of a very large and successful bee-hive, we may reach some valuable insight into how the hive soul of Cosmo might be perceived and interpreted.

      In the totality of a bee-hive, no member is unimportant, or not crucial in the individual part it has to play in the successful operation of the whole, otherwise, the whole might “suffer and die.” The Hive consciousness will not allow this to happen.

      Each individual experience of any member of the hive’s “whole-self” automatically and instantaneously becomes part of the hive’s “central programming index of possibility.” Each and every member of the hive soul can and does benefit from the experiences contributed by each and every member; if not directly, then indirectly.

      This next part is very difficult to explain simply, but I will try…

      Should you choose to choose acquire another dog, and from the same breed as Cosmo, not only Cosmo will “know” it, but the hive soul consciousness itself will “know.” Since the very nature of your heart-felt concern for the well-being of Cosmo is very predominant in your inquiry, I feel very comfortable in saying that your family has a very good “report card” with the hive soul of which Cosmo was and is, part.

      What might that mean? It means that the “connection” between a new dog from the same breed, your family, and the hive consciousness, will all be in very good “communication.” This can only show itself as an even more rewarding lifetime experience “the second time around,” as compared to the first, and for which there will be obvious visual and energetic clues as to “Cosmo’s energy” being a part of things.

      Of course a new dog will not be Cosmo, as it will be itself, representing the hive soul consciousness, and for a quality of life interactive process with your family, for which BOTH SIDES will benefit tremendously. However, neither will Cosmo’s energy NOT be a part of the new dog’s presence, should you choose this path.

      With all that said, it even gets deeper with this…

      Should you choose another breed, the previous information still applies in a more “indirect manner,” but equally valid. And still again, should you choose the path of no further animal presence in your lives as a pet, your “good standing” with the animal hive soul species known collectively as “dogs,” will be still absolutely apply in “equal weight.”

      There are as may different perceptions and interpretations of this matter as there are humans on our planet. However, there is one “explanation,” which beats them all, and it is this…

      It really does not matter whether or not someones answer is actually true or not ( in the larger picture,) what really matters most is what “feels true” to you. Why? Because it is this position that you will find that which is most in-line with your own best developmental evolutionary process as a human being.

      A human experience where you were able (and your family) to open themselves up to an inter-species interaction that produced a quality of life experience, which could have not been had in any other way. Period.

      However you and your family may choose to perceive and interpret the “creator,” a part of that “creator” is not only within you and each member of your family, but your dog Cosmo as well.

      How you all “cooperated” with each other to improve the quality of each other’s lives, is perhaps at this late hour, coming into very clear focus. There was a purpose for Cosmo’s life, just as there is a purpose for your own (and each of your family.)

      The very real beauty and significance for all of this lies NOT within the sorrow with which you must all certainly feel very deeply, but rather, in celebrating by interaction with others (dogs included) the memory of this amazing dogs life, and how it has changed your own forever.

      The “creator” knows the power of love can only be underestimated, as it changes everyone, and everything, into something greater than it was “before.” This is the nature of spiritual evolution.

      Lastly, know that if you wish to see Cosmo again one day, that you may indeed, even if you have to wait until your own life is over.

      Sentient Souls and Hive Souls are made of energy. Energy can never be destroyed, only altered in form. It NEVER ceases to exist.

      I trust this response may offer you some measure of solace in the passing of your beloved Cosmo.

  13. Hi Charles, I am going to share my thoughts on a matter and am just hoping on some insight. I have a step son that is 21 years of age that has been in my life since he was 8 months old and has been in my full care since the age of 3. His Mom is a drug addict . She lives in area but for all these years has not put her self out to call or be in his life hardly at all. As little boy when he would want hug when he saw her she would just push him away and say get off me. So many times she filled him with hope only to end up dissapointing him. He has cried many, many tears wondering what was wrong with him since his own Mother didnt even want him. Now he is an adult and she is having health issues. She has been in and out of hospital and currently went back in. He was just told that he is the one who is gonna have to make medical decisions for her and he is really taking it hard. Now being the one who has been there for him his entire life and have comforted him when he would cry over her I am having hard time understanding why my sons Grandmother cant be the one to be the decision maker and why all this burden is being put on him when she has done nothing but cause heartache to my son. I also have very hard time understanding how it is My son has never ended up just hating her but instead has always and will always love her. I see it kinda unfair since she brought him into this world but yet failed to give and show him love. I suppose there is some unbreakable bond that just is regardless of life that is between Mother and child. My heart is just aching for my son. Though he is 21 he is very young and I dont feel he is ready for such a responsibility he is facing and at same time i know he will be ok. I am sharing in hopes of getting your old soul wisdom on it so that I can in turn share with him so I can bring some comfort to him in the bigger picture of things . I have shared some with him but I am so emotionally connected and have anger towards the Mother for the hurt she has caused and am afraid what I say will be clouded. Thank you a head of time for your time and energy. It is always appreciated. SamiJo

    • Hello Sami Jo.
      Thank you very much for reaching out to me regarding this matter.
      I would love to share with you what is mine to share, and look forward to getting back soon with response.
      All the best,

    • Hello Sami Jo,

      I’m back! 🙂

      Thank you for choosing to reach out to me on this issue. I will love sharing response in this particular matter, because it will enable me to help bring clarity to the particular personalities AND the souls of same, in terms of this thing we call life, and how at times, the human interpersonal relationships can be so terribly difficult and confusing.

      Immediately I must state that there are legal ways in which for your stepson to remove this responsibility from his life, should he choose this path. The internet search would be a good place to start for information of this type, and/or the professionals attending to the care of the bio mom.

      No matter the path chosen, it is important for me to clarify that there is no “punishment” or “reward” to be forced upon your stepson at death, except for his particular belief in such a thing. However, even here, there would be “help by others” to aid in the growing beyond any such limiting or distorted ideas.

      It is also important to clarify that there is no such thing as hypocrisy (pretending to be what one is not) on the other side, following death. Why is this important to know? It is important to know that if any personality chooses to NOT make any attempt what-so-ever at creating or serving a connection of love between themselves and another, then there is no need to carry some displaced sense of responsibility to pretend otherwise, whether during the life or after death. (Hypocrisy.)

      The bio mom’s life is NOT the responsibility of your stepson, and neither is the accountability for it; that belongs solely to the bio mom. In a very real sense, your stepson has to make the decision as to which is more important, his “needs,” or the feelings of the bio mom; for then, the wisdom of a “right choice” becomes immediately clear.

      With all this stated, let’s open up the matter a little more…

      It is important to realize that the birth of your stepson by his bio mom, was no accident. Quite literally, this particular mother (bio mom) was “chosen” as the channel to be born through. I put “chosen” in quotation marks because this choosing was not by your stepson’s personality (because it was not even formed yet,) but rather, this “choosing” was by the whole-self (soul) of your stepson.

      There was purpose in that decision, made at the time. That decision was not for the purpose of the dilemma your stepson finds himself in now specifically, but rather, generally. Let me explain…

      Since you have already stated the “lack of real connection” between the bio mom and your stepson, from the beginning of his life to the present, it should be relatively clear that the mom was chosen for another reason. What could that be?

      Of course there is too much to fully consider all here in this response, however, we can open our minds to begin perceiving the possibility of a reason, which served the developmental needs of your stepson AND that of his bio mom, however, this response will not be concerned with the developmental needs of the bio mom, only your stepson.

      As your stepson considers his own life in this “energetic equation,” it should be possible for him to have some insights into how his life has been effected and affected by the relationship he has NOT had with his bio mom, and by her choice; at least when his conscious mind was able to reason for itself (adulthood.)

      As your stepson considers how his life has turned out, it may come to light that it was the bio father, AND YOU, the stepmom, for whom the real target was to be sought for “life instruction,” and perhaps the bio mom was the necessary component for this to even occur.

      If that is true, it would also be true that your stepson “needed” (in terms of his soul,) the experience of birth by the bio mom in order for this to occur. (Instead of being birthed by you, since you would have bonded with him very differently, and we’ll let things go at that for now.)

      Sometimes, when the personality’s very early experiences are those “disrupted” beyond the normal bonding parameters of a mother’s love for the child, which results in the necessary lesson of “trust” NOT being imprinted, we can find programming, which supports “a very different life-path experience.”

      For example, in my second publication, I go into great detail concerning how the very early life-experience is key to one’s “programming” and “imprinting,” which is crucial to the “developmental needs” of the particular personality grown new for the incarnation.

      With that said, SOMETIMES, having “disruption” in the very early life experiences, such as your stepson, CAN produce an “openness of mind” not possible in any other way. If this is true for your stepson, then his particular very early life experiences in terms of the “disruption” of a normal bonding with his bio mom, would have been “necessary” to the developmental needs of his soul, which would also aid his personality in terms of “influence” as well.

      In other words, there was no “mistake” or “accident” involved here. Your stepson’s bio mother was “chosen” by the whole-self or soul, for specific purpose. It is true that sometimes the chosen parent is necessary for purpose of connection to the other parent’s life, but not necessarily both.

      If this is true, then the lack of bonding to the bio-parent is for necessary influence(s) provided, arguably, in no other way. Why would your stepson need to have an experience such as this? Only he can know for sure, and only if he allows his “insights” to be processed for this recognition and validation to occur. Your stepson will have to do some “soul searching” as for the possible reasons this could have benefitted him, and for his choice of life-work as well, this time around.

      Since the soul existence is eternal, its developmental needs are always more important than the developmental needs of any particular personality, which is a single-life construct.

      Returning to the position your stepson is in, in terms of having the responsibility to make the medical decisions for his bio-mom, is indicative to me that things are serious in nature for the bio-mom medically. Since we have already learned of the bio-mom making no attempt whatsoever at creating the connection of a love well-served between them, it would therefore be hypocritical to pretend otherwise.

      This means that should your stepson choose NOT to accept this responsibility offered to him, there is no good reason for him to punish himself psychologically or emotionally, since there is no external “agency” or “authority” to judge him negatively for his choice in this matter, then there is no good reason for him to do this to himself either.

      Please take note that this DOES NOT MEAN that there will not be those who may choose to judge him, but even here, realize this has everything to do with THEIR frame of reference, and not your stepsons. (This includes being accountable as well.) In other words, it is up to your stepson as to whether or not he allows the judgments of others to have discernible influence upon him, since how the others perceive and interpret him have only to do with their frame of reference (and for which they are accountable,) and not his.

      It is also true that he could choose to “do the right thing” by honoring this responsibility as way of “saying thank you” to his bio-mom for her part in helping him to be here physically; but only if your stepson is A-OK with this.

      In these incredibly difficult interpersonal relationships, it is most often of beneficial aid in the decision making process, when considering the distinction between the developmental needs of the soul versus the developmental needs of the personality. Your stepson could “matter-of-factly” defer this responsibility to another, and there is aid to help him with this should he choose to exercise this option.

      One more clarification. Your stepson’s bio-mom DID NOT give him his life in the sense that she can “take it away.” NO. Your stepson is here because “he” (his whole-self or soul) chose to be, not because his mother had the power over him to make this occur. Your “stepson” could have chosen to be born through another mother “like her” (of course with their involvement in the process at a soul-level as well.) Your stepson’s life is his and not hers; this is very important to understand.

      One more time, your stepson must determine for himself what is more important, the feelings of the bio-mom and/or others, or his own “needs.” Finding this answer, his own wisdom will come from within to aid him in making the best developmental decision for himself, even if others disagree.

      To the infinite intelligence deep within you,


      • Hi Charles, Thank you so much. I always appreciate your time and energy in your responses. Your wisdom is so helpful because it helps me step out of my personality and into the larger picture of life which brings me comfort and understanding. Its so easy to get caught up with the struggles and issues in life. Thank you again!
        Sami Jo

  14. Hi Charles, how can a person let go of another person without getting caught up in the depression or letting the depression consume you when the person that you have to let go of is someone that you have been in love with for a long time? What if the person that you have to let go of still wants to remain in your life but is not someone that you can be with, and although you want them in your life as well, it is too painful to remain around them when the relationship can never be what you want it to be and you feel like if they remain around you, you will never be able to get over them. This person has done a lot for me and is a great friend and has helped me out recently a great deal, when no one else would, however when I express to him that I can not be his friend (he knows how I feel about him) he gets upset and has even, in the past (not that recently) almost tried to blackmail me, not really blackmail, but practically, I hope you understand what I mean.
    Why do we get so caught up in another person and feel like we can’t live without them, even if they were never ours to begin with? How can I overcome wanting to be with this person and accept the relationship for what it is? How do I maintain a friendship with this person, when he has done so many things and said so many things to lead me on when we can’t be together (do to his choices), and still does in some ways. I have put everything out in the open about how I feel and he just doesn’t seem to get it (in the sense that he doesn’t understand why trying to just be his friend is so painful for me). Why do men lead women on (when they already have a relationship that they are not willing to leave) and then act like they are innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. And why if someone is in a supposedly perfect relationship would they tell another women that they want them but the timing is not right. I don’t actually want to lose his friendship but I need to reach a point first where I am not in love with him anymore.

    • Posted on behalf of Jenna,
      (reformed question 2,)

      Hi Charles, how does a person get over someone that they have been in love with for a long time and not let depression consume you and overtake you? How do you let go of someone and accept a relationship that is not what you want it to be, what if the person that you need to let go of wants to remain in your life, but doesn’t understand that it is too painful for you to be around them? Why do we get so caught up in another person and feel like we can’t live without them?

      • Hello Jenna.

        Thank you for continuing to participate here.

        I wasn’t sure how to post both questions?

        I trust it is ok to have both? Or, should I delete one?
        Please advise.

        My heart (and empathy) go out to you Jenna. What you are asking is/are the “million dollar question(s)” asked by countless souls for all-time during physical existence. Let’s get into this subject matter and see where things take us.

        You asked how it is possible to avoid depression when there is a conscious choice to end a long-term relationship. The short answer is that it is not possible. You see, depression is arguably, a “necessary process,” which must be gone through in order to “become free,” if you will pardon the expression. As I have taught many times before, depression is an external manifestation of an internal struggle. If there was no internal struggle coping with the aftermath of something such as this, then I would suggest there was never anything of real substance to begin with.

        Why? It is because we are all made up of energy. If there is no “polarity” at work (attraction and repulsion,) then there is the existence of nothing (no-thing.) Please bear with me Jenna, as this response is apt to become very lengthy, and not the least of which is due to the conceptual range of its nature (human interpersonal relationships.)

        I have taught before in great detail upon how the soul ages upon the physical plane, and as it does, its “needs” will change in very significantly different developmental ways. For example, when the soul is “mature,” the complexities of human interpersonal relationships are so “baffling” at times as to warrant the inability to deal effectively with the “problem relationships” without “outside help.”

        This “outside help” can come in many different forms, and not the least of which is professional, and sometimes with pharmacological necessity as well. On the other end of the “spectrum,” it could come from old soul spiritual teachers, such as myself, but I will let you be the judge of that.

        In many ways, the “mature-soul-cycle” of developmental growth is very much tied into coming to terms with the complexities of human interpersonal relationships. As a comparison, when the soul becomes “old,” it is no longer as “baffled” by the complexities of human interpersonal relationships, as it has learned how to not allow them to distract the life focus, which is very important to the developmental lessons, which are particular to this age of the soul’s growth and development, while here physically.

        Returning to your concerns…

        In essence Jenna, what you are running right smack into is the lesson to be learned from facing the internal “polarity” of what is more important, the needs of the personality or the needs of the soul? Once again, I have taught on this subject much, and for those who are “older,” they already know the answer. Since the personality is a “construct,” which only exists within the context of one particular lifetime, never to return, whereas the soul is that which is eternal, returning to physical life again and again, until it is “time to leave,” which do you think is more important?

        It is not as uncommon as you might think for “painful psychological and emotional experiences” to be intrinsic to personal growth and development for not only the personality, but the soul as well. Take heart, it is not always this way, for it is indeed possible to developmentally grow through joy, instead of pain. However, in order to experience this way of life, it has to be “earned.”

        By “earned” I do not mean anything, which is external to the personality living the existence of its soul, but rather, it is necessary to “learn” a new way of living. Until this new way of living is learned, it is not uncommon for there to be the necessity of “breaking free” of one’s own “imprinting” and “programming,” which actually work against the natural process of learning through joy, instead of pain, as crazy as that may sound, it is unfortunately true.

        As I teach in my second book, this opportunity to “break free” of one’s own “imprinting” and/or “programming” is generally not available to the personality until the average age of 40 plus years in chronological age. (Here in our Untied States of America anyway.)

        Whereas the mature age soul will get caught up in considering the feelings of another above their own, the older soul will not. What is the answer? For the mature soul, things are much more difficult unfortunately. Even the older soul does not find the matter “easy,” the older soul finds that which is “necessary” for its own developmental needs, which cannot often be verbally expressed, but is felt very clearly.

        Even the mature soul feels this “clear necessity” for the need for change, but they cloud the issue within themselves to point of no return sometimes, unless they find “outside help.” Often, the answer the mature soul is looking for, is to be found in “outside professional help.” This need not cost any money or significant money anyway, but of course, it can.

        What the older soul will come to realize, that the mature soul “clouds within themselves” is that when a relationship needs to change in a very significant way (like saying goodbye,) the older soul realizes that THE OTHER PARTY IS ALSO BEING HELD BACK from growing in developmentally appropriate ways to improve the quality of their life as well. This is not “understood” by the mature soul, in the way it is to an older soul.

        The older soul will come to recognize and validate the “developmental need” for the other party to have their space to grow, even if this is to mean the other party may indeed “fight the process,” and in “very creative ways,” hidden within their own personal “issues,” of interfering with the personal growth and development of the personality, as well as the soul.

        In other words, sometimes, in order to make a relationship change of the magnitude in which you are considering Jenna, you must “take a risk” at growing the quality of your life, and for which you are worthy. This will of course mean putting the needs of the soul above the feelings, emotions, and psychology of the personalities involved. It is scary, I know. However, it is sometimes absolutely necessary.

        This whole matter of ending a long-term interpersonal relationship is not one to be treated lightly. However, this does not mean to avoid it to the point of your own “retardation,” in terms of personal growth and development, for both your personality and your soul.

        Sometimes, it is “easier” to try a “trial run” by talking with your significant other, and playing yourself as the “bad guy.” You know, the one who has to “figure things out, or they will go crazy, or make themselves sick with long-term depression.” If this path is chosen, then the temporary separation must be actually observed by staying away from each other during the course of the “separation.” This includes any type of communications and/or physical visits.

        During the time of the “trial separation,” you must find those to whom you can talk with. You must also make a deliberate effort at forcing yourself to “intermingle” with new people, and/or reestablish old connections, for the joys these may bring. During this time it is also very important to work at improving your own “self-confidence,” “self-esteem,” “self-image,” etc.(Exercise and diet are only part of this.)

        Find activities (even those new,) which bring you joy and satisfaction, whatever they may be. Place no judgment upon yourself during this time of “trial separation.”

        While your “trial separation” is going on, find ways to “take back your energy,” which you had given away. You do this by realizing that the experiences you had with this individual WERE BECAUSE OF YOU, and not because of them. They were your experiences. You were ready to have them. You could have had the energetic equivalent of them with someone like them, but not necessarily them. However, without you, they would not have ever even occurred.

        AS you consider all of that, be honest in terms of what you have leaned about yourself and life, because of what they have taught you, and what you have taught yourself. Take back your energy for these experiences by taking ownership of them. Be grateful for what you have leaned while being “connected” to this individual. This is the path of the old soul, and for which there is no substitute.

        It is not uncommon for souls to come together during the course of a life to learn from and help each other, and even if the personalities get in the way, or try to complicate things. It is also not uncommon for the “soul connections” to not stay together for the entire physical lifetime, but rather to continue growth and development, whether or not that is together or apart is not the important part. The important part is that both continue to grow and develop, lest the personalities involved choose to “shelve the matter.”

        If the matter is “shelved,” there will be much material for consideration (food for thought) when the lifetime is ended. It is also not uncommon that only one of the involved two may actually have the actual courage and strength of character to pull off the “parting of ways” in order for BOTH parties to continue growing and developing as personalities and as the souls, they are.

        Whomever it is that that makes the overt and conscious choice is often the one who “chooses” to beat themselves up with “reason of justified guilt,” or any number of other “persuasions,” all of which have no true validity but what the personality chooses to believe in. In fact, most often when in the life “later,” the two cross paths again, it is clearly validated in terms of the “rightness” of the so very difficult choice made at the time. Where two were “trapped developmentally,” two became “free developmentally,” and for which only time could prove to tell.

        Jenna, it important to respond to the fact that no one can use our emotions and feeling against us, UNLESS we allow that to happen. This is very important to realize and validate, for it contains an essential component to be figured into this energetic equation, if it is to be successful.

        You asked of men leading women on and why is this? You already know the answer, for the truth of the matter is that men “lead women on” because the women allow them to do this. The simple solution is to stop the “merry-go-round” and get off. Think here of the child who is furious because of someone who keeps looking at them, yet the child holds the power to stop this from occurring; stop looking at THEM, and the cycle is broken.

        Human relationships are the greatest “tool” the soul uses while here upon the physical plane to learn human understanding, the ultimate stage of which is joy. You did not come here to have a life in which there are no “challenges” (polarities) for you to overcome, even though there are spiritual teachers who teach that if you rise above your ego and lose all attachment, you will find enlightenment, but this is not true.

        What you will find is much food for thought when the life is over, concerning how this way of living a life is a “developmental thing” and nothing less, for ultimately it involves denying the true validity of why you are here (to grow and develop from dealing with “polarities” or “challenges.”) However, there is merit to this way of life for the mature soul, and I must clarify this. [For the older soul, it means to accept limitations and/or distortions, which are definitely not needed at this stage of the soul’s development.]

        The reason(s) you are so powerfully drawn to this person are not those you were born with, but rather, you have acquired and picked them up along the way in your life. Until you are ready to “let go of your security blanket” found in him, then you cannot possibly experience the actualities, which are hidden behind this developmental “symbol” in your present life.

        However, know this Jenna, one day you will indeed put down this “comfort blanket” in order to explore the realities beyond, for which you will become a greater person, and for which your loved ones will come to benefit, as well as the world around you. Otherwise, you rob us all of why you came here this time around. Why would you do that?

        To the eternal validity of your soul,


        • Hi Charles, thank you for your quick response. Sorry for the double question, my internet connection was acting up. To clarify, I have never actually had a relationship with this person; this is someone that I had to interact with closely for the last 2 years and we ended up spending a lot of one on one time together. Through this innocent interaction feelings ended up developing which neither of us expected. In a way he is somewhat of a security blanket for me because I have come to rely on his help for certain things and he is more then willing to spend his time helping me. But he is not a security blanket in a relationship sense.
          I actually feel that I have learned a great deal from him and feel like, if we were to continue to developed a friendship, there is a great deal that he could learn from me. However, he is in a relationship and for me to remain to be his friend knowing that is all it can be seems to be too painful. I don’t really know why I would have such strong feelings for someone that I have only had minimal interactions with. He wants to continue to be friends even though we will soon reach a point where we no longer have to interact. I don’t want to lose his friendship either but I don’t seem to be able to get over him when we interact on a regular basis. So either way I am very sad, sad to just be his friend, sad to not be his friend and mad at the universe for putting the one person in my face that I couldn’t resist. I know you teach that I chose this, or my soul did, and I guess in that case I should be mad at my soul lol. And to top it all off, he is a mess and won’t even discuss how he feels or what he feels if anything. I am not sure if I am a young soul or old soul or what but I am very baffled by human relationships in general, and this mess in particular. I have never been married and don’t understand how he can act, on one hand, in certain circles, like he has this perfect marriage but say all the things he said to me over the last months. For example, he told me he misses me when we are not able to see each other, he told me he wants me but the timing isn’t right, and that he can’t stop thinking about me, plus when he is around people that don’t know his wife he complains about her and calls her a bitch but then he makes comments around people that know her that would lead someone to think his marriage is picture perfect. I really didn’t mean to fall for a married guy it just started off as hanging out and we had fun together. I never even thought I would have feelings like this again after the horrible relationship that I had with my ex fiance and how long it had been since I had felt anything at all like this. It snuck up on me and then I was stuck in a situation where I had to interact with him, but that will soon end.

          • Thank you Jenna for sharing of your very personal life-experiences. I believe they will find resonance with others to the point of perhaps shedding some light upon their own “interpersonal relationship difficulties,” which may in some way, be used as a form of “guidance.” Thank you for your contribution to this amazing thing we call life.
            All the best,

        • Thank you Charles and thank you Jenna. Jennas question really touched me in many ways for i too am needing to say goodbye or let go of a long term relationship. Though i love them very much i have come to realize for my own growth i need to “go my own way”. I feel it is breaking my heart because its all i have ever known and have been in a depressive state over it and know i can not live like i am for much longer… I appreciate your old soul advice and you have helped me more than i am sure you realize. I may not be where i intend to be but i have a good start though the struggle is extremely difficult.. Thank you from deep inside me for being my “outside” help.

          Sami Jo

          • Hello Sami Jo.
            You are quite welcome.
            I appreciate the open honesty in the sharing of your predicament.
            In fact, it is in this open honesty that you will find the clarity needed to move forward effectively with what you need to do. As is so often the case, your “personal story” is of course, full of immense value to those who may find themselves in a “similar situation” one day, and in your journey, you leave “breadcrumbs” so that others might find their way too.
            Thank you for sharing of yourself for the benefit of others.
            To the person you came here physically to become,

  15. Why do some souls go through severe depression and choose to hide within their internal shell, while others go through life’s journey with ups and downs and are able to recover from lows more quickly? Does this have anything to do with soul age or is it personality coping methods or both?

    • I’m back Penny.

      Hi sweetheart.

      I appreciate you in all your continuing support and encouragement of my life-work. 🙂

      Your answer to your question is correct. It is both. However, if you will, allow me to break that down a bit.

      As you well know (from my third book,) I talk about the ages of the human soul and how when that age is “mature,” it is not uncommon for the personalities of these souls to have life expression where they “need” to pull away from their life often for to go into their “internal shell,” as you call it. Why? Because for those souls (and their personalities) at this level of soul-age development, the whole matter of living is so difficult as to warrant needing “sanctuary” in order to function effectively with the “outside world.”

      Whereas for the previous cycle of the soul’s growth (young soul-age,) there was absolutely no need whatsoever for “introspection” of any kind, because of the external focus on becoming as powerful as possible. This would even regularly show itself in the life as being “hard-wired” to bring others around to its own point of view, or to reject them for not “coming up to the mark.” There is much more here, but this is enough for now regarding the young soul-age.

      Now as the soul’s development progresses to that of becoming “mature” in soul-age, things change very dramatically. Now the focus is “inward,” and in many ways, completely so. This presents a dilemma though, because the soul’s personality still has to interact with the “outside world.” This outside world is very often perceived and interpreted by the mature soul as being “negative” in terms of energy, and it is for this reason, why they need to pull back into their own self-determined “internal shells,” or “personal space.”

      In fact, the motto (guiding belief) they live their life by is “do it anyplace but here.” In this example, “here” is referring to their personal space, whether physical, emotional, psychological, or what-have-you. Mature souls (and their personalities) are “questing,” and this process is self-determined from within. They almost do not care about what others think of them, as long as they don’t interfere with their “personal space.” They simply want left alone to work on their “cause.”

      There is much more here regarding the mature soul age, and their personalities, but this is enough for now. Now while considering how this thing such as “soul-age” might have influence upon any given personality’s methodology of dealing with “depression” and the like, there is indeed much more to consider. We also have to take into account one’s own upbringing, in terms of how the programming instilled, has taught them “success” or “failure” at dealing with depression.

