The “Darkside” of Our “Creator?”

The "Darkside" or Our "Creator?"

If I got your attention with that title, well it did what was intended.

Now, let me ask you some questions…

Have you ever wondered, or heard someone say “Why would God let human beings commit horrific acts of unbelievable human cruelty upon another?” To take things a step further, why would the “creator” allow any type of human cruelty, atrocity, or basically, any type of “negativity” to be committed from one human being against another? How about weapons of mass destruction like the hydrogen bomb? Why would the creator allow this?

What if the creator knew that the only way in which we could learn the lessons we were here on the planet to learn, could be experienced in no other way? Think about this for a moment… How does one know how to live a life of happiness? Is it because they have learned what it means to live with sadness? If that is true, perhaps our “creator” allows for the freewill for all human beings to create the lives they experience, and how those lives affect others, for the ultimate purpose of learning love?

What if the “creator” knew that someone had to be the “bad guy?” Otherwise, how do we individually and collectively learn how to create responsibly, while getting along with each other? What if this was the only way in which we could possibly learn the lessons we learn as human beings, before we are allowed to leave the process of being human behind, to move on to newer, more challenging experiences, for the purpose of our own spiritual growth and development?

In all of the universe and its physicality, there are the existence of “polarities” or “dualities,” and it is through these “polarities” or “dualities” that we are to learn integrating these into the stuff our own spiritual growth and development. Regarding human beings specifically, the “creator” recognizes the existence physically (and even astrally,) of two very different types of orientation, with respect to how the individual lives and orients their existence. In complete accordance with the “polarities” mentioned previously, we are essentially talking about ones who are “negative” and ones who are “positive.”

It must be clarified that the Creator does not perceive and interpret individuals as “positive” and “negative,” but rather, as individuals given the freedom to create through the full-range use of “Choice,” while on the Physical plane of existence, and through the full-range use of “Interpretation,” on the Astral plane of existence. “Positive” and “negative” are determinations made and understood by the personality’s perceptions and interpretations of the individual beings possessing them; both physically and astrally..

Of course, no being is entirely made up of only one thing, but is rather, an assimilation through integral resolutions of these two types of energy usage (negative and positive.) The most significant thing here is which is chosen as a focus of the combined energy’s expression? Both here on the physical plane and the astral plane as well? With this intro…

Are there really only two types of human beings on our planet? (The answer may get you thinking.)

The short answer is yes, and for ease of the communicational process here, we’ll identify them as those who live their lives in “Service-to-Self” and those who live their lives in “Service-to-Others.” For clarification, “self-servers” live their existences in attempted eternal pursuit of POWER, with absolutely no regard for others, or the environments we all share. (E.g. physical, mental, emotional, psychological, etc.)

On the other hand, those who choose to live their existences through “service to others,” would never intentionally do harm to another or any environments, for personal gain. Service-to–other types are “hard-wired” to automatically benefit the “whole” (others and their environments) while they actively progress their own developments. Directly or indirectly, this is true. Immediate family or the world at large, this is true. Of course these service to others types take care of themselves first, but they always honor the connection to others and our “shared environments,” as well as “personal environments.”

The information in this article may cause you to “think outside the box,” so be advised if you are not up to being “stretched developmentally,” then quickly move away from this information, if you have not done so already. However, if you choose to continue, then I applaud you for not being afraid to discover what you might further learn about the true manner in which energy personality essences (beings,) may express their “true natures.”

Have you ever learned of anything in the recent past of how the “downfall” of our present global economy, is an indication or “sign” of us as being in “dire straits?” In other words, it is a “warning” of things not good to come for all human beings? Particularly Americans?

How about this, have you seen or been exposed to individuals who are absolutely convincing of “conspiracy theories” operating at the highest levels of our own government? Some here have even shown “proof” on our currency, the dollar bill in various denominations, where there are things “hidden,” which help to validate the “conspiracy theorists” points of view. Have you seen any of these?

Have you seen any of the amazing videos and/or publications demonstrating in incredible detail, the reality of where the collapse of our current monetary market system will change our world in ways so dire, that one is well-advised to “prepare?” This is to mean stocking up on “survival materials,” get a firearm, and make sure your home is safe from outsiders who may act against you as this situation evolves even more dire? How about it, have you seen or heard any of this?

