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If you think (or know) that you may be interested in learning more about the part of you that cannot be seen reflected in the mirror, and why this part of you is so very important to you in your life, your loved ones, and the world at large, then please come join us in our spiritual meetup groups which take place from time to time.

These meetups will be scheduled in advance, online, and sometimes, in person at the local library meeting rooms.

For now, all I need from you is your contact information (name, email, and time zone [for the online meetings].) Don’t worry, I would never abuse the information, and it is always kept confidential. Also, any time you would want it removed from the contact list, tell me so and I will permanently remove you.

To “sign up,” please go to my (Contact Charles Stewart) link above and input your name, email address, and time zone. On the subject line put “Spiritual Meetup Group,” and I will take care of the rest.

Update September 2015
Our last meetup was a huge success, and there is agreement here. Some of the responses can be read below. Keep checking back for when the next meetup gets scheduled. (Or sign up, and I will email you directly.)

Enjoy the changes coming into your life,
Charles Stewart
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19 thoughts on “Spiritual MeetUp Group

  1. I enjoyed attending the meet up that you had about “What is a belief system and do we really need one?” Even though it was a small meet up I really enjoyed it. It brought old friends together and added new ones to the group. It allowed for laughter and tears and a few dirty looks for people in the library, because of the laughter. I feel that the meet up went well and while I feel that I have many purposes this time around I know that my main focus when I was younger was to bring my children into “THIS WORLD” to make a difference…The will show the World how to enjoy the changes [that you always speak of] in their lives while touching the lives of others. I will continue to do my life work with my kids and in the future my grandkids.
    I am here to show my kids [Young Adults] that you never give up and follow your dreams no matter how hard life seems to be. They may have to take a slower path or side step and do things they may not enjoy while reaching for the goal…whatever it is for each of them. They will always strive to be the best they can be…They are going to change the world and they will not finically struggle.
    They know what it means to earn what they have and to work hard for it. They will share their gifts with the world, while showing others how to be successful in their own lives. They know what it is like to be successful, because they know what it feels like to struggle and then achieve greatness. They are not kids who have had it all. While they have participated in many activities that have enriched their lives: Chess, Martial Arts, Water Polo, Diving, Scuba Diving, Cheer, Dance, Soccer, Basket Ball, Marching Band to name some of a few, they have always had to earn their way through fundraising. These kids at 15, 16, and 17 have traveled to amazing places in the world; Ireland, Washington DC, London all to the thanks of tax credits and fundraising. You can do anything you set your mind too…
    At this time in my life it is time for me to help other low income kids to find their path in life and help them to make good choices and change their path…The students I work with sometimes cannot see they value they have in them. They need to be shown that sometimes Character, Integrity, and Honesty may be all they have. Doing what is right even if they think no one is looking or going to find out if they make a poor choice. Teaching them that they have to own up to the choices they make and not try to blame others for the reasons for the choices they make. I want them to know they make the choice and they have to have consequences for those choices whether they are positive or negative consequences.
    These students do not believe that they can go to college and make a difference in the world. I am here to show them through the basics of education and life lessons along the way that they can do anything they set their minds to. These kids need to know that it doesn’t matter that the world knows by the time a student reaches 3rd grade if they will be in prison of be a productive member of society. The prison research is done on the 3rd grade population as to how many prisons will need to be built in the future for that generation. The future is plastic and low socio-economic families are not destined to always be poor. I will say that if they follow the path they are on with the belief system they have and the way they perceive and interpret the world around them it is most likely. However, the can CHOOSE to take a different path and an entirely different outcome can occur.
    I am also here to show people that no matter how hard life is and how many times it knocks you down that you can choose to get up or lay down and die…I am here to show those who have had it easy to appreciate what they have that others don’t. Some people easily just throw away a good thing because it is not perfect now, because sometimes the grass will not be greener on the other side. It has the same weeds it is just care for and loved more fully. I know many people who have more than others who can’t find it in their hearts to do the right thing when others are struggling. While I am aware that is it not anyone’s responsibility, but their own sometimes when you have money and you pay for what you are taking from others it will help them more than you know.
    I have to share a story of a family who had to move out of their home because no matter how hard they tried working two jobs each, they could not pay the bills. They had to pack up their two children and all their belonging. They put everything they owned except their daily necessities into a 15×15 storage unit and move in with their parents as hard working adults with two kids. It was a hard choice for them, but they needed time to get back on their feet. This family has their kids participate in programs such as martial arts and cheer through volunteer hours and fundraising. The mom was working so hard to fundraise for a new cheer uniform for her daughter because it is a requirement to no availe. With all her hard work she was short $100 and was saddened in her heart. Through the kindness of a young man who while he doesn’t have it all; he knows what it is like to be successful, because they know what it feels like to struggle and then achieve greatness… he donated the $100 to her for the cheer uniform. He was not looking for anything in return, he just said, “He was giving back to her family because of all she does for him to make his life easier by volunteering her time to him every week in his class.” This young man doesn’t want to be named or recognized, but I did want to share this amazing story of someone who is changing the world. He made a positive difference in a family’s life more than I think he will even know.
    Thank you for your time and energy during the meet up. I appreciate you taking time out of your life to put together a very thought provoking meet up for anyone who wanted to attend. Even though it seemed very hard for us to express the definition of “What is a belief system?” It gave many of us the opportunity to think about it for days/weeks to come.
    I hope you are able to “Enjoy the Changes Coming into your life as well…” You deserve to share your gift with the world while making an income. I hope that many will find value in what you have to teach and you can go to work every day in the near future earning an income doing what you love to do. [Just like the young man in the story who is doing what he loves to do and giving back to those who believed in him. I want others to believe in you and give back to you. You have given to so many, not only through your spiritual teachings, but through your martial arts teachings as well you deserve to have an income that supports you efforts.] I trust your creativity will help you find the way to make this happen even if you have to side step along the way. 
    I am sorry this is so long…I just had so much I wanted to share about what I learned from the meet up and what happened in the days and weeks after in my life. While I didn’t get on here and be the first or second person to post I wanted you to know it has been in my thoughts and I just had to find the time with all the struggles that I have right now. I wanted to give back in a way that shared what I learned and maybe I had to hear the young man’s story that was shared with me last night to finish out this post.