      Depression, in and of itself is not a bad thing. Why? Depression is merely an external indication of the internal struggle, which is going on within. In many ways, depression is at times intrinsic (necessary) to personal growth and development. You could think here of anyone who has gone through the sometimes very painful psychological and emotional experiences of when a relationship ends between two who were sharing their lives together, as lovers, friends, and more.

      To pretend they are not depressed during some of the experiences they must go through, before “healing,” (so that they might find love once again,) is to deny the validity of depression’s purpose. (That purpose being part of the very intense inner work necessary to grow beyond the pain.)

      The point here is not to look upon depression as a “bad thing,” but rather, as the resolution to a problem. The only real problem with depression is when the personality/soul does not have the tools to deal with the experience in such a way as to grow beyond it, WITHOUT HELP. Sometimes, this help is absolutely necessary. In fact, there are even different types of depression, and arguably, with different types of solutions necessary.

      For purposes of this response here to your inquiry Penny, I will be focusing upon the type of depression, which is directly related to the sometimes very difficult human experience of dealing with “polarities.” These “polarities” are the experiences, which are to be dealt with in such a manner as to grow the personality/soul developmentally in terms of its own understanding as a human being.

      To use an analogy here, young children do not have the “personality tools” to reason for themselves as the adults they will one day become. In this same way, sometimes the personality (through programming,) and/or the soul (through its age,) may not have the “tools needed” to deal with the very difficult nature of depression at times.

      Now I have mentioned a “young-soul-age,” and a “mature-soul-age,” however, it is actually the “old-soul-age” that has only depression as the last possible “neurotic manifestation” for which it can become a “victim.” I put “victim” in quotes because they are not actually a victim, except for what they themselves may have “created unknowingly,” through how they choose to perceive, interpret, and live their lives.

      For some unfortunate “old souls,” depression can arrest personal growth and development for an entire lifetime. However, it is that same soul age (old soul,) which has the experience to surrender to the desire of “letting go” in the life, for purpose of accepting life on life’s terms. Ultimately, one’s own “imprinting” and “programming” from the early life have great influence upon them. If it is good, great. If it is bad, then not so great.

      All of this changes nothing about what I have said. Depression is an external sign of the internal struggle going on. Depression is not meant to take over one’s life. Depression is meant for one to grow from the experience. If help is needed, then help is needed, go and get it, and do not judge yourself unfairly for this.

      Do not forget that other factors may be at work as well, which may work in concert with the depression, and so should be made aware of as a contributing factor. Things such as poor nutrition (appetite,) poor physical rest (sleep,) poor physical activity (which aids restful sleep by the way,) and an overworked conscious mind (which needs to be “rested” to recover,) can all be strong contributing factor to the depression.

      By the way, I mentioned an “over worked conscious mind,” and that it needs to be “rested” to recover; let me elaborate. There are always things particular to each human being that bring them pleasure, relaxation, and joy. These are the things, which will “rest one’s mind.” For some personalities, the things, which rest their mind, can be quite physical in nature.

      For example, for some human beings, running long distances is a way for their minds to “unwind.” For others, it could be reading, taking a walk, soaking in a hot bubble bath, mediation exercises, working on a hobby, enjoying good food in the company of loved ones, or alone, etc. There are literally many different things, which can “rest one’s mind” or “recharge their batteries,” so to speak.

      Making sure there are no “contributing factors,” like just mentioned, by the implementing of their “resolutions,” can help one support their speedy recovery from the depression. Of course if professional help and/or medication is needed, then so be it. In addition, whatever it is that can be participated in to improve one’s “self-image,” “self-esteem,” and “self-confidence,” can immeasurably aid in finding one’s way out of the depression. For those who choose to have (or are patterned) “passive personalities,” the depression is often the only means of expressing anger.

      I appreciate your questions Penny because they give me an opportunity to speak on the different ways in which depression might operate, and how incredibly difficult it can be to watch someone you care about deeply, suffer in so much pain. However, know this; you cannot alter their play, no matter how much you may wish this, as this is something only they themselves can choose to break the cycle of.

      Why is that important to know? It is important to know that if you choose to impose your will upon them to “snap out of it,” there is the possibility of crossing a “karmic line” if not careful. Their life is not your responsibility and accountability, it is theirs, and this includes if they choose to make it a way of life for themselves. It is good spiritual work to give someone the space to make his or her own “mistakes,” even if this pisses you off so much that you could just scream. This also applies if their “choice” effectively “breaks your heart.”

      Ultimately, it is your responsibility to become the best version of yourself that you can become, even if this means that you may have to “let someone go,” lest their “problems” become your “problems.” Of course, one may choose this way of life, and in that event, there will be much “food for thought” after the life is over. I trust you intuitively get my meaning here Penny.

      My heart goes out to you if someone you care about is in the category, which “breaks your heart,” and if it is the other category (letting someone go,) then I empathize with your predicament. Something, which may be of value to you, is to consider how the laws of physics operate… Whenever a “vacuum occurs energetically,” it will be filled with “something new energetically.” Another way to understand this is that if one door “closes,” another one “opens.”

      I wish you all the best no matter where you are at energetically with all of this.

      I love you Penny,
      Chuck 🙂

      • Thank you for taking the time to respond to my inquiry. I appreciate your time and energy in this matter. It has brought some clarity to me. It is indeed sad to watch someone spiral downward and there is no way to help fix it, because they have to CHOOSE to fix it themselves or continue to stay where they are. They can also manifest a disease that will end up being the death of them.
        It is hard to watch and make life changes for yourself and those who are involved. Sometimes it seems like enabling it to continue to happen by trying to keep the peace is the right thing to do (at the time) to allow for the soul to work out the internal struggle. However, it seems that you eventually have to make a life altering change that can be best for both. Things may come around to work out the way you hope or they may just be the path to transition to a new life. Either way things have to change.
        I have noticed that with depression that the person going though the depression blames other for their choices in many matters. They do not take responsibility for their choices. Depression seems to color all things that the depressed person looks at and nothing can be positive because of the depression. No matter how much you try to change things that they don’t like it will never be good enough because of the depression they have.
        For example: A great actor who appeared to have it all committed suicide and ended his temporary problems with a permanent solution leaving so many people hurt and confused. It appeared to the many that loved and admired his work in movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire were totally caught off guard that anything was wrong in his life. I am one who loved to watch most of his movies and had great laughter from his energetic personalities. My heart was crushed to hear of the news. I did not understand why he did not seek professional help for his internal struggles and still do not understand his choice. I went through all the grieving processes even though I did not know him personally. I can only imagine what those who knew him went through.
        There are many high school students who commit suicide to end the pain they are going through. It is so sad to watch all these things happen in the news on a weekly basis. Elementary students go through great depression when they are supposed to be enjoying their childhoods. Can we blame the parents, teachers, or the environment for these changes? If people were eating healthier, exercising, getting out doors, and restful sleep would all this be happening in the world today? Do environmental factors such as TV, movies, internet, social media and video games have any culpability (responsibility) in this matter? What about simple expectance of others who are different from themselves, could this be a factor in the chronic depression that is out there so much in this century?
        My hope is that anyone who is going through depression seeks the help they need to live through the issues that are suffocating them. If anyone knows someone who is depressed you must ask those hard to ask questions…Do you want to die? Do you have a plan? Then if those questions are answered yes seek help from an adult or authority figure you can trust to help you find the help needed. Never keep the secret or make a promise not to tell.
        I wish all of you who are fighting depression: To fight to win for all who care about you want to see you happy…

        • Hi Penny.
          Thank you so very much for sharing your take on the matter. It is my opinion that some of it will ring true for some of those who visit this site. I hope the “take away” is at least to find the answers to the two questions you asked of one considering suicide, and if the answer is yes to both, then it is very good work spiritually to get involved in whatever manner is necessary to bring aid the one who is suffering; for the alternative is too painful to consider…
          All the best Penny,
          Love Chuck.

  16. Hi Charles, i have really enjoyed reading all the questions and your responses. I wish less people lived in fear and would be more open to talk about “deeper” things.. I do have a question that because of learning from you that even though it feels its about me i actually know its not really about me but maybe you can bring even more clarity to it or even help others. Why do some people get so threatened by others presence when they know you are a good person. Why do some have such a hard time seeing that there could actually be benefit for them to not behave like they are “in competition” and instead embrace each other for the common good of things. I dont feel one person is better than the next. We are all special in our own ways and have our own stories and our own gifts. I feel very sad that i have come across many who have their issues and judge me because they are threatened for whatever reason. Though i know it has more to do with them than me it is still very difficult to not feel hurt and be frustrated which also tells me i am still growing to understand more. Thank you for all you have given so freely. You are one of the most beautiful . wisest souls i know. Sami Jo

    • I’m back Sami.

      Thank you for your very kinds words in closing.

      I understand how you might think that when someone is not wanting to talk of “deeper issues,” that this can suggest fear of the subject matter, and sometimes this is absolutely true. However, there are also times where that is not the issue, but rather, a “lack of interest.” For those personalities for whom a “lack of interest” is the issue for not talking about “deeper issues,” I would argue that the material is not within the range of their “developmental needs spiritually.” In other words, they are here for a different reason than trying to make sense of this thing we call life.

      As you know, and as I write in my third book, when the soul-age becomes “older” upon the physical plane, there will come a point where it becomes “necessary” for the personality to become more aware of the “deeper issues”; even though there may be great variance here in terms of “life-application.” Still, if a personality suspects that their soul might be “older,” then it is very good spiritual work to be concerned with “deeper issues.”

      Now honestly, from the perspective of an old soul spiritual teacher (me,) these “deeper issues” are not really deeper issues, but rather, it is what my life’s focus happens to resonate with. In addition, while there are indeed other ways in which to “serve one’s spirituality,” for me, this is where things are at this time around. I say this because I am hoping to find students, for whom my material resonates, in such a way as to provide spiritual clarification and guidance.

      If others find no value in my material, and in fact, they are “uninterested,” then of course, these are not the personalities (souls) I am seeking out. I do know that there is a great need for my work in the world today, and specifically for those who will find they “resonate” with the material. This is why I am here physically. This is/are my gift(s.)

      In all fairness to your comments, FEAR is a very powerful influence in other’s lives, even to the point of actually getting in their way to better themselves spiritually, if this is their path. However, sometimes, through a personality’s “reasoning,” they can manufacture what is necessary to remove their responsibility to grow themselves, and feel completely justified in this position. There are so many ways in which for this to manifest itself, I hesitate to give specific example, but I will.

      Most often, when one is “afraid” (although they will not see it in this way,) they will use their “disguised fear” in the following manner. They will project their own idea(s) onto the thing being considered “deeper issues,” first, THEN they will “pass judgment” upon the thing (deeper issues) for the purpose of removing the need for them to grow themselves, through their ideas.

      If you will recall from my books, fear will “justify itself” from within the psychological and emotional being of the personality who possesses it, through logic, rationale, and reasoning. Now it important to clarify that logic, rationale, and reasoning are not fear, but rather, fear uses these things to great purpose for achieving its ends. In addition, it is important to clarify that we are not born with fear, but rather, we “acquire it” during the course of the life.

      As you already know Sami, I teach about all this in my books, and in particular, in my second book, I explain how fear comes to be “taught” to our children, by the manner in which we raise them. It is this “learned/acquired pattern of fear,” which we all carry into our adult lives, and is key in helping us to achieve “enlightenment” (extinguishment of the fear within us,) if that is our intended path. Even if not intended, the fear will play a very significant role in whatever the personality attempts to create in its life.

      Therefore, having an awareness of how fear can operate from within us internally, in a psychological and emotional manner, is key to getting out of the life, the very best that life has to offer. So you see, if the personality finds “lack of interest” in the type of material I teach about, one might argue that the particular personality is living more in a fear-based life, than a love based life. Understand that the preceding statement is not meant to imply that if one does not find merit in my teachings, that they are by default choosing to live a fear based life. NO.

      Instead, I am trying to clarify that if a personality “finds no interest” in any type of material, which might “stretch them developmentally,” (by causing them to question what they think they know to be true,) then one could argue we may be looking more at a “closed psychological and emotional environment”; which is EXACTLY what fear can do to one in the life, if they allow it through a “passive acquiescence” (Passive acceptance.)

      Sami, consider how most can probably relate to the phrase “you should never talk about religion, politics, and ?” Why do you suppose that is? Yes, it is because of fear, and not the “good sense” or “reasoning,” which has taught one the “wisdom” in such an approach to interacting with others. This situation resonates exactly with the nature of your inquiry. Once more, “fear wins,” and all because it is thought prudent (wise) to conduct the life in such a manner, because it is “safer” (fear wins again.)

      Now please understand me here… I am not suggesting to go and challenge others on their ideas concerning politics, religion, or what-have-you. NO. (For this could be fear once again at work.) Why? Because anytime one feels the need to convince another for the “lack of wisdom” in their ideology concerning ANYTHING, their own lack of understanding shows the presence of fear at work. Why? If one truly understood the nature of the matter, they would understand the “need” for one to form and follow their own ideas in their life. (By the way, asking respectful questions of one’s “ideology” can be used very effectively towards “understanding,” which is in many ways, the great goal here.)

      Quite literally, one is to create their own life (and this is done through making their own choices, with or without awareness of this process or not,) and then learning the lessons this teaches their soul, which will belong to them for all of eternity. Even if the personality is not aware of what is going on here, and this “learning” is that which is done after the life is over, and not during. There is nothing wrong in this by the way, even if it is true (it doesn’t have to be this way) that the personality will not be able to benefit from the growth within the context of that particular life, but the next.

      Therefore, it is actually quite an arrogant thing to do (to suppose that you know better than the one living the life, what is in their best developmental needs.) This is even true if the personality has no conscious awareness of just what in the world is “true” or “right” for them. Because, you see, this knowing or not knowing is not the real issue at work in the life. Instead, the “real issue” at work in any one’s life is clarified in the immediately preceding paragraph of information.

      Therefore, without understanding, it is arrogant to think one’s ideas are “right” and another’s are “wrong.” However, know this, this is the stuff of which life is made, which includes the “dealing with” or “not dealing with” of those in life who will try to impose their ideas upon you through “coercion” (force,) rather than through “persuasion” (appealing to one’s discerning mind through a point of view.) In addition, further know that the “dealing with” or the “not dealing with” is also a choice being made, and for which there are “consequences” or “lessons learned” as well.

      You see, it is impossible to escape the nature of “choice,” as this is the means through which we drive the evolutionary process of our lives, while here upon the physical plane of existence. Sami, your recognition of growing your understanding of all this should serve as notice to your personality of the “oldness” of your soul, and how it is “bleeding through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of your conscious awareness. This is very good work spiritually, and for which your personality can benefit from during the course of your lifetime, should you choose to continue down this path. 🙂

      The infinitely myriad (unlimited) ways in which human behavior can manifest through a lack of understanding, and “distilled fear,” are beyond my ability to verbalize adequately. However, I will say this…

      One’s “soul-age,” “level of perceptive and interpretive development within that soul-age,” ”personality programming” and “personality imprinting” (how they were raised,) “chronological age” (for reasons of life-experience using “choice” after the mind has matured enough to reason for itself,) and one’s own willingness to confront the dealing with of “polarities” within themselves (which of course is greatly determined and affected by the previous material listed,) are the primary energetic forces at work in the life of any human being; “ideology” notwithstanding.

      All the preceding will drive the personality, from which its choices will determine the particular manifestations in the life. In addition, this applies to whether or not the “lessons learned” are to be benefited from during the course of the life, or only “after.” (This will of course will be energetically benefitted from in the next incarnation.) As you can see, the “truth” of a human being, and why it is here, is of course, not an easy thing to explain. Furthermore, until a soul is much older, none of this will even be of consideration or concern, for the purpose of spiritual evolutionary growth, which for the older soul, is almost an “imperative” (crucial importance) in the life. Why? Because of the sheer and absolute power of age.

      Quite literally, as the soul becomes very old, the drive for “spiritual evolution” takes precedence (importance) over all else. As you are undoubtedly aware Sami, I write about this very thing in my third book, for which you have purchased and read, and for which I trust, has played a part in your own process of discovery in your own “spiritual evolutionary growing process.”

      There are indeed reasons why others might be threatened by another, why they might become “competitive” to the point of negatively judging another (when they could choose to see the good in them instead,) why they might choose to be “negative” towards another, and on, and on, and on. These “reasons” can be found within the “message” I have communicated within this response to you, with your own discerning mind.

      The only exceptions would be those for whom their “developmental needs” are not served by trying to grow their “spiritual evolutionary process” within the context of this particular lifetime. In many ways, having a deeper understanding of how life and others work, can cause an older soul to “feel energetically displaced” as compared to the average soul age around them. This is why it is essential for us older souls to seek out each other to help each other grow, and from this, we will automatically help the “younger ones.”

      Think here of the very elderly who are in good health of mind and body, but who “need to socialize with their own,” for purposes which drive their appreciation of, and involvement with, the life they are living. As these “older human beings” choose to share of themselves with others, particularly the “young children,” we can witness “magic in the making” as they share their gifts of “wisdom” through the sheer and absolute power of age. Their interactions with the “younger ones” can be “life altering” as well as “mutually beneficial,” through the sharing of love’s power to makes one’s life greater than it was “before,” by being touched with its “power.”

      Sami, your being physically present at this time in history, and here in the United States of America, is no accident. When we consider that the average soul-age (my third book) in the world, and here in our own country is “late-young-soul-age,” then the nature of your inquiries should not be of surprise to you. This is the reason for the “difficulties” you may find yourself struggling with from time to time as you try to grow your understanding of “why?” Remember that these “inner struggles” are a feedback sign to you from your soul of the “inner polarities” you are choosing to deal with, instead of not choosing to deal with. This is the nature of why you are here, and I wish to commend you for reaching this level of accomplishment in your explorations, which is aiding you in your “understanding.”

      I trust you may find value within my response to you.

      All the best,

  17. Posted on behalf on Janaki.

    I Don’t Believe in Karma. My Mother Hanged Herself after torture from my Father…

    I don’t believe in karma. If karma existed then there would be an immediate effect. Only then would people rectify their mistakes.

    My mother was soft hearted and my father is arrogant. My mother was innocent.

    My mother got married at 13. At that time my father was 28. From the age of 13 until 49 my mother didn’t enjoy her life.

    My father was just the opposite of my mother. He liked beating my mother for no reason. He married another woman without my mother’s knowledge….. He was always drinking… She got more torture…

    Her 3 daughters, my sisters, got married. My brother, 25 years old is deaf and dumb. He can’t get married.

    At 49 my Mother hanged herself due to the torture of my father. It has not been confirmed whether she hanged herself or was murdered by my father.

    Where is God? What did my mother do? Why did he take away my mother? What is happening in this world……… Why should my mother go first? She could have lived with us. Why?

    • Dear Janika,

      There are no words to console you for what you have gone through in all of these incredibly difficult life experiences.

      However, if I may, I would love to share with you something that I trust will help you to find some measure of understanding, for the purpose of helping to ease your suffering…but first, I must establish some sort of “foundational understanding” for my message to make any sense.

      Human behavior can at times defy understanding, until a spiritual teacher can bring about that understanding, but for this to occur, the “student” will have to find truth in the “teacher’s” words. In many ways, this understanding is determined by the ability of the student to process that understanding.

      In other words, if the student is at a developmental stage of evolution where the belief in good and evil is “necessary” for them, then know that this level of understanding will overshadow all of the understanding of the student. Or, in the alternative, if the student is at a stage of development where a belief in atheism is known as the truth, then this too will overshadow all of the understanding produced by the student. To understand this another way, one cannot exceed the limits of their growth.

      With this said…

      Whenever a human being considers their own life, or that of another, it is most common that there is no awareness of the fact that the soul is here having that existence through a personality. Furthermore, that the “parameters” of the life are not accidental. In other words, at a “soul-level” beyond the scope of this response, the life is chosen for reasons of “spiritual growth and development.”

      Whether or not this is benefited from within the context of the life, is not the important part. However, if it is to become so, it is necessary for the personality to become “awakened” within the context of the lifetime. Otherwise, the spiritual growth and development will occur after the life, and not during. (Between lives.)

      By the way, this method of spiritual evolution and development is the most common way of achievement, until the soul becomes older. When the soul does become older upon the physical plane, it is not uncommon for this to “bleed-through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality living the life.

      A belief in Karma is not necessary for karma to operate or exist, for indeed it will, with or without the awareness or belief of the personality in charge of living the particular lifetime. Your opening three sentences very strongly suggest your own present level of understanding this law is not complete as you might think. There is much still to more fully understand about Karma and how it truly operates upon the physical plane.

      Karma is not about punishment. Karma is a learning tool of love. Karma is about “filling in gaps of ignorance not intended to before.” Karma is not incurred for bad manners. Karma comes about from the deliberate interference of the life choices of another. Not for “bad manners.” There is karma with another, and there is personal karma dealing with one’s own self. The one most known about is karma with another.

      It is not about “an eye for an eye,” although it can show itself in this manner. Instead, it is hoped through growth, evolution and love, that the payback can be less drastic than that which brought it about. Personal karma with one’s self is not really addressed until the soul becomes older.

      It is not uncommon for the “life-mistakes,” which may result in Karma, to not be “processed” until the lifetime is over. Karma is a law, which plays an integral part in why the “creator” (however you may place meaning upon that) allows us as human beings to have full-range of the ability to have free choice and free will.

      With that said, human beings, in order to “come to the end of the line” here upon the physical plane one day, must achieve this through a complete and full understanding of what it means to be human. Please understand I am speaking of a process, which is completely and totally beyond the scope of one physical life only. I am speaking here of the “whole-self,” or if you will, your soul.

      The soul itself will return many, many times to physical life in order for this to occur. The personality (human self) is a construct, which is grown new each particular incarnation. This response is not the place to further explain this subject matter. I merely wish to clarify that there is a “purpose” beyond the scope of its particular incarnation, which can be perceived and interpreted by any given personality,

      Please forgive me Janika if my words find offense with you, for this would only be your perception and interpretation of them, and not my intention …

      Regarding your mother and your father…

      Your mother and father came together in this life not by accident, but rather, by “choice,” even if the choice was “guided” at a soul-level, unknown to personality, it changes nothing. Still, even though this may be true, it is important to understand that it is the personality who “runs the show” while here physically, and not the soul, even though it is the soul, which “set things up” before the incarnation begins.

      Your mother and father made choices, which were their own to make. Now whether or not those choices were “good,” is another subject altogether. For in the eyes of the “creator,” there is no such thing as a “bad choice,” for all choices drive the mechanism of “evolution,” which ultimately produces joy, through the evolutionary process of love.

      However, from within the context of a particular life, and its choices, sometimes the human chooses to do some of the most cruel, mean, and hateful things imaginable.

      It is important to understand that the “creator” knows the only way we will ever learn to create responsibly through love, is to fully experience the results of that which we create. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no other way, for you see, upon the physical plane, all human beings have to deal with “polarities.” On either end of the polarities one will find fear and love, either of which is chosen.

      Example, how does one know what happiness means if they have not learned what sadness means? To continue, how does one know what love means, if you have not learned what it means to love? One more, how does one know what it means to be cruel, if they have not learned what kindness is? Or finally, how does one learn what is a “good choice,” unless they have learned what a “bad choice” is? I could go on almost indefinitely, but I won’t.

      Let’s try this…In order for us as souls to learn our lessons here physically, in order to “graduate” to the next level of our lessons (evolutionary process,) we must first come to realize and understand fully, just who it is who is responsible and accountable for the choices we are making while here physically. (We must learn to create responsibly through love before we can leave.) It is here that our “creator” knows exactly what it is doing. In order to grasp this concept more fully, consider this…

      Why would you not choose to give a loaded handgun to a group of very young children for the purpose of learning lessons from? Is it because the results could be disastrous? Herein lies the wisdom in the “creators” reasoning. (Why we are not allowed to progress to the nest plane of existence, with more freedoms, until we finish our work (lessons) here on the physical plane.)

      Returning to your mother and father…

      There are, many things to consider when taking a look at how one chooses to live their life. Soul-age, perceptive and interpretive level within that soul age, belief system, chronological age, and programming/imprinting, are some things to consider. Sometimes, the soul or “whole-self” sets up challenges for the personality to deal with during the context of the lifetime to be lived, and always for purposes of “spiritual evolution.” Not all personalities make the “right choices” concerning the matter.

      Some have great difficulty and “drop the ball.” Still, regardless of the outcome for the individual life, there is always growth, validation, and inculcation when the life is ended. No matter how the life turns out, the soul will assimilate the lessons learned when the life is over, and from this, new choices will be made by the whole-self next time around.

      Your mother herself made the decision to take her own life, not your father. Your mother’s choice to remain with your father, during her life, (instead of leaving) was again, her choice. What your mother will be able to learn from this life is that which will become crucial to her own evolutionary process while here upon the physical plane.

      The fact that she committed suicide does not come with any “punishments” on the other side, even though much is taught differently in religious and spiritual doctrines concerning this. You will of course have to process this at your own level of understanding.

      We are never alone, even in death. There is always help and assistance available to us (unless we choose to shut it out.) You see Janika, it is always up to you, for the “creator” will not interfere with your evolutionary process. Regarding your mother’s death, I would be amiss to not tell you that your mother’s death at the moment of her death experience was “ghastly.” Please forgive me, as I do not mean to be hurtful to you, but rather, to help frame the experience in a teaching so as to promote understanding.

      The reason for the ghastly conditions belong to your own mother at the time of her death, and not any “outside force” or “agency.” The simple reason for this is because of the depression she took with her at that moment, as her “energy” is instantaneously translated into the conditions, which she will experience. However, take heart here, for because of the ghastliness of the experience, the being (your mother) will have cried out of agony and desperation for help for it to all end, and from this, an “inner doorway” will have allowed others to reach her in her time of need. And, just as quickly as it all began, it would end.

      Why? Once again, because we are never alone from those who would be of help and assistance to us. Those who were present for her, from a space of love, would have taken her lovingly from the terrible experience she was experiencing, by helping her to understand the experiences she was having, were of her own creation.

      This would then begin a process that would lead her beyond the context of those experiences, and into a much larger context for which she would continue her learning process in the company of loved ones (known and unknown.) This response is not the place to further educate upon this level of teaching. I merely wanted to be clear with you what might have occurred for her, and that she is A-OK now. 🙂

      Sometimes, the soul will make choices, which will baffle the personality, and furthermore, in many ways, the needs of the soul are “more important” than the needs of the personality. What does that mean? It means that the needs of the soul in terms of an evolutionary process are more important that the feelings, emotions, and psychology of the personalities of the lives they effect and affect.

      This does not mean they are not taken into account, for they most certainly are. It is more that the soul’s needs for evolutionary growth will often not be understood by the personality, and sometimes the “pain” caused to the personality is “needed” to “catalyst changes.” Sometimes, there is no other way to get through to the personality. 🙁

      In fact, it is entirely possible that “at some level,” while alive, your mother “knew” that having taught you the terrible experiences she endured in cruelty by your father would be best served by the ending of her life. Now I know that sounds crazy, but look how it has affected you… Is it not true that this has caused you to ask very deep inner personal questions, which are bringing about a process of searching and discovery as you seek to find an answer as to why?

      Is it not further possible that the answers you are finding will/are leading to “personal growth and development” for you? There is much more here, but I believe you are intuitively getting my message loud and clear.

      Your mother did not cease to exist, she merely changed form. We are all made of energy and as such, we cannot cease to exist. Take an ice cube and sit it on a warm surface and watch it “disappear” as it changes form into water. Furthermore, if you continue to watch it, it will change form again as it “disappears” by turning into evaporation, which in theory could be collected again as condensation, which could then be frozen again.