Let’s try this…have you ever been on the “short end of a social media exchange?” For example, you are interacting on social media, and someone comes along and “hands your ass to you?” Or, hands it to someone else? To clarify, someone who is obviously very intellectual and very smart, uses their “superior intellect” to be absolutely convincing of the rightness of their position, while discounting your own? Or another’s? To clarify further, they tell you how your belief system or ideology is flawed somehow, if not completely and totally wrong?

How about it, have you experienced this before in any measure or form? What about this… have you ever been on the losing end of an exchange at work, school, or out in the public world somewhere where you were “brushed aside” and told that you were “not important,” “that you didn’t understand?” Furthermore, that “hierarchy,” “rules,” “regulations,” “procedures,” or “policy,” are “there for a REASON”; meaning they are more important than the lives of human beings they are affecting, specifically, YOU?

Let me clarify again… Of course all these things are indeed important, but when they override the human condition in a way, as to be more important than the lives of those they effect and affect, especially where this will prove to “hurt” someone significantly, is this really using those things for the betterment of the organization or the people who make it up?

What about those who are not so discreet or subtle about making it clear about who has the power and who does not? Or, those who possess the advantages and those who do not? Or, those who win and those who cannot? What about it, have you ever been on the “short end” of these types of energetic equations?

Furthermore, if any of you are of a more spiritual bent, meaning you recognize that existence does continue on after death in ways, which are beyond the scope of orthodox religious ideology, then many of you are aware of “channeled teachings.”

These are teachings that come from the “non-physical” [mostly astral plane] through to the physical plane by way of those who “channel” the information. Not all channeled teachings are “good,” as even here we find those who are “self-serving” instead of “serving others” (more on this later.) Just as in life, “on the other side” there are indeed those who would “use you to serve their needs of service-to-self. “

If in any way you have been exposed to any of the preceding energies being used by those living life in “service-to-self,” let me share something with you that may shed some light on this often very difficult situation, for the purpose of possibly changing things moving forward in your life.

Now please bear with me as this may get lengthy…

Remember that those who live lives in “service-to-others” (positive people) must of course take care of themselves first, then others second. However, the similarity ends there for the those who live lives in “service-to-self” (negative people) only.

Those who live their lives and use their energy (both here physically and beyond) in “service-to-others” will NEVER live those lives or use their energy in ways, which DELIBERATELY are harmful or detrimental to others, or the environments in which they live and/or share. Why? Because if they do, they are NOT living their lives and using their energy as “service to others,” which is who and what they are.

Those who live their lives and use their energy as “service-to-self” all serve, without exception, worshiping their higher ideal known as “POWER.” Quite literally, all they are truly concerned with is “personal power.” Getting it. Using it. Growing it. They do not care if this means to use others for the one-sided benefit of the “service to self” person only. In fact, they believe that those who can be dominated must be, for they are obviously “lesser,” “weaker,” and simply not “service-to-self” people. “Service-to-self” people cannot be dominated, for they will fight to the death to oppose this way of life.

“Service-to-self” people do not care if their actions cause detrimental effect or affect to others, and the environments we all live in, for their only concern is “serving their personal power” in ways that grow and develop it. Now on the surface of things it might seem very easy to know how to handle these types of people, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

“Service-to-self” people are incredibly intelligent, for this is a direct result of continuously using their intellect in the pursuit of serving their greatest ideal. Quite literally, their intellect becomes “expanded” form the continual and constant use of it on a daily basis. Remember what their “higher ideal” is? (POWER.) Power over what? EVERYTHING and EVERYONE they can achieve this with. In fact, as “energy vampires,” they “suck the life” out of those who would be positive and constructive for the benefit of the whole, instead of only our power hungry service-to-self individual. (This is why they take charge of the matter through you if possible.)

Those of you who know of my spiritual teachings can relate this to “young souls” in the ways in which they see you as you, and they see themselves as themselves, but they are powerless to overcome their “hard-wiring,” which is incredibly competitive to the point of beating you, in one way or another; either they bring you around to their point of view, or they rejecting you, for not “coming up to the mark.” Furthermore, if this was not enough, these “service-to-self” people are unable to distinguish conceptually between “habit” and “rationality.”

What does that mean? It means that if they do ANYTHING whatsoever, often enough, for it to become a “habit,” then of course it is a “rational” thing to do. Anyone with half a brain knows that. Right? (Only according to their “hard-wiring.”) To clarify, by “rationale,” I am meaning clear, logical, reasoned-out thought; something, which is obviously a “correct” thing to do.

