Who Is Erwin Wagenhofer? (His Work May Change Your World-View)


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Most of you may have never heard of Erwin Wagenhofer, but his 2008 film documentary on how money (capital) moves through the world economy, through a process known as “Globalization,” just might change your view of the world we all live in.

In short, I personally challenge you to not be powerfully impacted by this man’s great film. If this proves to be true for you, then I additionally challenge you to educate yourself further about this and similar types of things going on in our world, and in your own way, “spread your discoveries through your words” in your social circles, and the like, for the purpose of doing your part to help the world we all live in, to become a better place for us all to live in, and for all the loved ones you will be leaving behind one day…

The full-length video is on server hosting thoughtmaybe.com, and so the clickable link below will take you there. (It is also available on NetFlix if you have that. The title is “Let’s Make Money.”)

Erwin Wagenhofer

Erwin Wagenhofer is an Austrian author and film director. In October 2008, his released his film entitled: “Let’s Make Money.” This documentary film investigates the development of the worldwide financial system, showing that elitists economically exploit the rest of society, especially in the developing world, but also in western nations. Using the savings of a typical depositor as a case study, the film moves around the global system, showing exploitation at many levels. There are several interviews with investment managers, politicians, economists as well as homeless people and workers who give their take on the system and its impacts…

Running time on the full-length film is 1:47:39

Here is the link:http://thoughtmaybe.com/lets-make-money/

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P.S. [Sometimes the server at thoughtmaybe.com displays an error when trying to link to the file, and I am not sure why. If that happens, you can watch the streamed YouTube version here below on my website, but it is an abbreviated version with a running time of 51:29. However, it is still an amazing piece of work by Erwin.]

Here is the YouTube version…


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