      As long as we blame others for our misfortunes, we give our energy away. When we do this, we do ourselves a disservice. However, regardless of any disservice we may do ourselves, nothing is wasted. If we do not learn our lessons within the context of our lifetime, we will learn it between lives. Neither way is “right” and neither way is “wrong,” except from the perceptions and interpretations of the personalities; as the “creator” knows differently.

      I am purposely not choosing to talk about your father here, so as to not lose focus on the more important message to be discerned within this response to you. If you would wish to learn more, you can choose to reach out to me.

      In conclusion Janika, there is so much more here, but out of respect for you (and others) I will bring this to a close. My purpose was to only help you find some measure of solace by hopefully expanding your perception and interpretation of the matter, so that you might find reason to search for how to improve some quality of your own life, as a loving way to honor the memory of your mother’s lifetime. This will make her most proud of you, while validating her position in “choosing” to leave in the way in which she did.

      May you always be at one with your own knowing, while trusting in the process of your own life through your own creativity, which is your connection to your source.


      • Posted on behalf of Janaki.

        Hi… Thank u very much for your reply..
        Many questions raising for me..
        How can I heal my grief.. Daily I have chest pain.. I miss my mother so much.. I think I can’t live without her.. Why couldn’t she live for seventy five years…. Death is fixed in that same date… Or is it an accident.. I think she didn’t commit suicide.. It must have been my father… My father is also crying daily… He is missing my mom. What are the reasons for this.. Tell me whether death is predetermined or not.

        • Hello Janaki.

          Thank you for acknowledging my response and continuing to correspond with me.

          Your inquiries are potentially very complex in nature, and so I do not wish to misguide or influence you “inappropriately.” However, if you will bear with me, I will indeed share what comes to me from within regarding your situation…

          Grief is an emotion, which is absolutely necessary to go through as a human being when there is an ending to a very close personal relationship. There is no one correct way for this to be experienced. There is no one correct amount of time in which for this to occur. It is only by allowing yourself to fully mourn the death of your mother, that you can possibly come out on the other side of this through healing.

          When this occurs, this part of you will be able to love again, and is in fact more or greater than it was before, because of what you have learned from the experiences of having a relationship with your mother.

          Suffering, while necessary to some degree, and for some time, is not meant to be prolonged, for it can become damaging to the soul (and personality.) It is my very strongly sensed opinion that your Mother’s death was not an accident, and while it was not consciously chosen by the personality of your Mother, I believe it was chosen by her “whole-self” or soul. I understand how incredibly difficult this may be to consider.

          It is even possible that your Mother’s death was an “accident,” by which I mean from the point of view of the personalities involved. However, it is also possible that the decision made by her soul, which was unconscious as far as her personality is concerned, played a role in having her present at a specific time and in a specific place for the “accident” to occur.

          In other words, there was a part of your Mom, which could not go on living in the manner in which She was, and so this “event” was allowed to occur. If this is true, then my previous communication to you can give you some insight as to why.

          Your very intense grief can absolutely produce physical symptoms in your physiology (such as in your chest pains.) You can live without your Mother, and She knows this. Arguably, this is only reason why She “chose” (soul) to leave so early, and in the dramatic manner in which She did. This would of course be for the very specific purpose of effecting and affecting you so deeply as to be a catalyst for change on your part. What change? Only you can possibly know, or learn, what that might be.

          I can tell you this though…If this is true, then this change will cause you to go on living to discover and develop something within yourself, which is “related” to the very real reason why you are here on the physical plane this time around.

          Whatever can be done to increase your physical activity, which will result in better restful sleep, as well as making sure to keep a healthy appetite going, which aids in your body’s elimination processes, will be of tremendous benefit to you health wise. Also, equally important to getting enough rest for your body, is the necessary requirement of getting enough rest for your conscious mind.

          How? By participating in those activities, which are most enjoyable, relaxing, and rejuvenating to you; these things will quite literally “rejuvenate your batteries,” so to speak.

          Your Father’s grief is not your own to bear, and I would suggest some form of distancing yourself from him physically, psychologically, and emotionally, if possible. Not indefinitely, but rather, until you are “healed.” He misses your Mother so desperately because he is his own reflection in his “inner mirror” so to speak, without her being here to “block that reflection.” There is much more here, but this is enough about him.

          Death is not pre-determined before birth, for that suggests fate or destiny, and that is a lie, for fate does not exist in those terms. However, this does not mean that the soul (most often during the dream state) may not choose to end the life, and without the awareness of the personality living the life “in advance of the event,” but this is not the same thing.

          By the way, in ways too complicated to explain simply, your Mother would have absolutely been involved with this decision “at some level,” even if her personality was completely unaware of it in these specific terms.

          There was indeed a reason for your Mother’s death, and that reason has nothing to do with you focusing on her death as a continued life focus for yourself, but rather, as a means to alter the course of your own life, in accordance with a “gift” or “gifts” you have within you, unknown and untapped perhaps at present, but for which is the reason(s) you are here physically.

          In ways too complicated to elaborate, your Mother’s soul knows this and this is only reason for her involvement in the event of her own death.

          To put it most simply…After you finish with your own grieving process (however long that may take,) what can you do to improve the quality of your own life, and in honoring the memory of your Mother as the “reason?”

          All the best to you Janaki,

  18. Posted on behalf of gmcclenaghan,

    Newly awakened to spirituality, and searching for clarity…

    Newly Awakened this is where I find myself. Searching for clarity, meaning, and most importantly I can SEE.

    A weight has been lifted from me and I feel lighter than I ever have before. There is so much misguided information as I am finding out. So many different opinions and different beliefs about spirituality.

    I find it most true when I stumble upon articles/books that speak about doing the work within yourself. Looking inward to find the answers and most importantly realizing we are all one. One being created in an infinite spectrum of possibilities.

    I found it easiest to stay calm in light of all this newness and to just take a deep breath if I started to get overwhelmed with all the information.

    I wanted to jump with joy to shove this information in everyone’s face hoping that it would change their lives as well. But we are all on our own unique journey.

    It helped when I read all this new information to just take the bits that resonated with me the most. Instead of thinking I had to feel the same exact way as the article/book said. Remember we are all on our own journey there is no right or wrong.

    If you believe in something that most people don’t talk about, it does not mean that you are wrong. Because there is no right or wrong. We are all ONE. And we are all validated. I hope this information might help someone who is newly awakened.

    • Hello gmcclenaghan.

      I love the topic of your comments. It immediately resonated with me.

      I wish to commend you for reaching this place in your own quest for truth.

      If I may, i’d love to comment in response to something you said about “so many ideas and beliefs about spirituality…”

      There is of course no ONE TRUE WAY to spiritual enlightenment, as there are many paths to the goal. What is more important than trying to convince another, is to find that which resonates deeply within you, and follow that.

      In many ways, probably the best advice for any who are on a spiritual quest is to follow your own “inner direction.” Furthermore, it is arguably best to consider all belief systems as “allegories” (stories.) For in this position, it really does not matter if they are true or not. What really matters is whether or not they “ring true” for you. Because in these instances, I would argue that it is in your best developmental interests to follow the material. This does not mean that you may not outgrow the material one day, it only means that it is helpful to your “developmental growth” at the present time in your life. This will take the pressure off.

      The truth is that some souls here are having a physical existence through a personality, that a belief in Atheism is what is most developmentally appropriate for them. For another, it is belief in heaven and hell/good and evil.

      We are all indeed on our own “unique journeys,” as you so eloquently described. Therefore, it is a position of “understanding” that is arguably the most appropriate one as the soul grows older upon the physical plane.

      Enjoy the changes coming into your life gmcclenaghan,

    • Posted on behalf of Jenna.

      I am personality conflicted on my beliefs. Although none of it is new to me. I have been studying as much as I can about spirituality and all religions for a long time.

      However I remain confused as to what is the ultimate truth? Can western and eastern beliefs co exist?

      I’m not sure what peoples’ religions are here or if we are even supposed to breach the topic of religion but for me it goes hand in hand. I retain a belief in Jesus and God and have seen things that I can’t explain in the physical realm, this thing I saw, it was pure evil.

      I have been on a quest for the truth ever since. My quest has led me to study eastern religions as well, although I see a lot opinions that the two cannot co exist. Yet there is a lot of paganism in Christianity as well. I feel a connection with much of the eastern beliefs I learn about, yet am told by some they are wrong.

      I have also experienced things like synchronicity in my own life so therefore, I can’t disregard such beliefs either. Any insight that is given is appreciated, I don’t want to follow a belief that is not of pure goodness nor do I want to disregard something that is true.

      • Hello Jenna.
        Thank you for taking the time to reach out. If I may, I welcome the opportunity to “shed some light” on these inquiries of yours, and hopefully, in a way most becoming to you; but I will let you be the judge of that. 🙂

        As an Old Soul Spiritual Teacher, I teach that the “truth” is that which is determined subjectively by the individual perceiving and interpreting that truth. Also, it is important to remember that whatever it is the individual determines to be truth for them, will always, without exception, be “developmentally appropriate for them.”

        In other words, a soul here on the physical plane, having an existence through a personality, cannot exceed the limits of their growth. In order to clarify this concept, allow me an analogy here…

        Consider any human child learning that those things called “numbers,” and those things called “alphabetic letters,” all have names. And furthermore, those things have reality and existence beyond their names only. For example, the numbers can add to each other, and subtract from each other. The letters also have sounds they make as well as names, and they can come together to form additional sounds, which contain meaning.

        Considering our child, it is easy to understand how some things would quite literally be beyond the limits of their growth to comprehend and understand. For example, regarding our young child and numbers, they cannot learn that the numbers can “multiply” and “divide,” until they first learn what numbers are, and what they can do. (Whatever that might mean.) Furthermore, they cannot learn “algebra” and “calculus” without first starting at the beginning. This same applies to the alphabetic letters as well, with respect to the nature of “language.”

        This very simple analogy can be used to produce insights within you Jenna, as to what I mean by “developmentally appropriate” or “to not exceed the limits of one’s growth.” You see, by this example only, there is not one right way developmentally for a soul here physically having existence through a personality. It quite literally is that, which is a “cooperative process” within the individual where they take things from the outside world and mix them with their inside world in such a way as to give them the truth they are seeking for their own spiritual awakening, growth and development.

        It is true that one’s ideas (beliefs) will grown over time, and this does make the previous “truths” lived by, “false.” Another analogy is in order, consider the following example… A very young child of, let’s say, 5 years old for example, is compliant and obedient to their parents about not unlocking the front house door and going outside to play in the yard, without Mom or Dad being present. For after all (from the parent’s perspective) there is no yard fence, and not 100 feet away is a busy street, which cars drive on,(but this is “unregistered” by the child.)

        The child accepts Mom and Dad’s rule as a form of “truth,” in that is that, which is used by them developmentally to discover, play, grow, and literally, to “learn about life.” It is a “safe belief.” It is a “true belief.” However, (and I know you will agree with me here,) if this “true belief” is not “grown” or “evolved” as the child gets older and wiser, then that same “safe belief,” will actually become a detriment to their continued growth and development. It will quite literally hold them back from “self-actualizing.”

        Once again Jenna, this analogy can be used by you to gain insight into what might be considered “the truth,” is actually that, which must be “developmentally appropriate” for the individual perceiving and interpreting that truth. And once again, how it is necessary that “truth” is something, which evolves.

        By the way, this “developmental aging process,” which results in the person’s “developmental needs” evolving within the context of the life, also applies to the nature of the soul while here on the physical plane. Quite literally, as the soul becomes older upon the physical plane, through its many, many different existences, its “developmental needs change.”

        In all fairness, I must also clarify that beyond the scope of one’s own “developmentally appropriate version of the truth,” there is indeed a “highest, ultimate truth for every single human being upon the planet.” What is that? Well know that it will resonate with everything already stated, however, here goes…

        The “highest most ultimate truth” for anyone, is that, “which is in accordance with the synthesis (bringing together the many different parts to form a cohesive whole) of the life itself.” Probably not what you were looking for, however, if you will spend some time in contemplation upon its “conceptual range,” once again, more insights will come to you from within, to be of aid to you in “assimilating it.”

        All one has to do is to listen to the manner in which someone uses their language, as they verbally express their concepts, to reach some insight as to where that person might be at developmentally in their own spiritual evolutionary process.

        For example, Jenna, you use verbal terms like Jesus, God, Christianity, evil, and the like. Surely, all these might give one insight into the mind of the one espousing (supporting) them, right? If this is true, one might suppose we are perhaps looking at one who accepts the “western model” of spirituality.

        But wait, at the same time, you talk of finding some measure of value in “eastern models” of spiritual thought. How can this be rectified (solved?)

        When a personality, through its own “upbringing” (imprinting, programming,) finds itself struggling with its own spiritual belief system, often it is because of the conflict inherent in finding value in “another way.” A way, which is arguably very different from the primary systems of belief; perhaps we are witnessing the acknowledgement of the soul trying to communicate to the personality that it has accepted “distortions” or “limitations,” which no longer serve the purpose they once did. In other words, what if the soul is trying to communicate it needs to “developmentally grow?”

        To “prove” to you the “truth” is developmentally determined as truth, consider the following… If I was to say to you that evil does not actually exist, except in the minds of those perceiving an action, would you believe me? If I furthermore was to tell you that evil is only a representation of something “projected” onto someone or something else because the primary is developmentally not able at present to “deal” with the actuality contained within the reality of the evil thing, would you believe me?

        To continue, if I was to tell you that there was a larger reality beyond the evil thing, and when the soul is “ready,” it will come to know what that is, would you believe me? If I was to tell you that the frameworks of good versus evil are merely smaller frameworks of developmental belief “hiding” the larger frameworks of actuality known as love versus fear, would you believe me?

        My point is that as the soul becomes old upon the physical plane, it will come to be more interested in perceiving the “cause” of the fear and/or evil, instead of the “agent.”

        Jenna, there is a point where you mention paganism as if it is almost incidental to the real nature of your inquiry, however, I would suggest to you that it is actually very integral to the answer(s) you are seeking. Why? Because the “creator” by whatever name you wish to call it, “put a piece of itself” into each and every individual know as a soul here having existence through personality, for the purpose of “guidance” and of “finding one’s way home.”

        Therefore, in order for this quest to take place, one will have to “consult their inner nature” to make sense of their journey, as their soul gets older. Therefore, “paganism” is an many ways, a valid component in this energetic equation, as the soul begins to question the “truth” of the system it may find itself to be a part of. In many ways, this is essential in determining if the religious or spiritual system of belief is actually becoming to the growing developmental needs of the soul, as expressed through the personality living the life.

        In summary Jenna, the discomfort and displacement you are experiencing is part of your own developmental spiritual growth, which is occurring at the present time in your life. In many ways, what is actually more important than is the system of religious or spiritual thought you are considering is true, is “does it resonate with you deep down inside?” If it does, I would say to you that this is much more important than knocking yourself out trying to find “proof” of it as being the “ultimate truth.” As you grow and develop within the context of this lifetime, you may find yourself one day “graduating” to another system of belief. There is nothing wrong in this. It is the nature of the soul’s evolutionary developmental growth while here upon the physical plane.

        Of course, there will always be those who claim to have the “absolute truth for everyone,” and they can share that proof with you, but once again, it is only you that can determine what is the “absolute truth” for you.

        My previous response to gmcclenaghan should be considered for some additional insight into this excellent inquiry of yours.

        All the best,

        • Posted on behalf of Jenna.

          Charles, thank you for your time and insights… I actually found my way to your site as well and watched the video where you talked about love vs fear, I am very interested in this concept as I mentioned on your sight because I know several people at the present time who are “stuck” in situations because of fear, often involving fear of leaving, fear of living on their own, etc. In some cases the situation may be down right detrimental to them, in some cases they are simply not happy but afraid to leave, or afraid of what they will lose (particularly status and material possessions), I would ask you to elaborate on how to move past fear and live in love and follow love, I feel this would benefit people to hear from another source besides me.

          Now as far as my situation goes, I am interested to know what the bigger reality is behind the evil that I witnessed and how it relates to fear vs love? What caused this thing to manifest? In an odd way seeing this evil has kept my faith strong because I always knew something more was going on then what generally meets the eye. At times I may have lost all faith or belief in spiritually otherwise. But I am interested to understand more of the big picture.

          I have a couple of other points that are actually more of side notes, but I feel they tie into spiritually. I feel I am on the verge of finding my calling so to speak. I recently went back to school and ever since I began this journey of finishing my degree I have 1) Had this amazing good feeling like I am on the right path/ feel like I am where I’m supposed to be and 2) I have been experiencing synchronicity much more then ever before. I have especially experienced it with money coming when I need it in just the right amounts but I have realized it in other ways too, some things even that happened before which lead to me finishing school like how I ended up moving back here.

          And the other thing I wanted to mention is that I recently participated in a meditation class for the first time. This is another area in which I am stepping out of western beliefs and my up bringing. I have read many conflicting viewpoints on meditation and eastern religions. I have even read opinions that believe meditation is not a good thing or dangerous. While meditating I “saw” various colors in my mind. The colors coordinated with the words the teacher was saying, such as when he said “calm” I saw yellow, when he said “deep peace” I saw pink and purple, then I saw green and at the end everything went white. I don’t know how much you know about meditation but I am interested to know why I saw colors?

          Thanks again for your insights and taking the time to listen and respond, this is an incredible learning journey for me.

          • Hello again Jenna.

            I trust you don’t mind, but I brought this exchange between us over here to my site (I forgot about this follow up inquiry by you on the Tree of Awakening site.)

            Give me a few, and I will be back to respond in detail. (Great questions by the way.) Also, I did finally get up a video response as you requested, to a previous inquiry of yours down below. Did you see it? If not, here it is ->

            Till then,

            • I’m back Jenna, and here we go…

              Regarding the love versus fear compared to good versus evil realities, it is perhaps easiest to understand when we consider the developmental ages of the soul. For example, if we use the life of any human being on the planet, it is understandable that as the human being ages during the course of their life, it is natural that what they choose to place value on changes.

              In fact, how they look at life itself changes. There is more that changes as well, but for now, I merely wish to draw attention to this for purpose of the “parallel,” which also occurs for the human soul, but of course on a much different time-scale.

              Why? Because in order for the soul to “age” upon the physical plane, it “requires” many different physical lifetimes in which for this “aging” to occur. Whereas for a single human lifetime, the “time-scale” is much different.

              Consider that a human being goes through the developmental stage where it has to believe in what the parents tell it, in order to be “function effectively and safely” in the world. If this were not true, immediately after being born, a human infant would be “on their own,” and “left to their own devices.” Of course this does not occur.

              Furthermore, even when the child becomes much older to the point of “adolescence,” it still does not have the “accumulation of life experiences,” which would enable it to make “wise choices” that could be used in a manner most appropriate to its own “best developmental interests.”

              In many ways, this “developmental growth pattern” is no different for the soul as it begins its journey upon the physical plane. As the soul becomes much older upon the physical plane, it will start to “develop its own ideas of things” and “reason for itself.”

              However, much earlier in the soul age this is not so true, as the “wisdom,” which comes from soul-age can only be developed through the experiences that play a crucial part in its coming about. (Wisdom.) The sheer and absolute power of age, can only be underestimated.

              For example, earlier in the soul age, the ideas, which are given and taught, to the soul are the ones, which are given precedence as “truth,” because it is what developmentally is most conducive to the soul’s growth and development at the particular age. As the soul ages upon the physical plane, its understanding of what it finds itself experiencing will developmentally grow.

              As this developmental growth of the soul expands, it is a necessary process, which “requires” its concepts to expand beyond previously established parameters. Why? Because the soul is forever growing and evolving, just like our “creator.”

              In specific response to your question about what was the reality beyond the evil you perceived, and how that relates to the larger frameworks of “fear versus love?” Jenna, of course only you can know this for sure, and within your own soul, which is eternal, even if the “process is colored” by the nature of your personality. However, I will share something, which may aid you in processing and assimilating your own insights regarding the experience(s.)

              From where I stand and perceive and interpret the matter, it represents your own “developmental growth process.” If this were not true, you would be quite willing to accept the evil as something outside of you and to be avoided at all costs. In other words, you would absolutely not be “questioning it,” or “listening to the likes of me,” as you would “know your position very strongly,” which would in turn drive your behavior in a “totally different energetic direction.”

              Instead, your inquisitive nature, and seeing a purpose of application beyond normally accepted parameters of anything to do with evil (reinforcing your belief in something beyond what appearances suggest,) should suggest to you “developmental growth in the making.” You could think here of a child’s questioning of their parents “rules and regulations,” which were established and enforced for the child’s developmental growth, as they are “developmentally growing beyond their initial purpose.”

              Another way to understand this is that your own ideas within your head, which are your “programming,” are starting to come under scrutiny as you consider them from a “new perspective.” A perspective, which is “older and wiser.” In other words still, you perceived and interpreted this “evil thing” BECAUSE OF YOU, not because of it. When you are “ready,” it is your own self-discovery and understanding, which will clearly provide you with your “answer.” 🙂

              Moving on…

              Your life directional changes, which have provided you with “deep inner validation,” are only signs of this at work in your life, and yes, the “synchronicities” as well. 🙂

              Regarding meditation… There has been much in the way of teachings written and practiced on the nature of meditation, and as stated before, what is more important than if they are true, is if they are “true” for you. In other words, if it that, which “resonates with you developmentally,” then of course I would suggest to explore this path for “good spiritual work.”

              For every student of this spiritual discipline (meditation,) the experiences will follow the “contours” of one’s own mind. For some, the “initiation process” is involved with colors, for others it is sound, and for others it is pictures, this list goes on.

              My own particular perception and interpretation of meditation is often quite different from most spiritual disciplines. Why? It is because that teach that mediation, at it essence, is a way in which to “empty the head” for purpose of working on “focus of clarity.”

              Of course, there are myriad (unlimited) benefits, which include increasing one’s awareness of self in their “present moment of power.” Also, the health benefits are beyond measure, as one “aligns” with their “true self.” Meditation feels good, and is good for you. There are only positive and constructive things I would teach concerning meditation, particularly if it is done in its highest form for the personality involved.

              What does that mean? (Highest form.) Here is where my teachings come into play more… I teach that if one believes that a “ritual or particular manner is required” to bring about the conditions for a meditation to occur, then I would argue that one is limiting the true nature of meditation.

              For example, I would have my students meditate by going outdoors and not saying a word, as they take in the beauty of the natural environment (a cool breeze, birds singing, the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, etc) without involving their own “preconceived notions” of what these things are, or what they might mean.

              This experience could be compared to if you were on this planet for the very first time experiencing these things, how would they “feel?” If you can find a way in which to fully appreciate the things without trying to control the mental process involved with this, you could find yourself experiencing a sense of “oneness,” while simultaneously experiencing a sense of “transcendence.”

              As all this would occur for you, you will find your mind emptied of its “normal chatter” and it is now that we can complete this “energetic equation and its process.” For example, I teach that meditation is wonderful for putting the mind in a place for the highest level of concentration to occur, that of “self-remembering,” with only the mindset of “understanding,” and for purpose of “life-synthesis.”

              “Self-remembering” could be best described as the previous meditative experience of which I spoke earlier, (remember? going outdoors and emptying your mind of its “pre-conceived notions” of the natural environment you are experiencing,) but with a focus on “life-synthesis.”

              While you are sitting in that “magical place,” you can perceive all the different parts that exist simultaneously, which make up the totality of the environmental experiences that you have.

              (The warm sun on your face, the cool breeze in your hair, the beautiful sound of the birds singing, the sun as an energy source, which calls to life, the actions of all the creatures, insects, plant life, etc.) Simultaneously, you can recognize all these separate impressions as part of an integrated whole.

              This same “meditative process” as I teach it, can be applied to your own life as you learn to “empty your mind’s chatter at times” for the purpose of “self-remembering.” (The highest form of concentration there is.)

              Quite literally, you will perceive and interpret all of the myriad (countless) individual experiences and the moments of time in which they had their existence, while-at-the-same-time, recognizing and validating them as part of an integrated whole, which is simultaneous in nature. A lot to consider for sure, hence the expression “highest form of concentration.” It is this process which drives the integration of the life, within the context of its manifestation (instead of only between the lives.)

              So you see, if one is to believe there is only one “ritual” for doing meditation “correctly,” then perhaps it is possible to consider there is more to be learned concerning the process and application of meditation.

              To conclude, meditation is to “empty the mind,” whereas self-remembering is the highest form of concentration there is, and for the purpose of “life-synthesis” of one’s own life; they are to be used in conjunction with one another, as I teach things anyway.

              I trust you found some value in my response to you. 🙂

              All the best Jenna,

  19. Why do people think that saving a marriage isn’t worth it? That not talking about it and brushing it under the rug with no open communication will fix anything? (In the eyes of the one that’s saying I’m done talking? When really no effective communication has occurred?) How do they think that’s going to fix anything in this marriage or for growth in another relationship? Does it lead to a life of one failed relationship after another? Why do some people who truly want out… don’t just stop letting their fears and insecurities prevent them from having the life they want and keep dragging out the inevitable in their eyes?

    • Hello Anonymous.
      I thank you very much for your inquiry.
      It is indeed a “loaded one,” and yes, those quotation marks are indicative of a very complex subject matter for sure.
      I will need some time to prepare a response, and I will post immediately when finished with it, so please do continue to check back.
      I will attack the subject matter from both ends to meet the middle, through empathy, discernment, and utter human understanding.
      Until then, take care my anonymous friend,
      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Soul Teacher)

    • Before I begin Anonymous, it is important to me to be clear with you that the following information is my own particular perception and interpretation regarding the matter. Therefore, if anything I share with you does not sit well with you, then please remember it is your choice as to how you receive the information I will be sharing.

      Choice upon the physical plane is a many splendored thing indeed, however, it is well worth remembering that the manner in which one “uses their energy” is that which is only most significant to their own “frame of reference.” And yes, those quotation marks are indeed loaded.

      With that said, be aware that the soul uses human interpersonal relationships as one of its greatest “tools” in the quest for spiritual liberation through personal as well as spiritual growth and development upon the physical plane. The ultimate goal of this experience while here physically, is the accomplishment of love, pure and simple, which results in joy, through the attainment of human understanding, which I cannot adequately do proper service through this response alone. The actuality of that which I am speaking is quite literally beyond the ability of words to capture the essence of the experience in its truest form.

      As we begin to take a closer look at the nature of your inquiries Anonymous, please be aware that depending upon the position held in this hypothetical relationship dilemma, that there are “two sides” to this energetic equation, and they are not necessarily compatible with one another. In other words, one individual in the relationship dilemma may perceive and interpret the problem as a “call to arms” in order to save the relationship, whereas the other individual may see it as an “opportunity to evolve,” which may mean to leave the relationship. Please let me explain…

      For one individual, saving the marriage is a worthy undertaking, whereas for the other individual, they would rather “stop talking about it and brush it under the rug.” For convenience’s sake, we’ll call the marriage saver individual 1, and the evolutionary seeker, individual 2. In this instance, individual 2 is at arguably one of the most difficult periods/processes in its life too.

      The reason for individual 2’s difficulty is that they need to grow/develop/blossom/evolve beyond the existing parameters of the relationship’s allowable expressional limits. Whereas for individual 1, they seem to be blindsided, because there is no discernible reason (or there are reasons with more merit to individual 1 than individual 2) for the apparent relationship difficulty. Consider that if individual 1 was unaware of the internal struggle going on within individual 2, then there was already present an arguable “issue” at work energetically within the relationship.

      Contrary to what might appear as common sense on the surface of things, individual 2 may actually be in a better position for a new relationship, than individual 1 might be. This is to address your inquiry Anonymous concerning won’t an individual carry problems forward into another relationship without first fixing what is wrong with the existing one? What if individual 2 is actually “fixing what is wrong with the relationship,” by effectively ending the way in which the present relationship exists?

