A True Test Of Human Understanding

Listening to the wisdom within

Hello Everyone.

My daughter and wife just today (7-18-2014) showed me this video. It was so powerful to me in terms of the capacity of the human spirit to be cruel. I knew I had to share this video with all who would be impacted by it, for the purpose of promoting the cause of human understanding, which I teach is the purpose for our existence upon the physical plane…

…sometimes to teach a lesson, you have to show someone a side of themselves they are not expecting…

I challenge you to not be impacted by this video…
Charles Stewart
(An Old Sage)


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2 thoughts on “A True Test Of Human Understanding

  1. Hi Everyone, this is such a powerful video on BULLYING…I would like you to watch this video. This video shows such cruelty that occurs in the world. I hope that anyone viewing this would reflect on his or her own actions if they have done this to anyone in their lives. You can’t go back and change the choices that you made, but you can go forward and make different choice for the future. I always look at it like you can’t take back word/actions that you say/do to someone you can only learn from the way you made someone feel. They may not remember your words/actions, but they will remember how you made them feel…maybe forever. This includes good choices as well. 🙂

    • Once again Penny, thank you so much for helping bring awareness to what I am trying to do in the world, and specifically for supporting this particular video’s very powerful “message.”
      Love your husband. 🙂

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