  2. Hi Charles, I just wanted to say thank you for a great meeting and talking about belief systems and if one is even necessary, knowing its impossible to not have one even if it is the one that you learned from your parents. I enjoyed listening to the others talk and take in their views. I really had a hard time saying what my purpose is. I know i am here to learn and grow and be the best me I can. I really appreciated Penny speaking up for me and sharing what she did and in talking with her later i also discovered another purpose is to share and use the gifts I have. I find it much easier to look and see others purpose than my own. That maybe because i am still learning about myself and my own worth? I think like myself many people want to have some grand purpose but really just being our trueselves is grand enough. I really appreciate having you and Penny in my life. I know we all have known each other in another lifetime. Though sometimes there is some rubbing and tumbling , we will all be shiny, polished and beautiful… I look forward to the next meeting and I hope it has the same energy like this last one. The ones that were there were great and brought good stuff to it. Thank you. Sami Jo

    • I too enjoyed the meet up on Saturday. When we left, i had such an energy of peace, knowing all is well. I have thought about what you said about EGO. i know you have heard the saying edging God (or higher source out.) For my purpose of writing this I will use the word God. Not that I believe in the typical God that I was raised to believe in, that is a whole other conversation. I thought about what you said about not all ego is bad. I then thought about what you said about people using their ego to plan their journies, books, appointments, making their lives better. You also talked about the components of the ego, concepts taught in psychology. Here is where my thoughts differ. I do believe the ego is very powerful and more negative than positive. It is when a person slights their spiritual existance and does not surrender their life to God, or their higher belief, does the ego take over and becomes large, negative, and hurtful to this beautiful world and other spirits we are with, while on our journies. I believe that passion, compassion, and listening to our higher selves is when we are using, as you refer to, the good part of our ego. In retrospect, im not 100% sure that this is even part of our ego. I think many times “verbage” is irrelavant when discussing spiritualism. Sometines words get in the way, trying to convey spiritual thoughts with finding similiar language, is difficult to do, if not impossible. Its like those times in life when you try to describe something, like a sunset, looking into the eyes of a beautiful child….what i feel, cant be adequately put into words developed by the human language. When you were speaking on saturday, i could see and feel your aura, you were surrounded by a brilliant and beautiful light of knowledge, truth, and sense of self actualization that was wonderful to experience. Something so complex as spiritualism can be, in my words, just be defined as love..
      Thank you for sharing. I hope we can all do it again. Thank you for adding to my toolbox of life. Please excuse the typos,(the teacher in me.) Im on my cell phone and the font is like a-3. Take care, Susan.