      Of course, there can be exceptions to this, however, the “true situation” is not modulated by that which is external, but rather, by that which is essential to the necessary personal growth and development of the effected individuals, and for reasons of “quality of life issues.”

      Regarding your inquiry concerning how one who wants out not directly proceeding in ending the relationship can be quite complicated in nature. For example, are their children and/or real-life factors, which have to be delicately navigated to find means to attempt serving the best interest of all, as could possibly be discerned by the one “wanting out?” There are literally too many possible considerations here to adequately attempt a real sizing up of the issue regarding not directly going about quick dispatch in ending the relationship.

      Human beings, being what they are, it is not uncommon that FEAR, in all of its attendant distilled forms is usually allowed the upper hand at direction of this process in ending the relationship. You will often see this most at work when the process is directed from an emotional reaction, instead of from a space of perception and interpretation. For sure there is anger, frustration, hurt, and all the rest, however, it is NEVER predetermined that two individuals are arbitrarily supposed to be mean-assed hateful and cruel to each other when the relationship ends.

      Realize that just because a relationship ends, does not mean that a new beginning to that relationship cannot occur. Some human beings actually find reasons to be kinder, gentler, and generally more loving towards each other AFTER the relationship changes in nature. Even in real-life, as a mother’s relationship changes to her children when their childhood ends and their adulthood begins, it does not mean the end of their interpersonal relationship. Quite the contrary, the relationship grows to a new level of appreciation, gratitude, and love.

      Let’s try that another way… If anyone deserves the right to your empathy, love, and utter understanding, I would argue it is the one with whom so much actual life experience has been shared; even if the interpersonal relationship changes to the point of no longer living together, and being lovers.

      Every single day on our planet, there are countless human beings ending the way in which the interpersonal relationships were manifest. Furthermore, usually, but not always, the quality of life for all affected by this very powerful energetic change actually IMPROVES, not deteriorates. With this said, there is most always going to be one who takes the overt effort to bring about the change, and one who does not want it. However, this is no different than those who actively self-actualize in their lives, and those who choose to allow life to force them to respond to changes they did not ask for or desire.

      As an Old Soul Spiritual Teacher, I would be derelict in my duties if I did not clarify that just because two souls come together in space and time and further agree to share their lives together, it is usually never intended that they were to ALWAYS stay together in the same manifestation, although there are exceptions of course. Most often, when the true reason for coming together has been served, then one (if not both) will come to recognize and validate from within that it is time to “move on.” This is not for a bad reason. It is for the benefit of the evolutionary process of love, while upon the physical plane.

      It is true that sometimes, the two involved individuals can have a “sit down” for the purpose of clarifying needs within the relationship, and if continuing the relationship can allow room for the continued personal growth and development of the partner (both?) who has outgrown the parameters of the manner in which the relationship currently exists. However, I must clarify that this would require a very high level of internal balance and maturity, with no place for fear to reside, and quite often, this is simply not possible under most interpersonal relationships requirements.

      Before I seem like I am in favor of “giving up” on a long-term interpersonal relationship, let me further clarify that this is simply not true. There are long-term interpersonal relationships healed and repaired every single day on our planet earth. Therefore, there is always good reason for hope, as fear cannot live in hope.

      The very real challenge here, is to have the ability to honestly assess the situation from a “soul-level” of perception and interpretation as compared to a “personality-level” of same. If the repair and/or healing of the continued relationship will allow BOTH individuals to blossom/grow/evolve in developmentally appropriate ways, then it is very good spiritual work to continue on this life-path. However, if there is only a semblance of this, as determined by the perceptions and interpretations at a “personality-level” by EITHER of the involved individuals in this energetic equation, then know that FEAR is the real culprit operating here, by enabling the “personality-level” of perception and interpretation to interfere with the “needs of the soul.”

      With all that said, it is important to realize that if there is anything, which is “toxic” to the long-term interpersonal relationship, then know that the “toxic thing,” which no human being is born with by the way, but is rather, “acquired,” must die if new creativity is to emerge.

      I must apologize to you Anonymous for the limitations of verbal language to try and do this matter inquired about proper justice. The complexities possible in the beginning, ending, healing, and /or repairing of human interpersonal relationships are quite literally infinitely myriad in number. Still, all of them can be reduced down to the simplest of energetic terms when we look and consider the all-encompassing forces of love and fear.

      The all-encompassing power of love is stronger than fear, and it always has been. However, fear has always been more seductive, and I mean that in the most insidious of ways, for it can distill itself down to such a fine form as to not be perceivable and interpretable as such, for it most successfully hides in “supposed rationalistic, moralistic, and commonsensical positions.”

      AS far as one’s soul is concerned, one’s personal growth and development, as well as spiritual development, is ALWAYS more important than the feelings and emotions of those effected and affected. Even though this may sound cold, unfeeling, or cruel, it is actually just the opposite, as the true power of love can only be underestimated…

      Think of it this way… every human being has the Creator Given Right of being happy and enjoying a growing quality of life throughout the lifetime. However, human beings, being what they may, sometimes CHOOSE to have a life experience which is contrary to this. Often, it is only in “hindsight” that the human beings see how that when one person had to leave, it was because someone else better was coming for them, and yes, this is for both sides of our hypothetical interpersonal relationship difficulty.

      Then, their hindsight also perceives and interprets how necessary life experiences were gone through, which led to the improved quality of life for all affected. Some human beings work with a discerning mind in their present moment, and from a state of gratitude, while other human beings use their “hindsight” to perceive and interpret the way in which wisdom operates in their life. Neither has more value over the other in the larger picture. It is true than one life-orientation can provide more utilized benefit DURING the course of the lifetime being lived, whereas for the other individual, the beneficial experiences will be utilized more AFTER the lifetime is over; in terms of recognition, validation, and inculcation, which results in growth of the soul.

      Both types of life-orientation are more of that which has to do with the age of the soul, and the personal growth and development of the personality living the life. Neither way is “right,” and neither way is “wrong,” EXCEPT from the determinations of the personality, family, society, and culture. Beyond the physical plane of existence, these determinations have no validity.

      I empathize with the deep feeling nature of your inquiry Anonymous. I trust you will listen with an open mind and an open heart from deep within. Not at your level of inquiry mind you, but deeper still, within the space from which the energy of your breath comes…

      May you always find a way to be at one with your own knowing Anonymous, and to find a way to enjoy the changes coming into your life,

      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher with a 53 year old personality at present) 🙂

      • Thank you for your amazing response…it really sounds like I have a choice to make, which the is more difficult than anyone could understand. Thank you for your time and energy.

      • …I’m posting this response from “Anonymous 2.”

        “Anonymous 2”;

        No I don’t believe it is. My parents got divorced late in life. My father divorced all of us & pretty much think it was best for the family in the end. Especially for my mother…..she’s a vibrant healthy active woman today… I believe the toxic environment would have been damaging eventually.

        I married my father & it only took a little while to realize learning from my parent’s marriage & my childhood it was doomed. Marriage is work & communication but needs to be from both sides. If one isn’t open or willing it’s devastating.

        I knew nothing was going to change from my own experience. Today I’m a very loved, blessed & beyond happy person. This choice i made helped me learn my self-worth & value me first. I needed to be honest about what “type” of person I was attracting. Not an easy task to say the least.

        Honest inventory & changing what I didn’t like took hard work & self-love. What I attracted after that internal work was more than I could ever imagine. WE had both been broken & decided to work on ourselves first then we found each other.

        When I first met my partner I couldn’t stand him. LOL LOL We sure do laugh about this now. He knew the whole time he wanted a relationship with me. I wasn’t “ready” for someone like him at the time.

        But as I grew and softened and changed BOOM there it was one day. I literally looked at the sky & said to GOD…”You’ve GOT to be kidding me??????” There was no fighting that feeling when it hits you like a two x four. Best relationship I’ve ever had. He’s my best friend, makes me laugh. He’s my balance & I couldn’t imagine my life w/out him.

        As for my ex………he’s still doing the same thing, manipulating others & feeling entitled to it all. Still try’s to get me to come back w his sob story of never loving anyone like he loved me blah blah blah. I’m praying my divorce is over soon. It’s been a long ordeal. A decision I’m grateful I made before it potentially ruined me. So there’s my input. If you publish would like to be anonymous please. Have a great day.

        “Anonymous 2” 🙂

        • Thank you so kindly “Anonymous 2” for sharing from the heart. Your personal story of triumph over an unhealthy interpersonal relationship is reason for us all to feel good in the knowing that the creator does actually want us all to have a happy life, and with good quality.

          The very real challenge is that we are allowed to choose our own course in the matter, and because of this, it is up to us to find our love within, put there by the creator, to guide us in finding the way out of our own darkness, and into our light, so that we may share it with others.

          Thank you for sharing a personal journey, which others may indeed find a personal resonance in, to be used in the successful journeys of their own lives…

          Charles 🙂

      • As I see the responses and your take on it. I need to move forward alone with my kids because being controlled to change myself or changing for him without him seeing the need to change too is not going to help anyone…I feel I am doing him a disservice by allowing him to live daily depressed and not love him and myself enough to help him move on…sometimes I feel be both need to lose each other to see we should have BOTH tried. Here is what is on my plate, broke, bankruptcy, losing my home, and divorce… would we still have all this negativity it our marriage if these factors where not present? I wish the best to anyone who’s heart is hurting like mine…

        • Thank you for coming back to share your energetic position on the matter Anonymous.
          I wish you all the best,

          P.S. Your comment about the negativity in your marriage being “influenced by the other concerns” you stated is of course absolutely a valid position from which to regard the matter. Thank you for empathizing to the pain felt by others.

  20. Why is it if something isn’t directly affecting someone then they are able to easily look the other way? We are not protected by our creator from making mistakes when we are cruel to others, he or she is allowing everyone to have freedom of choice without standing in the way…So is that why some people are able to stick their head in the sand, when someone is emotionally cruel to another human being that you supposedly care about? Why do we seek validation and value the opinions of others more than our spouses and family?

    • Hi Penny, and thank you for taking the time and energy to post your inquiry. 🙂

      In many ways, living upon the physical plane causes us as human beings to become “jaded” or “hardened” to such a degree that it is not uncommon to find the type behavior of which you speak about in your first sentence of inquiry.

      In other ways, sometimes you are simply looking at one’s preferred method of dealing with things considered “difficult” or “challenging.” Quite literally, there are those who prefer to avoid something, rather than having to deal with it directly.

      By the way, no matter how it may perceived and interpreted, those from the group who are “apathetic” are not deliberately trying to to irritate those who chose to deal with things more directly. It truly is a life-orientation, which brings a conditioned familiarity in dealing with things, even if arguably there is a better way. Human understanding is the key in dealing with these types of human behavior frustrations.

      It is not uncommon for one to see something in another, which rubs them the wrong way, and in so experiencing this, what is most often not understood or appreciated, is the judgment involved in terms of a reflected energetic equation of sorts. An energetic equation in which the “real culprit” lies within the lack of understanding present at the time.

      To allow another individual the space to “do their thing,” even if they are “clearly wrong,” is arguably the best choice of action in these types of cases. Allowing someone the space to be wrong does not mean you agree with their position. Quite the contrary, it can mean forming your own judgment of them AFTER having giving them opportunity through an open mind and heart BEFORE passing judgment upon them in the form of a potential “disassociation,” which can be very good work spiritually by the way.

      Let me clarify that. To project one’s own biases and prejudices upon another and then choosing to determine judgment against another from this vantage point is not that of which I am speaking. To be clear, I am speaking of when judging whether or not to associate with another is determined after giving the other individual an opportunity for “life-connection” through an open mind and open heart before passing judgment upon them.

      Judgment at this level of an energetic equation is indeed very good work spiritually. If this is determined to apply to your specific case, then you must consciously choose to make “association changes” with the particular individuals involved, lest you enable an unhealthy situation to continue for yourself. Their life is not your responsibility and/or concern at this level.

      I must comment about the reference to our creator not protecting us…

      It is indeed true that if someone wishes to be emotionally cruel to you, then the “creator” will not step in and stop that from occurring. Why? Well, for the simple reason it would be violating the very reason the “creator” has placed you into the life you are experiencing. What does that mean exactly?

      It means that in order for you (or any human being upon the planet) to learn with full clarity what it means to be human, then it is you (or any other human being on the planet) who has to learn the lessons necessary for that understanding to occur.

      No one can be emotionally cruel to another unless “both sides” allow this to occur. If this proves to be true, then there are lessons to be learned from both sides of this energetic equation in order for the understanding to occur; even if that understanding is AFTER the lifetime has ended.

      Sometimes, the “emotional cruelty” is one-sided, which simply means that one of the parties involved is perceiving and interpreting the matter in such a way as for this to occur. It matters not if this energetic equation is truly only one sided or not, for the human lesson to be learned is still the same.

      I must also add that sometimes when another is not aware they are doing “harm” to another, this does NOT cause that harm to not occur. In these cases here, it is when the lifetime is physically ended, and the death experience has occurred, that the soul or whole-self will review the matter without the burden of personality to “make excuses,” which carry no validity at this level.

      The soul or whole-self will determine what then becomes necessary for the “gaps of ignorance not attended to before,” to become lessons to be learned for the purpose of gaining a clearer understanding of just what it means to be human, and who is actually not only in charge of the life, but who is actually responsible and accountable for it.

      Your question about validation and value being more easily seen and accepted in others more than our family and spouse is a very good one.

      The short answer is the lack of trust involved.

      The long answer could become quite involved, depending upon a number of variables, not the least of which is whether or not the particular personality of which we are speaking ever even learned trust in the very early childhood experiences of its life. For if they did not, how can they ever really extend trust to another, or recognize it when given in return, or even “up front?”

      When we look to consider seeking validation and any value whatsoever from our spouse or family, it is good to recognize the “history,” which very much is running in the “background” energetically. What does that mean?

      It means that all those accumulative human experiences, the “good, bad, and ugly” are very much a part of the interactive energetic process going on, even if only in the background.

      Where there has been hurt, anger, lies, and the likes thereof, then those things act as a sort of “filter” or “lens” through which the sought validation and/or value must come through

      With a “stranger,” there is no such energetic history involved, therefore they seem “easier” or “better” to deal with somehow.

      Human relationships can get very complex in nature, and the more time spent together during the present life, the more this complexity can grow. However, there are those who are “grateful” for the experience they have with others, and there are those who “are not.”

      As a very old soul spiritual teacher, I have always tried to teach students to ask themselves if they are living the life they came here to have. Some will say, “I don’t know what that life is?”

      So then I ask them if they are getting out of their life all that they possibly can, and then they know the answer.

      If your answer is “yes,” good for you. Find a way to share that with the world around you, because that is why you are here.

      If your answer is “no,” then good for you too, because now having admitted that to yourself, you can begin a process of questioning, which itself will set a process in motion that will ultimately lead you beyond the limitations of the life in which you are currently choosing to live, as you gradually come to discover how much more you are than only the child you were raised to become. Find a way to share your experiences with the world around you, because that is why you are here.

      I trust you may find some value in my responses to you Penny.

      Thank you once again for giving me an opportunity to teach.

      Your loving husband Chuck. 🙂

      • I appreciate you taking so much time to answer these questions. I want to take time to reflect then reply. I has brought up many thoughts of rereflection. Thank you! Love Always and Forever, Your wife, Penny 😉

      • Charles, I know a person who I care about very much, this person never experienced trust as a child and was abandoned by their parents, how can I help this person experience trust and love, how can I show them that I love them and help them to believe in trust?

        • Hello again Jenna.

          It is good to have you here sharing your energy on this website. I very much appreciate your continuing questions, and the opportunity it gives me to teach, as I find it very rewarding.

          Give me a little time, and I will be back to respond upon your inquiry more fully.

          All the best,
          Charles 🙂

          • I’m back now Jenna, and would love to proceed with a response to you…

            In a very real sense, you cannot help them to experience personal trust and love, as this must of course necessarily come from within them. However, you can offer it, and show it to them through your energetic exchanges with them.

            In many ways, it is only by your direct example that you can show them what “it looks like,” and “what it feels like.” (Trust and love.) Of course, you can also try to verbalize the experiences to them as well, if they are open to it.

            In my second book, I talk specifically about the “window of opportunity” in which a human being must learn “trust,” so as to have the remainder of the lifetime “programmed for success.” However, as one might expect, this absolutely does not always occur, and when it does not, it is fear, which will come to increase in the life of that particular human being. This fear I speak of, will show itself through the “machinations” (maneuverings/schemings) of the psychological and emotional interplay of the human being’s “inner world.” More specifically, it will show itself (fear) as that, which distorts perceptions and interpretations, then reinforces those distortions created, and finally, can evolve to a completely “closed psychological and emotional system,” in terms of completely masking the actuality of what is truly going on in the life.

            Now all that sounds ominous, but know this, “sometimes” NOT learning trust in the early life experiences (by the age of 3 in our culture,) can end up producing a personality, which is much more “open-minded” than could have ever been obtained in any other manner. Of course, “sometimes” this early life experience of NOT learning what trust is, or means, results in a blatant refusal to live the lifetime within what could be perceived and interpreted as “normal parameters.” Things such as not participating in the “familial process,” “societal process,” and “cultural process,” are the more common norms here. (Outlaw behavior for example.)

            By the way, the most direct means of establishing trust in the very young child is by direct personal response to their crying. Quite literally, the crying child must be picked up in a secure, but unrestricted manner, while comforting the child. Very young children (before the age of 3) who are left to face their own “nameless dreads,” will not ever truly learn what it means to “trust” another human being, and yes, this is most often the mother, but certainly not always. If they do not learn trust at this time in the life, then later in the life, the “early experience” is not remembered as a “good one,” which does not aid the life in a way most becoming to the positive and constructive psychological and emotional development of the personality for the remainder of that life.

            However, I must clarify also that the human personality is so individually unique, that it is also not impossible for the life-path to find a way “back” to the world of trust, love, and intimacy. Therefore, what is most important is to try and take into account what the “soul-age” might be, as well as the personality’s “upbringing” in terms of its “imprinting” or “programming” instilled from the experiences of its life thus far, and its chronological age within the context of this particular life. Why? Because otherwise, one might find themselves setting an impossible life goal of “reaching” these types of people.

            Sometimes, the soul (or whole-self) specifically sets up the lifetime’s parameters to actually “pre-program” this type of existence, and for reasons, which are too involved to go into detail here. I mention this only to clarify that there are sometimes very real “reasons” why an early life childhood can be very disheartening in nature. If for no other reason, sometimes this causes the personality to focus its attention “inwardly,” and with an evolving and very deep questioning process, which is meant to access something within itself that will ultimately take the personality beyond the restrictions of its boundaries.

            Please do not misunderstand me with all of this Jenna. I do not mean to be ambiguous (unclear) regarding your inquiry, I do mean to be clear that there is much more going on in the lives of these personalities, who did not learn trust in the early-life experiences, than is apparent on the surface of things. Also, to be very clear, their life is NOT your responsibility and accountability. It is theirs. Still, there is loving and hopeful action towards another, and I get that. However, it is also equally important to discern with one’s own mind where the “line is at” between living and focusing upon your own life plans and giving them the space to do the same.

            Otherwise, with the most loving intentions, we can actually end up hindering them, rather than helping them. Sometimes this is a very difficult position to come to terms with. Once more, ultimately, all you can really do is teach them what trust, love, and intimacy “looks like” by the successful living of your own life; while at the same time explaining to them what it might “feel like” or what the “rewards might be” from living life in this way.

            If they are not open to you on this level, then you must find a way to “let them go their own way,” for anything else runs dangerously close to “karmic interference,” and I am quite sure you are not interested in going down that road. I do not say this lightly; for it is very easily possible to incur karma from trying to do what you believe is the correct thing to do, while actually interfering with their own right to choose for themselves. Please allow me a specific example of how this might come to be…

            Consider a young female child of the age of 15 to 16 years of age… she comes to learn that she is pregnant, and the her parents will go “ballistic” when they find out, which of course, they do. The parents here are very religious in an orthodox sense, and because of this, they cannot, nor will not, consider the possibility of an unwed mother having and raising a child by herself, and the father is nowhere to be found.

            To continue, because of our 15 to 16 year olds chronological age, she is unable to do the conscious mind reasoning on this one, as her parents still have this primary responsibility, which means the decision of the parents is the one chosen. The parents decide to keep the pregnancy quiet and give up the baby for adoption. They truly and sincerely believe they are doing “god’s work” here, and for the best interest of her daughter. However, left to her own choices, the daughter would choose another path. That of keeping the child as her own and raising it.

            If this matter was not complicated enough, the soul choosing to be born as the daughter, and the biological mom both have a “soul agreement” with each other, which would require them to follow the path preferred by the biological mother. However, family “iconography” coupled with the very orthodox religious ideals of the parents, come together to form the karma incurred here between the biological mom, and her parents. The daughter is the “debtee” and the parents are the “debtors.”

            To understand this another way, the young daughter (15 to 16 year old) is not of age of mind to reason for herself in this matter, and so consequently, she cannot stand up to her parents on this matter, and for which the letter of the society’s laws support the parent’s position. Still, this in no way mitigates the INTERFERENCE of the daughter’s life choices by her parents, for they absolutely and completely removed her right to choose for herself. The physical plane law of karma does not distinguish itself to accommodate the “laws of the society for which one might live.”

            Moral of the story? No matter how “well-intentioned,” if you remove the right of another human being to choose for them self, karma is the result. This response is not the place for me to elaborate upon the further nature of karma. However, if you are interested, the example of the girl is from my second book, and further elaborated upon in my third book to show example of how karma might work within the context of a single human life.

            In summary Jenna, the old adage of “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink,” unfortunately, has direct application to your inquiry. At the same time, recorded history is littered with countless stories of the triumph of the human spirit, where love overcomes fear. Which is more apropos? That’s where your discerning mind comes into the energetic equation.

            I wish you all the best in seeking resolution to the outcome of your concerns,

            Charles 🙂

            • Thank you Charles, I appreciate you responses. I certainly don’t want to step on anyone’s free will and cause bad karma, however I feel that I may have been brought into this persons life for specific reasons and definitely visa versa. I will try to show love without pushing to influence their decisions, thank you for pointing that out.
              Your example is interesting and shows how we affect so many peoples lives with our decisions, the parents affecting the daughter and the unborn child with their choices, we have to be reminded not to take these decisions lightly or only look at how they affect us cause there is a ripple effect that can disturb others as well.

  21. I believe we all come from Love and are love when you peel the layers away. So why do you supose we all get so full of fear and allow it to be more powerful than love? I am sure every human wants to be loved so why do so many choose to be cruel and hateful to others when its not what they want for themselves? Why are so many so quick to blame others for their unhappiness and lack of love instead of taking responsibility and control over their own lives? Why do you suppose we make life so much more difficult and complicated than I believe it truly was intended for? If life is meant to know what it is to be human why do we choose to learn in some of the most difficult ways? Why is it so hard for others to just love and try to understand each other when we are all here for a purpose. Is that because of the ego? So many whys that I am sure have many different answers. I feel sad for some of the things I see people go through and have a hard time understanding why so many people are depressed , angry , hurtful and struggling when we come from love yet don’t live in love. Does that make sense? When I say people it is me included. Living in love should be simple since it is most powerful yet I see fear being on top. Thanks ahead of time for your take on it.

    • Hi Sami Jo.
      Thank you kindly for submitting your question(s) to me.
      I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge you concerning this.
      I will follow through soon with a response.
      All the best,

        • Thank you for your video response. It helps me to understand myself and others. I really like your teaching of the ego. It’s alot different than what most say about it. I apologize for the delay and you thinking you were being ignored. I have alot of things going on in life… Your response to my questions helps with those things. Thank you again 🙂 Sami Jo

          • Thank you for the courtesy response Sami.
            I am glad you found something of value in the material.

            I have been teaching about the ego in the way I do since I have been 16 years of age (I am now 53,) and no one has ever said that to me…thank you. I often wondered through the years if I was the only one who could appreciate it. It is good to know there is at least one other than myself out there. 🙂
            All the best,

            • It is to sad that you haven’t seen over the years how many people value and enjoy hearing and applying your take on ego to their lives…maybe one day you will see others in a different light and know they just use your teachings and don’t come back to say thank you, I am using what we talked about in my life…Think about yourself for a moment…when you go on the Internet, read a book, magazine or a conversation do you hunt down the source and thank the writer or do you simply use the information in your life and appreciate the vast wealth of information that you received. It is just not possible for people to run around thanking people for all the information the receive and use daily in their lives. They would truly exhaust themselves. Do you have to ask yourself why am I writing my books, teaching through conversation, and hosting meetings? You have to evaluate if you are getting all you wanted in the form of validation on Earth or will it be enough to see it on the next plane of existence. You have an AMAZING GIFT I WISH YOU COULD SEE YOURSELF THEY WAY I DO! 🙂 Enjoy life it is just too short not to. If you are not enjoying it then you have a choice to make, even if you leave your current life behind. I hope you read this as a positive loving post as I have tears as I share these thoughts with you.

            • I listened to this video on the way to work with my 15 year-old son and enjoyed intellectual conversation with him during the ride. I have always known that ego did not need to be quashed, because then you could not have any real relationships. You have to have healthy attachments or life is just an auto-pilot existence at best. It is too bad that more people who read these articles don’t give you feedback. Although, should one really need approval of others or do we have to be happy with our own “knowledge of knowing?” Just a thought…
              Here are the top 10 people who became famous after death. Take a look in you are interested.
              Thank you…Penny and Seth

        • Charles,
          I would like to ask you to explain how a person would then go about living in and following love instead of fear….I know several people who are stuck in situations because of fear, I would appreciate a video I could share explaining how to overcome fear and follow love.

          Also, how do you overcome being judged by others, particularly when they claim to be your friends but judge you based on very little info?

          • Hey Jenna.
            Thank you very much for coming here to my website and communicating with me.

            I would love to post a video response to respond to your inquiries. Please be patient and I will get it up as soon as I can.

            Until then,
            Charles 🙂

            • I’m back with the video Jenna.
              I trust you may find value in it.
              Since human beings are so individually unique, I will speak in the video as an Old Soul Spiritual Teacher giving broad application information to aid anyone in understanding the predicament you inquired about, as opposed to very specific info for personalities I do not know…

              Please be advised there is a “glitch” in the video at one point where the video, and then sound “act up” (approx 11:27 – 12:17.) Please be patient and they will right themselves…

              All the best,
              Charles 🙂

              • Thank you Charles for your time and knowledge! Sorry if I bombard you with questions! Don’t feel like you have to answer right away, take your time. I lead a very busy life as well and understand. I will save any comments til I can watch it again, but I did want to thank you for the video.


                • Hey Jenna.
                  You’re quite welcome.

                  I did not wish to make too much of my “you keeping me busy” remark, because, quite honestly, it is nice to have someone interacting with me to help create the material, which is growing online.

                  I’m not quite sure what it is, but the many who read my material do not choose to participate, yet I know they are here (and other places I write,) because my google analytics and Facebook insights tell me so.

                  (However, it keeps their identities securely hidden from me.) I only know that there are many who choose to look at the material (whether written and/or audio/video,) and even keep coming back to revisit; but no “participation.”

                  Some do participate for awhile, then they too eventually “disappear.” All I am left to consider is that my material does not resonate with them.

                  I am looking for those personalities/souls, for whom it does…

                  At any rate, I do appreciate you Jenna.