Because these “service-to-self” individuals are so incredibly intelligent, it is damn near impossible to win any argument with them, particularly after they have reached adulthood, and with the ability to reason with their own conscious minds. Therefore, don’t even try to win an argument with them. Don’t even try to convince them of the incorrectness of their position, logic, ideology, or what-have-you. The only way to deal with them effectively is to NOT deal with them effectively, UNLESS at times, you must ACT OFFENSIVELY AGAINST THEM.

Let me give you a real-world example of this at work…

Consider a world-known example from our world’s own recent past; someone who was an incredibly abrasive person who was also a power-hungry ruthless dictator in his country of influence. He was the fifth president of the country known as Iraq. (Saddam Hussein.) This man here is an excellent example of one of the “service-to-self” people who have lived on our planet. However, not all of these “unfortunate” types of people become so worldly known, or powerful as him.

The ones who were ultimately responsible for the downfall of our present global meltdown economically, are all themselves, these types of people, the “service-to-self,” without any regard at all for the environments or the others who were detrimentally effected and affected by their actions. THEY DO NOT CARE. THEY CARE ONLY ABOUT SERVING THEIR GREATER IDEAL. Remember what that is? (POWER)

These types of people “service-to-self,” are everywhere in life. If you are reading this article, you interact with these types of people every single day of your life. There are hidden among your neighbors. They are hidden among your “friends,” “acquaintances,” ” co-workers,” “employees,” “teachers,” people you interact with in the outside world of your life, (e.g.…banks, grocery stores, retail stores, convenience stores, any place of “social interaction,” “business,” or “pleasurable activities.”)

They are everywhere. However, take heart, for they are greatly and vastly in the minority of all the peoples on our world, (and the astral plane.) We, the “service-to-others” people are in far greater numbers. If this is true (and it is,) then why be concerned? Please allow me to continue…

Remember our country’s economic meltdown? Remember our world’s global economic meltdown? These are only two factors at work to demonstrate how these “service-to-self” people can become so incredibly powerful, that they can create major life transforming havoc for all of us (“service-to-others.”)

It is my intention in this article to plant seeds of awareness and wisdom within each and every one of you who reads this, for the purpose of learning how to recognize these “service-to-self” people. Why? So that we can individually and collectively “show them the door.” Actually what I am meaning is for us to stop allowing them to run their “power games of influence” upon us or their own benefit, without any due regard for others and/or the environments we all live in and share.

You can recognize them on social media for example when they use their energy through their personal views in such a way as to be very upsetting to others at times. (They can even turn it around so that you may think you are the problem.) They often lead into and/or lead out of their communications with verbiage to sound like they are “good people,” but in actuality, they are not a good influence for you to interact with, or associate with.

If you “listen” to their “message” it leaves you feeling “not good” somewhere deep down inside. This is the easiest way to recognize these types of people. The power serving “service-to-self” people. How do they make you feel deep down inside? They create fear, hopelessness, distrust in any type of government, distrust in others, disempowerment, apartness from others, etc.

Now let me clarify something right here, which is very important. “Good people” (the service-to-others) people may use their energy through words and actions, which at times hardly “feel good,” however, this IS NOT THE SAME THING. Think here of the analogy of a parent who is teaching their child a “life-lesson.” Yes, the lesson may make the child “not feel good,” but, there is also the use of energy through words and actions to EMPOWER the child to choose differently next time. In other words, the lesson, which did not “feel good,” also shows the child a way out of the dilemma. A way in which to exercise personal power to change to the outcome.

“Bad people,” the “service-to-self” people never do this. Their message is always disempowering to the individual as they brilliantly explain how there is nothing you can do individually to affect or change the outcome, EXCEPT BY WAY OF THEIR EXTREMELY NARROW VIEW OF THE MATTER; BY BECOMING LIKE THEM . Quite literally, these service-to-self people always disempower those they seek power over, in order to serve their own needs (service-to-self,) without any due regard to your own value fulfillment as a human being. I spoke earlier of Saddam Hussein as an excellent example of one of the “service-to-self” beings, even though Adolph Hitler was obviously “worse,” generally, he did not live during the context of most of my readers, but before.

For the reason of one more recent, as well as one who was “acted offensively upon” by the United Nations (a “service-to-others” organization by the way,) I will talk more of him for purpose of clarification of the difference between the two types of beings (service-to-self) and (service-to-others,) and how we might choose to “act offensively” against these types of beings, who are actually in the minority of total beings, physical and non-physical.