      • Hello Susan, and thank you very kindly for the wonderful feedback. Your presence at the meetup with Chris actually contributed to its success in the most effective of ways, and for which I am grateful to you both.

        I too have been reflecting on the success of the meetup and thought of areas I could have perhaps been more clear about, but that is just the way I am. However, reading your “feedback,” I can see my thoughts were not entirely in vain.

        For example, when you speak of describing spirituality as Love, I can hardly argue the point with you. However, that concept, I would argue, does have to broken down (for developmental purposes if no other,) if we are interested in gathering together for purpose of growing our ideas of that “Love.”

        If the purpose of spiritual growth and development is to aid us in this thing called human understanding, which I contend, is in many ways the purpose for our being here, then breaking things down developmentally behooves (is appropriate) us. For example, Adolph Hitler was trying to create his vision of “love” in the world, which is why this leads me to my second point…

        The second point being about the attempt at trying to describe something as complex as spiritualism, when the “verbiage” is irrelevant. Therefore, it can often best served through simplifying the matter by describing it as love. But wait, there is a dilemma here. Is Hitler’s love and spiritualism’s love the same? Or even similar? If not, this is where the “verbiage” can become very important indeed, in our attempts to clarify what we might mean with each other. Of course, it is not an easy thing to do, but if one is to find their own version of the truth, then whatever “teachings” they are considering, it is very important to consider that verbiages’ meaning so as to ascertain if it is in the best developmental interests of said person. This brings me to my third point of concern. The Ego.

        What is Ego? That is a question itself, which almost defies full definition. And yes, the ego does like complexity. However, if it is true that the ego is mostly “not good,” to paraphrase you, then how do we learn what is “good” if we don’t try to define its reaches? As I teach, the ego is simply ones idea(s) of their own self; no matter how that may be connected to someone or something(s.) If this is not true, then who or what is it that controls or determines the choices we make as human beings, which drive our behaviors?

        It is in some way or another, our ego. By bringing up the part(s) of ego, which may be defined as “good” at the meetup, I was merely trying to clarify for reasons of positive and constructive spiritual growth and development, that it is disempowering to regard ALL of the EGO as “bad.” A point I am sure many will disagree with me, and not the least of reasons as for ambiguity and semantics, which have always been creative challenges for ANY teacher, myself included.

        When I spoke of some world-known spiritual teachers showing their “hypocrisy” through not fully living their teachings, I meant no disrespect to them or their teachings. I merely clarified the matter as I perceive and interpret it for those students who may be “ready” for that information.

        An apparent contradiction in verbiage huh? NO, those teachers, and their teachings serve a quite useful purpose to those who find developmental value there. As a spiritual teacher myself, how can I reach the students I am seeking, unless I clarify that which already exists? Surely a clarification, which requires agreement in the student for sure, but if my material is developmentally appropriate, then this is what I seek.

        To understand this another way, someone who developmentally needs to believe in a heaven and hell, a god and a devil, and the like, NOONE will ever pull them away from this by something , which is developmentally beyond the limits of their growth.

        All this comes back to why being able to approach a teacher is the purpose for seeking clarity to the teachings being lived. However, in order for this to happen, one must QUESTION the teacher. Otherwise, the teacher will be limited to giving feedback to those who are developmentally at a level of growth to find value in the feedback without a question being addressed, as others may witness the words of someone explaining their position “against” the teacher involved.

        Lets try this another way… If a teacher speaks the truth to a student, yet another “knows different,” which one is right? Which one is wrong? The answer is both and neither. How can this be? Well it depends upon one’s “belief system” (by whatever name you may wish to call it.) Or, if you prefer, your “point of view” (belief system.)

        AS I tried to be very clear of at the meetup was that what is true to ANYONE is what their “belief system” provides for them. The ambiguity of verbiage (open to varied interpretation of specific words) and semantics (logic’s interpretation of the meaning in “sentence structure”) only further complicates this matter, when trying to teach about it.

        However, since verbal language is our primary means of communication, it is in many ways our best option for attempting to not only connect with others, but also to communicate ABOUT those connections with others.