                  Keep up the great work,

              • Thank you for taking the time to share this video. I believe it has a very positive outlook in the message you are sharing…I hope Jenna and many others will find value in this teaching. Living in love versus fear is always easier said than done, but when you do can do it successfully it makes life much more joyful. 🙂 You said at one point in the video that having to let someone go in your life like friends who have hurt you is a hard thing to do, however when one door closes another door opens and that can be best for both parties 🙂 Thank you for your insight. I appreciate you and your teachings more than you know. @Jenna, I appreciate reading your questions allowing Charles a chance to share his gift with the world with your interactions on his website. I appreciate you not being afraid to share your questions on an open format. I would encourage you to get his free downloads on the website. 🙂 Love, Penny

    • Hello Anonymous, and thank you for your question.

      Ego is in many ways, one’s idea of self. It is part of one’s personality. The soul is partnered with the ego for benefit to both sides of this “energetic equation.”

      There are many spiritual disciplines which teach the ego is to be vanquished, and so there will be those who attempt this. However, what if you were to learn after your life was over, that there will be much “food for thought,” regarding the matter?

      It is not possible to not have an idea of one’s self (ego,) lest you are trying to deny the very real reason for your being here physically. Even those who have “transcended” their egos have merely changed the manner in which ego is perceived and interpreted.

      Sigmund Freud gives his perception and interpretation of the ego from the perspective of a mature soul teacher. If anyone wishes, the matter can also be viewed from the perception and interpretation of an old soul in the form of Carl Gustav Jung.

      It is not possible for a human being to have a life in which they do not determine for them self an “idea system,” which they most often come to know as “truth.”

      If not during the life, then after, eventually they will come to learn that the “truth,” was merely the manner in which they chose to perceive and interpret their life. If this is true, then why is it important?

      It is important because we are talking about your life. Know why you are following the dictates of the ideology you believe as being true for you, while realizing others are doing the same thing. Eventually, this thing we call physical life will “add up to” to an eternal understanding of what it means to be human, and with crystal clear clarity.

      It is usually not possible until the soul ages upon the physical plane, through the accumulative experiences with its many different personalities, that the possibility of having the ego and the soul working together harmoniously within the context of the particular life can occur.

      A soul cannot exceed the limits of its growth. What does that mean? It means that it is most likely “a-ok” to be who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going; at least in terms of that, which is developmentally appropriate for one’s self in terms of spiritual evolution (Love.)

      What do I know? I am simply an old soul who happens to be a spiritual teacher (for lack of a better expression.)

    • A great question Anonymous, and for those who are not afraid to discover what they might learn.

      The death experience is a ghastly one when one chooses to suicide.

      This is not because of any “external entity” or “external authority,” but rather, it is because of the depression one takes with them when they suicide.

      On the “other side,” different from here, one’s energy is AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTANEOUSLY manifested into the experiences, which can be perceived and interpreted by the individual creating them; being unaware of this changes nothing.

      There is always help and assistance nearby however. One is never alone, even though it may seem this way at times.

      The lesson that will be learned by the one who chose suicide, is that they cannot escape the responsibility and accountability for their choice.

      Whatever it is that was abdicated from, through the choice of suicide, will still have to be dealt with. In other words, they must come back to finish what they chose to avoid “earlier.”

      Sooner or later, the soul will learn very clearly that suicide is not a “wise choice” to be made. This does not mean there is anything “wrong” with the personality who chooses this permanent solution to a temporary problem.

      Be aware that this is a lesson each soul will learn in its own way, before the cycle of physical reincarnation is finished, therefore, it behooves us all to reserve judgment of those who make this choice.

      To the eternal validity of the soul,
      Charles Stewart

      P.S. For clarity’s sake, the personality does not return to “work out” what was abdicated before, but the soul(“whole-self”) does. It is through the evolutionary experiences of love, which help the returning soul to “fill in gaps of ignorance not attended to before.” This is very important to understand, for there is no judgment or punishment involved here, for it is purely for the purpose of achieving a complete and utter understanding of what it means to be human. This is the lesson we must all learn before we can go to our next “classroom.”

    • Hello anonymous.

      One cannot exceed the limits of their own growth, this applies as much to physical life as it does to the after-life.

      For example, if a human being lives their entire life “knowing” (believing) in the forces of good versus evil, and furthermore “knows” (believes) in heaven and hell, then they must experience a certain manifestation of these environmental conditions after death, through the instantaneous materialization of their own energy, BEFORE they can experience anything else beyond.

      This suggests that there is more than one answer to this polls’ question, which is indeed correct.

      The afterlife would never impose itself onto an individual soul for the purpose of teaching a lesson, but in many ways, this is indeed what the soul chooses…to experience that which it creates itself, and from those experiences, ultimately, to clearly learn what it means to be human on the physical plane.

      Those personalities that “know” (believe) there is nothing, which exists beyond the physical plane, will have to experience a manifestation of those environmental conditions (nothing) before they can experience anything else beyond. This raises an interesting question…how does one create “nothing?”

      Is it the absence of light? Sound? Materialization? Furthermore, how long do you suppose it might take for these individuals to become aware of themselves as experiencing that “nothing” before a process begins, which leads them beyond the environmental conditions they unknowingly created?

      In short, every individual will experience that which is particular to them, and for the purpose of spiritual evolution (love.)

      The age of the soul, the level of perceptive and interpretive development within that soul-age, the belief or idea system of the personality, and the manner in which the life was lived, will largely dictate or influence the parameters of the after-life death experiences.

      There is no one “out there” who will ask you if you have lived your life “in the appropriate manner for reward,” outside of your own belief in such a thing…

      The meaningfulness of a single human life has absolutely nothing to do with any type of spiritual belief system, for no matter who you are, your life is important, has value, and meaning because of who you are, and there is nothing or no one that can take that away from you…

      To the eternal validity of your soul,

      P.S. Up above (Free Introductory Downloads Page,) you can download a lengthy excerpt of chapter 11 from my third book. The chapter is entitled…Death; The Dying Experience and Beyond. It will shed further light upon this question’s inquiry.

    • Hello Anonymous.

      As a “spiritual teacher,” I can hardly pass up the opportunity to teach, for any who may find value within it.

      Male and female are factors of the physical plane only, and not of the higher planes of existence.

      The determination of sexual orientation is that which is used by the soul while here physically, for the purpose of Evolution.

      Quite literally, one of the greatest “tools” the soul uses to achieve evolution (love,) are the human relationships it finds itself experiencing while here upon the physical plane.

      Therefore, in order for the human soul to achieve a full and complete evolutionary process of being here upon the physical plane, it is necessary that all sexual orientations will be experienced by the soul before its journey here is complete.

      Regarding the human relationships that are directly connected to the sexual expression of the particular personality’s chosen sexual orientation…

      These are the relationships, which hold the greatest potential opportunity for intimacy to occur (deep, close, emotional bonding) in a way, which is very beneficial to the soul’s evolutionary process.

      However, in order for this to occur, the crucial element of trust must be present. Factors of male and female, as well as sexual orientation, have absolutely no bearing on the validity of soul-touching-soul (intimacy.)

      It is only the determinations of the individual, family, society, and culture, which determine the legitimacy of such relationships, and those determinations have absolutely no validity beyond the physical plane.

      Does this suggest anything to you?

      P.S. “This time around,” I am heterosexual by choice of my personality.

    • Hello Anonymous, and yes, I can say something about the Whales and Dolphins…

      For those who may find it of interest…

      There are two ensouled sentient species on our planet, Human Beings, and the Whales and Dolphins.

      They have evolved hearing as their most dominant sense, as we have sight being ours.

      For those of you who may know something of my teachings, the Whales and Dolphins are at a very similar average soul-age to us Human Beings (Late-Young.)

      Just like us, the Whales and Dolphins collectively as a whole, are made up of different soul ages present at this time on the planet.

      Just as with Human Beings, not all Dolphins and Whales are “good.” However, I must include that those who “choose” to interact with Humans, are mostly “older,” otherwise, they would fear us too much.

      They do not have books and libraries per say, however, they do have “stories” passed down from generation to generation by the “older ones,” who have shared some of the “atrocities” human kind has inflicted upon them. But take heart, for these “older ones” “know” that not all humans are “bad,” as some of the inter-species interactions have shown, and the “stories told” of us human beings that have been shared…


    • Hello anonymous.
      Yes, one of the most seductive forces in the universe is fear. (Note that I did not say strongest.)

      Hidden within the dungeon of the pain is fear.

      Qualities of love as shown through acceptance, kindness, fairness, and generosity, all come from deep within the soul, and they are their own reward.

      When interacting with any human being directly, looking into their eyes, there is a part of you that knows the truth of what might be going on within another in terms of them living in love energetically, or struggling with a form of fears’ pain energetically.

      Knowing this then, it is never wrong to reach out to them through the experiences of love, no matter how they might receive it at the time…

      There have literally been human beings snatched from the “jaws of death,” by those who reached out through love in their greatest time of need.

      There is nothing new here. When you look into the eyes of another, while listening with your heart, you will “know” what to do, and what is yours to offer to another.

      One of the greatest things that can be done is to ask someone if they are, or have, thought of suicide. Then ask them if they have, or have had, a plan to do it. If both of these questions get your attention on a serious level, then you must engage them in conversation regarding the matter.

      Why? because getting them to socially acknowledge the energetic equation going on inside of them is a very powerful step in moving the situation forward in an energetic sense. Depending on how this goes, it is very important to follow up on this immediately, and for the days to come, for the purpose of a “reality check.”

      If there are others who truly care about the individual we are speaking of, find some way to include them in the “information loop.”

      It is not the responsibility of you or anyone else for that matter to take the responsibility for another’s life; it is their own. However, sometimes one may need some help or assistance and they do not know how to ask for it, because they think they are not deserving of it, or it won’t make any difference anyway.

      When the psychological and emotional being of one becomes “closed” due to fear, then it is almost impossible for them to ask for help. It then becomes incumbent on us all to watch for the signs of severe depression, so as to be able to intervene by the association of love into the equation, to help alter the course of the determined outcome.

      Understand that from your perspective, the whole situation will not make any good sense. However, from your perspective, you are not dealing with the distortions created by their fear, which then become reinforced by that same fear, in different ways, until ultimately, the manifestation of fear evolves to a “closed system,” in which the actuality of the life itself is completely masked.

      Depression is an external manifestation of an internal struggle. All human beings experience it at some point in their life. It is an unavoidable human experience. However, for some, the depression becomes so totally life-consuming as to override the natural course of the life.

      If you care to watch with your heart open to them, asking questions, and following up, there is excellent possibility of NOT HAVING THIS HAPPEN TO SOMEONE VERY DEAR TO YOU.

      There is free educational help available to anyone on this very serious topic, and for ‘both sides” of this energetic equation. Seek it out for yourself, or another, by asking questions in your social circle, the internet, and at the library.

      There is no reason one must endure the loss of a very close loved one due to this completely avoidable permanent act of choice operating in the life. Sometimes, a person “needs help” in seeing the value, meaning, and purpose of their life; without that help, they will choose to “leave.” Are you ok with that?

      To the eternal validity of the soul,

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  25. Why do some souls choose to be emotionally cruel to one another on social media while sharing their point of view, when it is diametrically different than their own? If you put up a poll asking a question you should be open to others point of view…

    I see some who are down right verbally cruel to others while hiding behind the nameless faceless identity of the computer monitor. Would they have the same opinion if it was on the front page of the newspaper with their picture, name, address, and phone number?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this they wish to share?

    Please always remember that you can never take your words back and you never know how you are impacting someone in their life…good or bad.

    Think before you speak…you could be the “straw the broke the camel’s back” and be the final word before someone “snaps” and commits suicide, or you could be the one who changes their mind.

    Who do you want to be in the world? Someone who is building people up or tearing them down?

    • Hello Penny.

      I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to teach about how this is in many ways, is at the heart of the reason why so many find disappointment, dissatisfaction, and even unhappiness in their lives.

      Why? It is because these individuals are “choosing” to operate in a manner, which is actually counterproductive to creating and living a life of unbelievable richness and fullness that they could have. If this is true, why would they do that? Or, to use your words Penny, “why do some souls choose to be emotionally cruel to one another on social media while sharing their point of view, when it is diametrically different than their own?” The short answer is FEAR. However, please allow me some verbiage to clarify that response…

      Human behavior can at times seem to defy understanding, until a “teacher” can bring that about. However, the “student” must accept and agree with the “teacher’s” words, or there is no understanding in which to take place. Why is understanding human behavior important? It is not at all to some. To others, it is all-important.

      Still, if we consider the life a single human being, I think most would agree that our world is full of these single individual human beings, and that there must be some reason or purpose for this. Right? If that is true, why do you suppose there are so many ways for the single individual human beings to perceive and interpret their own life? Moreover, how that “interpretation” might include others and even the “great beyond?”

      Does it really make sense to you that there could ever be only one “true” explanation for it all? Especially given that all the single individual human beings, do not have the same languages, societies, or cultures? I mean really, how might those things effect the “programming” brought about in those different lifetimes?

      Instead, what if there were “teachers” at “all different levels” of possible human understanding, to help those “students” who would wish to learn? If this is true, what would be the purpose of that? Could it be that the single individual human being could use the “understanding” appropriate for their “level of understanding,” to help them or aid them in having a more enjoyable, effective, and satisfying life?

      If all this previous is true, then is it possible that anyone who chose to “work against this model” might find themselves with a life of disappointment, dissatisfaction, frustration, and even unhappiness, as they tried desperately to convince others of the rightness of their one and only “truth,” at the expense of another’s “wrongness?”

      Would this all mean that there is no “absolute truth” or “highest truth?” Or, is it possible that all the teachers are “right?” Meaning, that overall, as each “student” has “the need to understand,” they would be able to find a “teacher” who could serve their “best developmental interests” as the student “grows?” Isn’t there a “symbolic model” of this in the world already, such as in school or higher learning?

      Now bear with me here, as we are going to leave the familiar far behind for some of you…

      As a “very old soul teacher,” I am myself spending and devoting my life to achieving a complete and utter understanding of what it means to be human, for the purpose of expressing the nature of my soul through teaching in a “higher learning sense,” although I do care for that particular expression of “higher.” I use it specifically to indicate the interconnectedness of the physical life with non-physical life, if that makes sense to you.

      I am aware that the soul, through the experiences of physical reincarnation, will indeed change as it ages upon the physical plane. I am also aware that the personality of any given single human being is generally NOT aware of this, and there is “good reason” for this in many of those instances. Why? Because the personality would not be able to function properly unless this knowledge is “blocked” by a very effective means.

      Quite literally, the personality needs the “distraction” of “larger picture awareness” filtered out in order to “know what is real,” and to “know what it is,” in order to live the life as full and rich as possible. However, when the soul of a single individual gets “older,” [through its many, many different lives,] the personality of that soul cannot help but to ask “different types of questions,” which cannot be answered satisfactorily at the “previous level of human understanding.” This causes a dilemma.

      Now, the personality of the single human individual “student,” must find another “teacher” in which to give the answers they are seeking for, to help them to move forward with a newer, broader level of human understanding. This is essential in which to create a life that is rich and full in experience for them, now especially.

      Whenever I find a human being asking questions at the level of which your inquiry resides Penny, I know I am dealing with a soul that is “older.” Why? Because a “younger soul” would have absolutely no need of asking this type of question, as they absolutely know the “truth” of another’s “wrongness.”

      Developmentally, these types of souls [the ones who “tear people down”] are not at a level of human understanding [“soul age”] to appreciate or understand the “error” of their ways. I mean no judgment by the expression “error” by the way. To be clear, I am meaning living a life “working with” or “working against” the natural order of things, for the purpose of creating a life, which is rich and full in terms of human satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment.

      Almost anyone can imagine, and arguably agree that if there were a personality who whole-heartedly believed in the forces of evil, to the point of “knowing” and NOT “believing,” would have that life being “shadowed” or “colored” by that level of human understanding. In other words, all possible actions and understanding would have to be taken into consideration within those “guidelines.”

      However, what if there were “more to the story” than good versus evil? Furthermore, what if it took an “older soul,” with their level of understanding, to even be able to consider the possibility of this? What if the “older soul” found out that good and evil were symbols for the much larger realities of love and fear?

      If these are true, which one is right? Which one is wrong? Furthermore, what if the “knower’s” or “believers” of each had to developmentally grow within them to be able to fully understand them, for the purpose of “serving their needs spiritually?”

      Leaving the “good versus evil framework” behind for now, what if those who chose to believe in and follow the “love versus fear framework” instead, had to “face their own fears” in order to do so? Could this possibly produce a life-situation in which a single human being would “know” or “believe” their opinion concerning something was “right,” and that another’s opinion was “wrong?”

      If that is possible, do you further suppose that an individual acting from a “space of internal fear” could evolve through developmental understanding one day to realize there might be another way in which to regard the matter? Furthermore, that through a “space of love” they might begin to realize that the opinions of another might “developmentally” be right for them?

      If that is possible, then is it further possible that those more loving individuals might deliberately “try to build others up” instead of “trying to tear them down?” For if this is all possible, you have just found the answer to this question’s inquiry…

      Did you catch it? Or, do you know I am “full of shit?” The answer you find says more about your own spiritual level of development than it does my own, but I will leave that determination up to you.

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach Penny.

      I love you “Old Warrior.”
      Your loving husband Chuck
      (An “Old Sage”)

  26. This is really fascinating, You’re a highly skilled blogger. I have joined your feed, seeking more of your wonderful posts. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks!

  27. Posting as Anonymous:

    Is it wrong to eat meat/animal products?
    I don’t want to contribute to inflicting pain on any innocent animal,
    but god has placed animals on earth for us to partake of.

    • Hello Anonymous,

      This is a very powerful question for many…

      Even though this may be hard to accept, at a “certain level of consciousness,” the animals who “allow” us to consume the flesh of their bodies, do so “in cooperation” with the human spirit at a “very deep level,” as long as the “quality of life is maintained on both sides of this energetic equation.”

      This does not mean there is no place for those who choose to do otherwise, for there is evidence of this everywhere one may choose to look.

      All “life” is sacred, no matter in what form it may currently exist. To honor that, is the highest expression one may give, in whatever form it may show itself…

      Does this suggest anything to you?

      Charles Stewart
      (From the perspective of a very old soul spiritual teacher)

  28. Posting on behalf of Anonymous:

    I have a question I’ve been wanting to ask, but have been too shy. Throwing all shyness aside, here goes. What is your view on Baptism?

    The reason I ask is that I was raised as Christian. However, in learning to appreciate the teachings of more people, I still respect the teachings of Jesus, and part of his message was baptism. The cleansing of yourself, and the letting go of past wrongs is evident in all teachings.

    However, is actual baptism in water, by someone ordained, something we all should do? Moreover, if so, ordained by who? I can’t find one single church I agree totally with.

    There are some teachings that I do not totally disagree with, but still the option to be baptized makes you a member of a church, and all the fine print that goes with said church.

    I am asking not for myself, but for my children. I wonder if I should get them baptized. So your point of view is welcomed here.

    • Hello Anonymous, great question!

      I commend you for facing your fears and reaching out to others, through the courage and strength of your own character.

      If I may, (from the perspective of a very old soul teacher…)

      It is your belief in the tenets of the religious belief system, and in the symbolic acts associated with it, which give the true power here.

      There is no one out there who is going to ask you when you die if you did the “correct religious thing” while you were physically alive, OUTSIDE OF YOUR CREATION OF THE EXPERIENCES THEN, THROUGH YOUR STRONGLY HELD BELIEFS (IDEAS) concerning it, and there will be more to learn…

      The meaningfulness of human existence has absolutely nothing to do with ANY religious or spiritual belief system, outside of any personality’s perception and interpretation of the matter.

      However, you must follow your heart in spiritual terms, (whatever that means to you,) in order to developmentally evolve yourself while here physically, unless you wish to do things the “hard way.”

      No matter what the personality decides itself to be, and the course of life-action it decides to take, the spiritual evolution will happen automatically, even if it is only learned in the “after-life.”

      However, there are many different souls who are awake in their personalities here on this website who are choosing on the level of personality, to bring this “evolutionary learning process” into the context of the life being lived at this time.

      You are in good company here…

      To the eternal validity of your soul,
      Charles Stewart

    • Hello Anonymous,

      I love this question of yours.

      If I may, I would love to take this opportunity to teach about this subject matter for all those who may find value within it.

      Since it is quite lengthy, instead of posting it here, I would like to give you the link to my website to view it in detail there. It is a lengthy excerpt from chapter 11 of my third book I have written. It is entirely from the perspective of an old soul teacher.

      I trust you may find value within it.

      All the best,

      Please click here…

    • Hello Anonymous.

      A great question for those who are not afraid to discover what they might learn.

      The death experience is a ghastly one when one chooses to suicide.

      This is not because of any “external entity” or “external authority,” but rather, it is because of the depression one takes with them when they suicide.

      On the “other side,” different from here, one’s energy is AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTANEOUSLY manifested into the experiences, which can be perceived and interpreted by the individual creating them; being unaware of this changes nothing.

      There is always help and assistance nearby however. One is never alone, even though it may seem this way at times.

      The lesson that will be learned by the one who chose suicide, is that they cannot escape the responsibility and accountability for their choice.

      Whatever it is that was abdicated from, through the choice of suicide, will still have to be dealt with. In other words, they must come back to finish what they chose to avoid “earlier.”

      Sooner or later, the soul will learn very clearly that suicide is not a “wise choice” to be made. This does not mean there is anything “wrong” with the personality who chooses this permanent solution to a temporary problem.

      Be aware that this is a lesson each soul will learn in its own way, before the cycle of physical reincarnation is finished, therefore, it behooves us all to reserve judgment of those who make this choice.

      To the eternal validity of the soul,
      Charles Stewart

        • Hi Penny, and thank you for your question.

          Your question is a good one, because it gives me the opportunity to discuss, in part, the different soul-ages that exist upon our planet, and why this information is of great value to older souls…

          Most people (souls having a physical existence through a personality) are simply not aware of the fact that there is indeed a continued existence beyond the physical plane, AND BEYOND THEIR PERCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION OF SUCH A THING.

          In other words, while some may indeed “know” what is going to happen to them after their death, these same personalities are not aware that there is even “more to the story” than they “know.”

          Please do not misunderstand me here…I do not wish to come across to you as being so arrogant as to “know” what the after-death experience will be like for you, or anyone else for that matter. However, my soul is so old, that it’s “wisdom” cannot help but “bleed-through” into the perceptive and interpretive mechanisms of my own personality.

          What does that mean exactly? Well, in one way only, it causes my personality to “know” that a human being is more than the present personality they are in this lifetime only. Furthermore, that the present lifetime’s personality, while of importance to the soul within the context of the particular lifetime, is not the only personality the soul learns from, or has access to.

          What does that mean? This means that yes, the personality of any given lifetime has the knowing of who and what they are, as well as what their after-death experience will, or even might be like, (based upon currently held ideas and/or beliefs.) It also means, that by the very nature of their soul having access to learning from all of the other personalities it has experienced, this should suggest to the present personality living the current lifetime, that their “particular perspective,” is not all there is to “know” or “experience”… 🙂

          With all that said…each human being currently upon the planet, is a personality living the lifetime for a soul (their greater self,) and each person’s soul (greater self or whole self) has had accumulative experience upon the physical plane through many different lives.

          The soul is the same, but the personality is different. Just as in the context of one single lifetime, as the person ages during that life, they “change,” and because of those changes, what they perceive of themselves, others, and the world around them, as well as “existence beyond,” changes.

          Most will be able to understand that and agree with me. However, what most do not understand or agree with me about, is how the same applies to the existence of the human soul, while here physically, through its many, many different lifetimes.

          All human beings are not at the same level of experience. Some are “infant,” some are “baby,” some are “young,” some are ‘mature,” and some are “old.” Each “age” will have very different characteristics in how they choose to perceive, interpret, and operate in their lives.

          This brings me to the crux of your question Penny…Generally, it will be the “mature souls” with whom you will find living in the space of your inquiry. However, that does not mean all mature souls live in that manner, hardly.

          It is more, that it is not until that “soul-age” (mature) that the personality will come to experience “soul-age bleed through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality living the life, which could bring about the personality’s involvement in the manner in which you described. [Feeling weary and tired of physical life to the point of “longing to die, for the purpose of going home.”]

          Mostly, this occurs for those mature soul who feel it, because that while they do begin to have the “perceptions” of an old soul, they do not as of yet possess the “understanding” of an old soul.

          To clarify, the mature soul “sees” the work necessary and ahead of them, and because of the nature of their age, they can appreciate not only how far they have come in terms of evolutionary development, they can appreciate how much more there still is to learn.

          It is the appreciation of how difficult the “wear and tear” of the younger cycles are, that the mature soul is weary and tired of the amount of work necessary to “sort it all out,” and which is still very much ahead of them.

          It is not unlike the feeling of being lost in the wilderness without food and water or shelter and deciding to climb to the tallest peak of a mountain to gain the perspective needed for a clear direction to move towards for the possibility of saving your life.

          The problem is that when you physically, mentally, and emotionally exhaust yourself in climbing that mountain peak to save your life, you find that there are countless more mountains to climb behind it. You quite literally discover that you are in a range of unending mountains, or so it seems.

          In this analogy, you are completely “played out,” with no food, water, shelter, or ENERGY, and so you want to die. You want to end the suffering. You want to go to sleep and not wake up. You get the picture.

          The problem with all of this is that the mature soul “knows” by way of the soul-age bleeding through into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality that “suicide,” “quitting,” or “not wanting to participate anymore,” are not “viable options.”

          The intrapersonal difficulty of the mature age development of the human soul cannot be overstated. However, it is a stage of the human soul’s development while participating in the cycles of reincarnation that has to be accomplished by all souls before the end of their journey here.

          There is so much more here Penny, but I do not wish to get too “long-winded” in addressing your inquiry, while also taking the opportunity to teach. 🙂

          I trust you may find something of value within this response.

          Your loving husband,

          P.S. I should clarify that the “soul-age bleed through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality are not necessarily on the level of conscious awareness, but rather, most commonly of a “feeling” or “knowing,” without understanding it fully, or where it is even coming from. Kind of like something “on the tip of your tongue” that you cannot recall…but it is there…:)

    • Great question Anonymous.

      Not in our lifetime unfortunately.

      Until the average soul age upon the planet evolves to that of “late-mature” to “early-old,” the state of “no war” upon the planet will be beyond the “developmental growth” of the planet’s current average soul-age of “late-young.”

      What is more important than this in our present lifetime, is to not give the “war-mongerers” more energy by focusing upon the situation in terms of how one spends their energy while here physically.

      The “best” course of action here (to help or aid the situation,) is to quite simply focus upon becoming the very best version of yourself you can become. Then, automatically, you help aid the situation for the better, by making the world a more beautiful place to live in energetically.

      Of course, “becoming the best version of yourself you can become,” must of necessity, affect the quality of life in a positive and constructive manner for all “concerned”; separate and apart from how the personality may choose to perceive and interpret the matter.

      At present, there are many souls here who have the “war-mongering” in their “developmental growth,” while here having existence through personality…

      All the best to you Anonymous,
      Charles Stewart

  29. Hi Charles, Recently my 9 year old son came to me and told me he thought he
    might be gay. He cried after he told me, I assume from feeling ashamed, since all
    his older brother ever does is call him gay and tease him saying he likes boys.

    I assured him if he was gay, I love him no differently. I asked him why he thought he might be gay. He said it was because he felt attracted to boys. After that, He didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so I didn’t push him. I am not sure if it was a wise choice but the next day I told him I didn’t think he was gay. I really don’t feel as his Mother that he is gay. There simply has been no sign of it anywhere. I believe if your gay then you’re born gay. I see it as they have a great capacity of love, as they see less of the “parts” and more of the person. They can love all.

    Do you think souls can be born bisexual?

    Why do you suppose some souls do love both sexes?

    Why do you think others are so judgmental over someone liking the same sex?

