Actor Matt Damon Speaks On Needed World Change

No matter who you are on our planet today, unless you are one of the very few elite super-wealthy and super-affluent, you are surely cognizant of the world-wide human condition needing change to help bring about a world for us all to be proud of to call home.

How does a “regular and ordinary person” like me, or you perhaps, do anything to help this? The answer is simple. Start by educating yourself. The library. The Internet. YouTube. NetFlix. Somehow, someway, self-educate yourself about how and why the super-wealthy and super-affluent few on our planet are currently, and have past, made choices of behavior that have drove the “machinery of our world” to gain great benefit for a very, very few, while at the great “human cost” of others.

I do not have a problem with money, wealth, or affluence. I have a problem with those who have these things and are not “doing thier part” to help our world’s legacy be something we can all be proud of to leave to our children, grandchildren, and the untold generations to come.

Do not take my word for it. Self-educate yourself concerning the consequences of how the very few elite super-wealthy and super-affluent are currently, and have done, in terms of how they are using their money and affluence to “shape our world.”

Educate yourself, socialize, and in whatever way works for you, “spread the word,”
Your children, grandchildren, and untold generations to come, will be honored by it.

Charles Stewart
(A very concerned human being on planet earth)
Matt Damon

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