        My comments concerning other spiritual teachers who may “unintentionally” dis-empower or mislead others were to be construed as perceiving the “actuality” of the teacher, as separate and apart from the validity of their teachings (in terms of holding value to the belief systems of one.) You could think here of a “reality check” of sorts. Jim Jones teachings as of the later years were very disempowering and misleading to the followers of his teachings. As proof of this fact, recall the “grape Kool-Aid” administered to the willing (and forced not-so-willing members) of his congregation of student followers. [The preceding is referring to the meetup’s information concerning spiritual teachers who profess to no ego or no attachments, while clearly demonstration behavior to the contrary.)

        I have always tried to teach to others that if my teachings (in part, or whole) have no resonance to the human being perceiving and interpreting them, then they should not give the matter a another thought and “move on” to that which does find resonance with them. My teachings are definitely NOT for everyone. However, I know there are those out there for whom my teachings will “makes sense.” I am looking for these students.

        From your response, it is clear to me that your understanding of the way In which I define ego and how best to deal with it, did not find our minds meeting fully in understanding to one another. And this is ok. It is further clear to me that your own assessment of ego is not complete in its understanding, with respect to its developmental application(s) to you, and this is ok too. In fact, perhaps THAT has something to do with the interpretation of my subjective experience in you, as reflected in my first sentence. Time will tell.

        In conclusion, everything is relative to the one experiencing it. What does that mean? If one is a spiritual teacher, then concerning themselves with the verbiage, semantics and such is incredibly important for the effectiveness of its “reach” to the students. If one is simply trying to live as simple a life as possible, while following the tenets of their desired spiritual teachings, then verbiage and semantics have significance only to their own interpreted determinations for reason of following a personal spiritual path. Let’s try another way…

        If you are a professional (in any capacity,) in behooves you to learn all that you can about those things, which impinge upon that professional capacity (verbiage, semantics, and all,) whereas the patients or customers who benefit from that professional (in any capacity,) do not. Still, if that professional does not “resonate” with you, you will not engage energetically with them.

        The primary reason I isolated the “ego material,” the “meditation material,” the “attachment material,” the “god material,” and the “now material,” is once again to attempt clarification for those who may be developmentally ready for the material. Where that material is previously taught about in such a way, which may be considered “dis-empowering” and/or “misleading,” then if the continued goal of spirituality is to reach a full understanding of what it means to be human, I feel the need to point this out for those who may find vale within it.

        In past meetups, I have tried to jump right into the deep stuff of my spiritual teachings and have met with much disinterest. For you Susan (and Chris,) as well as the others who choose to come now, I am more trying to make an attempt at quickly as concisely as possible, to show the primary differences between how and what I teach spiritually, through clarified example, as compared to other spiritual teachers who are out there available for others to learn from.

        To teach that we are here because our unique individuality is unimportant to the point of as being a necessary goal to be overcome, by “rising above the need to developmentally grow oneself,” so that we may “become part of an undifferentiated bliss,” is to disregard the very real purpose for ones’ presence here. I do not know how to be more clear than that.

        However, if the process of helping one to pull away from the craziness of the “exterior world” for purpose of gaining the needed “groundedness” to then “re-engage the external life” to continue ones’ “developmental work,” this of course is a different thing. However, THIS is not clarified in most spiritual teachings who subscribe to these tenets, and it is here upon this level, I am seeking students.

        Finally, to repeat something from the meetup… The truth for anyone is of course a “developmental thing”; my teachings included. However, there is an ultimate truth, that being whatever it is, which provides the “software” to “synthesize” one’s life. Quite literally, one’s highest truth is that, which brings all of the myriad experiences of one’s life, into an integrated whole, which is harmonizing within itself. Think here of the visual of a puzzle unassembled and scattered about, compared to its completed version, and you will be able to process your own insights regarding this truth, which await you from within.

        To continue the “visual,” as the soul ages upon the physical plane of existence, the total number of “pieces” to the “puzzle,” grows exponentially. Therefore, continuing the analogy, it should come as no surprise that an “old soul puzzle” would be beyond the developmental growth of one working on an “infant soul puzzle” to solve; if that makes any sense.