    My son pleaded with me to not tell his dad or anyone. This is the reason I
    wish to stay Anonymous. I think it is very sad that both my son and I feel we
    can’t talk to my husband about this because of his already harsh judgments that
    have been made about others who are gay; it is very clear how he feels

    If our son is gay or bisexual, or if my husband even thought his own son was gay or bisexual, I believe my husband’s response would not be emotionally or psychologically healthy for our son. Therefore, currently, it is a secret between my son and I, which I question the wisdom in the lesson this is teaching our son. I am sharing this with you in hope for some of your wisdom and take on it since I feel I shouldn’t talk to my husband about it. (Yet?) I am also open to hearing others opinions or suggestions, who may choose to respond to this inquiry of mine. I do plan on revisiting and talking to my son to find out more of what makes him feel he might be gay.

    Looking forward to your response…
    Anonymous 🙂

    • Hello Anonymous.

      Thank you very much for your question.

      If you don’t mind, I want to respond to this question with a recorded voice file. (You can download the file for listening to later on a mobile device at your convenience if you wish. When the listening screen comes on, “right-click” the player and select “save video as” to save to your computer/player as an .mp3 file.)

      The reason for this type of response by me is to try and make a more personal connection with those who may find value in what I have to share.

      Until I get more comfortable with this way to respond, I may have some redundant “ums,” “a’s,” and the like. (Nervous “space fillers.”)

      Therefore, I ask you to be patient with me over time.

      In the future, if you (or anyone else,) wishes to ask questions of me for responses to, you can request a “textual response,” “voice recorded response,” or a “video recorded response,” as the choice is yours. If not specified, then it becomes my choice. 🙂

      All the best Anonymous,
      Charles Stewart
      (An Old Sage)

      (Notes: the voice file will open another page to view/listen. If you wish, you can open another browser window to the website to view/look around while listening.)

      Click Here For Recorded Voice Response: [It is approximately 20 minutes in duration]
      Response To Gay Question

      • Hello Anonymous, my name is Ken. This is a response for your son who might have come out as homosexual. I am a transgender male. Meaning I transitioned from female to male. My parents knew I was different before I could talk. I have been surrounded by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender) community for most of my life. Don’t panic. Your son may be confused. But he very well might be gay also. Life for him will be difficult if so, but the BEST thing you can do for him is be supportive no matter what and love him every day. My father didn’t speak to me for years and it almost ruined me. The only thing that kept me going after I came out was my mothers support. I’m 21 and she still has my back 100%. Give it time and always leave the door open for him. The worst thing you could do is not be there for him. Be strong momma!!

        • Chuck,
          Thank you for sharing this information for all those who find value in the lives of themselves and others. I hope if helps anyone who is going through this situation in their lives.
          @ Ken, Thank you for always being able to be the voice for anyone who is going through a tough situation in life. Thank you for being the voice so many are afraid to be…

    • Here is a video that shows bullying from the perspective if heterosexuality were not the norm, but treated how some people treat homosexuality today. No one should be treated this way…Bullying is bullying any way you look at it.

    • Anonymous Mom Response:

      Charles, First I want to say I like the voice method. Listening to a voice rather than just reading is easier for how I learn best. 🙂 I am grateful to have a place where I can feel safe to talk about sensitive subject matters and not be ridiculed or judged.

      I appreciate your response and couldn’t agree more that the number one thing here is my son. I also realize I shouldn’t push my thoughts on what I think he is or isn’t and just love him as he discovers for himself. Whatever he is, I know he is an amazing soul and as his mother I will make sure he always knows that he is amazing. 🙂

      It makes me sad others have such big issues on this subject and are so limited in their views and are closed minded and closed-hearted. It leaves no room for love and understanding. I do have another question. It seems to me that 2 girls in a relationship seems more acceptable than 2 boys. I have heard many people , both male and female, say 2 girls is ok but not 2 males.

      Why do you think they can accept one being ok but not the other?

      I think its because once again only looking as far as the packaging. Anyways thank you for your deep wisdom. It is needed in a world full of shallowness…

      @ Ken, Thank you so much for sharing yourself and in my eyes, being the voice for my son’s side and what he needs from me. 🙂 I will always be there to love and support him , even if his father would choose not to. I needed to hear what you had to say so thank you again for taking the time to share with me.

      @ Penny Wow! That is a powerful video really makes you understand what it must feel like to be bullied for your sexuality or anything. It made me cry. Thank you for sharing this, it really opened my eyes and even made me think back to being younger and the times I bullied and teased people and how that must have made them feel. I actually want to show this to my older son since he is constantly teasing his brother about being gay and hope it will put things in perspective for him. 🙂

      • Dear Anonymous Mom,

        Thank you for your kind response. This movie shows such cruelty that occurs in the world. I hope that anyone viewing this would reflect on his or her own actions [as you said you have done] if they have done this to anyone in their lives.

        You can’t go back and change the choices that you made, but you can go forward and make different choices for the future. I always look at it like this; you can’t take back words/actions that you say/do to someone. You can only learn from the way you made someone feel. They may not remember your words/actions, but they will remember how you made them feel…maybe forever. This includes good choices as well. 🙂

        I think having your older son and maybe even your husband watch the video together is a fabulous idea. This could be a gateway for discussion later if necessary. Then with your older son here is a good activity to try after the video if you want to make him see something in a different light.

        Here is the suggested activity that I will be using in my classroom for the first week of school regarding choosing your words. [I will not be using this video in my class as I believe it is my place to share it in this classroom environment.] Have your son squeeze all the toothpaste out of a tube of toothpaste onto a plate. Then talk about thinking before speaking or taking actions against someone. Discuss saying I am sorry and does it always help to take back the cruelty? I am sorry definitely helps, but sometimes if people thought before the spoke or acted it would not be necessary.

        Now tell your son to put back all the toothpaste in the tube and make it look just like it did before they squeezed it all out. This is a power visual for kids to see that sometimes things can’t be put back they way they were. ..Think before you speak or act because you could hurt someone for a lifetime if you don’t…

        Thank you for allowing me to share, I am sorry the teacher in me had to give the homework activity for you and your son if you find value in it and he would receive it well. [You could involve both sons in the toothpaste activity.]  I wish you and your family all the best during this difficult time of feeling like you have to have a secret from your family. Secrets are never a good thing, but are sometimes necessary for some. No one walks in your shoes, so only you know when the time is right to discuss family issues with your spouse.

        Love and Hugs,

        • Thank you Penny! I appreciate the teacher in you. Giving a visual to the kids I think really helps with the lesson. I was able to talk to my older son about the video and he had already seen it in school and we were able to have a discussion about it. 🙂

  30. Hello Charles. Thank you for coming up with the idea of recording your answers. I like the idea. Let’s try it. As far as which question you address first, I will leave that decision entirely up to you. 🙂 I am just grateful you are here and have such magnificent insight into these matters. It is a comfort that you have insight and appreciation for my curious meanderings. It does indeed seem our souls knew each other in another time.

  31. I am posting this here on Rebecca’s behalf…

    Hello Charles. I am not sure how to post a new question so that it goes to
    the top of the previous questions and answers. I hope contacting you this
    way is the correct way or one correct way. I am sorry my response was
    delayed regarding spirit guides.

    I have an issue of concern and Penny suggested that I pose it to you for
    the benefit of helping others. I have to say I am uncertain if this is
    something that you would want to address as it is more of a personal and
    sensitive nature than my past questions. You are a teacher and a wise
    soul but you have your preferred area of expertise, and if am not certain
    if this falls under that area.

    Here goes. I wonder if you might be able to shed light on the fact that I
    am a complete failure at long term relationships with friends. I
    truthfully cannot think of one friendship that has sustained over a
    lengthy period of time. People seem to leave the friendship and I am
    truly so deeply saddened and hurt by this that I feel almost unable to
    maintain a functional friendship with ANYONE.

    I really am not exaggerating. I have had friends whom I loved and valued and they all leave me. I think I am a drain on them. Perhaps I am too self absorbed.
    Perhaps too depressive. Perhaps unable to give of myself in equal
    measurement. I am very deep and I am not apt to become friends with
    someone whom I do not regard with respect and admiration. I do look for a
    degree of …………. I can’t quite put it into words….well for lack
    of a better explanation, someone that is nurturing, strong, and ideally

    I have lacked a mother in my life and perhaps I seek fulfillment from friends that is unattainable. I really am not certain. I just know that I have no friends and had many that enjoyed my friendship for different durations of time and then closed the doors. Would this situation be in any way related to my soul’s level of development?

    Would it be possible that I perhaps wrote this in my life chart prior to this incarnation to learn from? And if so what the hell am I supposed to learn? That I am a complete failure and no one wants to hang in there with me through the good and the bad?

    Thanks Charles. Again I don’t know if you are even comfortable in this


    • Hello again Rebecca.

      Thank you for asking your question, and yes, I am comfortable taking on this subject matter. In fact, being a very old soul, with very advanced knowledge and understanding of what it means to be human, I love the opportunity to teach any who would find value in my responses.

      With the caveat that the following is my own personal perception and interpretation of the matter, I will proceed…

      During the course of a human lifetime, with all its attendant experiences, “difficulties” are intrinsic to personal growth and development. In particular, they give opportunity for the personal growth and development to occur. The real question becomes is if that personal growth and development is benefitted from during the context of the lifetime, or only beyond it, in the “after-life interval.”

      In other words, until the soul reaches a certain age of development, it is most likely that the “benefit” will only occur after the life is over. However, the future lives will benefit. How does one know if they are able, or how to go about the delightful task of benefitting from the work accomplished DURING the life? The answer lies entirely in the hands of the personality living the life, but there are very real considerations to take into account.

      For example, the manner and way in which the very young child was “programmed” has great influence here, particularly in terms of “what is considered normal,” even if that “normal” is the most unhealthy type of programming you can imagine. Quite literally, the early life programming will “run in the background” in the subconscious neurological layers of the subconscious mind.

      If the individual makes no reasonable attempt at “over-riding” or “changing” the early programming, you will find one who lives their life on a sort of “auto-pilot mode” or a “waking sleep mode.” These individuals will most likely not “figure things out” during the course of the lifetime, and consequently, this will dictate the parameters of available awareness achievable.

      Do not misunderstand me here. I do not mean to imply that “good” or “easy” early childhoods dictate a successful life…hardly. If anything, it is just the opposite. For the early childhood difficulties are often “chosen in advance” as that which will provide the necessary “reason” to turn the attention inward with questions. The questions, and the seeking of the answers they inspire, quite often lead the individual into a life, which may be gained in no other way.

      This is a life in which the true nature of the soul is allowed to become manifest, by way of “discarding” or “shedding” programming from the earlier life experiences, which no longer serves the purpose they once did. In other words, what the child was not born with, is no longer allowed to detrimentally affect the personality in the life any more.

      Let us try it this way…Before the conscious mind is able to reason for itself, great care is taken by the parent(s) to take care of this, and for the purposes known in advance by the child to be. When the child becomes an adult and leaves the nest, then, the adult child is able to reason for its own conscious mind. However, if the earlier programming was not good, then there is much work to be done, and not very easily at that. 🙁

      As the adult child goes out into the world and uses its “programming,” it has the possibility of learning “self-knowledge.” This self-knowledge is all that which does not “fit” or “agree” with the earlier programming. In fact, around the ages of mid-thirties to mid-forties, this “process” takes place; knowingly or unknowingly. It is this “self-knowledge” which gives the person living the life, an opportunity to bring down “internal barriers” not known of previously.

      Quite literally, the “true personality” can start to become manifest in the life after that time. This process is not guaranteed to be successful, as many choose passive acquiescence instead of taking the bull by the horns, rolling up their sleeves, and going to work on making personal changes in how they choose to perceive and interpret themselves, others, and their life thus far. It requires stretching oneself developmentally beyond what they know to be comfortable with, and in their uncomfortableness, they find their truer nature.

      This process brings life changes, which affect everyone associated with the individual we are speaking about, and on all levels. Those who “understand,” will support and encourage you. Those who do not “understand,” will not support and encourage you. You must decide the course of your own life. This is why you are here. The difficult relationships and experiences in your life thus far are important, yes. However, they were never meant to define the essence of who and what you are.

      Whether you are aware of it or not, you have provided benefit to them, even if they are not aware of it. They obviously could not reciprocate, or they would be regarded by you as good friends. From what I know of you Rebecca, you did, or you tried, to give the gift of “higher expression,” and it could not be reciprocated…


      Only then, can those who are seeking you “with prior agreement,” can find you. In those cases where you were the one who was “at fault” for not expressing your higher nature, leave it be of no concern to you now, unless you choose to not change the ideas you possess of yourself, others, and the world around you.

      Otherwise, you are selling yourself short, and robbing others of why you came here this time around. Sorry, 🙁 but it important to me to get your very real attention on a very deep level because it is not an accident why you and I have met this time around. If you choose to “let this go,” then you will have “much food for thought in the astral interval,” and you will have failed to do for yourself, your children, your husband, and others presently unknown, WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO.

      It is important to clarify that these others will not necessarily approve of, or feel good about, what you came here to do, for it may mean changing these relationships in profoundly impactful ways…

      Your introspection and your questions will provide the means for movement towards the solutions you are seeking. The process itself is not necessarily one in which you can “see” the evidence as you go along. NO. You must TRUST in the processes going on within you. You must TRUST in your creativity to show you the way. You must TRUST in what you have learned thus far, by being at one with your own knowing. Not the knowing since the cradle, the knowing of “self-knowledge.”

      There is so much more here Rebecca, but I trust you may find some comfort and direction in this response. And, if I may say, the courage in your open honesty, says to me the rightness of your purpose at this time in your life.

      May you always shine your light from within,
      Charles Stewart

  32. Hello Charles. I have been thinking about people who have terrible tragedy in their lives. Specifically, Michele Knight, the young woman who was kidnapped and held captive along with two other girls in Ohio. I read her Memoir recently and I couldn’t help but feel a deep sadness for her life, and the pain in which she has lived even prior to the ten years in captivity. I wonder if maybe she is an old soul and she has chosen this very difficult life for the lessons or if she doesn’t necessarily have to be an old soul. Do all soul ages choose very difficult lives in order to learn certain lessons. I am sure glad that I haven’t written any kind of lesson like that in this life!

    • Hello Again Old Friend! 🙂

      It is good to hear from you, and with another excellent question.

      Since I have not yet answered your last one, would you prefer I answer this one first or second?

      Either way you decide, I will need some time to get back to you. (I have been toying with the idea of recording my voice spoken answers instead of my written down textual answers, in the hope the responses would come more quickly.) What do you think? [It is easier for me to speak than type…]

      Until I get back on this one, the “short answer”…

      1.) No. An old soul would be “developmentally” beyond the need to have this type of experience.

      2.) All souls, regardless of age, learn from the “difficulties” experienced during the course of a life, AFTER the life is ended. Some “older” can
      learn from the lessons and benefit from the “difficulties” during the context of the life.

      3.) Yes, some souls do choose “difficult lives” for the purpose of “developmental evolution.” For others, the life was intended differently than
      the personality chose to manifest it, and sometimes this can mean “difficulty” not intended.

      4.) This is no doubt a life concerning the “difficulties” which can be present in cruel interpersonal relationships, and which are most commonly
      associated with mature souls, believe it not. In fact, one of the mature souls major life lessons has to do with “honorably serving a corrupt
      master.” These live are most often indeed very difficult and totally life-consuming in nature.

      There is much more here Rebecca, but I will wait till I have more time to expand more fully, because there is a lot about the human condition, which can be brought to life concerning these types of life experiences…

      All the best,

  33. I am posting this here for you Rebecca, so that it will be listed as a new question, instead of commenting on another already existing question/answer thread. (New questions will by default be posted at the top of the page when you come back to locate them, and any response from me. 🙂

    Hello Charles.
    I have been wondering about spirit guides. What are your thoughts
    about them? Do we all have one or more than one? How much do they guide us on a daily basis, and in what ways do they guide us?

      • Hello again Rebecca.

        Thank you for your question, as always, it gives me an opportunity to teach. 🙂

        The short answer is that yes, we all have “spirit guides,” however; most are simply unaware of this “phenomenon.” To answer another question, yes, we can and often do have more than one “spirit guide” working to assist us even though it is true that there are others who work with our “spirit guide” in a more “secondary capacity” to assist as well. The ways and methods used to guide us are indeed many, and highly specific to the individual being assisted.

        The primary way in which they communicate to the individual is through their “emotional guidance system.” Simply put, there is something deep within all individuals, which can show itself through “impulses,” “promptings,” “flashes of crystallized insight,” “moments of emotional comprehension through clarity,” “dreams,” and the like. Basically, when the emotions and the mind are quiet, then these “communications” can take place.

        The purpose of these spirit guides is always the same, only their methods, and the ways in which they are perceived and interpreted is different. Their purpose is to aid the particular individual in the means best applicable to the individuals own spiritual growth and development. In other words, it is not unlike any “teacher,” “mentor,” or “guide,” one might seek out while alive upon the planet during the life, for assistance needed for any specific purpose. However, in the cases of “spirit guides,” almost without fail, there is a much more “personal connection” involved. Let me clarify.

        For most personalities living the present lifetime, these “spirit guides” are perceived and interpreted as “angels” or the like. It does matter not how they are perceived and interpreted, as long as they are allowed to communicate through whatever means is necessary to be of assistance in helping the individual to move forward in personal growth and development, as well as spiritual growth and development. This is their purpose at the time.

        There is so much I still have to teach you concerning the true situation of the human soul’s experience here physically, and beyond. I do not wish to confuse you or to take away any “comfort blankets,” but the true nature of these “angels,” “spirit guides,” or what-have-you, is not anything to do with that, which is external to you. There is quite literally an “internal connection” between you and these “spiritual beings.”

        There are even times when one’s “guardian angel” or “spirit guide” was once an actually known person to them while they were physically alive. Sometimes the “spirit guide” or “guardian angel” is actually that previously known “energy personality essence,” and other times, the guides are only “using that appearance” to make an effective connection with the individual soul still physically incarnate (while still having connection with you through an “entity level” or “cadre level.”) This is not trickery or foolery, it is the means through which love can find connection at times; the manner in which the assistance can be accepted.

        In these cases of previously known beings becoming one’s “spirit guide” or “guardian angel,” there will always have been a very close personal emotional connection with that previously known person. A sibling, grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, etc, you get the picture? In these specific cases, the “close bond” between the family members would have been even closer emotionally than the normal expressional range of these family relationships. This is primarily due to them being in the same “entity” as you, more so than being in the same “cadre” as you. The “cadre” connection would feel more like extended familial
        connections of DNA, whereas same “entity” connections would feel more like immediate family connections of DNA.

        This does NOT apply to all family connections however, immediate or extended, as anyone could tell you from personal experience, that they are “closer” to some of their familial DNA connections, than to some others. Moving on…

        Each individual human being is only one manifestation of its “larger self” or “whole self.” Each “larger self,” “whole self,” or “soul” enters life as many times as necessary to achieve a “full cycle of lives here,” for the purpose of achieving human understanding, with crystal clear clarity.

        When each soul is done with its work here physically, it continues its work on the astral plane, which is an “upward step” from being here physically, although I do not like the expression “upward step.” On the astral plane, the soul will come to learn of itself as being part of a “larger body” or “whole,” known as an “entity.” The names are unimportant. You may call them whatever you wish. For where they exist, there is no book of truth written with their name in it, as their realities transcend such concerns.

        Each “entity” is made up of as many as a thousand souls or more sometimes. The entity itself has “evolutionary requirements,” not unlike the individual fragment of the entity (the soul.) When all of the entity’s fragments are reunited, and the necessary developmental work for this to occur are finished, the entire entity will take another “upward step” in the spiritual evolution to another plane of existence, the causal plane. Although I do not like the expression “upward step” very much.

        And yes, there are still “evolutionary requirements” for the entity to address at this level of existence, as it comes to learn of itself as being part of still yet another “larger body” or “whole,” known as the cadre. The cadre is a group of seven entities. The cadre all left source at the same time together, and are all “permanently linked” to each other as “family.”

        This “connection” will remain permanently until the cadre’s return to source one day in the very distant future. Once again, you can call these things whatever you wish, for their actualities transcend verbiage to even attempt description or understanding of. There is no “book of truth up there” with this all written in. Still, in order for me to communicate to you effectively, I must call them something.

        The purpose of the causal plane is the integration of the cadre (group of seven reuniting entities.) This is done through teaching. There are literally countless causal teachers on the causal plane of existence, and all of them are involved with teaching as the primary means through which they bring about their own evolution.

        Backing up, on the astral plane (above the physical,) whenever an individual fragment (soul) is finished with all its physical lives, which means the reincarnation cycle is finished for them; they reside on the upper levels of the astral plane to continue their work. While they are there, they are also waiting for the remaining members of the entity they are a part of to finish their reincarnational cycles. Once again, I do not like the expression “upper levels.” The astral plane of existence finds interpretation as the primary means through which evolution is experienced.

        The fragments (souls) who are no longer subject to the karmic cycle of rebirth, make themselves “available” to help or assist the members of their entity still working “below”; although I do not like the expression “below” very much. There are many different ways in which they are perceived and interpreted; “angels,” “guardian angels,” “spirit guides,” and the like.

        These spiritual beings are a part of your “larger self” in ways, which are not generally understood or appreciated. There are of course exceptions to this as being the only explanation for these “spirit guides,” but for now, I will not discuss them, as this message I bring to you now, is of the primary importance here. One day Rebecca, you yourself will become a “spirit guide.”

        It is important to realize and understand that these “spirit guides” are never “forceful” to the individual, they are “supportive.” In other words, they assist you without doing the work for you, as that is your part of the process. As more of the entity integrates upon the upper astral plane, the cumulative knowledge and wisdom of the entity becomes more available to the individual still here physically, who is a part of that entity.

        This “availability” always comes from within, never from externals. However, it is up the individual living the present life to be able to perceive, interpret, and use that wisdom. This is accomplished through the experiences in the life, which bring about the possibility of personal growth and development as a human being.

        In other words, it is the responsibly and accountability of the personal living the life to find its own means to achieve spiritual growth and development within the context of the present lifetime being lived. More commonly, the individual living the lifetime will “wait” until the lifetime is over to find itself “benefiting” from the spiritual growth and development it was involved with during the life.

        The reason for this is that the “awakening process” within the context of the life is not easy, it is simple, but it is not easy. This difficulty often finds the majority of humans as being “closed” to opening up to the possibility of discovering aspects of their own greater identity. Quite literally, they will not trust direct experience with their own “internal nature,” beyond the context of all that which has been taught to them since the cradle on by the official world view.

        This is only one reason why it takes the absolute and sheer power of age upon the physical plane to even consider the possibility of “spiritual evolution” beyond the context of one’s present life, beyond orthodox religious terms.

        Still yet, even mature and old souls are not guaranteed success here, as they must face their internal fears and rationalizations, in order to overcome them. When they do, their lives are changed in ways in which they could not have possibly imagined before, as they learn to operate from their highest vibrational expression.

        It is through your own imaginations, emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc, that your “spirit guides” will reach out to you through the experiences of love. Remember, their “suggestions” to you may not be easy to implement, but they are simple, and always attuned to your own greatest value fulfillment. You must face your own internal fears and deal with them moving forward, there is no other way.

        In time, you will forget that there was once a time when fear had such a hold over your life, which you allowed, and when that time comes, it will be the reason for your joy.

        To the infinite wisdom deep within you,
        Charles Stewart

        • Hello Charles. Thank you for your response to my question about spirit guides. I must admit it was involved and perhaps some parts maybe a little advanced. I reread it and can say I understand what you are saying. I just want to say I have never even heard of the whole entity and that stuff, or cadre . I also didn’t know that spirit guides could be family members that have passed, or did I misunderstand? I believe Angels that are considered guardian angels are separate from Spirit guides. Well I always appreciate your well thought out responses and teachings to my questions. Thank you.

          • Hello again Rebecca.

            I apologize if all that was too much for you. In retrospect, perhaps it would have been better to tell you that the reality or actuality of “spirit guides” and/or “guardian angels,” is truly in the eye of the beholder.

            Another way to understand the concept of “spirit guides” and/or “guardian angels,” is to consider that they will present themselves to the perceiver and interpreter of their being and/or existence, in such a way as those they help or assist can “process them.” There is nothing wrong with this.

            My way of teaching does not adequately take into account the perceptual and interpretive capacity of those I wish to aid, in the same way in which the “spirit guides” and/or “guardian angels” do.

            Since I am here presently as a physical being having existence through personality, what I have immediate access to is “limited in scope and application” as compared to these non-physical beings.

            I still maintain everything as stated previously to you however. As a spiritual teacher who possesses very advanced knowledge and understanding of what being a human being upon the physical plane means, it would be “irresponsible” of me to “water down,” “distort,” “embellish,” or what-have-you, what I know to be the true conditions of which I teach.

            There are spiritual teachers who serve this need for those who need it, but it is not my way. I am looking for “specific students” who are ready and capable of learning the true conditions of the manner in which reality actually works. I understand my way is not for everyone, and that is ok with me…truly.

            Of course, there are clarifications and distinctions to be made concerning my previous material concerning this subject matter, beyond what I am speaking of here.

            However, in the interest of serving your best “spiritual needs,” I believe it best to tell you to perceive and interpret “spirit guides” and/or “guardian angels” in a manner, which suits you best, separate and apart from my “teachings.”.

            In time, it may prove to be true that some of your ideas concerning these matters may change, that remains to be seen, whether within the context of this life or beyond.

            To clarify, what suits your best developmental needs spiritually, is what is of the most importance here; not my teachings of them. What “feels right” is perhaps your best guide here, no pun intended. 🙂

            Since you specifically asked of spirit guides possibly being a dead loved one…

            Surely, you have heard of someone saying that a “dead loved one” was around them from time to time “watching over them?” If not, one day you will.

            In many ways, in these specific cases, the dead loved one can choose to become a “spirit guide” or “guardian angel” for the loved one left behind; at least this is the manner in which they may possibly be perceived and interpreted by the loved one still physically present. Sometimes, the spirit guide is actually a previously known being with whom the person left behind had (and still does,) a very close personal and emotional bond with.

            Other times, this is not truly the actual case, but rather, it is the “guise” through which the spirit guide may be best ‘received,” by the loved one left behind. There is much more here, but out of concern of overwhelming or confusing you, we’ll let this go at that for now.

            The concepts of entity and cadre are merely my way of addressing the “inner connections” we have to the “larger portions” of ourselves, and to make as clear as possible that these “connections” are eternal. You may choose any verbiage or conceptual range to communicate these things to another. This is the manner which I choose. In short, as we continue to evolve through eternity, the learning never stops.

            Eventually, what we perceive and interpret by personality as “apartness” and/or “separateness,” while here on the physical plane, and even beyond to some degree, will evolve to getting “replaced” one day in the very distant future, as “comprehension of whole integrities,” in which the “parts” are perceived and interpreted as a “completely functioning total,” as it evolves itself towards its return to source.

            An analogy here might be our own human body…. We can perceive and interpret all the individual parts of our anatomy, while at the same time, realizing how they all function together as a “total entity.”

            I must apologize if all this “stretches you too much developmentally,” for that is certainly not my intention, but would rather be the manner in which you would be regarding the matter. 🙂

            In my teachings, I often speak of “developmental requirements” of each soul age upon the physical plane. Furthermore, I speak of each soul age not being able to “exceed the limits of their growth.” Perhaps you will remember this exchange, which has taken place here as a way to reach insight into the significance of those statements. 🙂

            Please do not misunderstand all of this. I do not mean to imply this is all beyond you developmentally. I merely mean to use this opportunity to clarify what “developmental growth barriers” can be like.

            As for you Rebecca, anytime one learns of a new subject material, there is often a process involved of getting familiar with the new subject material, for the purpose of understanding and appreciating it better, through study and application.