Self-servers are drawn to positions that will give them power. This is why the organization known as the United Nations is an organization based on service-to-others, not power-of-self, and on consensus or democracy, not hierarchy. Servers-to-others must organize and take action to prevent self-servers from taking total control of other’s lives. The United Nation’s interventions in Kuwait and in Somalia are also two more excellent examples from which to draw conclusions based upon how these two very different types of beings operate in the world, and what “acting offensively” might bring about in real change of those conditions deemed “inhumane.” Research this out (Hussein and United Nations) on the internet to learn more if need be to validate this for yourself.

When the world (others) see that such an organization [United Nations] is truly there for the benefit of the whole (others,) then its power will grow. It is no different from those who choose to act offensively against those negative beings in the world (self-servers) who take power and dignity from those around them, and then those who are watching all this occur are learning where the true power resides in these energetic equations, as “good people” stand up to the “bad people,” then their personal power will grow. You can see this at work on social media every day if you look for it, but sometimes, the “good people” are afraid to “act offensively” against the “bad people.”

This must change, and you can help by speaking up when the time comes. You will know it because you will come to find “inner impulses to say something.” When you do, DO NOT OVERRIDE THIS, as this is what you are “supposed to do,” to help take our world individually and collectively in a new direction energetically. A direction in which we all will come to find greater satisfactions for the parts we are all playing in shaping our destiny as a species. If it is too scary to act directly, then act indirectly, “behind the scenes” to effect change.

The ways of old do not work as effectively as they used to, and for good reason, as there was always “inequality” built in to the old ways, the “negative beings” were simply never aware of it, and yet they so yearn for a return to the ways of old, which cannot and will not occur, because of the “lessons we have all learned,” and only all too well…

Remember to beware of anyone whose message evokes fear, hopelessness, and despair. These are the weapons of the self-servers. Discerning truth from fiction can be very difficult with the intellect alone. Besides, the self-servers are very clever; they often can very easily outsmart the “service-to-others” people.

To discern truth from fiction, intuition is needed, which comes from within. At the present time in our history, there is much fiction being channeled through from the non-physical to the physical. Once again, to know what is likely valid and true, ask yourself “how does it make you feel?” Not happy or sad, but deeper down inside. Do you experience a “sinking feeling” or “sick feeling” upon hearing it? Do you feel afraid, hopeless, despairing, powerless? These are the internal signs I speak of in determining that the information is coming from a “negative source.” When you find this, ignore it. Do not continue down the path, for they are masters at convincing others of lies.

Don’t forget that “positive” sources of information may at times feel “not good,” but never will they try to remove your ability to affect the outcome. Always there is information to clarify your ability to empower yourself for the purpose of having choice to alter the outcome, when we are dealing with information from a “positive source.”

Summing up, it is your responsibility to see the “truth” of how ANY human being chooses to live their existence, and whether they are “self-servers” or “service-to-others,” no matter what their “packaging.” This is to mean their physical appearance, and all of their related material possessions. No matter how “successful” they may appear, no matter what their “credentials,” if they are “negative people,” and you are a ”positive person,” (I am oversimplifying matters here of course,) then you must choose to act offensively against them; directly or indirectly. If you are to live in a world, which favors your greatest fulfillment as a human being, while recognizing this same importance applies to all others, then this is the only way.

Otherwise, by your own “acquiescence,” you are allowing the “self-servers” to continue on in their pursuits of total control and power, AT THE EXPENSE OF THE “SERVICE-TO-OTHERS.” Is this really the world you wish to live in? To try and go back to the ways of old? I think not.

Your secret weapon in all of this is your mind, using *DISCERNMENT*. Quite literally, you must use your brain (along with your own intuition,) to find those answers, which resonate most with you. These answers are not to be found in the outside world, they are to be found within you, within your own soul that is eternal…

In ending, may you always be at one with your own knowing, trusting in your own creativity, and trusting in the process of your own life. There is simply no other way to become the highest expression of your true self.

Enjoy the changes coming into your lives,
Charles Stewart
(An Old Soul Spiritual Teacher)

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11 thoughts on “The “Darkside” of Our “Creator?”

  1. Question…why do you suppose Anonymous never came back? Did I upset him with my response? I ask, because from where I stand, I thought my creative response to his initial comment was beautiful. However, such is life sometimes (unfortunately) in the life of an “Old Soul Spiritual Teacher.” 🙁

    • Posting for Sami T.