        Thank you for the most wonderful assessment of my aura’s energetic feel/appearance. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing that part of your response; as no one has said that before with that “verbiage.” 🙂

        All the best,

        • Hi Charles,
          Thank you for your response. I did not mean to dis-regard your words. Ha ha on the spelling error of verbiage. You did get my mind and heart questioing, thinking, and added to the puzzle pieces of my journey and purpose. Im a thinker, in case you didn’t realize that. I think more with my heart not my mind. If that makes sense. I’m grateful to be able to have spiritual conversations with you. In regards to Hitler or Jim Jonas… or even the person who murdered my son. I can’t comprehend and try not to judge their actions or reasons for their choices. I am working on forgiveness and compassion for all. That is my pease, that is my truth. I am going to re-read your response again, it is very In dightful. As far as communication through words only, I also find being present with the person I am talking with extremely beneficial. The energy, the person has can add to effective communication. I seem to “feel” their meaning, more than I hear their words. That might contradict my previous reply, but for me, it makes sense. For me, words sometimes get in the way. You certainly have a powerful, positive, and strong energy.

          • Hello again Susan.
            Thank you for the “energetic clarification,” I appreciate it very much.

            If the inner prompting ever strikes you, I would love to talk with you about your son, for which the material would be of tremendous value to others. (In the “question and answers format,” anonymous or not, your son’s life (and death) would be a valuable “teacher” of a part of the human experience necessary to the reason why we are all here (human understanding.)

            In fact, my teachings are explained by me as being only one way (but a valid one,) which may be used to achieve human understanding, which I teach is the primary reason why we are here as souls, having existence through personality.

            To the eternal validity of your soul,

            • Hi
              Charles, my experience with the transition following my son is very sacred. Some of the knowledge and spiritual development I have learned and live is very deep. I have shared before, but not on forums such as this. Mostly because it takes an open soul or maybe an old soul to grasp my experience. I have been met with ridicule, some people have been down right hostile. Because I hold the lessons I learned so sacred, I’m not sure an open forum is the place to share. I have made people compare their own experience with me and they actually get so upset that they aren’t able to relate the energetically shift that has taken place in my journey. By the way, how do I get this screen bigger so my words aren’t so jumbled.

              • Hello again Susan.
                I would never wish to challenge someone on sacred ground. Therefore, I will respect your personal space on this one.

                It is important to me that you (or anyone on this site) is aware that this site is only a place of non-judgement and acceptance. If I find anyone not respecting this cardinal rule of behavior, I will of course remove them and their content (if it ever gets through in the first place, since I must authorize all communications here on the site.)

                Consider if your own grandchild, needed your “guidance” regarding something, and you chose to incorporate some of the experiences you have been through with your son, in order to be of service to her spiritual needs.

                Or, consider if you were moderating a group of souls dealing with experiences similar to yours in terms of the magnitude of what you endured dealing with your son’s passing. Once again, for the service of attending to their spiritual needs, you might choose to share something very intimate with them concerning your situation.

                Of course in both scenarios, you would think it a given there would be no judgement or ridicule, and instead, only loving acceptance of what you may have chosen to share.

                I say all of this NOT to impress you to open up and share concerning the sacred ground between you and your son. NO. I say it to remind you that we are all here to share our lives with one another, and it is in the sharing, that we will find “agape,” (true love) if it is to be found at all.

                In the same way that we might “miss out” on help from others, if we choose to become too isolated for our own good, that others may also “miss out” on help from those they seek “help” from, if they become too isolated. Many human beings have been through literally heart-breaking life experiences, and it is in the sharing of these experiences with those we trust and love, that healing begins and continues to evolve; transforming the life in ways not possibly imagined before.

                Once more, I am not trying to say talk to us about your son. NO. I am simply saying be aware that the ego within us, in concert with our own distilled fear, will often find ingenious ways in which to developmentally work against the true nature of love’s force. Keeping this in mind moving forward, perhaps there may come a time where you may choose to open up and share, where previously you may have not, and when this does occur, it is quite simply the subtle discernment of love overcoming fear.

                AS I stated at the meeting, and in my books, love’s power can only be underestimated, as it has always (and still is,) the most powerful force in the universe.

                Even in the after-death scenarios, it is not as uncommon as one might think that a personality will have to “gradually” be led up to the realizations needed in order to “developmentally grow.” Great care is attended to on this level. In this way, physical life is not so different as “death.” There is much more here on this level, but this is enough for now.