            If it is a pre-schooler learning that numbers have names, then I know you would agree with me that that to try and explain algebra to them, is beyond their “developmental growth” at the moment.

            For until they learn that those numbers can add, subtract, multiply, and divide with each other, as well as perform other functions, it is simply not possible for them.

            I do not believe this material I teach is beyond you developmentally. I do believe this is all sort of new to you in a way in which you will need time to “process” what is actually occurring for you, so that in time, you then may be best able to determine what is most appropriate for you developmentally.

            I appreciate you very much, and I trust you are receiving all of this well,
            Charles Stewart

  34. I am posting this here on Rebecca’s behalf:

    After reading this article I find myself thinking that I am a mature soul vs an old soul. Two key points made in your article that led me to this idea are :

    1. I isolate myself from the world and feel that my internal desire and drive to figure out who I am and why I am here sets me apart from the outside world. I have asked people these questions and tried to share what I have learned and not one person has ever subscribed to this way of thinking. Nothing I say seems to resonate with people. I think that they think I am way out in left field. So I have stopped trying. I feel like I am the only one with the truth and everyone else is very alien to me. This brings me to

    2. I am completely perplexed by human relationships outside of my immediate family/ children. I have no clue how to do the friendship thing. It never works out for me, and the pain of many failed attempts is excruciating. As a result I isolate myself almost completely. I am not living my life to its fullest and I realize this yet I am unable to make a change.

    Does this sound like a mature soul? I think I am not an old soul as I first thought. I will add that much of what I know about old souls does resonate with me. One thing in particular. I am very world weary. I would very much like to be wrapping up here on the physical plane and heading home.

    • Hello Rebecca, it is good to hear from you again. I must apologize for the delay in responding back to you. However, know that I very much do appreciate your continued questions, as they give me an opportunity to teach.

      Please bear with me, as this is likely to get very lengthy (hence the reason for my delay in getting back to you.)

      The material I share concerning the ages of the human soul upon the physical plane can indeed at times seem confusing or unclear. I do not intend it in this manner, it is just that due to the incredible uniqueness of each and every human being, we can find “variables,” which seem to “complicate things.”

      For example, each human soul can, and will at times, manifest different levels of each soul age while upon the physical plane UP TO THE POINT OF THEIR PRESENT GROWTH LIMITATIONS. Let me clarify that statement.

      If a personality here upon the physical plane IN THIS LIFE has an old soul, then they can choose to manifest behaviorally infant, baby, young, mature, or old soul behavior within the context of the present lifetime.

      If a personality here upon the physical plane IN THIS LIFE has only a baby soul in terms of its developmental growth upon the physical plane thus far, then it can only manifest itself as an infant or baby soul behaviorally within the context of the present lifetime.

      In other words, the personality living the present lifetime CANNOT manifest soul age behavior “going forward of its actual age.” To understand this another way, the personality living the present lifetime CANNOT EXCEED THE LIMITS OF ITS GROWTH. (Please do not misunderstand my use of all capital letters. I am not “yelling or shouting,” I merely wish to “emphasize them more.”)

      With this understanding, I will continue. I have not as of yet gotten into the 7 levels of perceptive and interpretive development within each and every soul age, which will result in developmentally progressive levels of understanding within the particular soul age we are discussing.

      To keep matters more easy to understand, I will not break those down in this response to you for concern of confusing you perhaps even more than I may already. However, if I do my job well, then you should receive clarification that will produce a deeper understanding and appreciation of this matter concerning “soul ages.”

      The reason I mention the levels (7) within each soul age of “progressive understanding,” beyond the context of basic soul age (infant, baby, young, mature, and old,) is to draw your attention to the fact that there can be a sort of “bleed through” between soul ages at times, when the personality living the present lifetime is either at the “first level” or the “seventh level” of understanding within the particular soul age we are considering, in terms of its perceptions and interpretations within the particular soul age.

      In other words, a “seventh level mature soul” can indeed manifest at times through a sort of “bleed through process” as a “first level old soul.” Conversely, a “first level old soul” can indeed manifest itself within the context of the present lifetime being lived as a mature soul from the previous cycle.

      To take things a step further, recall my statement from earlier about how each human soul can, and will at times, manifest different levels of each soul age while upon the physical plane UP TO THE POINT OF THEIR PRESENT GROWTH LIMITATIONS.

      Therefore Rebecca, you may actually be an old soul who is at the present time in your life, having your personality choosing to behaviorally manifest as a mature soul. There are so many “variables,” I hardly know where to begin…

      For example, there are certain periods in the lives of human beings where they are developmentally growing their ideas of themselves and the world around them in such a way as to quite literally effect the normal parameters of their behavior.

      In other words, sometimes the “internal developmental work” going on within the personality is so intense or involved that the person’s behavior will be seen as “uncharacteristic.” After the “developmental milestone” has been accomplished, then the personality’s behavior will return to normal.

      In my second book “Integral Resolutions Vol I: The Evolution of a Human Lifetime,” I write about some of these developmental milestones in great detail. In fact, one of the most significant ones for humans occurs around the ages of mid 30s to mid 40s, factoring in the unique individuality of human beings. You may be involved with this very thing, I do not know at present.

      Also, bear in mind that within the context of a single human life is the fact that at times, even if you are a mature soul or an old soul, the personality will have to act behaviorally in a like-soul-age to those it is around, for the purpose of being “effective.” Let me give an example to clarify.

      Wherever you are presently living, it is very likely that if you ever have the need to go “downtown” to deal with the “legal” or “court system” where you live, you will find the average soul age of the souls operating there as “baby in soul age.”

      Why? Because it is in their nature to focus upon an external world where rules, regulations, laws, and the like, are the “final authority” on how best to conduct one’s life. Therefore, it is not uncommon to face the reality of dealing with a world there (downtown) where the “restrictedness” or “rigidness” of life is very strongly enforced upon you.

      In this example, even if an old soul was to go “downtown” for the purpose of “necessary business,” our old soul would find itself (through personality) operating as a “baby soul” behaviorally, for the purpose of “fitting in” and to be as “effective” as possible.

      Perhaps this is not the best example Rebecca, however, it should help you reach some insight into how an “older soul” may at times behave like a “younger age soul,” which may in actuality be dictated by the current life experience(s) going on in the particular soul’s life.

      It is not different from how you may act “uncharacteristically” on any given particular day in your life interacting with someone who has never met you before, and who may think you are an “asshole.” What they don’t know about you is that on this particular day, you were suffering from a massive migraine headache.

      Your car just stalled in traffic and won’t restart, and you don’t have the money to fix it. You are responsible to be somewhere, and you just found out earlier something very upsetting to you about your “significant other.” Now here comes the interaction with our hypothetical person who has never met you before…

      You are blocking them on the roadway with your stalled vehicle and they are yelling and honking at you. After you exit your car and “scare the hell out of them,” they are not very likely to say to themselves “oh, she must be having a bad day.” No, they are going to regard you as a “giant asshole,” which I am quite sure, you are not. 🙂

      A crude example for sure, but it helps me to clarify how the personality living the lifetime can and will behave uncharacteristically at times. This is no different for how the behavior at times of one’s personality can manifest at a “younger soul age” than it actually is.

      With all that said, it becomes a “work in progress” to sometimes know for sure the actual soul age of yourself or another. Still, remember that mostly (unless the soul is at the very end of one cycle,) the personality living the soul’s lifetime will not be able to exceed the limits of its growth, by manifesting a soul age higher than it actually is. Remember also that if the soul is at the very beginning of the soul age, it can indeed “revert back” at times to soul age behavior it is more familiar with.

      Rebecca, your no. 1 question in no way resonates to me as a mature soul, even though it could apply. Let me clarify. You could simply be at a point in your present life where you are “awakening,” although I do not like that expression very much, for the fact it does not take into account a process, which for old souls in particular, has always been “under the surface” or “behind the scenes” in the entire life (mostly) thus far.

      In other words, you may be at a developmental point in your life (my second book,) where you can no longer “wait” anymore to bring this part of yourself more fully into your life, or you will die.

      Please forgive me for the dramatic ending to the previous sentence, as what I actually mean entails a very long process over time of “settling for less” and “coming to terms” with a “missed opportunity.” By this, I am meaning living your life the way you were NOT meant to, which ultimately ends up with you having “regrets,” and “playing out” in some “deathbed hospital scene” one day. In this specific example, the life will be much shorter than “intended.”

      In many ways, I myself could have very well written your first question as applying to my own life at one point, and I am certainly not a mature soul.

      Once again, your no.2 does not resonate with me as a mature soul (but it could.) Let me clarify. There could be literally countless reasons why you find yourself in “difficulty” in understanding or processing relationships outside your immediate family/children.

      You may have never learned how to do this effectively (early childhood programming,) which has nothing to do with soul age, except a “difficult childhood” IS OFTEN CHOSEN by older souls for the purpose of turning the attention “inward” to connect with the old souls’ wisdom. I myself had a young childhood which produced this phenomenon.

      The perceived inability on your part to change can be very revealing however. If this proves to mark the current course of your life with a continuance on this course for the remainder of the life, then I would agree with the mature soul age. However, we must first rule out depression.

      It is only the old soul who is most vulnerable to this very debilitating psychological condition. Depression can arrest any further personal growth and development for an entire lifetime.

      Depression is not a bad thing, UNLESS THE PERSONALITY STAYS THERE DEVELOPMENTALLY. Depression is simply an external manifestation of the internal struggle. In my book, the internal struggle is part of a process almost required in the life for the personality to connect with the soul internally, for the life task to be accomplished, whatever that may be.

      You may simply have never been around and interacting with other souls given to similar soul age as you, outside of your children perhaps, and you are the one teaching their personalities about how to “do it.” The “isolation part” of which you speak is not necessarily a mature soul thing only, UNLESS IT BECOMES A LIFE FOCUS.

      For the old soul, these things are transitory in the life at various points. Wherever there is major internal work going on, you will find them. The pain of which you speak is meant to have you question those experiences to begin a process which leads you beyond it.

      If you are truly unable to do this, then perhaps the mature soul thing does indeed apply. However, just because you have had the experiences you have shared thus far, in themselves, do not contain the essence of your identity.

      Mostly, but not entirely, when those experiences use you, you are perhaps looking at a mature soul, whereas, where one’s personality comes to use those experiences for personal growth and development WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE PRESENT LIFE, we are more looking at an old soul.

      In summary Rebecca, your perceived and interpreted “difficulties” in terms of the “outside world” could totally have to do with everything which has been necessary thus far for you to use for the purpose of growing and developing yourself to manifest your true self, which has not yet occurred for you.

      Reading between the lines of your personality, it is clear there are some “confidence issues” “self-esteem issues” and the like which will need to be dealt with. However, know this, you were not born with those issues, you acquired them after your birth. Furthermore, know this, those experiences you have had (even the bad ones) are no accident.

      There is a part of you that knows the truth of which I speak. This part of you knew that in order for you to do the work you came here to do, your own personal growth and development would be absolutely necessary for this to occur. That personal growth and development is “hidden” within those “difficult” life experiences you find yourself reflecting upon from time to time.

      It is no accident you and I have met. In some ways it is proof of what I have always taught. You are never alone. There is always help available to you if you trust yourself enough to open up to it. As you continue down this path, there will be others who will come to your support and aid. You will be of benefit to them also by the way.

      You will not know the personalities they are, for the “packaging” of their soul’s will be unrecognizable to you, and the reverse is true for them as well. However, souls you have known before, and have had good experience with will be coming more into your life from this point onward.

      You will recognize them by what you feel inside, a closeness or camaraderie for which there is not good earthly reason. As you begin to avail yourself of these connections with others, some of your internal difficulties will be removed and fade away into your memory, that you will one day share with others to teach them what lessons are yours to share for their benefit, not unlike I have done with you.

      Facing one’s fear at consciously breaking a pattern or cycle in one’s life can be a very daunting task, however, if the life is to developmentally grow in such a way as for the personality living the life to benefit from the personal growth and development within the context of that life being lived, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

      Your present difficulties are only made worse by the relationships you presently maintain. You must find a way to connect with other like-minded souls in order to accomplish your life task this time around. As you reestablish soul connections with those known before, you will come to find an internal strength growing within you, which cannot be undone.

      As this continues, you will find your belief and confidence in yourself improving, which will directly aid you in confronting and dealing effectively with those now perceived difficulties in your way.

      In conclusion Rebecca, what you may presently perceive and interpret as “challenging” in your life, is actually meant to be a sign to you. It is a sign of your own becoming in your life where you finally begin to experience with more regularity, the unfolding process of your own life.

      It is an unfolding process in which the life only continues to get better with each passing day. In other words, the worst part of your life is over, and that is something to rejoice in…

      Enjoy the changes coming into your life Rebecca,

      P.S. As I proof read my response to you, I reread your comment
      about being “world weary” and “wanting to go home,” I wanted
      to clarify something about the old soul when it comes to the
      “end of the line…”

      I have often taught that it is not possible for
      the soul to “later recall with clarity” the actuality of physical
      existence once experienced, UNLESS THERE ARE CLEAR

      In other words, it is very good work spiritually to experience as
      fully as possible what pleasurable and enjoyable experiences
      are actually like as they are being experienced in the life.

      For example, what does the warm water feel like on your skin
      when showering (or cool water when you are overheated.) What
      does it feel like to sit down and relax when you are very tired?

      What does it feel like when you are very tired, and you lay
      down to sleep? What does the smell and sound of your favorite
      meal being prepared smell/sound like? What does the wind and
      sun feel like across your face on a pleasurable day? What does
      the sound of children playing and laughing sound like?

      The storing of very clear memories as you are experiencing
      them will be of tremendous value to your soul when it
      chooses to no longer return to physical life. There are some
      experiences, which may only be had upon the physical plane.

      When the soul gets very old, near the end of the
      reincarnational cycle, the soul actually comes to feel a sort of
      sadness for realizing it will be leaving for good. It is not a
      feeling of relief at finally leaving, but rather, it is a very deep
      appreciation for having had the honor of being here…

      • Charles, I am speechless! I cannot believe the wisdom that exudes from you! I am blown away by your beautiful response. I feel like you totally and completely get me and have known me for years! I really cannot form adequate words to express my feelings and thoughts from your responses. I have NEVER dealt with anyone in all of my 40 years that is as wise and knowledgeable as you are! what a great teacher. I believe a good teacher can provide the information in such a way as to clearly impart it to the student at the students level of comprehension.

        I wish you had a learning center and did this full time as you would help guide and heal many many souls struggling. This type of information brings deep relief, and joy. I found my soul stirring, and my eyes tearing, as I resonated with all that you were explaining. It almost feels to me as I was reading your response, and let me add from previous responses, that you are psychic and can see into my mind and soul. I really do feel speechless and limited in my vocabulary to emphasize completely how I feel. You have meticulously addressed my questions with the most thorough and thoughtful and spot on information.

        I have no idea how you came to possess this major depth of knowledge and thank God and the universe that you are here to aid me as I sure need it! Everything you said is completely true of me. I have terrible self esteem issues. I believe they do stem from a difficult childhood. My mother was very mentally ill and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. She was not functional in any way and was unable to provide even the basic care of driving, purchasing me clothing, or cooking. She probably should have been institutionalized but was not.

        I even had an incident in which was similar to your examples of being on the road and acting completely inappropriate for my personality, and soul age. I regressed to an infant level soul and was, as a response to someone honking at me, acting from a place of hurt and extreme rage. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my early twenties, and have fairly serious depressive episodes in which I can’t leave my bed.

        I know that I made many of choices prior to incarnating here on the physical plane. I do realize this is for the growth and development of my soul. I am concerned however as I may have bit off more than I can chew so to speak. I think I am off course to my souls original plan. I am an excellent mother of two of the most amazing , ( I believe old souls) . Other than that I truly barely exist in a cocoon of a self imposed prison. I moved my family across the country last June to break out of my stagnant life. I craved more open minded people and artistic flavor. I have made the decision since being here to switch careers and go to school to earn a BFA. I start in the fall.

        I have severe social anxiety and pray that I can succeed to successfully make it to the campus to take my classes! I married a man that I have never been in love with. I knew it was a mistake to even be with him only a couple weeks after meeting him. I didn’t have the strength or courage to be alone. I have suffered terribly over the years with this situation as he is an infant soul and cannot help his immaturity and lack of spiritual development. I still can’t find the courage or strength to move on. I have no job and we barely can pay our bills and put food on the table. He works in a warehouse at a menial job.

        That is also why I have been delaying in buying your books which I know will be amazingly beneficial to my further development. It is just hard to even buy food right now, or clothing. So I am really in a pickle. I am trying to rise above and grow and I LOVED what you said about the hardest part is behind me and that it will be good for me in the coming future. I want to try to get back on track and I will but I know it will be in the tiniest degrees. I live in fear that is paralyzingly. Everything outside of my apartment is a Struggle.

        Please be patient with my snail like changes. I can imagine as a teacher imparting wisdom that if the student is not demonstrating signs of growth and change , you may feel as though your teaching is lacking. This will NEVER be the case.
        I have already made strides in a forward direction from simply being exposed and putting myself completely out there with this information. I think it is the right thing to do. I hope I have not inappropriately shared too much.

        So it does indeed seem like I am and old soul in my first level. I have been sliding back and this is in part to my history here and my current life situation. I do pray my old soul will start making my decisions from here on out. I need that to happen. I sure am stuck in the mud. I am beyond grateful to you for the amount of time and thought and care in which you impart your knowledge and answer my questions. What a gift you are.

        Thank you Charles.

        • Dear Rebecca,

          That is about one of the most beautiful “thank you’s” I have ever had, and I will never forget it.

          Your willingness to “bare your soul” is something that completely resonates with my own life experience of my own “coming out into the world with my true identity.” I do not say that lightly, for many have been cruel to me for what I teach about, represent, and stand for; even on “spiritual” social media websites.

          The fact you are willing to do the “same,” even though it is indeed scary, indicates to me the time is at hand for your own “becoming,” and the ways in which your life will begin to change are almost unknowable, but are very exciting.

          I consider it an honor to count you among the souls I know here physically, having existence through a personality.

          In a weird sort of way, I feel like I have found “a very old friend,” and it is good to meet you again; I just did not recognize you with the personality and body you have this time around.

          With very fond regards,
          Charles Stewart

          • Charles,
            What a great chance for you to be appreciated by someone who has never met you. I know it is very validating for you as an old soul, who has worked very hard to put all this together for all to benefit from. I am truly proud of you and I am thankful for you every day more than words could adequately express.
            Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and Rebecca…
            Love your wife,
            Penny 🙂

        • Rebecca,

          Thank you for such a heartfelt thank you to Charles. Your post was such an amazing gift from one human being to another. It was an honest response to his gift of guidance to you. You truly seem like you want nothing in return and are appreciative of his time and energy he spent to communicate with you. He is such a hard worker trying to bring out his gift in the world. He is going to make a big mark in the world! He is amazing and in my heart I have always known it…it just took my mind awhile to see and appreciate him fully. 🙂

          As for a learning center that would be a wonderful place for many to benefit from. He is trying to have Meetup groups for gathering like minded souls together to learn and share positive interactions with one another. He wants to make this his life work and career. We all know that with any career you have to make money so you can meet your family commitments.

          Currently the groups are small, but very enjoyable. I can’t wait to see the groups be huge and him making money doing what he loves to do…while life isn’t about how much money you make, it is about being happy with your career. That is what his Meetup groups will become one day. People like you will be able to say I knew him when…Many people will come and go in our lives, but they always leave a mark in our lives, good, bad, or indifferent. 🙂 I know that many lives he touches will be positively impacted by his wisdom.

          You seem to be heading in the right direction and only you know what pace is right for you to move at. If you need to move at a snail’s pace that is totally Ok. You will move forward as fast or slow as you feel comfortable with and that is what is best for you.

          As far as the anxiety that happens too many of us during our lifetime. Have you ever considered that it is you who is creating the anxiety to deal with the fear in your life? [I am in no way trying to sound judgmental or rude so I hope you don’t take it that way.] Not being able to leave the house, go to the grocery store, or even take a shower without fear of another anxiety attack. The hot sensation that comes over you, the tightening of the chest, the closing off of the throat, feeling like you can’t get any air to breathe, and the coughing attack that goes with it, while feeling like you are going to vomit.

          Just remember there are a few baby steps you can take to keep putting one foot in front of the other. When the attack starts know “YOU” are in control. Breathe in through your nose slowly counting to five, then out through the mouth counting slowly to three. This keeps your mind relaxed and you feel in control because you are getting the oxygen you need. You also can feel that even though your throat is tight you can still get air.
          You many need to remove yourself from the situation that you are in at the time for a few moments. This can be anything that you are doing and if it is necessary like paying bills, buying groceries, or anything else you may have to come back to it or ask for help.

          Another thing you can do is to remove caffeine from your diet. In case no one ever told you it is the number one trigger to accelerate an anxiety attack. If you are a caffeine drinker you can find something else that tastes good without the caffeine. Sorry about that news. I love root beer, orange soda, sprite, water, and if I go to Starbucks I love the strawberry frap drink. This includes chocolate. All though liquid caffeine that is in drinks goes straight into the blood stream through the inside of your mouth. Chocolate has to go through the blood stream after being digested. Removing these things helps remove the extra trigger. 🙂

          I Hope that helps and that I have not overstepped any boundaries.
          Thank you for sharing your story and give all a chance to benefit here from the interaction between you and Charles.
          Have a wonderful week!
          Penny Stewart

        • Hello Charles. I have been wondering about spirit guides. What are your thoughts about them? Do we all have one or more than one? How much do they guide us on a daily basis, and in what ways do they guide us?

          • Hi Rebecca.

            Excellent question!

            I’m going to put this question as a “new one” down at the very bottom of this question and answer page, so that it will show up at the top (right now,) instead “buried” as another comment following another question/answer response already ongoing.

            If that was not too confusing, whenever you have a new question for me, scroll down to the very bottom of the question and answers page to ask it. That way, when you come back to check, it will be “at the top,” instead of “buried in another thread’s response.”

            Charles 🙂

      • Charles, so is pain always meant to make you questions the experience to move beyond it? How do you know when you’ve asked the right question (and gotten the right answers?). How do you know if someone you meet is a soul mate or a learning experience? Or can the 2 be the same thing or interchangeable? Can the people involved, or one of them, change the outcome of this with freewill? Like can you change whether someone is meant to be in your life or not? Does our freewill apply?

        • I’m back Jenna.

          Concerning your question of pain’s ability to make one question its significance for purpose of growing beyond it through change, the answer is yes, unless the personality chooses to do otherwise. Surely, you are aware of at least some religious/spiritual disciplines, which teach that suffering is a way to further one’s growth and development, or somehow that it is good for the soul. This is not true, unless one believes otherwise, which in these exceptions, the “creator” will allow one to choose this if they wish, and for the lessons it will teach them.

          However, the truth of the matter is that suffering is not good for the personality or the soul, and its purpose is to teach one how to grow beyond the thing, which is causing them the difficulty. Even in those death experiences where the person finds themselves in ghastly experiences, such as “hell,” or those experiences brought about when one chooses to suicide, because they take all their depression with them, their “depression” is instantaneously translated into the experiences they find themselves experiencing. Even here, the suffering is “temporary,” just until the person “cries out for help,” which then opens an “inner doorway” that “teachers and/or guides” can come through to their “rescue.”

          From the perspective of the “creator,” there is no such thing as a “right choice” or a “wrong choice,” as those designations belong to those who perceive and interpret them from the vantage point of their own ideologies. From the perspective of the “creator,” ALL CHOICES bring experiences, which then bring lessons to be learned. For in actuality, the manner in which the personality, and soul, learns its lessons upon the physical plane, is through the choices it makes. Therefore, in order for the soul to achieve a full and complete understanding of what it means to be human, as well as just who it is that is responsible and accountable for those choices made, there is simply no other way.

          Why? Because of the nature of “polarities” with which we have to deal with upon the physical plane, we have to experiences the results of ALL our choices, the “good,” the “bad,” and the “ugly.” As I have taught many times before, how can you know what a good choice is, unless you have learned what it means to make a bad choice? (“Polarities.”)

          As far as what are the “right answers,” they are the ones, which can be discerned with the mind, that are in the best developmental interests of the personality while here incarnate. For example, consider when a parent teaches their child a “life-lesson” about how to be more responsible and accountable for the choices the child is making. These are those “right answers” you are speaking of, except as the child grows to age of being able to reason for them, then it is their own discerning mind, which will provide those “right answers.” Remember where somewhere in the bible it says something to the effect of “in the beginning was the word, and that word was god?” Try this instead… “In the being is the question, and in the question’s answer, is the way.” (From my third book.)

          Regarding whether or not someone you meet is a “soul-mate” or just someone to learn from, or can they be the same, or interchangeable? The simple answer is YES. 🙂 To continue; can the people involved, or one of them, change the outcome of these types of relationships with freewill? Like can you change whether someone is meant to be in your life or not? Does our freewill apply? Yes again.

          There has been much information shared in the world concerning “soul-mates,” and the like. What is more important than if this is true or not, is if the material “resonates” with you in such a way as to help you to grow yourself in a manner, which is harmonious to your own self-actualization. Still, being as inquisitive as you are, and wishing to give my own personal perception and interpretation of the matter as an “old soul spiritual teacher,” I will continue.

          A “soul-mate” is not necessarily one who makes life comfortable and cozy for you, although there are times where this will indeed occur. They are not a “yes person” or someone who always “agrees with you.” No. A “soul-mate” is one who “challenges you,” and in every conceivable way possible, if you are “dropping the ball” on becoming the very best version of yourself that you can become.

          When a lifetime’s “parameters” are “set up” by the soul (or whole-self,) it is not uncommon for there to be “agreements made,” which are to be hopefully honored during the course of the lifetime to occur. I say hopefully because of “free choice” and “freewill.” For it is known that each personality (grown new) in the incarnation (while it is the same souls who make the agreements,) can actually choose to NOT honor the terms of the agreements, and there is nothing you can do about that, unless karma is to be formed.

          It is for this reason (and others,) that the whole-self (soul) will choose to set up “alternative choice threads” in case of these very contingencies. With this said, it should be apparent that there can be more than one “soul-mate” for you during the course of a particular lifetime. And furthermore, even if a “soul-mate,” this does not mean that the “connection” is to remain in force for the entire lifetime. Sometimes, “soul-mates” may come into our lives for very brief periods in our lives to act as “catalysts” for changes we are afraid to implement, or are resistant to develop and explore.

          Sometimes, those we feel a “powerful connection to,” are nothing more than very strong body-type and personality-type attractions. Even in these cases, there is much “benefit,” which can aid both parties in question. Freewill and free choice are always a consideration to take into account in these types of connections in life. Also, even if one chooses to abdicate the connection at one point in the life, this does not mean that the personality cannot readdress the issue later, by then choosing to honor the connection. The primary reason for all this “flexibility,” is because of the freewill and free choice at work here.

          Choice is a very frightening thing for many, because it implies responsibility, which is even more frightening for most personalities. Why? Because it is much easier to not “deal with polarities,” by being “spoon fed” truths, which protect one from having to choose for themselves, and having to deal with them “consequences” or “ramifications.” However, in these unfortunate cases, the “issues” will still be dealt with, AFTER the lifetime is over. Now while this may not sound so bad, realize that when the life’s “issues” are “shelved” until after the life is over, then NEITHER will there be any ability to BENEFIT from the growth and development during the course of that life.

          As far as choosing who “should be” or who “should not be” in our lives, THAT is our choice to make, and so are the consequences and repercussions of that choice. However, realize that to wish to live a life where there are no “difficult choices,” which might “hurt the feelings” of another, is not the reason you came here. In fact, sometimes, trying to live your life so as to not “hurt someone feelings very deeply,” can, at times, be very detrimental to the real reason why you chose to be here.