      Its hard to know why or even if he is upset when he hasn’t even been courteous enough to even acknowledge what you had to say or that you took the time and energy in response to him. Even if it did upset him for any reason there is a thing called common courtesy. As Anonymous 1 said maybe he is just digesting it. There are others who have seen your response and appreciate it.

    • Anonymous 2,

      Hi there Charles. I think a more positive way to check on my response would be to ask me, rather than set me up as you did to appear ungrateful when you and I have not chatted about your response to my post to you.

      So, to clear it up, no you did not offend me and yes, I have been ill since last Thursday and my time online have been spent distracting how I feel rather than use my time to study or check up on things that are not amusing. I am still sick, but a bit better and since it appears you need me to respond, to the best that I can, I will do so.

      Your information was very useful in helping me group what I can do something about in a different place than those things in this world I cannot do something about. I will not think about all the possibilities and spend my time with the probabilities and where I think I can make that better in my life and in the world.

      I agree that some of my issues have to do with older vs younger combined with dealing with those that need to be right and to do that they act outrageous, none of which has anything to do with me. I will spend my time in joy and harmony with the world and my energy supporting those things.

      Thank you for you help and support when I wrote you. You have a lot of information you were willing to share and I was able go glean from that, information that would help me proceed with creating my life.

      As one old soul to another, I wish you peace and love and appreciation for the information you are willing to share with others.

    • Thank you Anonymous 1 and Sami T. for your support. Anonymous 2, thank you for the acknowledgement, I found your follow up response to be very rewarding.
      Enjoy the changes coming into all your lives,

  2. I am posting on behalf of Anonymous 2,

    Thanks for this info Charles. I have lately be shaken to my foundation by the actions of others who do not have “service to others” anywhere in their actions. It has become for me “unnerving” to hear about the likes of ISIL, Nazi’s, Zionists, etal. So many it seems in service to self and destruction to those who think differently. I cannot find a place of comfort to continue my efforts in service to others when the “others” seem to be ripping it out of my consciousness or destroying people like me just because they can. I don’t want to live in fear and I do believe we shall overcome, but in the mean time, YIKES. I get so forlorn and sad at the occurrence’ that stand out and seem to mock me. How do I stay sane? I can tell who is who with little problem. I can tell the truth from lies and self servers from service to others people and energy. There must be some lingering of “what if I am wrong” in my ability to achieve who and what I am and the ones who are like me.

    • Hello Anonymous 2, and you are quite welcome for the information. I must first off say thank you very much for taking the time to share of yourself here. I also wish to thank you for teaching me. For example, I did not know what etal (et al) meant, or ISIL, or was even very familiar with Nazi’s or Zionists. After doing a little research regarding them all, I am a little wiser now concerning these things and I have you to thank for that.

      If I may, I would love to share something, which you may find of solace regarding your “energetic position” concerning these “self-servicing types” mentioned in your comments…

      As a “very old soul teacher,” I can say to you that it the average soul-age of these personalities choosing to live as the ISIL, Nazis, Zionists, or others like them, that is playing a very large role in these life-focuses chosen by the personalities living these lifetimes. Why is this important? Or, why does this even matter? Please allow me to continue…

      Any human being, as they age during the context of their life, will find changes to what they choose to place interest in and significance upon. Quite literally, as they become older, what they choose to place value on in the life changes from when they were younger; for their “developmental needs” CHANGE in very real ways. This is no different for the soul as it ages upon the physical plane, but of course on a much different time-scale.

      If I was to suggest to you that these “negative” types you speak of were of a “very young soul-age,” and because of this, that how the personalities living these lives might choose to perceive and interpret the “outside world,” might be in such a way as to drive their behaviors in ways that could be perceived and interpreted as “negative” by the likes of those like me and you; would this find disagreement with you?

      It is important to clarify that the “creator,” (however you might choose to perceive and interpret that,) does not see these individuals in the same way. The “creator” gives freewill through choice to all who choose to be born here, and for the purpose of “spiritual evolution.” Therefore, it is indeed very true that there will be those who may choose, at the level of personality, to be very “hurtful and/or harmful to others,” and that is putting the matter very lightly.