                Regarding the screen. I am not sure. Tell me what device you are using to view, and I will look into getting a plug-in to support the change, if possible.

                Enjoy the changes coming into your life Susan,
                Charles 🙂

    • Hi Sami.
      Thank you for attending the meetup and then being the first to post follow up comment here. I appreciate you very much. 🙂

      My favorite part of your feedback was in my realizing I had gotten you to think about the subject matter discussed in the meet up AFTER you had left and went your own way. This pleases me.

      As I stated at the meetup, most personalities are simply not aware (or awake) on this level of operating in the life. (I am working on changing this during my lifetime.) It is wonderful that you are working diligently here.

      For those who may wonder, why is it important to be concerned with the subject matter of a “belief system” (by whatever name?) The reason quite simply is that it is the “operating system” of one’s life. Knowing that, it becomes discernible (using the mind to see) if that “operating system” is serving one’s best developmental needs as a human being, and as the soul they are, having experience through the personality grown new, “this time around.”

      Some say this is “too deep” of subject matter to be concerned with during the course of living a life. However, since we are talking about the essence of one’s own physical existence, how can that be “too deep?”

      It is true that in that “operating system” of one’s life, is also included what they might perceive and interpret the purpose of that life to be. As you so well described, that purpose does not need to be “grandiose” in nature, but rather, it only needs to be true to the realized expression of one’s own life.

      Sometimes, those we care about, and share our lives with, can verbalize the potential and/or manifestations of the true expressions of our nature at times, better than ourselves. It is challenging sometimes to see one’s self objectively, since we are the one “living in here.”

      I too valued this meet up as being my favorite from the previous ones. If I “do my job right,” this pattern of improvement should continue, and for the benefit of all.

      I love how you used one of the analogies form the meetup about how we can at times “rub against each other” (not sexually,) in terms of the differences between us, but that how in that “diversity,” we can often find the results to be something quite “beautiful.”

      Finally, I too was caught off guard by Penny’s “fleshing out the details” of your “quotations marks” (as I described them,) in terms of filling in and expanding upon the gifts that you have and use “this time around.”

      Her input was beautifully received and added tremendously to the success of the meetup. Thank you for recognizing her for that.

      Enjoy the changes coming into your life,
      Charles 🙂

      • Hi Charles, I dont know why one would think its too deep but a thought comes to me. I feel so many people dont want to take the responsibility of themselves and just want to blame others or God for this or that so to think about this “deep stuff” would take that away from them. Sad thing is I feel some never really realize its Our very own choices that lead our life. Good or bad. For myself, I am grateful to have that awareness, even though many times i want to blame others and not look at myself and take the responsibility. Thank you for the response about the meet up and I very much look forward to the next. Sami Jo

  3. Thanks old Sage,for sharing your thoughts and energy. I enjoyed your web site and video very much. It made my heart glad to see you again and hear your voice. I’m glad to see that your sticking to your essence role and doing what you came here for. I’m glad your out there helping people help themselves . Take care my old friend. Alan the old Warrior. Peace be the journey.

    • It is good to hear from you Alan.
      I am grateful we have found each other again in our lives.
      There is much we can be of benefit to one another.
      Almost any human being can recall their best friend from the earlier days of their childhood, and the wonderful times and memories created together.

      What those who know me don’t realize, is that you and I are two half-century-old men who were in our youth, those two best friends.
      My heart smiles when I think of us reconnecting after all these years, and looking forward to the rest of our lives remaining in contact with each other…
      All the best to you Old Warrior,
      Chuck (an Old Sage.)

      • I believe that I have allowed others responses and reactions made me feel insignifant. I have also have many physical experiences where I have put myself in dark places where I k now through, the grace of the higher, I Was physically invisible. That is why I am still physically here. To serve others and grow through my service. One starfish at a time, if you know what I mean.

        • Hello again Susan.
          I do believe I understand what you might mean.
          I also was pleased to see your acknowledgement of realizing that others do not have power over you to make you feel or act in any manner where you have no power to exercise your own energy in the equation. You deserve to be commended for this, as so many other personalities are not awake on this level of being. This realization is necessary to allow for the spiritual work within ourselves, which will lead us beyond the false truths we have unknowingly accepted as being real.

          Wishing you all the best in the continued expression of your being,
          Charles 🙂

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