          One more thing… Remember earlier about how one can choose to abdicate a “prior agreement” to connect and work with someone for reason of working on something? (Burning a karmic ribbon for example.) The soul or whole-self will find a way to make things work eventually, no matter how difficult that life may be. As an example… consider two souls who keep refusing (actually the personalities of these two souls) to connect in the life for purpose of burning karma, life, after life, after life… In one of these particularly demanding cases, these two souls might choose to be born as Siamese twins, because then it would be impossible for them to “separate.”

          This universe has an awesome order Jenna, and I sense in your inquiry, a burning desire to find reason to make a very significant choice in your life, which will have major consequences for all involved. Understand that when a personality first finds itself in its life finding “reasons” to seek changes, it is because it itself has changed, and where these changes will affect other’s lives, it is only natural to be “cautious” or “careful.” However, if it is “determined” that the desired changes are “necessary,” even if they are not fully understood, and where the choice will affect other’s lives, then know that this is often the way in which the soul or whole-self will try and communicate to the personality.

          In fact, what is often “hidden” in the personality’s concern of “hurting others emotionally or psychologically,” is the possibility of how EVERYONE”S quality of life will be improved, AFTER everyone “comes to terms” with the changes, and establishes “new direction” in the respective lives. Some personalities do not have the courage and strength of character to implement needed change, and for these personalities, the “outside world” will eventually give reason for the changes to occur.

          As the soul begins to awaken more fully into the life, at first, “breaking with the past,” can be difficult beyond measure. However, as the life progresses from the “needed changes,” it becomes easier, and easier, and easier, to choose action in the life, in accordance with one’s own essence. (Their soul.)

          I trust you may find value in this response,

  35. Posted for Rebecca P.:

    Hello Charles.

    I am so grateful to you for your very thorough and well thought out response to my question regarding old soul and infant soul in marriage. I can see that you are a very advanced old soul with a seemingly endless supply of knowledge.

    I want to thank you for also providing me with the link to join the spiritual group. http// It feels great to connect with you and I am very much looking forward to connecting with other like minded individuals.

    Will there be online discussions and forums coming up in the future? I have not yet been a part of a meetup group and being that I live in Oregon I hope I will still be able to be an active participant in the group.

    In reading your response to my question I found that I learned more information from you and am impressed with the depth and thoroughness of your knowledge. I am fairly certain, based on information that I have read, that I am an old soul.

    Reading about old souls and identifying with almost all of the characteristics gave me a sense of belonging to something greater and it explained exactly why I have been lonely and isolated my entire life. In reading your response today I loved learning that our personalities and our souls are not always aligned.

    This is the case with me. I didn’t know this could occur and learning this was very
    helpful. I appreciated your answer about infant souls and old souls not commonly pairing in marriage here on the physical plane. I had a strong feeling that they did not.

    I think in general soul groups that reincarnate together are usually similar in soul age. I have veered off course due to fear and I feel due to developmental issues. I am not aligned with my soul. I wish it were an easy fix, but it is not.

    So anyway, thank you for being out there in the universe, because I have no one to talk to about these issues and I am very grateful to have been able to google you and now I have had some more insight into this wonderful world of our souls’ purpose and soul age and soul development and a great deal more exciting new information yet to be revealed.

    Rebecca P.

  36. I am sure many will find value in this thread. I hope some people will find the strengthen of character to move on from the life they live. While others will find reasons to ” Grow” together instead of just moving on… for many it would be easier to move on, than to “Grow” together because it is always easier to see value in about fresh new relationship without the ” History” or “negativity,” if you will, of the current one. How wonderful it might be to tell a story to your great grandchildren one day that you came to the jumping off place and didn’t give up and now you are more in love and share mutual understanding and growth today then when you first met. All the best to you out there who are struggling today…

  37. Hello Rebecca.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, and question.

    The short answer is yes. It is uncommon for an old soul and an infant soul to be married on the physical plane to each other, in the same historical context. In fact, I would say I cannot honestly see any reason particular to the “developmental needs” of both souls, which would bring about the actuality of this pairing. (However, I always try to keep my mind open to learning new things.) 🙂

    More commonly what occurs is that one personality (soul) in the marriage is at a different age and level of perceptive development within that soul age, than the other personality (soul,) to the point where it seems they are completely at odds on this “soul age thing.” This usually is not manifest until the relationship has been ongoing for a long period of time, bu there are exceptions.

    To say this another way… One personality may have always been able to give the gift of “higher expression,” while the partner did not. Eventually, there will come a point within the context of that relationship where one personality chooses to grow developmentally beyond the parameters of life thus far, and one is just fine with the way things are.

    In fact, the partner may even go as far to deliberately “sabotage” the efforts at their partner trying to “evolve,” or even to find the efforts of this by their partner as “threatening” to their relationship. I cannot overstate the difficulty this can present to the personality trying to blossom and grow beyond the context of their life’s expression thus far. The “needs” of their soul cannot be quieted from within.

    If it becomes clear to the one desiring spiritual growth and development that their partner is NEVER going to give a go at this, then the personality living the life for their soul has a very difficult decision to make. It is not difficult to the soul; it is difficult for the personality. It is true the person’s soul or “whole self” sets up the lifetime to be experienced, however, what is not generally understood is that it is the whole matter is turned over to the personality to live that life in accordance with what was set up earlier, or to not.

    To the soul, spiritual evolution is more important than things such as feelings, emotions, and the value judgments placed by others within the context of a lifetime upon another, from the level of personality. I do not mean for this to sound cruel. I do mean to be absolutely clear that beyond the context of a human life (after death,) the manner or way in which the personality perceives and interprets something during the life, is quite different from how the soul or “whole-self” will perceive and interpret it.

    Basically, if whatever it is we are speaking about or concerning ourselves with, has no validity beyond the context of the physical plane, then it simply is not as important as that which will evolve the soul in terms of spiritual growth and development. In other words, it is very common that what the soul finds value and importance in is quite different from what the personality does.

    In some ways, they are in eternal conflict, until, the soul ages enough upon the physical plane through the many, many different personalities it has been, that these two concerns can come into a more “harmonious relationship,” within the context of the life. It is perhaps during the old soul cycle of physical life that we will come to see this happening with increasing frequency. In other words, it is not often until the old soul cycle of growth and development upon the physical plane that we find those who bring the true nature of their personality and the true nature of their soul working equally together, within the context of their life.

    While all this may sound fine and dandy, this does not mean that the marriage chosen by the personalities, is necessarily is accordance with the agreement made by both souls or whole-selves previous to the incarnation. The “reason” they came together within the context of the lifetime, may have had more to do with “personal growth and development issues” than it did for a life-long context of “higher expression” to occur physically. Do not misunderstand me here. I do not mean to suggest that if one’s life partner does not wish to grow spiritually and developmentally in a manner harmonious to what the other needs, that the relationship is a “mistake.” Absolutely not.

    People come together in space and time for a reason. This does not mean that “reason” was to cause the relationship was to stay in its current form for the remainder of the lifetime. It does mean that there was benefit to be had for both parties coming together for purpose in space and time together. However, this is the “tricky part…” feelings, emotions, and programming, being what they are, can actually “interfere” with recognizing and validating the personal growth and development accomplished.

    In actuality, it may have been “chosen previously” that “at some point in the life,” both would need to “move on” in order for the quality of life for both parties to improve, AND, for them to both have the opportunity to grow developmentally in their best interests as the souls they are, having a physical existence through personality.

    Let me say this another way. If one who needs to grow, blossom, and/or evolve, needs “room” or “space” in the relationship for this to occur, and the other is “perfectly content with the way things are,” then this is often the indicator of which I speak. If the “life choices” which drive the behavior of both in the relationship were causing “distress” and general “negativity” to the other party, then why would they “sentence” the one they love to a remaining lifetime of this? I mean this both ways by the way.

    What is not understood or realized by both parties in these energetic equations is that when the lives of both are looked at later in the life, the quality of life for BOTH PARTIES is significantly improved. In retrospect, BOTH will be cognizant of this truth. However, at the time of “parting ways,” to make room for the relationship to “change form,” the perceived and interpreted difficulty is often enough to stop either side from making the transition. This is only one reason why we find so many individuals with “much food for thought” when the life is being reviewed after the death experience is accomplished.

    Now to move on to another level of information your inquiry brings to mind Rebecca… It is common that infant souls are given to mature souls for growth during the course of a human lifetime. It should go without saying that infant soul and mature soul are designations, which have absolutely nothing to do with the chronological age of the personality of either during the context of the particular life being lived. Also, for clarity’s sake, when I say “given,” I mean to say “by choice” of both the souls who choose to have the connection for mutual benefit.

    Infant souls do need sometimes need “developmental help” to grow in the life, otherwise, they would more than likely find comfort in “withdrawing” from active participation in the life, except in the most limited of circumstances, and their active participation with life (even if only at times,) is absolutely necessary for their journey, which must be made.

    Baby souls would not be able developmentally to provide the necessary assistance here, since their very high opinion of themselves, coupled with the narrow mindedness of their exterior life focus searching for higher authority to dictate the proper way to live, would get in the way of reaching the infant soul in a manner beneficial to the infant soul’s developmental interests.

    Young souls are too competitive at winning in any interpersonal relationship dynamic, as well as not having the aptitude to see any other as being as being as valid as themselves, are too extreme to be of any real assistance to the developmental requirements of the infant soul’s growth.

    The old soul is too near the end of the journey to be able to adequately attend to the developmental needs of the infant soul. The old soul’s “casualness” and “matter-of-factness,” while living “continuously engaged with the outside world,” so-to-speak, is a manner, which is too developmentally challenging to be of any real aid or assistance to the infant soul.

    The mature soul is the most difficult and challenging stage of the soul’s developmental growth while here upon the physical plane. Being “given” infant souls for growth, is only one reason for the difficulty of this very demanding cycle. The mature soul’s “developmental need” at requiring a sort of “pulling away” from active engagement with the outside world around it, in a rhythmic cycle of sorts is very appealing to the infant soul. The reason is that the infant soul instinctively understands and appreciates the need to pull away from life at times to be able to deal with it effectively. The same is in many ways true for the mature soul as well.

    It is not uncommon that the mature soul will regularly have “rituals” or “activities,” which “pull it away from active engagement with the outside world,” to enable it to once again deal effectively with its “outside life’s experiences.” Also, the mature soul has the in-born ability to treat the infant soul with the respect it deserves. In a manner of speaking, it is the matures soul’s “guidance,” which enables the infant soul to gain in strength and belief in itself while here upon the physical plane. There is much more here Rebecca, but this will suffice for now.

    Finally, as far as your question concerning the possibility of a “mistake,” from the perception and interpretation of the soul or “whole-self,” my response is no. However, from the perception and interpretation of the personality, my answer is yes. Does this suggest anything to you?

    I trust you may find something of value within these words Rebecca,
    Charles Stewart

  38. Here is an emailed question to me I am copying and pasting here…


    Hello Charles.

    I Have just discovered you and everything you say resonates with me. I am thirsty
    for this information and have many questions. I wonder if you might be able to
    address my main question I have now.

    Is it uncommon for an old soul and an infant soul to be married on the earth
    plane? Would these two souls have planned this for purposes of greater soul
    evolution? I wonder if this could be a mistake if an old soul marries an infant

    Thank you for any information regarding these questions.
    Best wishes,

  39. My question is.. How important is it to teach or not teach your children your beliefs about “God”? My parents didn’t teach me about their beliefs and I felt cheated in a way because they had “something” and I have been lost searching for ” something” not realizing while searching I had it all along. I am grateful now they didn’t push it on me because I don’t believe like they do. :-). Sami

    • Hello Sami, and thank you for your question.

      The short answer is that usually, it is very important, although of course, there are exceptions. The reason it is usually very important, irrespective of belief system, is that it gives the developing child a “larger context” in which to have its existence, which is very important in terms of a healthy psychological and emotional development.

      In order to help answer your question more fully, I will need to explain something first.

      In my second book “Integral Resolutions Vol I: The Evolution of a Human Lifetime,” I speak of the absolute importance of a newly born child (even though they may be a very old soul) having a “place already prepared for them in the world, even before their arrival, and this is done by their parents.” In other words, it is absolutely necessary that the developing child has someplace to stand in the world, while knowing who they are (once again, established by the parents) so that they may effect meaningful action in their life. Otherwise, the life can be so threatening that a sort of “withdrawal” occurs, which can be sometimes identified as Autism (in these specific cases here, the soul would be infant in soul age.)

      In order for the newly born child to have an effective and successful life (whatever they will determine that to be,) it is necessary that the “bio-computer” be programmed in such a way as to help insure this will occur. Of course there are exceptions which will not be addressed here in this response, but generally, if the developing child is not taught beliefs in a “higher power,” whatever that may be, then the lack of this will prove to make the life-work more challengingly difficult as the child becomes an adult and beyond.

      Infant age souls (nothing here to do with the chronological age of the personality) will often adopt the religion taught to them as youngsters without any modification, and without doing anything to expand upon that understanding, which will be superficial and poor. A baby soul (not chronological personality age) will come to believe In the forces of evil, and so religion is one way in which this may be fulfilled. The young soul (not chronological personality age) is going to do its own thing as an adult anyway, and always to the extreme. Since there is no aptitude at seeing others as “equal,” at least we have the possibility of “softening” their extremism through a religious upbringing, if that religious upbringing teaches “non-judgment” and/or “acceptance” of others.

      However, this does not happen often, and when it does, the extremism of the soul’s young age (not chronological personality age) will not have any problem in bending or twisting that religious upbringing to their benefit against other human beings, even up to and including “shooting them in the face with a bazooka,” and for the others own “good.” A very slippery slope indeed, but such is the focus of many souls at the young soul age (not personality age.)

      For the mature soul and old souls, things are very different. Quite often actually, a very strongly religious upbringing that is very restrictive is actually beneficial to these older souls (not personality age.) The reason for this is that it will cause these souls to turn their attention “inward” at an early age, not unlike the infant souls, but there is a very real difference now. Unlike the infant soul, these older souls (not personality age) are very aware of themselves as being “important” and knowing they have something to do while “here.”

      This is not conscious awareness knowing, it is more of a drive inside them, which cannot fail at moving them internally to effect external action in the world around them. To clarify, when the infant souls “withdraw,” it is to find safe place within themselves psychologically and emotionally to avoid the “scariness of the outside world.” The old soul lives in the “outside world,” even though “going within” helps them to find clarity.

      In these cases, these older souls will use what was taught to them earlier, while “noticing” and “questioning” what does not “feel right” to them anymore as their personality ages in adulthood. In other words, they will discard what does not serve them well religiously, even though it very well likely was used successfully in the earlier experiences, to teach them of there being a “larger context” in which their lives exist for a “purpose” even if they do not know what that might be.

      The sense of “feeling lost” because of what was not taught to you earlier Sami, which caused you to seek “your own way,” is actually what already occurs for the mature and older souls (not personality age,) although it is much more consciously realized in older than mature souls usually. It is true that having a “religious road map” would have made some of your life experience “easier,” until you found out who you “really are.” However, it needs to be said that the mother you had was no accident, and that includes from her side as well as yours.

      In other words, as I teach in my third book “Integral Resolutions Vol II: The Evolution of the Human Soul,” the soul chooses its parents, geographical location, socio-economic status, and more, all as part of programming the “bio-computer” for the developmentally necessary experiences to be had “this time around.” Therefore, deep within your inquiry of me is the answer to your question of the significance in teaching “religion” to the very young child for the purpose of benefit in the life.

      One more thing, when the parents soul’s are mature or old (not chronological personality age) it is very different in the way they may teach the “religious upbringing,” because it is not often until later in the life “retrospectively” that the significance of what was taught earlier can be realized fully and assimilated. The mature soul will teach “quietly by living example,” and the old soul will teach “casually, but matter-of-factly” about the matter, while leaving the child to their own learning from this. I’m not sure I am quite pleased with how that came out, so I trust you can intuitively “connect the dots?”

      In summary, I’ll leave you with something humorous to ponder for its significance and application to your inquiry and my response…

      Once there was a man who was drowning out in the deep ocean, and when help arrived he said “no thank you, god will save me.” When the help left and the drowning man grew more tired at keeping afloat, the next ship came by to help and offered assistance, the man once again said “no thank you, god will save me.” The second ship left and eventually the man drowned and died. When he went to heaven before god, he said “why did you not save me?” God told the man in the most gentle of terms “WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR IDEAS FROM? I SENT YOU TWO DIFFERENT SHIPS TO HELP YOU AND YOU REFUSED ME. WHY DID YOU DO THAT? I HAVE NEVER TAUGHT FOR ANYONE TO NOT HELP THEMSELVES OR OTHERS, FOR IF YOU DO NOT, THEN YOU ARE DISHONORING ME. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?

      Sami, I trust you may find value in this response,
      Charles Stewart
      ( a man who is not afraid to accept help from others) 🙂

  40. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your response to my question. I will think about it all some more and see if I can finally have some peace about this person. It doesn’t control my life so that is a plus.

    • You are quite Sami, and thank you for sharing of your life experience here.
      One never knows when their life experiences may have a “resonance” in the life of another.
      In other words, your life experiences may have value in them for someone else to learn or gain clarity from.
      All the best to you,
      Charles 🙂

  41. Here is another copy and paste by me, of a question asked by Sami T.

    Sami T.:

    Hi, I have a question for you. Since I am in my 4th developmental milestone and
    can’t help but revisit my past. I can see a spot that I have “marked” that I
    tend to revisit at times in my life that is very emotional for me that I haven’t
    been able to let go of completely.

    I feel the reason is because I really never got a closing with it. Well its not a it, but its with a person. The person is from my way past, like 14, 15 years old. I have tried things to forget or let go of this person but I feel I am still psychologically and emotionally damaged or stuck and am not sure how to proceed when you don’t have the other person in your life to clear things up and have a closing with them.

    I get its in the past and shouldn’t matter and I know without a doubt I don’t want this person in my life now so why can I not just completely shed and be rid of the feelings that up rise in me with this person. I don’t like how they make me feel and want so badly to extinguish any and all strings I have left but with out them to talk to
    i just don’t know how.

    Hoping to get your old soul take on it and see what it
    is i am missing or not getting.

    Thank you.
    Sami T.

    • Thank you Sami for your question.

      The short answer is that you may not be completely finished with the 4th major internal developmental milestone, and if this is true, the answer will come when you are. If it was something “missed” in the “shedding process,” then reprogramming the electromagnetic connection within your physical brain, and non-physical mind will serve you best. (I will expand on this below.)

      The long answer is once again, much more involved… 🙂

      For those who do not understand the “4th major internal developmental milestone” reference, it is concerning my second publication “Integral Resolutions Vol I: The Evolution of a Human Lifetime.” It is a point in the life (usually early middle age,) where the personality developed throughout the life thus far is examined retrospectively in such a manner as to “shed” earlier programming and life experiences issues, which no longer serve your best interests.

      It quite literally is a process where you work to establish your “true personality,” as opposed to your “false personality,” or the personality you were raised to be. There is so much more here on this subject matter specifically, however, I merely wish to provide some clarification as to where Sami is at here in this question, in terms of her own personal growth and development…

      First off Sami, you deserve to be commended for having the courage and strength of character to not give up on this very demanding and difficult stage of your life, because the best is yet to come. Many human beings at this point of intrapersonal development within their life will choose to “abdicate the process” because it is so gruelingly difficult to complete fully. However, it is absolutely necessary for one to complete in order to fully evolve the life they came here to have. It is a necessary developmental process.

      Unfortunately, many (but not all) choose to go through this very significant growing process in the life, from a space of “passive acquiescence,” instead of actively facing their internal difficulties and fears. This is why I am commending you for your good work in this matter, because it is not only yourself and all of your loved ones, but all those have life interaction with you as well, who will directly benefit from the work you are accomplishing.

      The greatest disservice most souls through the experience of personality do to themselves in circumstances similar to yours is that they disempower themselves by giving away their personal power in the memory of these energetic exchanges. Quite literally, the experience is remembered as having the OTHER INDIVIDUAL being in the position of power and authority, when this is not entirely true. For example, it is the individual seeking help with the experience who CHOSE to be present at that particular time and place the experience occurred. Even though the choice of action by the other individual was their own, it was you (the person seeking help with the experience) that made a series of seemingly innocuous (harmless) decisions which led up to the moment of the undesirable experience to occur.

      When you realize that the experience belongs to you (not them,) then you realize your personal power in having had this life experience, even if it was perceived and interpreted as bad. Take the example of how something bad can happen to two very different types of people, and the outcomes can be profoundly different in terms of “consequences.” To say this another way, when something bad happens to a good person, they become a better person for it. When something bad happens to a bad person, they become a worse person for it.

      Essentially, we are talking about the gentleness that one finds in the lives of those others who have experienced tremendous personal growth and development during their lives. This gentleness is not weakness by the way, because quite often, you will find in life that the most gentle of human beings are often the most strong in terms of character and understanding.

      Sami, there is so much more here, depending upon the actual circumstances of the particular issue and experience we are considering. For example, if the individual is available, then a “personal confrontation reality check” is in order. Sometimes this is neither possible or wise. Sometimes, if the offender is still offending others, than trying to bring as much attention as is possible to this behavior is very good work spiritually. Sometimes this is neither possible or wise.

      More commonly, given the information you have shared with me in the question, “reprogramming” of the electromagnetic connections within your physical and non-physical mind will serve you best. Please understand that in the “larger picture,” there is often only the existence of “life-experience.” It is how we perceive and interpret that “life-experience,” which gives it its meaning as such; good or bad. (Due to our “programming.”)

      The past exists as a series of electromagnetic connections within the physical brain and the non-physical mind. These can be changed, and this is generally not known. The non-physical mind is connected psychically to its physical counterpart (the brain,) and so any changes to the physical brain will be “reflected” and “registered” in the non-physical mind.

      To reprogram the matter for yourself, for the specific purpose of becoming free of it, you must find a way to CHANGE the way you perceive and interpret the experience or event in your mind. Of course, the facts will remain the same. The time, date, geographical location, environment, people or persons present, etc, will remain unchanged. HOWEVER, the way in which you perceive and interpret what actually occurred for you can be changed, and this has POWERFUL ramification and repercussion with the past event or experience, your present moments, and the future moments of the rest of your life. (Deep within the experience itself, is the lesson your soul was trying to teach you. Trust? Love? Betrayal? As only some examples.)

      Sometimes “outside help” is needed for this, and your reaching out to me is only one example of this at work. Sometimes, that “outside help” requires more assistance than what I have demonstrated here for you, and that remains to be seen. However, it is my feeling I get from you that this is not applicable to this particular case. I say this because of the clarity of the work in your personal growth and development already in progress within your life at present.

      Sami, may you find the infinite wisdom within you to guide you in the best course of action for yourself to take, and may you always be at one with your own knowing…

      Charles Stewart

  42. The first question comes from my wife Penny…

    I will copy and paste it here due to experiencing “temporary technical difficulties.” 🙂


    You talk about death and the dying process in Chapter 11 of Integral Resolutions Volume II: The Evolution of the Human Soul. What is your perception of why people react in ways that don’t make sense to me when someone discusses death?

    For example I was taking about deaths that were too close to home for me and someone jumped up and left. They said they don’t like hearing about that kind of thing. There were three deaths that occurred within about a month: The three people who passed were a cousin, a friend of a friend, and a childhood friend of a family member.

    The deaths were tragic and unexpected. It was such a small world with three deaths too close to home. Their reaction seemed out of proportion to the situation I was discussing.

    • Charles Stewart:

      Thank you for your question Penny.

      The short answer is that people avoid what they fear. To take that one-step further… people fear what they do not understand. In short, they are afraid.

      My long answer is much more involved… 🙂

      It is indeed unfortunate sometimes that there will be those who fear death. Why? Because there is absolutely no need for it, which every single human being will learn in their own time, and in their own way. Even if after their life actually ends.

      When one fears death, there is a part of them, which actually fears living fully, but of course they will not perceive and interpret in this manner. Let’s try this… imagine trying to live your life as fully as you can while at the same time making sure you never take any risks, which could be dangerous. This would of course be a safe life for sure; however, what if there was “something very important” left out of the “equation?”

      Any human being who has had the opportunity to live long enough to achieve adulthood and beyond, could quite easily tell you how there has been much in their life involving “risk.” If that statement is not true, than I will tell you are looking at someone who is not being honest with themselves.

      My point is that when we avoid a very significant part of life, that there are “consequences.” Those consequences are supposed to teach us to remember that we did not come here to only grow ourselves to a certain point and then “stop.” Still, there are those who will choose to “hide” from life, while at the same time, “pretending” to be fully engaged with it. There is no good reason for this.

      If these individuals persist in “hiding themselves” from the realities of life, then a process will begin in which they allow fear to grow in their lives to the point of interfering with their ability to make reasonable choices on personal issues in the life. This choice of life-orientation will provide much “food for thought” when the life is over.

      Instead, if these fearful individuals were to take a chance at facing those fears within them ( in this specific case, death,) they would indeed find that life has something wonderful to teach them. I mean my god, there have even been countless movies and books made about the symbolistic truth being represented here. What do I mean?

      Consider that the “dead” are not actually dead, and they are in agreement that they are more aware of this than those who are “alive.” In cases where they try to make “contact” between worlds, it is almost always perceived and interpreted through FEAR. This more than anything else is most confusing to those who are no longer “alive,” but who very much continue to exist, and they very much desire to communicate this to their loved ones left behind (that they very much continue to exist.)

      In many ways, people who choose to fear conversating about the dearly departed are in some ways being “disrespectful” to the lives of those dearly departed, who very much are “alive.” However, they (the dearly departed) understand why things are sometimes this way. Still, they (the dearly departed) are very much aware of the emotional pain, by those who are still “alive,” which is actually interfering with the necessary healing process to take them beyond what they avoid, and into the love and understanding, which will set them free. This “setting free” also applies to the dearly departed as well, for they often “wait” until their loved ones left behind physically, no longer “need them emotionally.”

      Of course, there are simply no verbal equivalents to even come close to describing what is actually occurring here, but I am making my best attempt at trying to do so.

      In summary Penny, people who are “needing” to avoid these type of subject matters, should be indicative to you of their present “inability” to move forward with the very thing, which will set them free. Still, it is good work spiritually to make the attempt at communication to others who may be in these positions of “difficulty,” in ways individually unique to you, in your own way, for the purpose of sharing the healing love you have within you.

      When you do this, and it is “successful,” you are doing more than you can possibly imagine in terms of helping to make your life better and the lives of those who are most dear to you. Furthermore, if it is of importance to you, you are also helping to make the world a better place to live in, on “both sides” of this energetic equation called life; both for those “alive” and for those “dead.”

      I trust you may find some value within these words,
      Your husband,

      • I do find value in these words about death and the dying process. Thank you for talking the time to post this response. I did feel like I was only talking about something that I didn’t fully understand: about why people get so upset about death. I am not saying I want to welcome it at this time in my life, but when I go I don’t want to be afraid. When it is my time I will have done what I came here to do and it will be time to move on.
        Thank you,
        Love your wife,

        • Once again Penny, I thank you for giving me some feedback about finding value in my teachings.
          For the older soul, death is not a concept to be feared, if anything, the older soul begins to realize within the context of the life being lived, that in order to live that life fully, one must not fear death, but rather, see it for what it actually is, a “transition” to the next stage of development.

          If this is true (about the next stage of development,) then the real question becomes, “did you apply yourself fully to the previous stage?”

          Unfortunately, for many, the answer to that question is no.

          This is only one reason why we even have such a thing as “old souls,” for in many ways, they come here as “teachers.”

          Thank you for sharing,

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