      What is more important than how these “negative types” choose to physically orient their life’s behaviors, is how each one of us, the “positive ones” choose to orient our life’s behaviors; and that is indeed a very loaded sentence…

      As the soul becomes older upon the physical plane, it is damn near impossible for that “age” to not “bleed-through” into the perceptive and interpretive layers of the personality living the particular life. By the way, this “bleed-through” is not anything at all to do with being consciously aware of the true nature of what is actually going on. NO. It is more of that which resonates to a very real change in nature in how the life is perceived and interpreted, in terms of what value is placed upon, due to the “wisdom of soul-age,” driving the behaviors in ways, which recognize and validate the very real human connection we all have to each other; personality ideologies notwithstanding.

      Where does this leave us? What are we to do? How do we “deal” with a world with these types of “negative people” in it? The answer is very simple, but not easy to implement; especially in the beginning…

      The greatest spiritual work here is to “allow them” to be who and what they are, by taking your life-focus away from them. Please do not misunderstand me here. If they are directly in front of you in any way, or directly involved with you personally in your life, or the lives of personal loved ones, then of course one must “act offensively” against them, without putting yourself directly “in harm’s way,” if possible.

      There are many different ways to bring attention to the “negative work” these others are doing, without their lives becoming your life responsibility, for that belongs to them, and for which they are accountable, and in ways, which transcend their “religious ideologies.” One example only of this is to use your social connections, through whatever medium, to bring awareness to their “negative ways,” even extending this to the “proper authorities,” if available or appropriate

      Regarding what is further great spiritual work…

      The very best thing one can do to help our world become a better place to live in for all the “positive people,” while at the same time, acknowledging that there are “very negative people” sharing it too, is to focus on your own life away from their concerns. Exactly what I am meaning by this is that the best thing that us “positive people” can do is to work every single day of our lives at creating the very best versions of ourselves that we can, while “serving others” at the same time, while still being becoming to our own best developmental needs as well. This is the only way in which any of us can truly make a very real difference in the world we all share.

      If this doesn’t sound right, if it doesn’t make sense, or anyone just plain forgets, remember this example to follow, if you can, and it will always serve you well…

      Consider a very severe drug addict or alcoholic who has created a life for themselves where they are hurting and/or harming everyone around them (and themselves as well) with their “choice driven behavior” to the point of a spouse or significant other, who out of desperation, seeks professional help and guidance in the matter…

      One of the very first things the professional will do is to secure their safety, then get the “enabling partner” to change their “choice driven behavior” by pulling their focus AWAY from the problem behavior of the addict, and instead, focus on working on their own life-direction, in terms of positive and constructive “value-fulfillment.” As this is done, the addict becomes very confused and angry at the “enabler’s” behavior, and so they may become more desperate in their own behavior. Still, since our “enabler” is now no longer an “enabler,” they are simply no longer concerned with the “negative behavior” of the addict or “negative person,” as they have chosen to move forward in another life-direction, which is more becoming to our used-to-be “enabler.”

      If anyone will remember the example, it can be used as an “intuitive guide” as to how to orient and conduct one’s life when there are such “negative people” in the world, as so eloquently described by Howard in his comments responding to this article I wrote.

      Lastly, thank you Anonymous 2, for giving me an opportunity to teach, because as a “very old-soul teacher,” this comes just as naturally to me as to how a duck knows what to do when it gets into the water.

      All the best to you sir,
      Charles Stewart

  3. I am posting on behalf of Anonymous 1,

    Thanks for sharing your perspective so generously. There are lots of things in there to think about, but I’m aligned with the gist of it.
    Lots of love, brother!

  4. I am sharing this response of behalf of Sami T.

    Thank you for sharing. I really like this article. I have been aware of service to self and service to others for along time but I can see that I have allowed and not stood up to others because on the outside they say or do nice things so I automatically put them under the “good” people. I really need to stop and really listen to others and myself and pay attention how I am left feeling. Some of the ppl I am very close with I see as good people but know so many times how I am left feeling then I make excuses to myself about them. Mostly I want to believe everyone is a good person but through life have realized that’s just not the case. In a sense I feel this article gave me a shield to help protect myself from going through more hurt and pain by really paying attention to what others are really saying to me , by me looking deeper than the nice things that can be said and done. Thank you for giving more awareness of service to self and service to others… Sami Jo

    • That was very well-said. You are quite welcome Sami, and thank you for sharing of yourself. It was very rewarding to me to hear you comment about finding value in this article, and specifically in the ways in which you can improve your own life, moving forward. All the best to you “Old Artisan.”

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